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Best Online Booking System For Massage Therapist

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Refuge Carmel – Online Massage Booking Tutorial

No matter the beauty and wellness niche you are involved into, there are umbrella-term menus you need to configure.

These include adding team profiles, creating tailored services and customizing working schedules for each employee.

For instance, you can create the whole database of services with their specifics. For each service, add a cost, any custom duration, maximum capacity , optional buffer times to free up some extra time for cleaning or preparing for the next client, etc.

A client will be able to choose a service, e.g. a massage type in the booking widget. They can also add a few services to the cart.

Its worth mentioning that you can add an unlimited number of services, this wont affect the cost of using the MotoPress appointment booking WordPress plugin.

The same goes for the team members of your massage parlor or beauty salon.

The Lotus Spa theme comes with a great sider layout for your staff showcase.

You can come with a more customized look for your team using Elementor, its easy to edit everything visually via the page builder:

You can do the same for individual profiles, edit them in the native WordPress editor or using provides builders, Elementor in our case with the Lotus Spa theme:

For each person, you can display text descriptions, photo, expertise, and contact information, including social networks.

You can also enable the option of choosing a therapist in the booking widget!

The Cost Of Massage Therapy Software

Most products in the market are priced on a per user per month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price.


*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offering found on vendor websites on December 27, 2021. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentiles of pricing information gathered from vendor websites of sample products.

The above list summarizes pricing for the base plans of most products. An enterprise or premium product that is priced higher may include additional features such as loyalty/rewards program, lead management, and product consumption reports.

How To Choose The Best Online Booking System For Massage Therapist

Kinga Edwards August 14, 2022Comments Off on How to Choose the Best Online Booking System for Massage Therapist

Is your massage company in need of an online booking system? Luckily, youre in the right place!

In this blog post, we will explain why your company should use a robust online booking system. Moreover, we will discuss a few important things to consider when choosing one.

So lets get started.

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Heres What Massage Therapists Say About Power Diary

Love the communication with Mailchimp which makes marketing very easy. Would recommend to any similar business.”

Antony Choice,Sports Massage & Injury Management Clinic

“Very simple to use. The support has been prompt and helpful. Clear interfaces. Would recommend to any similar business.”

Antony Choice,Sports Massage & Injury Management Clinic

“Love Power Diary easy to use /navigate for both myself & my clients. Clients love the reminder text messages. I dont have a web page, but I was still able to set up the diary & my clients found it easy to access & the convenience of booking themselves in. Thank you for making it easy for me.”

Michelle Rademaker,

Relevant Massage Therapy Software Trends

Remedial Massage Melbourne
  • Increased adoption CRM tools for precision marketing: Massage business and Spa owners are adopting CRM programs to increase capture rates, guest loyalty, and engagement. CRM tools help divide the market into smaller categories or groups with similar preferences, demographics, lifecycle, and behavior. After that, it enables users to channelize specific campaigns for each group. It ensures the delivery of brand messages and enhances precision marketing strategy. While some are already using CRM tools, many studios in the massage therapy software market are expected to adopt the program.

  • AI to increase operational efficiency: AI can help wellness practitioners with marketing automation, streamlining massage bookings, reporting, and inviting new customers. It helps businesses analyze customer data to identify their preferences and create a personalized experience. AI also increases operational efficiency by sorting administrative tasks and allowing teams to focus on service delivery.

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Customizable You Should Be Able To Personalize Your Booking Page To Match Your Branding

Your massage clinic can be distinguished from others by offering amenities that will make your clinic stand out. So find a booking system that adapts easily to your customers needs.

Take care of the appropriate design and appearance. Ensure that your system is easy to navigate, introduce additional descriptions if needed, and select additional options such as sending reminders about appointments to simplify the process for your clients.

+ Customers Trust Appointy For Their Appointment Scheduling Needs

I am extremely satisfied with Appointy.

The client booking software makes it super easy for my clients to use and book with me. I especially love their customer service, they always respond in a timely manner at all hours!

Before the trial was even complete, I had clients scheduled for my service, pay me through Paypal and connect via Zoom .

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Embed Massage Booking Software On Your Massage Site Home Page And Service Page

You can encourage more massage therapy bookings by embedding the booking software in your massage therapy sites home page and service page.

When you embed booking software on your massage therapy website, you dont lose clients. People are looking for easier ways to book appointments with businesses and services. If they find it difficult or even a little difficult to book appointments, they will be discouraged and wont continue with their bookings.

Timely Email & Sms Reminders

Top 5 Things to Study Before Massage Therapy School

Massage therapy businesses lose thousands and thousands of dollars every single year due to no-shows, make sure yours isnt one of them! Yocales unlimited email and text reminders reduce no-shows by 80%, saving your business thousands of dollars year after year.

Automate your reminders while saving your business thousands of dollars on no-shows every single year.

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They Help Businesses Manage Their Resources More Efficiently

Embrace this technological breakthrough to set your massage clinic on the right path. Firstly, you dont have to worry about your business being closed. With an online booking system, it will be open 24/7. Additionally, you will obtain a reduced admin workload and, most importantly, a faster and more secure payment process.

Scheduling Massage Appointments Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Prompt notifications

Remind clients a few hours before their appointment so they show up on time. Set it up once and well also send you an email or text notification for every scheduled, rescheduled, and canceled appointment.

Client management

Allow regular clients to sign up and update their preferences. They can view their history and payment details, as well as schedule future appointments.

Payment tracking

Dreading payment follow-ups? Collect your fees upfront or charge a security deposit so you only get serious clients. Well keep track of all payment statuses so you can check back anytime on the web or our Apple and Android apps.

Custom booking pages

Offering Spanish massages, aromatherapy, Shiatsu massages, and numerous other services? List them all on one page or as separate pages. Each booking page comes with customizable themes, messages, and a URL to help you run targeted promotions.

Recurring appointments

Hot massage every Friday? Add it once and well remember to keep slots open each week. How about a cleansing service of five deep-tissue massages in a month? You can do it alland even more.

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Why Calendesk Is The Best Online Booking System For Massage Therapist

Since qualified massage therapists are in high demand nowadays, making your workflow smooth is essential.

With Calendesek, organizing your teams work will become a piece of cake.

Our booking system meets customer expectations, offering a wide range of functions. With our variety of services, we can improve your business administration and help you boost customer satisfaction.

As a starting point, we offer two methods of booking appointments via a website or a mobile application.

Moreover, our graphic calendar forms are unique to the market because they can be adjusted to your brands needs, uploaded with photos, and customized as needed.

As an administrator, our system will provide you with everything you need. Managing lists such as employees or customers will become easier. With our service, you can also increase your sales by adding additional services that you want to offer. Additionally, we provide you with integrations with other needed applications through our robust online booking platform. As a result, you will be able to improve the payment system activities such as collecting payments before visits, creating subscriptions, and creating invoices will become easier to handle.

To see if our online booking system would be a good fit for you, join us for a free trial today!

Adjust The Booking Widget

Services  Whole Health

The easiest way to give your therapist booking system on WordPress a tailored look is to use it with any popular WordPress page builder, such as Elementor or the block editor.

The appointment booking plugin supports both, namely, it has dedicated, easy-to-use visual modules if used with any of these builders.

You can update field labels or completely hide the required fields from the booking widget.

Placing the widget to any website part or available widget zone of your WordPress theme is also easy.

If you dont use them, you still can work with the widget via standard WordPress menus. Its also a breeze, but youll just need to do one extra option of placing a shortcode to the needed website place.

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Reminder Setup For Reminding Them Before The Massage Appointment

To increase show-ups and ensure that clients dont forget about their appointments, it is important that you set up a reminder feature to remind clients about their massage appointments before the due date.

The reminder feature has been shown to significantly increase show-up rates. You can automate the software to send reminders via email, SMS, or voice drop. When you do, the software automatically sends reminder emails, SMS, or voice drop to remind clients of upcoming massage appointments. Clients that may have forgotten about their appointments will then remember and keep their appointments dates and times in mind.

As a massage therapist, ensure that your appointment scheduling software has a reminder feature that can automatically send emails and SMS to clients to remind them of their upcoming massage appointments.

Ease Of Use The Booking System Should Be Easy To Navigate And Understand

The booking system should be easy to navigate and understand, so it doesnt take you ages to get to know it. With the right booking platform, youll be able to quickly accept or cancel appointments to take payments, just to name a few options. Dont look for solutions that are over complicated as you may be only put off.

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Allowing Clients To Make Payments Immediately After Booking Appointments

Hupport has third-party payment solutions such as PayPal and Stripe that allow clients to make payments when booking appointments. Ensure that clients make payments immediately after booking appointments. This will increase their level of commitment to the appointment as they wouldnt want to lose their money if they miss the appointment.

They Allow Customers To Book Appointments Quickly And Easily

ASMR Chiropractor | EXTREME Angles & Gentle Body Cracking | Soothing Massage & Manual Therapy

A clear appointment schedule should be an essential part of your massage therapy business avoiding mistakes in reserving time slots, such as scheduling double appointments at once, will surely streamline your work.

The well-functioning online booking system will allow users to make bookings randomly at any time. You can also offer customers the convenience of booking a spot online from any location without needing to enter your business.

Customers will book appointments based on availability, easily choosing from various booking options and spare time.

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If You Run Your Own Massage Practice Then You Are Both A Health Care Provider And A Businessperson

Just as you need education and tools to help clients with your touch, you need business tools to run your practice efficiently.

Business software will help with a variety of tasks, like booking and rescheduling clients, deploying appointment reminders, filling out and filing SOAP notes, handling cancellations, connecting with clients you havent seen in a while, tracking retail inventory and sales, and sending out your e-newsletter.


This cloud-based, fully automated service app for business appointment books provides automatic voice, text and email reminders. Using this service can significantly decrease your no-shows. Its compatible with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, iCalendar and many other existing products.

Apptoto apptoto.com


This web-based software, which works well on mobile devices, features easy-to-use tools to power your massage business, in the office or on the go. It includes online scheduling, payment processing, gift card sales, client management, client reviews, reports, appointment reminders and tracking of income and expenses.

Artichoke getartichoke.com


Aspire Inc. myaspireapp.com

Bodywork Buddy

Bodywork Buddy bodyworkbuddy.com

Booksy Biz

Booksy biz.booksy.ne

Click4Time Software Inc.


ClinicSense clinicsense.com


Genbook Inc. genbook.com

Hands Heal EHR

Hands Heal EHR handshealehr.com

Jane Software Inc.


MassageBook massagebook.com

Collect Payments On The Booking Page To Avoid No Show

To avoid not show-up up after massage therapy appointments, you should collect payments upfront on the booking page. Before a booking is completed, ensure that payment is made to commit the client to show up for his or her appointment. A client that has already made a payment will be more committed and more likely to show up than a client that didnt make any financial commitment.

There are a variety of third-party payment solutions that you can use to receive payments from clients such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

These payment platforms allow you to collect payments upfront, upon booking, so you and your clients dont have to worry about payment after the service is over and also to ensure that your clients show up for his or her appointment. Incurring payments upfront has been proven to significantly reduce no-shows.

Collecting payment upon booking is also important if you want to use other custom features to enhance your business. If you want to organize sales campaigns, sell gift cards and memberships, offer clients to purchase related products upon bookings, incurring payment upfront can help you achieve all these and more.

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Which Is The Top Choice Online Booking System For Massage Therapist On WordPress

  • The massage therapist booking tool: Clients experience
  • If youre looking to integrate an online booking system for massage therapist and other body treatments on your WordPress website, wed recommend starting with choosing the appointment booking plugin.

    We researched the market and introduced a few decent solutions before, you can find them in the roundups of free and premium appointment plugins.

    Those are top choice online booking system plugins recognized around the globe, specifically for the WordPress CMS.

    These plugins are in general aimed at helping you to manage availability, clients, employees and working schedules online. Almost all of them allow you to process payments securely on your site as well.

    So first of all, this sort of plugin gives your customers a chance to reserve time for the massage therapist services you offer.

    In this post, however, well focus on one of them, the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin, which is one of the best online booking system for massage therapist with a range of essential tools we developed and have been working most closely with, creating designs and releasing new features on a regular basis.

    At its core, the plugin encompasses all those necessary tools weve mentioned above, as well as delivers the following benefits to website owners:

    Whats really important, you can customize the booking system to the needs of your business yourself.

    You Can Easily Launch A Money

    Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

    Your website is seamlessly integrated with the rest of MassageBooks features, ensuring that your schedule is always updated in real time. Any changes you make to services, pricing, and availability are immediately reflected on your website.

    Welcome to the happier side of having a great website.

    Of course, youre not a programmer, so we did the work for you.

    In a matter of minutes youll have a full-featured massage booking website thats built with search engine optimization in mind so your business website gets ranked in local Google searches, driving more new clients your way.

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    Benefits Of Massage Therapy Software

    Massage therapy business owners and independent therapists can realize various benefits by using massage therapy solution. Some of key benefits are listed below:

    Improved customer experience. Massage therapy software helps massage centers improve their customer experience through online appointment scheduling systems, SMS reminders and gift coupons to loyal customers. Some platforms also capture customer pictures, notes and purchasing habits that help massage business owners provide personalized services. The feedback collection mechanism feature offers customers a platform to share their compliments or grievances directly with the centers.

    Reduced client no-shows. By providing automated SMS/email reminders to clients along with options to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointments, businesses can reduce the possibility of no-shows and utilize their staff more efficiently.

    Increased productivity of staff members. Massage therapy solutions help plan work schedules for staff members. They allows you to manage time off and payroll of employees, as well as add additional allowances for working overtime or on holidays. You can also track individual performance and collect regular client feedback to improve service levels and productivity in the workplace.

    Why Simplybookme Massage And Body Treatments Scheduling Software Is A Great Fit For You

    • You can give people an ability to reserve time for any of your services, which has become a true necessity in order to keep up with the trends of modern technologies.
    • You can increase visibility for potential clients if you don’t have your own website yet. SimplyBook.me gives you a customizable booking website which generally gets good ranking in search engines. Furthermore, our booking system has a unique company directory Booking.Page, which will help clients all over the world to find your company and gives them a chance to reserve time for all your treatments.
    • You can list all your services with nice pictures and descriptions to inform clients about what you offer. Compelling interface of your booking website, will attract clients attention and motivate them to book.
    • Your clients and you will receive automatic notifications whenever the booking is made, changed or cancelled. Also you can send text and email reminders to your clients so they prepare for the appointment and don’t miss the time.
    • You will have a well-organized online calendar, where you can easily make and manage your appointments from a laptop, tablet or phone.
    • If necessary, you can even accept payments online from your clients or request a confirmation fee for services right after the client reserves a spot.

    Join us and forget about the pain of phone scheduling once and for all!

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