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Adjustable Massage Table For Sale

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table 84 With Head & Armrest

Naipo Portable Massage Table Professional Adjustable Folding Bed with 3 Sections Wooden Frame

The best thing about this model is its weight capacity. It can accommodate up to 500 lbs of weight, which means that its more than enough for the clients body and for the pressure that you will apply as you perform the massage. The 23.6-inch width is another benefit since it will make the person on the table feel comfortable and at ease.

Another thing thats worth noting about this product is that its made of quality materials. It has waterproof and oil-proof PVC covering, and it has been filled with high-density foam, a layer measuring 1.57 inches.

Furthermore, this unit is quite easy to put together. You do not need any tools for the installation. In fact, you will just open and unfold it from the middle, and its legs will automatically fall into place. The headrest and armrests are easy to add or remove as per your needs. The model includes an adjustable face cradle.


Buying Guide For Best Massage Tables

For giving a massage with the best results, a massage table is necessary to properly support the receiver of the massage. Massage tables may look similar, but there are a handful of features you should carefully consider before making your decision.

Massage tables vary in their design, construction, and upholstery. Portable tables fold in half for easy storage and are light in design, but they may have a lower weight limit. Stationary tables can support heavier patients and have sturdy designs, and hydraulic tables can easily be raised and lowered. Different types of upholstery and padding will result in a different feel. Considering your available space and who will be using the massage table will help you determine which table is best for you.

Any massage table is a significant investment. Whether you are purchasing a table for home or professional use, you should consider all factors before making a purchase.

Best Portable: Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table

  • Smaller amount of cushioning

For anyone on the go and in need of a massage table with quick, seamless assembly, the Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table is a solid choice. Crafted with a beech finish, this table unfolds to 73 x 28 inches with an adjustable height of 25.5 to 33.5 inches. However, the table can also fold into a compact shape and weighs just 30 pounds, guaranteeing easy portability.

Additionally, the Sierra Comfort includes accessories to improve your massage experienceincluding a face cradle, face cushion, threaded support bar, sheet set, and a two-year limited warranty.

Adjustments: Height Range of 25.5 to 33.5 inches | Style: Portable | Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

  • Expensive

If you’re looking for a luxury massage experience, consider investing in a heated massage table for added benefits like heat therapy. The Master Massage Tables Portable Professional Heated Extra Wide Spa Bed is a great heated option that features built-in heating and memory foam cushioning for extra plush support.

And with a slightly longer length of 84 inches, it’s a good option for anyone looking for more surface space to work with. Despite the added inches, it still only weighs 37 pounds, and it’s foldable for easy transport.

Adjustments: Height Range of 24 to 34 inches | Style: Portable | Weight Capacity: Up to 750 pounds

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How Much Weight Will My Portable Massage Bed Hold

Most portable massage table manufacturers will list both a static and working weight limit in their product manuals. The static weight limit is the total weight the table will hold without any active pressure. The static weight threshold, often calculated at 2000 to 2500 pounds, is significantly higher than the actual working weight limit.

Massage therapists, however, are typically most interested in the portable tables working weight limit, sometimes stated as a Safe Working load or Normal Working Load . A tables working weight limit takes into consideration the added downward pressure applied by the therapist during a treatment. Some economy folding massage tables will accommodate up to 500 pounds while other portable massage beds have much higher capacities ranging from 500-800 pounds or more.

Can Portable Massage Tables Pose A Threat To Someones Health

Adjustable Massage Table

As you might have noticed, the matter of how the weight is distributed on the massage table is very important. If you dont supervise your client as he or she gets up on the table, he might both produce damage to the table and also endanger his/her health. Models that are extremely light can always tip over if the client decides to place their whole weight on one of the sides.

This matter is especially concerning with senior clients. Due to bone fragility, if they fall from the table, they could easily break one of their bones. This would mean that they could be hospitalized, and the last thing you want is to be sued for something like this. Even having to pay for someones hospitalization can be expensive and a hassle that you can do without.

Therefore, we suggest that you stand next to your client as they attempt to get on the table. Help them as best as possible while keeping in mind that they should be safe at all times.

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Find The Perfect Combination Of Comfort And Support

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Verywell Fit

Whether you’re buying a massage table for your home or for a massage therapy business, it’s important to explore the variety of options on the market. No matter where it’s used, people choose to get massages for a range of reasons. A therapeutic massage with some good oils and candles can be an enjoyable and incredibly relaxing experience, but it can also be a way to ease muscle tension and aid in recovery.

Karah Faison, licensed massage therapist, and Silver Lining Day Spa owner says that massages can increase blood flow and recovery to muscles after you’ve worked out. She adds that they can also decrease soreness and stiffness, in addition to strengthening muscles over time. Regardless of the style of massage, having a good table is a key component to the overall experience.

Here are the best massage tables for your personal or professional needs.

  • Expensive for beginners

  • No tilt feature

Offering the best of both worlds, the Harmony DX weighs only 38 pounds for easy transport while remaining sturdy given its solid base, materials, and sizing when assembled.

Adjustments: Height Range of 23 to 33 inches | Style: Portable | Weight Capacity: Up to 600 pounds

How To Choose A Massage Table

On this page you will learn everything you could possibly want to know about choosing the right massage table for you and your practice.

Beyond the therapy skills youve honed over time, your massage table is the most important tool in your practice. Without it you cant deliver effective treatments, so its vital that you pick the right one.

There are several things to consider when choosing a massage table, so lets dive right in.

Picking The Right Width:

In your practice you will come across a wide range of body types. Some will be tall and others short, some wide and others narrow. Your massage table needs to be wide enough that all kinds of customers will be comfortable, while allowing you to deliver an effective treatment without putting strain on your own body.

The best table width for you will really depend on your training and ability. Each therapist is different, and wants different things from their table. We often speak with smaller therapists who opt for a 30-32 table, and very tall therapists who decide that the narrower 28 table is a better fit. It really depends on you.

A good rule of thumb, though, is that if you are a smaller person, you might be better off with a narrower table of 28. If youre taller, or its very important that your clients have lots of room, a table in the 30-32 range is better.

If thats not possible, however, there is a work-around you can use to figure out what width to choose:

Height of the Table

Getting The Right Weight

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Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table With Carrying Case

This wooden massage table is another you should bear in mind, especially if you are in the market for a particularly sturdy one. Its fully capable of standing the test of time since it is made with premium-grade materials. The hardwood frame, as well as the rugged steel support cables, make it possible for this product to have a maximum weight capacity of up to 450 lbs.

There is an adjustable headrest that comes with a premium composite support thats resistant to warping and bending. As for the legs, they are non-slip and secure, so they wont slide as you focus on the massage.

This unit is a little heavier than some of its competitors as it weighs in at 37 pounds. It does have two professional chrome clasps, as well as double handles for easy carrying. Plus, it even includes a nylon carrying case thats equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, as well as a side pocket for keeping your oils. The foam layer is 2 inches and the face pillow has a 3-inch foam layer.


  • Can be carried with ease


  • It can be bulky, so if youre petite you might not find it easy to carry

Best Electric Massage Table Reviews

Aluminium Massage Table Portable Massage Bed 73 Inch Long Height Adjustable 3 Folding Massage Table

With much dedicated and detailed research into the best massage table brands, we are happy to provide you with a list of the highest quality electric massage tables on the market. Of course, with an electric massage table, you are able to provide your clients with professional convenience that a stationary massage table or portable massage table cannot compete with.

In this buyers guide, we will let you know the pros and cons to each table and set you up for choosing the exact right electric massage table for you. Weve researched and discovered the 6 top-rated electric massage tables plus 1 to avoid!

What is the best electric massage table to buy in 2022? That would be the Earthlite Electric Massage Table ELLORA. Earthlite massage tables are eco-friendly and the Ellora provides a solid steel frame that comes with a lifetime warranty. This manual tilt top table and foot pedal activated electric height adjustment offers you and your client premium accessibility. The 600 lb working weight of this table does not limit its ability for you to move it as it has two front wheels for easy relocation.


1. EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table ELLORA Review

To watch the EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table ELLORA Review on YouTube, .


2. SierraComfort Electric Lift Massage Table Review

To watch the SierraComfort Electric Lift Massage Table Review on YouTube, .


3. Oakworks 64176 Proluxe Convertible Review

To watch the Oakworks 64176 Proluxe Convertible Review on YouTube, .

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What Kind Of Warranty Can You Expect When Buying A Portable Massage Table

From what weve gathered while doing our research, there are two types of warranties that are offered by manufacturers. Lifetime warranties are included by well-known brands since they use good-quality materials. Plus, in case something happens with the frame, you can at least rest assured that theyll repair it or replace it for free.

A 1-year warranty is another common type, and youll find that its included with less durable models. If you intend to invest in a better massage table in a years time, this could be a good option for the short term. Otherwise, you cant expect it to last for a decade or so.

Wood Vs Aluminum Massage Tables

While some massage tables can be made out of aluminum, others can be manufactured from wood. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of each, and why should you consider one over the other? Find out by reading the section below.

Just remember that you should choose your portable massage table depending on your practice, as well as your preferences. In the professional range, it doesnt really matter whether you go for a wooden or aluminum model.

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What Types Of Massage Table Accessories Would You Find Helpful

Most massage tables come with accessories that increase comfort and make the table more functional.

  • A face cradle gives the massage receiver a comfortable resting place for his or her face. Most cradles are removable and can be placed at either end of the table.

  • Some massage tables come with bolsters. A bolster can be placed under the ankles and knees for proper positioning.

  • Some massage tables come with linens designed to protect the upholstered surface.

Signature Ii Massage Table For Sale

Portable Massage Table Folding Adjustable Height Therapy ...

Our Name Sake massage table is the best all around portable massage table on the market. With the durability of Solid Hardwood the softest, most durable and environmental friendly cover, and our variable density padding makes the ALIVEe Signature Massage Table the leader in the massage table industry. Able to support 3000lb static weight and 600lb working weight you know why this is the work horse of the portable massage table industry, with our satisfaction guaranty, you can purchase your massage table For Sale worry free.

Sale Price $299 – $339

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How Do I Carry A Portable Massage Table

Carrying a portable massage table from client to client can become burdensome without the proper equipment. Consider purchasing a carrying case or cart to lighten the load. Carry cases are typically equipped with both a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap and are sold individually or as a part of a quality folding massage table package. Other options include massage table carrying cases with wheels or massage table carts that roll right along with you. Consider the ground surfaces you typically transport your table over when deciding on the best method of transportation for you.

Which Type Of Massage Table Would Be Best For You

Granted, youre the only one who knows what you need. But we posit the following recommendations.

  • For home use, a portable massage table is usually the best option. Its lightweight, easy to move, and can be taken on trips. If youre training to be a massage therapist, a portable table is also a good beginner option.

  • For professional use, a stationary massage table is a great solution. You can leave the table out all the time, and it will accommodate a larger population of clientele than a portable massage table would.

  • For office-bound professionals, a hydraulic or electric massage table is another good choice. Many therapists and clients appreciate the adjustability this type of table affords. However, its a pricey option.

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Finding The Best Portable Massage Table: Weighing In On The Differences

Weve been carefully listening to what our mobile massage therapists have been requesting. We are confident the selection of portable massage tables for sale at represents the crème de la crème of massage tables from the portable category. Whether you’re looking for something extremely lightweight yet reliable and sturdy, or a table that is a bit heavier in weight, but more stable in construction, you will find what you’re looking for at

The weight of a portable massage table is shockingly underappreciated. This statement likely seems as odd to you as it was for us to discovered when we first embarked on our portable massage table search. However, weve learned that many massage therapists have been lead to believe a massage table that is categorized as portable is automatically categorized as lightweight. This is not the case.

There is currently no official standard for what qualifies as a lightweight portable massage table, we feel there is so much ambiguity about the line between portable and lightweight cross, therefore weve classified lightweight as anything under 35 pounds.

Even the most petite massage therapists have an easy time storing and removing a portable massage table from their vehicle when its under 35 pounds. The same is true for transporting a portable massage table up and down stairs.

Earthlite Portable Massage Table Harmony Dx

Sanctuary Adjustable Deluxe Massage Table | Minerva Beauty

This model can be easily considered a professional alternative since it comes with most of the features you might want from such a product. It weighs in at 38 lbs, so its rather easy to carry, especially if youre strong enough. The table can fold easily and can be transported just as easily thanks to the nylon case that accompanies the unit.

The full-sized design measures 30 by 73 and it fits most average-sized individuals. The height range is adjustable within the 23 to 33 limits. Whats interesting about this product is that it doesnt come with a PU or PVC top. It has a Natursoft fabric thats both durable, but also supple and soft to the touch. We suggest using good covers and sheets to expand the life of the surface and to avoid getting it stained.

The package includes an adjustable headrest with a Cloudfill poly-gel face cradle cushion so that your client remains comfortable and sits in the right position. This table also comes with sure-grip knobs and non-slip feet. Best of all, its backed by a lifetime limited warranty.


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Why Trust Verywell Fit

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Best Foldable: Massage Table 2

  • Thin upholstery

  • May be unstable

Foldable massage tables are a good choice if you take your massage practice with you. Compact and easy to carry, they’re great for traveling or for storing in compact places. The 29-pound Best Massage Store table is lightweight and comes with a convenient carrying case.

Crafted for easy assembly, the table delivers on comfort and experience. It has an adjustable height range, a flexible head cushion, a padded surface, and an extended length of 84 inches.

Adjustments: Height Range of 24 to 34 inches | Style: Portable | Weight Capacity: Up to 450 pounds

  • Slightly heavier

Salonitudes Professional Portable Massage Table includes all of the key elements for a well-rounded massage experience at a surprisingly low price. It includes a tilting backrest, adjustable armrests, and a bolster for lumbar support. The table is offered in seven colors. It’s fairly portable and designed to be quickly assembled and reassembled. However, double tension knobs on each leg offer additional stability.

For increased comfort, the table has a 2.5-inch-thick layer of high-density foam, and the face cradle has 3 inches of plush foam with a removable cover included.

Adjustments: Height Range of 24.5 to 35.5 inches | Style: Portable | Weight Capacity: Up to 450 pounds

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