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Amazon Full Body Massage Chair

How Sustainable Are Massage Chairs

Top 10 Best Budget Full Body Massage Chairs to Buy

A massage from a massage therapist is undoubtedly better for the environment than any mechanical massage chair, most of which are made of metal, plastic, and pleather . Also, full-body massage chairs typically ship via freight, a mode of transportation that contributes about 8% to 11% of all global greenhouse-gas emissions each year. But if you already have a massage chair or are planning to buy one, you can take a few extra steps to be more mindful of the planet:

What We Look For

  • Reclining feature

    We choose massage chairs that recline at least partially, and we prefer those with the option to lie fully supine.

  • Heating feature

    We search for massage chairs with a heating feature, since warmth helps to promote blood flow and relax muscles.

  • Intensity settings

    We seek massage chairs with two or more intensity settings to let you customize the strength of the massage.

  • Kneading feature

    We want at least one setting to mimic the kneading motion of a massage therapists fingers, rather than simply vibrating.

*At the time of publishing, the price was $1,900.

The Osaki OS-Champ reclines until youre fully supine, and it envelops your body in pillowy, faux-leather padding. Internal mechanisms massage your neck, back, and thighs, and airbags on the front and sides of the chair apply pressure to your shoulders, arms, calves, and feet. Its heating feature warmed our testers bodies better than any other models, and this massage chair is as luxurious and well constructed as any other weve seen. Also, Osaki backs it with a generous, three-year warranty. Our only complaint is that the OS-Champ looks like a prop from Star Trek: Odyssey, and its sure to dominate the decor in any room.

May be out of stock

Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair Inexpensive Model

The Ideal Massage Shiatsu chair is a good chair you can buy on a sale for a low price and enjoy the brand name. It is not the perfect chair, especially not compared to the Kahuna or the Osaki, but it does have some convenient features. Here is what you get if you choose to buy it:

Unique design From the first time you look at this model, youll notice that it looks well, peculiar. It has an Oval design if you look at it from the side, and it does take up a lot of visual space. If you like eccentric pieces of furniture, youll love it. It comes in different colors too.

Different massage programs The chair gives you several programs to choose from: Swing, full body massage, relax, body stretch, kneading, shiatsu, knocking, tapping, rolling, etc. Some are more comfortable than others. Also, to optimize the massage, the chair has an auto-height detection feature and a 3D scan.

Heat pads The heat pads are decent, considering the price point of this chair. They arent really helpful for anyone with a bad back but can relax the body a lot. I liked the multi-chambered airbags air acupressure massage on it.

  • Incredibly bulky
  • Not very comfortable for extended use

Summary: If you like a chair that will massage you and yet, you aim at saving money a lot this is probably a decent massage chair. However, it doesnt nearly give high-quality massages that will relax you.

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Real Relax Full Body Recliner With Heat And Foot Rollers Under $1000

The RealRelax recliner chair is the chair you buy when you really want a massage chair but dont have the money to buy a high-end unit like the Kahuna or the Osaki. It is a great piece if you have no more than $1000 to spend, and it can offer some decent features. Here are some:

Design In terms of aesthetics, it is considerably large. It is not a good option for small living rooms. Still, you get to choose from three different color schemes, which is pretty nice. The upholstery is also soft to the touch and doesnt make you sweat.

Strong construction This model probably has strong internal parts since it can withstand a total weight of 400 pounds, which is impressive for a chair in this price range.

Massage options The RealRelax recliner features eight massage rollers and 50 airbags for a good massage. Also, you can customize the movement of the rollers thanks to the remote, as well as their speed and strength.

  • Bulky
  • Requires assembly

Summary: If you want a really cheap model that will massage you and give you the feel of a zero-gravity position, this is a decent option. It has some convenient massages and it can be great for large living rooms.

Save Extra With 3 Offers Lzour Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair ...

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Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair By Bestmassage

Update:NOT Recommended

BestMassage is one of the most popular brands, and their Shiatsu recliner is a cheaper version of their products.

Still, people think they are getting the renowned BestMassage quality. Well, not really. This chair is a budget-friendly chair that comes from a popular brand. If you want to buy it, here is what you get:

Adjustability Just like in all massage chairs, you can control the width and speed as well as the intensity of the massagers. However, you only have three control levels.

Diverse functions Besides adjusting the massages, you can choose from different massage modes. There are 9 preset auto massage programs that are good, but not for an extended period of time.

Body scan The chair scans your body to figure out where to massage, which is quite convenient.

  • Expensive for what it offers

Summary: If you really like a trustworthy brand go for the BestMassage chair. It is a decent and comfortable chair, but it is a bit expensive for what it offers.

Best Cheap Massage Chair Models

If you want to spend a fortune on a massage chair, you can do so you can find zero-gravity massage chairs that are worth a couple of thousands of dollars. But, why spend so much when you can find a budget-friendly one under 3000, or even less when you get it on deals for sale.

But, even when you buy on sale or thinking you can have a lot of options you dont. I learned that from the list below only the Kahuna and the Osaki are reliable home massage chairs, whereas the rest werent worth the money you pay.

So, if you want to avoid making a purchase youll regret, my list will be of help. With all the most important aspects of a decent massage chair, Ive compiled a list that will satisfy your sophisticated, 2020 needs. Here are your top choices:

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Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Although this is one of the best budget massage chairs, it doesnt look like other chairs listed here. It is made with faux leather, and theres a doubt about its durability. However, theres a lot it has to offer that includes:

Body Scanning Technique

When you sit on this massage chair plugged in, the sensors in it detect the overall size of your body. This system ultimately turns out a custom fit for our body whether you are petite or a bit fat. Then, it starts giving you a massage that relaxes your body.

Customizable Settings

Selecting the intensity and speed of the massage is all in your hand with this massage chair. It allows customized settings along with the mode selection. That is favorable because you need different treatments on different days of the month.

Multiple Air Bags

Not as many airbags as the Real Relax Massage Chair with 50 it has 21. However, they perform very well whether in the rip, back, arms, or foot area. The body relaxes after therapy from this chairs massage however, theres no zero gravity option.

Who is it fit for?

  • Make sure that you are less than 265 pounds if buying this chair.
  • This will satisfy you if you want to avail of any mode from kneading, tapping, rubbing, pressing, shiatsu, or even stretching.


Ugears Full Body Massage Chair

How to Use Snailax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad?

Kneading, pushing, knocking, air pressure, heating, vibration and combination.

This thoughtfully designed massage chair is to give you full comfort and convenience, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate massage experience right in the comfort of your own home.

  • 8 stationary massage points with seesaw structure design, full body airbags shiatsu massage.
  • Bluetooth speakers, experience combination of music and massage.
  • Intelligent atmosphere light, multiple colors change at intervals.
  • Wired remote control, easy to be controlled by one simple touch.
  • Suitable for Office and Home.

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Are Massage Chairs Dangerous

Yes. The majority of massage chairs are safe and dont pose a safety risk to the user. However, there are some risks associated with them that people should be aware of. Here are some of the main issues that can come up. Weights Can Harm. If youre sitting in a massage chair thats heavy, it can cause some back and leg pain.

This is because of the extra weight of the chair on your legs and back. The extra weight may lead to a flare-up in any existing back issues that you have. Many massage chairs are much lighter and less of a strain on your body. Some Massage Chairs Explode The main reason for this is the electrical components in the chair can become heated, which can trigger a fire or explosion.

Cheap Massage Chairs That Will Come Under Your Budget

Although cheap massage chairs lack a few bells and whistles, they get the job done. At least they are better than paying $1800 per year for a massage costing $150 every month.

With them being around, you dont have to manage the massage schedule. Strength and speed customization are also possible, which you have no control over with manual massages. And, even the high-quality chairs come with a few pros, so why not try tested and tried affordable options?

Wondering yourself in the massage chair? Lets get you to have one and move towards the reviews.

Weight Capacity :Up to 400lbsWarranty : 3 Years
Weight Capacity:Up to 380lbsWarranty: 1 Years
Weight Capacity:Up to 300lbsWarranty: 1 Years
Weight Capacity:Up to 380lbsWarranty: 1 Years
Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Chair Weight: 185lbsWeight Capacity:Up to 256lbsWarranty: 1 Years
Weight Capacity:Up to 220lbsWarranty: 3 Years
Weight Capacity:Up to 260lbsAvailable in Other Colors: Yes
Weight Capacity:Up to 380lbsWarranty: 1 Years

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Compare With Similar Items

This item YITAHOME Full Body Massage Chair Zero Gravity 145CM/57.08â SL Track Shiatsu Dual Electric Linear Recliner Waist Heater Foot Roller LED Light
4.4 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars 4.9 out of 5 stars

4.4 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars

New Massage Chair Blue KASPURO 2020 New Massage Chair, Massage Chairs ...
55.7″D x 27.1″W x 40″H
Room Type
  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • ãMultifunctional Massage Chairãï¼The massage chair has 5 preset automatic modes. It has three layers of air bags, back massage rollers, foot massage rollers. You can use the tablet remote control to choose the appropriate massage mode and strength.
  • ãRelaxing Massage Chairãï¼Our massage chair built-in waist heater, proper temperature can enhance the massage effect, promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. It makes you feel very comfortable and relieving you from the fatigue of the day.
  • ãReasonable Packingãï¼The massage chair adopts two boxes of packaging, which reduces the volume of the product and the weight of a single package, reduces the possibility of problems in the transportation process, and makes the product more convenient and safe.
  • ãFull Body Massageãï¼The 8 fixed rollers massage the back and waist. Air bags on shoulders, arms, hips and calves inflate or deflate to relieve tension and muscle fatigue. Pressing the “zero gravity” button and leaning fully back with your feet higher than your heart lightens the load on your heart for a better experience.
  • ãHumanized& Bluetooth Designãï¼The massage chair has a retractable footstool and a rolling wheel at the bottom of the chair, so you can easily move it around the room. Bluetooth audio connection function, you can enjoy music while massage.

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What To Look Forward To

Based on feedback from readers with a strong fondness for massage chairs, we plan to test some spendier options in our next round of testing. Our price cap for this round was based on the cost of a weekly one-hour massage, but we realize that it might make sense for some people to spend more if doing so might add extra features or durability or perhaps offset the cost of more frequent massages.

Yitahome Upgraded Massage Chair


YITAHOME massage chair will improve your life in many ways. The shoulder adjustment design allows it to work for people of all sizes. A dream chair for anyone looking to significantly raise their daily comfort and life satisfaction.

  • Massage Parts: Neck, Shoulders, Backrest, Buttocks, Arms, Thighs, Calves, Feet
  • Material: Upgraded PU

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Smagreho Massage Chair Recliner

Assembling is difficult in a few cases when it comes to massage chairs, but not for this Smagreho chair. It comes in 3 boxes and gets assembled within 30-40 minutes. Guess what? No expertise is required.

Fixed Point Rollers

There are eight rollers total plugged in the back. So, your back can have the ultimate relaxation you miss in your tiring working days. Know here that these rollers dont go up and down. All they move is forward and backward and function in the circular motion.

Full Body Massage

For your full-body massage, this is the best deal. It gives your palms the ultimate soothes, releases the stress from your shoulder and back, treats your calves to the best, and massage feet in an exclusive way that youd wish not to end.

Music + Relaxation

At the back of the chair are located two speakers. They are Bluetooth and allow you to pair with your phone to alleviate the level of peace when you are getting a massage. A bit of its weight limit, which is 300 pounds, is less than other chairs out there.

Who is it fit for?

  • If you are taller than 5 feet 5 inches, this would be a great fit. Otherwise, prefer not to opt for it.
  • You believe in saving even a few pennies wherever possible.


Kahuna Massage Chair Lm

Top 5 Best Full Body Massage Chairs On Amazon Reviews

Peeking for an inexpensive massage chair with an excellent warranty to have your back? Kahuna will do that. It comes with three years of solid warranty, which you can even extend more for two years, making it a reliable chair.

Scan Your Body

The massage chair consists of automatic body scanning technology that starts from the neck. It customizes the rollers according to your height and built. So, each part of your body relaxes appropriately.

Exclusive Footer

Extra padding on the footer is there, along with a dual footer roller. They give your feet excellent massage while spinning. You can also extend this footer or detach it according to your will and requirement.

Space-Saving Design

Besides yoga stretching, this chair gives you massage in different modes. It kneads, taps, rolls, shiatsu, and all at the intensity and speed you order it on.

Thankfully, the chair has a zero gravity position which helps circulate blood to your spine in the back. Note here that it doesnt take a lot of space when in zero position. All you need to do is keep it 3 inches apart from the wall.

Who is it fit for?

  • If nice aesthetics have your priority, you can fulfill that requirement with this chair.
  • 200 pounds or less weighted people with a height under 6 feet 2 inches are the perfect candidates for it.
  • Being low on space is no more a problem with this chair.


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