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Massage Therapy School Philadelphia Pa

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Located in Old City, Philadelphia

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Massage Studio of Philadelphia specializes in Therapeutic body work from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior. We work with clients who have chronic injuries, scar tissue or lack of body maintenance, to clients who suffer from chronic pain or simply every day stressors. MSOP’s teams approach is professional, respectful, caring and real. Their sessions focus on recovery or restoration to sports and therapeutic. Blending techniques like deep tissue, myofascial, swedish, trigger point and often times cupping, they cater to your specific needs. Massage Studio of Philadelphia’s licensed Massage Therapists have a professional movement background and use their knowledge of the body and how it moves to benefit clients in maintaining their movement through massage and stretch.

Philadelphia School Of Massage And Bodywork

The adult education massage therapy program offered by the Philadelphia School of Massage and Bodywork prepares students for a career as a professional massage therapist. The program is approved by the State of Philadelphia and prepares students for licensure. Course topics include orientation, Swedish massage application, anatomy and physiology, pathology, myofascial release basics, trigger point therapy basics, prenatal massage, shiatsu basics, hydrotherapy, chair massage, business, community outreach, and ethics in professionalism. Day and evening classes are offered to meet students availability. The day class meets Mondays through Thursdays from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The night classes meet Monday through Thursday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Program overview:Duration: 8 months 9 months Contact hours: 600

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must be physically capable of performing a massage
  • Present a valid photo ID
  • Submit a completed application and a non-refundable fee of $75
  • Submit two letters of reference
  • Attend an interview with the program director
  • Schedule and attend a facility tour
  • Must submit a negative TB test report
  • Receive a massage or bodywork session and describe the experience during the interview

Program cost:

Address: 251 N. 2nd St., 1F, Philadelphia, PA 19106Phone: 267-930-7428Email:

What Is A Massage Therapist

As mentioned in the introduction, massage therapy is a holistic form of healthcare in Philadelphia PA that helps people feel and function better. The massage therapist manipulates skin, muscles and tissue to reduce stress and relieve tension and pain in their patients. Swedish, or Classic Massage, is the type of massage that most people think of when discussing massage therapy, and most massage therapy schools teach it as their primary form of massage. However, there are many other types of massage that programs may or may not include within their course of instruction. Following are just a few examples.

  • Neuromuscular Therapy Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage

Professionals that work in massage therapy in Philadelphia PA should be referred to as massage therapists. From time to time one may hear them called a masseuse or a masseur, which refers to a female or a male massage practitioner. However, these terms generally carry a negative connotation among the general public and professionals alike and should be avoided.

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Free Mblex & State Board Reviewsday & Evening Classesfinancial Aid For Those Who Qualifycareer Placement Assistance

Hi, Im Tara Williams, and being a teacher is something Ive always known I wanted to do. I got my start teaching Cosmetology, and although I loved it, I couldnt help myself from poking my head in the esthetics room now and then to watch the students react to learning something so amazing as skincare! After becoming an esthetics teacher, I fall more in love with it every day as I teach and learn new things from other professionals in the field. When Im not obsessing over skincare I love traveling and seeing the world and how different countries and cultures live. I cannot wait to meet you and have you join our classroom here at Cortiva Institute in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania!



The State Of Pennsylvania Massage Therapist Requirements

Massage Therapy School

Throughout the 46,055 square miles of the Keystone State, approximately 7,995 massage therapists work to help the more than 12.8 million people in their state find relief from pain, rehabilitation from injuries, and comfort in the midst of stress and anxiety.

With 1.5 million people in Philadelphia, 302,205 people in Pittsburgh, and 120,915 people in Allentown, massage therapists who work in Pennsylvania can find an engaged environment to open, continue, or join a massage therapy business.

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Massage Therapist Training Requirements

Most schools offering massage therapy require that the enrollee have a high school diploma or its equivalent to qualify. Programs can range in length from several months for a Certificate or a Diploma to as long as two years for an Associates Degree. The lengths of the programs will also vary by State based on the number of hours required for licensing. Another factor that may also influence the program length is whether classes are offered in Philadelphia PA during the day or in the evening. Also, an Associate Degree in Massage Therapy may have general education requirements and are often transferable into a related Bachelors Degree Program. Once you have received your Certificate or Degree, the education does not end there. The amount and type of continuing education you will need to complete will depend on the State where you are licensed. Some states require both a certain number of hours of continuing education as well as specific education in subjects such as HIPAA compliance or ethics.

How Much Will I Earn

The average annual wage of a massage therapist in Pennsylvania was $53,116 in 2014. This is on the lower side of state earnings, with the average national salary at $53,222. Massage therapists who work in Scranton have the opportunity to earn a high salary as well, with the average for this city at $49,124 annually.

  • A Roadmap for the New Year: 22 Trends
  • $60K+ MTs Share Income Strategies
  • Mobile Massage Therapy Offers New Opportunities
  • Creating a Sense of Urgency will Push You to Create a Thriving Practice
  • Activate Your Creeper Beeper

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How Long Are Classes

This program will complete within 23 weeks .

Additional clinical hours require hands on practice that occurs outside of regularly scheduled class time. This will take place on designated days following the successful completion of Basic Massage training.

The Massage Therapy program at the Community College of Philadelphia is unlike no other! This program is for you if you enjoy learning, challenging yourself, and are looking to improve the lives of others. As you begin your transition from student to massage therapist, it is truly a blessing to be surrounded by a supportive team who want nothing more than to see you succeed. Whether it be on your best of days or the most challenging of days, the faculty and staff are with you from start to finish. With them in my corner, I feel I can achieve anything and that is an experience everyone deserves. Andrew, Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy School In Philadelphia Pa

Physical Therapy Philadelphia

The Philly Voice recently published a list of four healthy reasons to treat oneself to a massage. Some of the benefits are by now familiar to many: Massage can help with stress relief, mood elevation, and fitness. The article also noted that massage was a healthy choice for those who wanted to enjoy both a pleasant experience and the after-effects of that experience it suggested that people opt for massage instead of the more decadent milestone celebrations that would ultimately take a toll on their bodies. The byline included the notation sponsored by Independence Blue Cross .

Philadelphia massage practices cater to individuals who are seeking all of the benefits cited in the article and then some. It is no longer a rarity for healthcare systems to offer massage to their oncology patients. Massage can have therapeutic benefits for individuals with various healthcare conditions. As awareness of the mind-body connection grows, so does the list of massage indications.

Not surprisingly, there are many massage therapy employment options in the Philadelphia area, from sports massage to integrative health. Practitioners can benefit from honing their skills in specialized areas. Fortunately, Philadelphia provides LMTs with plenty of opportunities to do just that!

Franchise and spa positions can be among the easiest to get. They dot the landscape of Pennsylvanias largest metropolis. There are, for example, multiple Hand and Stone franchises in the area.

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Select The Right Massage Therapist Program Near Philadelphia Pa

Good luck as you embark on your journey to begin a career as a professional massage therapist. As with all things worth achieving, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed. You originally came to this website because of your interest in Licensed Massage Therapist Training. However, by following the suggestions contained within this article, you will have an excellent opportunity for success by picking the right massage therapy degree program. And with the right education you will soon become a professional massage therapist servicing the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area.

More Therapeutic Locations in Pennsylvania

Professional Massage Therapy Institute

  • monday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM tuesday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM wednesday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM thursday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM saturday Closed
  • Basic First Aid

Professional Massage Therapy Institute Information

    Mission provide you with the skills to be effective massage therapists in treating your clients, provide you with the knowledge to educate your clients on the.

    • PMTI School Continuing Education Center for massage therapists will be posting current event news from the PA Massage Therapy Board to keep massage therapist informed.
    • Course Description CE Hours The Business Of Medicinal Cannabis Cost $325.00 You will be introduced to the Cannabis Plant and it s history, medical benefits for health.
    • Pennsylvania Massage Therapists, Licensing Renewal Educational Requirements. Massage Therapy Discount Continuing Education Courses are group by category based on the.
    • CPR is aprocedure designed to restore normal breathing after cardiac arrest that includes the clearnace of air passages to the lungs, mouth to mouth methods of.
    • On Site Training. A link is provided to All Approved NCBTMB Courses for you to select from. Click on the link to review the courses. Complete the below form or call.
    • Concentration in Anatomy Physiology, Kinesiology Myology, Prenatal Infant massage, Reflexology, Introduction to sports massage, Hospice care, Introduction to.


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“This school was a very pleasant surprise. It’s essentially half the price of the ONLY massage school in Philly proper and with the smaller class size, so you get a lot more hands on attention. The curriculum is pretty thorough, and while a lot of it was geared towards helping us pass the MBLEX exam the instructors made sure to cover things like fire cupping and Asian massage even though these things do not appear on the exam. The only thing I really disliked was the commute – but to me, it was totally worth it.”

How Our Program Works:

Steven Pagel Massage in Philadelphia, PA // Thervo


The online classes can be taken from any device, including your smartphone. This allows you to jump in and work on your coursework any time. These classes cover business, theory, and science. They can also be taken at your own pace. Finally, there is no semester system and no start or end date for the online courses. If you need extra time for a class because work is busy, then take it. If you have some free time and want to work through an entire course quickly, then you can. The instructors are all licensed massage therapists who will guide you throughout your massage therapy education.


Hands-on training is the essential part of becoming a skilled massage therapist. Licensed Massage Therapist instructors will offer structured learning, supervision, and mentorship. You will do this training at the local clinics in Arizona, working in a small group of students.

Massage Therapy Online

We believe that massage therapy education can be more affordable and more accessible by utilizing innovative, modern education technology. We are proud to help grow the industry and provide more happiness, health & wellness to more people around the world by connecting people to schools who offer hybrid training options.

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Massage Therapy Schools In New Philadelphia Pa

Find a local licensed massage therapy training program at an accredited massage school or medical trade school near New Philadelphia, PA. Accredited schools have financial aid assistance for students who qualify. Get your training for the Pennsylvania massage therapist license and start a path to a variety of massage therapist careers. Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing medical trades in the U.S. Use the search application to find a massage therapy program near you.

How Do I Become A Massage Therapist In Pennsylvania

If youre ready to move into your career as a massage therapist in Pennsylvania, you must register with the Pennsylvania Board of Massage Therapy. The registration fee is $100. Once you are registered, you must receive licensure by the Board. If you do not register, you will be working illegally and can receive a fine.

In order to receive this license, you must complete a minimum of 600 hours of massage therapy education and have passed a national massage licensing examination.

You can find application request forms on their website.

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Academy Of Massage Therapy And Bodyworks

The Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks provides students with the knowledge and skills to become professional massage therapists. Students will learn anatomy and physiology, massage theory and history, Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, sports massage, reflexology, medical massage, pregnancy massage, and professionalism in practice. They will also learn business principles and practices, medications, client/practitioner relationships, and CPR and first aid. Students who successfully complete the requirements will receive a diploma and will be prepared to take the national certification exam to become a Licensed Massage Therapist in Philadelphia. Full-time students will attend classes Monday through Thursday. Morning classes begin at 8:30 am and end at 1:30 pm. Evening classes are from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm. A weekend seminar will be conducted for one weekend during the course. Applicants who have completed 300 hours of Anatomy and Physiology may test out of this portion of the program. Transcripts will be required for a waiver.

Program overview:Duration: 6 months 6 months Contact hours: 600

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must have a current photo ID
  • Submit the medical release form completed by a physician
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from an employer, previous teacher or someone not related to you
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have current CPR certification
  • Submit a completed application and enrollment fee of $100

Pennsylvania Massage Therapy Careers

Bina shares her experience at CRSMT!

Average yearly salary for massage therapy in Pennsylvania

Some therapists are able to make a full-time income working part-time hours if they have specialties that are in-demand. The annual mean salary for licensed massage therapists in Pennsylvania varies widely, ranging from $17,200 to $90,380. The annual mean salary is $43,160, before tips. The York-Hanover metropolitan area also ranked third in the nation for highest massage therapist salary with an average annual earnings of $76,930, according to the BLS. If this career and its potential opportunities sound interesting, consider one of the many Pennsylvania massage therapy schools to get your start!

Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the nation according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with projected growth at 22% by 2026. Licensed massage therapists work in many luxury resort and spa destinations, as well as with chiropractors, physical therapists and doctors. They practice in pain management facilities, rehabilitation clinics, wellness centers, gyms and fitness centers. Some massage therapists sail the world on cruise ships and others work with professional sports teams. Many massage therapists are self-employed, too, and make their own hours.

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How To Become A Masseuse In Pennsylvania

  • 600 education hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 2 years.
  • 24 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • The average salary for massage therapists in Pennsylvania is $43,160 . This is higher than the national average of $42,820 .
  • There is a predicted 22% job increase between 20162026 for massage therapists. This is equal to the expected national growth.

Massage schools in Pennsylvania can help you get your start in a career as a massage therapist. Training to become a massage practitioner is a great opportunity to work in a variety of settings. Hospitals, sports facilities and physical therapy offices are just a few examples of the types of places that hire graduates from Pennsylvania massage schools.

Once you have received training from one of the programs Pennsylvania, you can be ready to help your clients relax and rejuvenate in their own lives.

Where Can I Study

Below are two approved schools in Pennsylvania to help you get started on what you may be looking for in a massage therapy education.

  • Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy: Offering hands-on, comprehensive massage therapy training, this school hopes to give students the skills, experience and confidence needed to pursue a successful and rewarding massage therapy career. Western Pennsylvanias first school to offer professional massage therapy training and the only school devoted to exclusively massage in Pittsburgh, students will be joining a community of students dedicated to the same goals.
  • Baltimore School of Massage York Campus: Students at this school perform more than 200,000 massages per year in their student clinic, and graduates are able to receive career assistance throughout their career. Accredited by ACCSC, students at this school can graduate in as little as 7.5 months.

Other education options include Fortis and Luzerne County Community College.

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