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Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Reviews

What Should I Look For In A Professional Liability Insurance Carrier

Massage Insurance Testimonial #1

You want to make sure that your carrier is financially solvent and will be in business for the long haul. Check their ratings.

A.M.Best is a worldwide credit rating agency specifically serving the insurance industry. Among other things, they provide ratings on the fiscal health of carriers. A rating of A++ or A+ is considered a superior rating. An A or A- is an excellent rating and a B++ or B+ is a good rating. It would not make sense to accept a lower than that.

Standard and Poors is also a well known rating agency that a consumer can turn to in order to find an assessment of creditworthiness for a particular insurance company. Their top rating is AAA. A rating of AA+, AA or AA- is considered high quality. An A+, A or A- is in the upper-medium range. This continues down to a D rating which is the worst.

When comparing companies, with all else relatively equal, ask around. You want to work with a company that offers good customer service. Hopefully you will never, ever have to file a claim, but in the event you do, you certainly want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Ask for a recommendation from someone who you know and trust who has experience in the massage industry. Even if they have not filed a claim themselves, your veteran therapist certainly knows of someone who has. What where the results?

Beauty & Bodywork Insurance Most Affordable

This company specializes in insurance for the beauty and bodywork industry, as the name suggests. As such, you can find a personalized massage insurance plan that works for your business. The plans focus on covering against liability claims. They can also cover products and completed operations, and even inland marine insurance. The company advertises that rates start at $96 per year, making it the most affordable on the list.

What Company Do We Recommend

While there are several fine associations on the market that offer professional liability insurance for massage therapists, we have found a company that offers excellent coverage for an excellent price. We have received really good feedback from our students regarding the company and our teachers and therapists have policies with this company.

We recommend Massage Magazine Insurance Plus. This company offers the best value for the amount of coverage that you receive. They have exceptional coverage for a low price. They cover a multitude of modalities without any extra charge. If you practice in multiple locations or in multiple states, the coverage follows you. This is a highly rated company that offers great customer service.

We like this company so much, in fact, that we have even developed a relationship with them and are able to offer you a $10 discount on the already reasonable annual policy premium.

To learn more and to receive the discount code, please FOLLOW THIS LINK or call # 800-413-3344.

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What Should I Look For In A Professional Liability Policy

Look for a policy that includes professional liability , general liability and product liability Most policies will include this type of coverage. Liability limits for a massage therapist will most likely be $1 or $2 million dollars per occurrence, which indicates the maximum amount a provider will pay out on one particular claim, and anywhere from $1 to $3 million individual annual aggregate, which is the maximum a provider will pay out for all claims during a policy year, regardless of how many claims are made. Be aware of whether your policy is a claims-made policy or an occurrence policy. For claims-made policies, a claim must be filed during the policy period whereas an occurrence policy will cover the claim if it occurred within the policy period.

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Releases Informational Video

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Launches $10 Student ...

The Massage Magazine Insurance Plus informational video. MMIP massage therapist liability insurance is comprehensive insurance for the practicing massage therapist or massage therapy student at an industry low price that covers professional liability, general liability, and rental damage insurance.

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Massage Magazine Now Offers Liability Insurance

Publishers of MASSAGE Magazine, FutureLMT, and MASSAGEMag.com, has announced the introduction of MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus .

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is comprehensive insurance for the practicing massage therapist or massage therapy student at an industry low price, said Publisher of MASSAGE Magazine and President of MMIP. Our insurance covers professional liability, general liability, and rental damage insurance. It also includes, as part of the program, stolen equipment insurance and identity protection insurance.

Click here to read a press release about this new offering or click here to go directly to the insurance program website: www.massagemagins.com.

In addition to receiving full insurance coverage immediately upon application submission, the massage therapist or student who signs up for MMIP will receive a FREE Web site, FREE newsletter, and FREE directory listing on MASSAGEMag.com.

It is imperative for a professional practitioner of massage or other form of bodywork to protect themselves and their businesses with a high-quality, cost-effective insurance program.

To sign up now or for more information on Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, visit www.MassageMagIns.com or call 800-222-1110.

MMIP is offered in conjunction with the Beauty, Health and Trade Alliance, domiciled in IL, and Stratus Insurance Services, Pleasant Grove, UT, a licensed insurance broker.

How Much Does Massage Insurance Cost

Costs can of course vary, based on how much coverage you choose to have and the types of coverage you select. As an example, Massage Magazine Insurance Plus gives a basic price quote of a $159 per year fee for professionals. This can cover:

  • Occurrence-form coverage
  • Stolen equipment
  • Identity protection plan

As you can see, its important to review what your annual premium is all covering for massage insurance.

Limits are also an important consideration, as many plans will cover millions of dollars in per incident and aggregate limits, many differing by millions of dollars. Its common to see $2 million to $6 million in per limit or aggregate amounts.

Some facets of the plans will also come with deductibles. For instance, the stolen equipment part of Massage Magazine Insurance Plus plan has a $250 deductible. This is important to keep in mind, as it means the amount youll pay out of pocket for coverage to take effect.

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The Most Coverage At The Lowest Cost

As outlined in the grid above, Massage Magazine Insurance Plus stands out from the competition. From complete professional liability coverage to freebies for your touch therapy practice MMIPs massage therapy insurance proves to not only be the most affordable liability and malpractice insurance, but also the most beneficial.

We provide massage therapists with comprehensive coverage at the lowest cost, along with offering $1,000 in stolen equipment and identity protection both at no additional cost Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is the clear choice. Get peace of mind that you have gotten the most value for your money when you get insured with MMIP. As a professional in the massage industry serving the needs of others, you deserve to have a solid insurance program to rely on in the event of an unexpected and unfortunate occurrence. Even the best massage therapists may encounter a lawsuit.

Choose MMIP and be supported with the best massage therapy insurance available. Learn why so many practicing massage therapists choose MMIPs massage liability insurance compared to the competition.

Massage Liability Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

MASSAGE Magazine Announces Student Scholarship Winner at AMTA 2013 National Convention

What types of claims do massage therapists need massage insurance for?

In providing massage insurance, we have encountered many, many different types of claims. The vast majority fall under general or professional liability provisions and most of the remainder are related to product liability.

  • General liability insurance is also known as slip and fall insurance because it covers third-party claims for injuries or property damage. A little spill of massage oil left on the floor that a client slips and hurts themselves on would be an example of an event that could lead to a general liability claim.

  • Professional liability insurance is also called malpractice insurance. Malpractice literally means bad practice, inferring that your service directly caused the loss event to occur. A client asserting that your massage was too hard and left them with some form of injury as a result would be an example of a possible professional liability claim.

  • Product liability covers adverse reactions to a product. If a client suddenly goes into anaphylactic shock from the massage oil you use, their demand for you to pay their medical expenses would fall under the product liability provisions of your massage therapy liability insurance.

What kinds of benefits are included with a massage therapy insurance policy?

How does the free continuing education program work?

Can a student in massage school get massage liability insurance?

Is mobile massage therapist insurance available?

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Insurance Plus Professional Liability Insurance

As a massage professional, it is important to carry liability insurance to protect yourself, your business and your clients. We have partnered with Massage Magazine to offer you discounted pricing on this excellent policy Professional Liability Insurance from an “A” rated provider.

Professional , General and Products Liability coverage – $2,000,000 per occurance

Rental Damage Insurance – $100,000 per occurance

Identity Theft Protection -$15,000

Lost or Stolen Equipment – $1,000


Free monthly newsletter

The pricing for this annual renewal policy is normally $159. Because of our partnership with Massage Magazine, we are able to offer you this policy for only $149.

To apply for coverage or for more information, follow this linkor call #1-800-413-3344.

Insurance Billing and Day of the Neck Series

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Day of the Back

Insurance Billing

Posture and Pain and Upper Extremity Series

Professional & General Liability Coverage Limits

Professional & General Liability Insurance limits are not all created equal. First off, everyone in our comparison except Insure Bodywork uses the industry-preferred Occurrence Form policy coverage. ABMP and MMIP/Insure Bodywork both deliver high coverage limits at $2 Million/$6 Million and $2 Million/$3 Million, respectively. Hands-on Trade massage insurance only provides a $2 million per occurrence limit so without an aggregate that would be all thats available.

While AMTA delivers high coverage limits at $2 Million/$6 Million, they have a Shared Annual Aggregate limit of $10 Million. This means, everyone insured under AMTA is capped at the $10 Million mark. If there are several large claims or many small claims in the same year and the Shared Annual Aggregate is used up, you may not be covered in the event of a claim.

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Good Support Frustrating Access To Ceus

Ive been using this insurance for a few years now. I use it because I cant find any other professional liability insurance that will cover me for both massage and teaching tai chi. I like that it offers free CEUs but have had lots of problems accessing. Otherwise Ive been happy. Customer service is good.

I would like some written proof detailing the insurance coverage I subscribed too, that would be nice to have instead of just a proof of purchase. Where is the customer service?

The login has been difficult to access all my needed papers. They should Email them. Prices have gotten outrageous!

very easy to renew. thanks.

Who Has The Cheapest Massage Insurance

MASSAGE Magazine Partners with A Marketing Connection in ...

I went on a search to find the cheapest massage insurance.

I found it.

But deciding on which massage insurance to buy is not as straightforward as finding the cheapest.

Many organizations bundle massage insurance in with membership.

Membership comes with bonuses, like free massage CEs, but surprise, surprise, bundled packages typically cost more.

Hmmpaying a little more to get free CE courses sounds goodbut wait, renewal is every 2 years should I pay a little more to get free CEs every year?am I really saving money?and what if I hate the CE coursesoh, but then they also give me free scheduling softwarethats cool stuff, but when I did the demo, I know that Im gonna wanna upgrade and thats gonna cost morewait do I have to attend meetings if I become a member?I like the idea of a free website, but why does my domain name say www.markliskey/XYZ .org?Ill be right back


Take a deep breath in. We can get through this.

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What Is Massage Insurance

Massage insurance is an umbrella term that covers the type of business insurance a massage therapist should carry. Under this insurance type, youre typically covered in terms of professional liability and general liability.

Professional liability is sometimes labeled as malpractice liability in relation to massage therapists, according to Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, a major insurer of massage therapists. This covers you in the event that someone claims harm in relation to the services you performed.

Massage Therapy Insurer Pleads Guilty To Fraud

Bret T. Van Leeuwen, 52, the former president and founder of Stratus Insurance Services, Inc., pled guilty in June to one count of insurance fraud in the second degree. He agreed to pay up to $995,000 in civil penalties.

Three associations listed as victims in Van Leeuwen’s plea include the now defunct IMA Group, the Hands-On Trade Association and the International Association of Reike Professionals. Massage Today readers might remember that Van Leeuwen and Stratus Insurance were linked in the financial demise of the International Massage Association and had accused owner and founder Will Green of owing Stratus “close to seven figures” and offered that as the reason Stratus dropped coverage of the IMA. However, Green claimed that Stratus had failed to properly acquire policies in several of the years since 2004, and alluded to an FBI investigation in a letter to IMA members in July of 2010. As reported in Massage Today in August of 2010, Van Leeuwen strongly denied Green’s claims.

The Hands-On Trade Association became aware there was a problem with Stratus and Van Leeuwen in May 2010, when the case became public. Directed by Judi Calvert, co-founder of Massage Magazine, the HOTA formally terminated their relationship with Stratus and Bret Van Leeuwen in January 2011. According to Calvert, “it took time to transition to our new risk purchasing group, the Wellness and Beauty Association Risk Purchasing Group.”

Investigation Background And Timeline

Current Status


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Massage Insurance Bundle Deals

You might be wondering if a bundle deal through a professional organization could save you money via the bonuses and perks.

Good question.

Two Insurance with Extras options stand out here. InsureLMT and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus because they both offer unlimited online CEs and have solid insurance. Massage Magazine Insurance Plus also throws in $500+ in industry discounts and a discount on their magazine called Massage Magazine.

But before you whip out your Visa, heres something to think aboutis buying an insurance option with unlimited CEs cheaper than buying BBI at $96 of InsureLMT policy at $97 and getting your CEs elsewhere?

Well, today I found 12 online CEs for $30. So, the answer would be you if you want the absolute, cheapest massage insurance and an online CE combo then buying an insurance policy with no bells and whistles and finding a cheap online CE provider can save you a little bit of money.

But if you want cheap, no hassles and unlimited CEs always at your disposal, go with Massage Magazine or Insure LMT insurance with extras.

Massage Insurance For Every Phase Of Your Career

Massage Liability Insurance – FAQ #2

Choose your plan below, and get immediate coverage in as little as two minutes for over 450 modalities.

1 YearProfessional Rate

Save $10 with this first year introductory rate and take advantage of everything we have to offer.

2 yearprofessional rate

Save 17% when you get a 2 year policy and worry about renewals half as much.

1 yearStudent/graduate rate

Protect yourself in school & after. Get covered just before graduation for a full year of insurance at a reduced rate.

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My Card Was Rejected Many Times

My card was rejected many times.. I checked with my bank and they said it should be fine. I used it many other places that day before and after. I called MM twice.. both men were very nice.. but unable to help me. My bank said they could have used my routing number and bank information to make transaction… but was never an option that was brought up. They said no one would be available till Tuesday.. this was Friday. I guess I just wish there were more knowledgeable employees to help troubleshoot.. and better online options to troubleshoot as well. Thanks.

My Massage Insurance Cautions

These massage insurance options fell significantly short of their competitors.

In the Just Insurance category, the American Massage Council insurance coverage was the weakest

And NAMASTA fell behind the rest of the pack in the Insurance with Extras category.

But if you liked the extras NAMASTA offers, you could become a member without buying the massage insurance from them.

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Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Best Comprehensive Coverage

The fact that this company advertises itself as a magazine can be a little off-putting. But it also offers one of the most comprehensive insurance plans in the massage therapy industry, which is issued by the Healthcare Professionals Purchasing Group. As our example policy, we covered above what the plans all entail and what you can expect for costs. The company also has additional member benefits, like industry discounts.

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