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Can A Massage Help With Sciatica

What Is Sciatica And Are Its Causes

How & When to Perform Self-Massage for Sciatica & or Piriformis Syndrome

Before diving into how massage can help sciatica, one should know what sciatica is and how it should be treated according to its root cause.

Sciatica is a commonly occurring pain in the back of a leg specifically the thigh and hip which can also extend to the foot. The pain intensity ranges from mild to severe.

The sciatic nerve originates from the spines last vertebrae also know as L4-S3. Passing under the piriformis muscle, it goes on the backside of the thigh until the knee level.

It then divides and one part continues down till the heel. While the other part moves to the side of the leg at the knee level.

Sciatica symptoms usually occur in the sciatic and tibial nerves collectively, so this course should be considered during the treatment.

The type of pain may be numbness, tingling, sharp cutting, or stabbing pain occurring along the course of the sciatic nerve which makes simple tasks of daily life like walking, running difficult.

Sciatica is caused primarily by the following three reasons.

Whats The Best Type Of Massage For Sciatica

Expensive medication only minimizes sciatica pain and does not eliminate it. That is why you need to indulge in the best massager for sciatica rather than popping painkillers now and then. Massage has been deemed extremely beneficial for sciatica, for it works effectively to do away with the inflammation.

The best type of massage for sciatica include:

Trigger point massage

This is a neuromuscular massage that works on trigger points in the lower part of your body. The technique involves gentle touching and stimulation to minimize pain. The palm and thumb are involved in delivering gentle pressure on targeted trigger points to relieve sciatica pain. What makes trigger point therapy work excellently is because it targets the source of pain. Once the source is discovered, a therapist works to release the pain offering relief. When the pinched nerve is targeted, the tension and pressure are eliminated hence resolving sciatica pain.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage works excellently using kneading movements to stimulate nerve endings as such an increasing flow of blood. Not only does this technique alleviate sciatica pain, but it also eliminates tension while promoting circulation. Swedish massage uses therapeutic touch to offer relaxation to tissues and muscles. This is a gentle technique that provides relief by relaxing muscles.

Deep tissue massage

Hot stone massage

Myofascial release

How Does Massage Therapy Help With Sciatica Pain

There are treatments you can take to help relieve sciatica pain, including medication, yoga, and physical therapy. But, massage therapy has also been proven to help. It offers a natural form of pain relief by loosening the tight muscles that compress the nerves. This therapy increases circulation, enhancing the healing process as well as releasing lactic acid. There are a few types of massage therapy that help with sciatica.

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Do You Need An Mri To Diagnose Sciatica

In most cases, you do not need an MRI or any other diagnostic scan such as an X-ray, CT scan, or ultrasound. As you have just read, it is diagnosed with a combination of a thorough history and physical examination. One study showed having diagnostic tests such as X-rays, CT scans or MRIs did not change the management or outlook of treatment of sciatica.

Interestingly, a study by Herzog et al. had a 63-year-old woman with a history of low back pain and right leg pain symptoms was sent to 10 different regional imaging centres within a 3-week period. This study found that all study centres had a different finding by the radiologist and that one third of the total reports included these findings . This goes to show that each radiologist demonstrated different standards when deciding what to include in the diagnostic report and these reports and diagnostic tests may not be reliable due to errors made by individual radiologists.

How To Use Massage Gun Properly For Sciatica

Could a Sports Massage Help me with my Sciatica  Circle 8 Massage

You cannot just pick up the massage gun and apply it blindly rather you should first work out the area of pain and the specific muscles and trigger points.

Its best if someone else does the massage on you because massage is always best when the body receives it passively, also the muscles are way more relaxed.

  • First, use ball head attachment and lie down in a prone position. Now massage the low back on the affected side with slow strokes and normal pressure for 1-2 minutes. During this time keep the head moving and do not keep still on any muscle.
  • When the low back is done, move to the buttock part. Here, you need to massage the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus muscles thoroughly.
  • Keeping the bullet head, now move to the back of the leg and massage the hamstrings and calf muscle as well. 30 seconds on each muscle and do three repetitions.
  • Now attach the bullet head and remove the rounded ball head and work on the trigger points of the gluteus medius, minimus, hamstrings, and calf muscles with a set of 30sec and 3 repetitions on each trigger point.

Below, the trigger points visual is given for the hip, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

  • There is another head attachment that is U-shaped and is specific for the spine. Attach this on the massage gun and keep each arm of U on the sides of the spine, starting from the lumbar move up to the cervical spine , keeping the pressure gentle. Do three repetitions.

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How Can Massage Ease Sciatic Pain

If you’re living with sciatic pain, massage therapy may be a great option. While it’s not a cure for this condition, it can ease your discomfort and improve your overall quality of life. Through regular treatments, you can relax tight muscles, improve blood circulation, alleviate your stress, and put yourself in a better mood. Let’s dive deeper into how massage can reduce sciatic pain and what types of massages are ideal for this condition.

Massage Therapy For Sciatic Nerve Pain

By Dr. Anthony Odney, D.C. March 3, 2020

Sciatica occurs when your sciatic nervewhich runs from your buttocks down to your feetgets pinched. As you may imagine, this is extremely painful and can result in sudden and sharp pain, soreness, numbness and/or tingling. Some people may even have trouble walking or standing due to the pain. Its estimated that as many as 40 percent of people will have sciatica at some point. Some unlucky patients will even experience flare-ups of sciatica over their lifetime. Recurrent sciatica can also be a source of anxiety, as you never know when sciatica will strike. The good news is that sciatica usually goes away on its own within a few hours. However, for those who deal with recurrent sciatica or need help managing the pain of a new case, massage therapy offers myriad benefits.

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Ways To Receive Home Massage For Sciatica

  • Massage chairs: Massage chairs feature extensive personalization capabilities to deliver a full body massage, but are especially good for sitting at rest while receiving a massage on the lower back and upper legs. Modern features include zero gravity recline, stretching programs, multiple heat levels and even different pressure levels and techniques to provide the desired massage therapy.

    With no additional travel time or per-session fee required, a massage chair can save you money compared with frequent visits to a massage therapist. If you prefer a full-body massage experience in the comfort of your own home, then a massage chair is a great option.

  • Massage guns: The most conveniently portable option for massage therapy, massage guns can target your lower back, or any area of your body, with the push of a button. These devices are the most inexpensive option and can travel anywhere to provide relief. There are a few drawbacks, as they dont apply heat, have fewer pressure levels and cant reach areas that you cant reach yourself.

So Should You Get A Percussion Massager

Sciatica Pain Massage | Nerve Pain | Piriformis Syndrome

Absolutely! As we have already discussed, a deep tissue percussive massage using a massage gun can effectively manage sciatica. There are many other benefits of using massage gun as well.

One great advantage is that you can easily use a massage gun on yourself multiple times when you need to. If you have the right device, deep tissue massage is possible. If you dont know how to use a massage gun, you can learn easily and start treating your sciatica.

Another advantage is that these devices are relatively compact, and you can take them with you anywhere and continue with your treatment uninterrupted.

However, we advise that you pick a massage gun wisely. Dont just buy the first one you come across.

Instead, we have an article on the best massage guns for sciatica, where you can learn what makes a good device for sciatica and what to pay attention to when choosing one.

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Types Of Massage For Sciatica Pain

There are several different types ofmassage that can help relieve sciaticapain. Lets consider the following in moredepth:

  • Deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is a technique that uses slow, deep strokes and pressure in order to target muscles and tissues and can be really great for pain conditions like sciatica. In particular, deep tissue massage relaxes tense muscles around the sciatic nerve, which helps reduce pain in the area.
  • Swedish massage. Swedish massage is similar to deep tissue massage in that it uses therapeutic touch to relax muscles and tissues. However, Swedish massage is a gentler technique that relies less on massage pressure and more on targeted areas. In general, the idea of a Swedish massage is to release tension, which is ideal for sciatica patients because it relaxes muscles and allows for pain relief.
  • Trigger point therapy. Trigger point therapy is another massage technique that can benefit sciatica patients. Trigger point therapy involves targeting the source of pain with pressure and release touch. The therapist works to discover the exact location of pain and works to release this area to relieve pain and resolve the underlying musculoskeletal issue. This can be an effective technique for those with sciatica because it targets the area with the pinched nerve in order to resolve the pressure and tension in the area.
  • Can Massage Help Sciatica A Complete Guide

    By homoes

    Have you ever felt that burning pain stirring up from your back and going all the way down to your feet? Well, thats brutal! You cannot sit, stand, walk, or even lay down properly due to these bad, achy muscles and nerves.

    Having said that, many people try to get out of this mess by simply taking-in some painkillers. To be honest, these things dont work out every time. It might give you instant, temporary relief but forget about getting rid of this pain completely.

    Now you might be wondering that can massage help sciatica? Here we are going to deal with this often asked question and give you some quick and quirky tips in order to get over the aggressive sciatica nerve within an hour or two! So stay tuned till the end of this post.

    Now, lets just get straight into the topic:

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    Massage Techniques For Sciatic Nerve

    Sciatica is a debilitating type of nerve pain that can run from the lower back into the big toe. It can be caused by compressed nerves, bulging and herniated discs, and tight muscles in the lower back and buttocks. Massage combined with chiropractic therapy can help with painful sciatic nerve symptoms.

    Trigger Point Therapy

    Pain from sciatica can be treated and lessened with trigger point therapy, which is also known as neuromuscular massage. It is a massage technique that involves places pressure on the sore spot in the muscle. Tight or sore spots in muscles can cause pain in other areas of the body. For instance, an excessively tight gluteal muscle could compress the sciatic nerve as it travels through the butt and down the hip. This would result in lower back and leg pain.

    Massage and Chiropractic Care

    Neuromuscular massage can be combined with traditional massage and chiropractic care from our chiropractor to form a holistic treatment plan that will dramatically reduce your sciatica pain. Traditional massage therapy techniques reduce widespread muscle and soft tissue pain, help increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and promote the release of lactic acid, which causes muscle soreness after strenuous activities.

    Would you try chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy for your nerve pain?

    Can Massage Therapy Help Sciatica

      ? Sciatica Massage Therapy

    A pinched sciatic nerve can cause debilitating pain, and many turn to anti-inflammatory drugs to help. Massage therapy can help as much, if not more.

    According to a health study done by Harvard medical school, approximately 40% of people will suffer from sciatica pain at least once in their lifetime.

    Sciatica pain can be excruciating and may lead to a lifetime dependency on medications, and equipment that just wont work. Even worse, pain medications have side effects, which could lead to more pain.

    Perhaps the biggest problem with sciatica pain is that many problems lead to sciatica, and not many people understand the root cause. Knowing the root cause of your sciatic nerve pain can help you to rid of it once and for all.

    This is where the benefits of massage therapy come in. By releasing the tight muscles that surround the sciatic nerve, you are destined to be relieved of pain.

    Weve created this article to teach you all about the benefits of massage therapy for sciatic pain, keep on reading to learn how you can enjoy life again, pain-free!

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    But What Is The Worst Part

    When the massage therapy goes wrong, instead of standing upright, you cant even get yourself standing. This happens at times, you accidentally press the soft muscles so rigidly that it starts hurting in place of getting things better.

    So you gotta be cautious while undergoing any massage therapy.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1. Can a massage make sciatica worse?
  • Massage can be really helpful in getting over the sciatica pain only when done carefully. If you put a lot of pressure on the soft muscles, on the lower back, or sacrum area, then it can may excite the sciatica nerve more, and you would end up being in more trouble.

  • Does walking help relieve sciatic pain?
  • Walking can be really helpful in relieving sciatic pain because walking releases the endorphins that are considered to be natural painkillers. It directly hits the aching area and gives you instant relief.

  • How can I treat sciatica at home?
  • You can overcome the sciatic pain at home easily by placing the ice-bags on the aching area. Or else you can treat it with the heat therapy, which is the best alternative to treating the sciatica with ice..

    Summing Things Up:

    Thats all folks! This was all about the discussion of whether sciatica can be treated with massage or not. And here we have found out the best possible reasons that how massaging can be a game-changer in this regard.

    So you better consult your nearest massage therapist in case of sciatica and, get the permanent treatment of this burning pain. Good luck!

    Will Sports Massage Help With Sciatica Yes

    by | Mar 20, 2020 | Sports Massage Therapy |

    If youve ever dealt with sciatic pain before, you know that it can be a crippling experience. It stops you from your runs, from training, and often from just standing and sitting comfortably.

    Pain medication helps, but some people dont want to rely on pain killers to keep us hitting those tennis balls and competing in marathons. If youre wondering will sports massage help with sciatica, the answer is yes.

    The information below covers the causes of sciatica, the effects of sports massage therapy on the sciatic nerve, and scheduling a massage with us.

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    Need Physiotherapy For Your Pain

    Book with one of our experienced physiotherapists today if you need more help or have more questions regarding lower back pain or general health and wellness.

  • Ashbrook J et al . Systematic Review: The therapeutic management of back pain with and withoutsciatica in the emergency department: a systematic review. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Published by Elsevier Ltd. 109: 1332. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physio.2020.07.005
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    Fix Sciatica Symptoms (Piriformis syndrome) , Stretch & Massage

    Bael Wellness Sciatica, Hernia, Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion with Natural Back Pain Relief is a perfect solution to alleviate pain and aches. Whether you are suffering from sciatica or have back pain issues, you will feel instant pain relief. It is flexible and portable. You can place it behind your office, car, kitchen, or dining chair. It offers sufficient support and comfort while doing home or work activities.

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    Benefits Of Massage For Sciatica Pain

    Massage does not fully cure sciatica but studies show about 54% of healthcare providers will promote their patients to receive a massage as a part of their treatment. Massage can help improve circulation/blood flow as well as ease the pain and increase your endorphin levels. Endorphins are internal opioid neuropeptides that are produced by the central nervous system and the pituitary glands. Lots of times when you exercise your body will release these and trigger a positive feeling within your body. So when receiving a massage in promoting circulation, your body will release these chemicals and make you feel better.

    When receiving a massage, the muscles that your massage therapist here at Oahu Spine & Rehab will work on are the quadrates lumborum and both psoas muscles , all four glute muscles and piriformis located in the buttocks and all hamstrings muscles that make up your thigh. It is also very important to remain hydrated with water after your massage.

    Sciatica can be a very painful condition but with the proper exercises and making a few adjustments to your daily routines . getting a massage regular. If you follow these protocol I can promise your sciatic pain will start feel better.

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