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Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

How Much Space Does A Zero Gravity Chair Need To Recline

Insignia Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

The best zero gravity massage chair models require space between the back and a wall to recline into the Zero gravity position. Most respectable massage chair makers strive to make space required to recline as minimal as possible.

Space savings technology is a term used to describe efforts made by manufacturers to reduce the amount of space a zero gravity massage chairs needs to fully recline.

The best zero gravity massage chair brands require between three to five inches of space to fully recline. Below is a roundup of the 5 best zero gravity massage chair models in the market.

Best Budget Bestmassage Recliner Chairbest Budget

This recliner chair has a mixture of modern and classic designs perfect for your living room or office. If you are on a limited budget, this is the best massage chair for you.

The BestMassage recliner has a two-point massage for lumbar heating. The lower back gets tensed up and tightens after a long dayâs work, resulting in back pain. The two-point massage will help reduce the pressure in the lower back and give you a satisfying massage.

I had enough room to put my legs up, and the chair fitted me comfortably. It is a spacious massage chair that can hold a person with considerable stature.

Whats 2 Stage Zero Gravity Massage Chair

When zero gravity mode is activated, the massage chair gently lowers the user into a reclined position so that the Back supports the thighs and the pressure on the Back is reduced. For the most part, zero gravity has two stages. After that, youll be able to put your legs up above your heart in a more comfortable position.

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The Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Once your zero gravity massage chair is fully reclined, your weight is evenly distributed throughout the massage chair. This causes your muscles to relax, and alleviates any stress you may be holding in your neck and back. As with any massage chair, there are many long-term benefits of a zero gravity massage chair: Regular use can help improve circulation, reduce arthritis pain and even ease the symptoms of varicose veins.

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero Gravity Massage Chair Under $1000

Uenjoy Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair Shiatsu Recliner Built

UPDATE:read our guide here for up to date massage chair models in under $1000 category.

This is the best pick in terms of reliability and the number of features.

The new 2020 model comes with Bluetooth and 6 automatic programs.

While some people feel the shoulder massage is too weak, or the leg cushions too strong, the overall consensus us that, for the price, this chair is a very good buy.

As with most cheaper models, a %150-$200 delivery fee applies in case of replacement, but overall customer service is good, and the chair is more reliable than the other chairs in its class.

6 Auto Programs The chair has 6 auto programs that use different techniques to help you relax and unwind from the most common ailments.

Back and Foot Heating The heating pads in the lower back and feet help relieve tension and promote circulation to increase the rate of healing.

Foot Massage The foot massage includes both rollers and airbags for complete relaxation. The footrests are also extendable for people with longer legs.

Easy to Assemble, Use and Move The chair is easy to assemble, even though the manual isnt the best. The control panel is equally easy to use, with adjustable timer and intensity features. And the handy rollers at the back of the base makes the chair easy to move,

Zero-Gravity and Manual Recline Like most high-end chairs, the chair comes with a zero-gravity feature, and even if the chair isnt connected to a power outlet is can still be used as a recliner.

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Health Benefits Of The Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero-gravity massage chairs offer both physical and mental health benefits to users. The zero-gravity position, specifically, is capable of enhancing health in these ways:

  • Improve Breathing: The zero-gravity position clears airways and prevents obstructions that cause strained breathing and snoring during sleep. Users can practice breathing exercises in the zero-gravity position to improve lung function and even relieve anxiety.
  • Increase Circulation: A zero-gravity massage chair takes stress off of your heart and improves blood and oxygen flow to every part of your body. Friction created during a massage also improves circulation while relieving muscle tension and joint soreness.
  • Eliminate Back Pain: The zero-gravity position decreases pressure on the spine and allows it to elongate. With pressure more evenly distributed, you are less likely to exhaust the sciatic nerve, where most back pain originates. When combined with massage therapy, zero-gravity massage chairs can nearly eliminate all back pain.
  • Alleviate Neck Pain: The results of the zero-gravity position can be felt from head to toe, helping cure neck pain in much the same way it eliminates back pain improved circulation, posture, and weight distribution.

What Are The Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Chair

Any zero gravity chairs have undeniable advantages. The presence of a zero gravity function is the most important. Thanks to it, your body gains weightlessness as if in space. The pressure on the body reduces, and massage becomes a more effective procedure. The ability to enjoy daily massage sessions right at home or in the office is the second advantage. These are apparent cost savings. Manual massage, especially from a qualified specialist, costs a lot of money. You are unlikely to pay for such a pleasure every day. Some people allow themselves to enjoy 1 to 3 massage courses per year. Now imagine that you have your own personal massage therapist at home! This is an amazing finding for people busy with regular sedentary work, athletes, and, of course, the elderly.

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People With Chronic Inflammation

Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review….BEST Long Term Health Investment

Bad posture and constantly working can affect our lives in a way that we might not even imagine. Our tissues, muscles, and joints can suffer from inflammation. If it becomes chronic, it can be really difficult to treat. To prevent it, you should consider resting properly with the help of zero-gravity technology. If you are already suffering from inflammation, doing the same can help you get rid of the pain.

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Top 11 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs In 2022 Reviews

If you want to relax and enjoy a nice massage, then the best zero gravity massage chair is what you want. The top types offer an experience similar to what you get from a human being Whats more, they come in a compact size that fist in many spaces well. This makes it a good choice for the home, and office among other areas. In the following review, we will highlight the top picks in the market.

Now That You Have A Greater Knowledge Of The Background And Possibilities Of A Zero

Reclining, Electric, Shiatsu, Full-body, Best, Review, Price, Top 10, Relaxing, Massage Chairs,

  • OHCOs M.DX, built in Japan, makes the best zero-gravity massage chairs list for its versatility. Easily recline to zero-gravity position, or lay flat depending on your personal preference or prescribed massage program. In addition to its zero-gravity capabilities, the M.DX offers users a full-body air massage that accentuates the zero-gravity positions ability to improve circulation and bring relaxation to all parts of the body. When combined with the tasteful aesthetic beauty that OHCO is known for, you have a massage chair that is difficult to top. Thats not to mention the heated massage and Bluetooth audio features. This is form and function at its finest.

  • OHCO M.8
  • The M.8 is another impressive zero-gravity massage chair from OHCO. It shares several features with the M.DX, but it dives deeper into luxury with an air ionizer, light pool, and aromatherapy that indulge all of your senses. When it comes to its status as a zero-gravity chair, the M.8s knead and stretch headrest is what elevates it into elite status. It uses air to relieve spinal pressure before mechanical rollers work and stretch your neck muscles for relaxation and improved mobility. And with five color choices, the OHCO M.8 makes for a tasteful and elegant addition to any environment.

  • D.Core Cirrus
  • D.Core Stratus
  • Positive Posture Brio Sport
  • Positive Posture Brio+
  • D.Core Cloud
  • OHCO R.6
  • OHCO M.8 LE
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    Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair

    The iDeal massage chair allows for 30 minutes of continuous massage, you can have a massage anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. It can mimic real massages delivered by humans as it has 3-D intelligent detection technology and long massages giving you a long time to relax and enjoy the Massage. The chair has a silent massage option driven by 4 wheels with sideways movement on an ergonomic design s-track roller mechanism.

    It comes with 4 preset massage modes that you can activate with a single touch. The chair also has 3 Zero Gravity positions which can be controlled via the touch of a button. It also provides 4 different types of massages: shiatsu, kneading, rolling and vibration automated modes also give you combined massage options to get a better and deeper massage.

    Manual mode allows for controlling and adjusting of the back rollers at any location in your body giving you full access to the kind, intensity, speed and pressure of massage.



    Theideal massage Full Featured massage chair like the name suggests tries to provide an idyllic massage. They have made a chair that has not only just all the essential features but also gives 3 different zero gravity positions and 4 techniques of massage methods. The heat therapy feature helps in improving blood flow and promotes healthy metabolism. If you want a great experience for a good cost do try out this chair.

    Luraco I7 Irobotics 7th Generation

    Best Massage Chairs Full Body Zero Gravity

    If you are looking for the most high-tech chair, the Luraco i7 iRobotics 7th Generation should be included in your list of options. It is undeniably one of the most modern and up-to-date massage chairs that you can find in the market today.

    This chair has an advanced operating massage system that comes with remote control, a smart touch screen, and a Bluetooth speaker. It also speaks to you in a human voice that can do seven languages: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese. It also has health monitoring features that allow you to check your heart rate and blood pressure.

    The Luraco i7 iRobotics 7th Generation has five levels of intensity controls, nine massage auto programs, air massage, a three-layered foot and calf massager, and an advanced foot massage with double foot rollers.


    • Blood pressure and heart rate monitoring are available.
    • Very easy to use and gives you maximum comfort.


    • It is an expensive model.

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    Panasonic Maj7 Real Pro Ultra Premium

    If you are looking for a zero gravity massage chair that is not only a premium model but is also made from a trusted brand, you should try the Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro Ultra Premium. It is made by trusted and well-known brand Panasonic and is one of the most advanced premium full body massage chairs in the market today.

    The chair makes use of Panasonics Real Pro Ultra technology, which helps give a wide range of hands like and lifelike massage techniques and styles through advanced body profile scanning. The work of the pressure rollers will feel like it is actually being done by an actual massage therapist. The Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro Ultra-Premium massage chair also uses a 3D massage system that combines advanced robotic engineering and whisper-quiet motors.

    This massage chair comes with a lot of massage features and customization, making it a great premium chair. Given its high-quality and wide array of impressive features, you can expect this chair to come with a high price tag. But if money is not a problem for you, this will be a worthy purchase.


    • Very expensive.

    Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair With Air Massage System And Built


    • Firm and gentle massage rollers
    • 4 automatic massage programs
    • 3 manual specific massage modes
    • 3-level airbag intensity
    • 3 massage speed control
    • Buttlock l tracking massage system

    This device will give you a nice experience. It comes with 4 automatic massage modes to accommodate different desires. You also get 3 massage speeds as well as 3 manual specific modes that include kneading, combo, and tapping. It works well in various body areas. These include the hips, arms, shoulders, feet, thighs, and calf bones.

    Its a high-quality item that feels strong and additionally comfortable. This ensures you or any other individual enjoys it. Chances of it splitting or coming apart are unlikely. Morever, it features a smooth finish and likewise has great cushioning. This helps to keep you comfortable for maximum satisfaction. The chair, like most on this review, has an auto body check. This aids to automatically choose the most ideal massage therapy alternative. It includes 3 airbag intensity levels and you likewise get one hand operation remote control.

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    Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Focused Area Functionality

    Mostly when someone buys a massage chair, it is for specific purposes and pain points. In this circumstance, you should investigate whether the chair allows you to focus on one or two areas. Chairs with 3D massage, SL space track, and extendable rollers allow area-specific kneading and tapping. Looking for these features in your new Zero-Gravity Chair can make a huge difference.

    Does Zero Gravity Electric Massage Chairs Are Helpful For Pregnant Women

    Full Massage Chair | BEST Zero Gravity | Toes to Head – Heated & Blue Tooth Music Ootari

    Zero Gravity chairs offer a pregnant woman relief from the compression of the baby on her spine, as well as a decrease in swelling due to the increased blood flow. The chair can also help alleviate pain in the hips, pelvis, and back. In fact, many women use Zero Gravity chairs for all nine months of their pregnancy!

    Massage chairs have been shown to be effective in increasing the flow of blood to extremities which helps those who suffer from circulation problems as well as those who experience numbness due to lack of circulation. In addition, Zero Gravity chairs have been shown to decrease recovery time for surgery patients by promoting increased blood flow lessening swelling during recovery time.

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    Bestmassage Zero Gravity Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair Recliner Full Body Built


    • 32 total airbags
    • 6 different massage modes

    This unit will provide you a similar experience to a human masseuse. It comes with 6 different massage modes to cater to different desires. These include kneading, shiatsu, and tapping, air pressure, knocking and heating. It works on different body zones. The most notable are the hips, arms, shoulders, feet, thighs, and calves.

    Its a high-quality piece that feels strong and also supportive. This ensures you or any other user has a good time. Chances of it coming apart or falling over are unlikely. Morever, it features a smooth finish and also has nice padding. This helps to keep you cozy for maximum satisfaction. The chair, like the rest on this review, comes with an auto body scan. This helps to automatically select the most suitable massage option. It comes with 32 airbags in total and you also get 6 different modes of massage.

    Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back

    Massage chairs are supposed to heal your back pain not add to the suffering! Nevertheless, the first time using a massage chair may cause you some back pain. According to experts, this happens because the body is not conditioned to therapy.

    As the back muscles stiffen all of a sudden, there is an agitation that brings about aching. This merely doesnt mean that your massage chair has issues. Industry experts further state that the back pain could hang around for the first three or so sessions.

    Gradually, the spine will begin to adjust to the massage so that the pain subsides with every subsequent massage session. While you may suffer from sore muscles when you start using a recliner, there will be notable benefits for the rest of your body.

    Once you understand the genesis of the back-pain triggers when you start using a massage chair, you mustnt stop the sessions. The pain you feel can be compared to the one you get when you start exercising or going to the gym after a lengthy lay-off.

    Its simply the body muscles reacting to pressure after being in a state of rest for an extended period. There might be some pain here and there, which is quite natural, but it eventually flattens out. However, if the pain is acute and recurring, I suggest consulting a physician for a proper diagnosis.

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