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Ashiatsu Massage What To Expect

Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage

What to Expect For Your First Massage

One small 2015 study found Shiatsu may affect neurotransmitters in the brain, increasing serotonin and dopamine levels, which may help reduce anxiety.

The number and quality of published studies on Shiatsu massage are limited, but here are some of the benefits researchers have found so far:

The experts say professional Shiatsu massages have a key benefit over ones you can buy: A human practitioner transfers a sense of healing and energy through their presence and unique personal touch.

“Massagers do not have spirit nor emotions,” says Kanayama. “Shiatsu transmits happy, healthy, and balanced energy from practitioner to receiver.”

In other words, the basic vibrations and movements that a machine offers can’t fully replicate the social experience and compassion conveyed through human touch, nor the expertise of a trained massage therapist.

Although an electronic massager may be more convenient and less expensive than an in-person massage, there is no dialogue with an at-home massager. Plus, research has found that human touch has comforting, stress-reducing benefits in itself.

Is Ashiatsu For Me

Clients who have large frames, dense muscle tissue and chronic pain can benefit from this deep tissue massage, famous for back and hip pain relief, and deep relaxation. Sarah is able to perform this deep tissue massage on any client regardless of size. Ashiatsu is particularly popular among athletes, but is not recommended during the 1st trimester of pregnancy, or within 6 weeks of any surgery. Please discuss with your massage therapist any potential health concerns before trying Ashiatsu. Clients who enjoy feather light touch may not enjoy this deep tissue massage. Please check out this page for information on specific conditions NOT recommended for Ashiatsu.

Where Can I Find The Best Training

Lastly, we have been teaching Ashiatsu massage classes for 17 years. Barefoot Masters® developed the first complete manual of the posterior and anterior routine. Also, our manuals come complete with detailed instructions and pictures of each move. Currently, we are the largest barefoot provider in the USA. We, too, have presented at AMTA and FSMTA National and State Conventions. Massage Magazine and Massage Today have published our articles a few of their issues. We are also an NCBTMB Provider #403532-0of CEs. All of our hand-saving courses are available in Live, Home Study and Online. Want to become an instructor? Then practice Ashiatsu until you know it well. Instructors should train under someone who has teaching experience. Also, they should use top-notch educational materials with a tried and true curriculum. So, for the best Ashiatsu training, you have come to the right place.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We hope it covered most of your questions about Ashiatsu training. But if you dont see your concern included, please feel free to ask.

Michelle D. Mace has been a massage therapist for 20 years. She is the CEO of Barefoot Masters®. A developer that dedicates continuing education to save the hands of massage therapists.

Want to learn more?


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How To Find A Practitioner

A person who wants to try shiatsu should ensure that they work with certified and licensed practitioners. Friends and family may recommend therapists and nearby clinics.

They may also use the American Massage Therapy Associations national locator service or the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks directory service.

How Often Should You Get A Shiatsu Massage

What is this Ashiatsu???

One Shiatsu session per month may work well to maintain balance for some. But for others, a high-stress job, family demands, an overactive lifestyle, lack of exercise, or other factors may require Shiatsu sessions on a more regular basis.

How long should a Shiatsu massage last?

The typical Shiatsu session lasts for about 60â90 minutes.

Is Shiatsu Massage Good For You?

The benefits of shiatsu massage Massages, regardless of the type chosen, are always beneficial for the general well-being and relaxation. Moreover, shiatsu massage is a great passive stretching of the whole body, it energizes the whole system, stimulates blood circulation and helps the body to eliminate toxins.

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My First Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Experience

When I scheduled for the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy at Yolo Laser Center & Med Spa in Guilford, Connecticut I admit, I was skeptical. The idea of having someones feet massaging me for an hour intimidated me. I did not know anything about the massage therapist so I didnt want to offend anyone, its just that I had never had this service before and I had no idea what to expect!

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is the American adaptation of a treatment originally from the Philippines and then from India. The American treatment was founded by Ruthie Piper Hardee who was born with both scoliosis and mild spondylitus. Combined with the constant leaning over to give her clients deeper massages when requested, her lumbar situation was left extremely agitated.

Whether a massage therapist deals with physical disabilities such as Ruthies or not, practicing massage therapy can be very demanding anyways. Therapists will use their hands on multiple clients in a day, leaving their hands and bodies physically exhausted. It was on one of those busy days that Ruthie decided to give her hands a break and try using her feet instead. Having seen such services first hand, she trusted that with the knowledge she had, she would be able to deliver a very deep massage, which her final client was hoping for.

Will You Tell Me How To Build Ashiatsu Bars

Although there is still no standard way to put up Ashiatsu bars, we cover this in class. Surprisingly, you will receive the schematics for overhead Ashiatsu bars before class. In case you want to put them up before class. Also, we have a DIY Portable Ashiatsu Bar Instructions available. But there is nothing like experiencing the use of the bars to help you understand how they work. There are five different ways to mount stationary Ashiatsu Bars, which we hope cover most situations. Also, we do sell the Portable Ashiatsu Floor Bars.

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What Is The Difference Between Shiatsu And Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu means foot pressure, as opposed to shiatsu . It has long been used in India, China, Japan, Tonga, Fiji and Hawaii. Western modalities for Ashiatsu bar therapy have added bars on the ceiling for the therapists balance and a table for the client.

What are the benefits of Ashiatsu massage? Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage

  • Relieves pain.
  • Promotes restful sleep.

What Is Shiatsu Massage

What to Expect When You Come In For an Ashiatsu Massage

According to the Japanese healing treatment, Shiatsu massage uses thumbs, fingers, elbows, and knees to concentrate pressure at certain energy pathways in the body called meridians.

How is Shiatsu performed?

Shiatsu is an ancient form of massage based on Chinese acupuncture theory that often includes the use of breathing and stretching. Shiatsu can be done through the clothes or on bare skin and uses static pressure, which can vary from light holding to deep physical pressure applied with the palm of the hand or thumb.

What type of massage is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu massage works the whole body, but your therapist may focus on areas that need extra attention. During the massage, your therapist will use their hands, palms, and thumbs to massage certain points of your body. Pulsing or rhythmic pressure is used. You can be fully clothed during this massage.

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Can You Still Work On Specific Areas Of Pain And Discomfort

You should expect the same amount of specific, detailed work you would receive during a traditional or deep tissue massage. An ashiatsu massage is still tailored to meet each individual clients needs. Need extra time on your shoulders, low back, or legs? That can be done. Contact us if you have more specific questions or health concerns.

Where Does Shiatsu Massage Come From

The history of shiatsu Shiatsu originated indirectly from acupuncture, the ancient Chinese healing art, from which principles were applied in the traditional form of Japanese massage called anma . To see also : Does shiatsu hurt?.

What is Swedish Massage vs. Shiatsu?

While Swedish massage focuses on stroking muscles, connective tissues and joints, shiatsu massage uses the traditional Chinese acupuncture meridians as a guide to address pain and illnesses.

Is Shiatsu the same as Thai massage?

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History Of Ashiatsu & Thai Massage:

Thai Massage has an intriguing, fascinating, and vast history behind it, a lot of which has disappeared along with scriptures and texts across time. Yet, the founding of Thai Massage is attributed to Buddhas physician, Shivago Komarapatr, thousands of years ago. Many documents boast about Shivago Komarapatrs unique medical skills, involving herbal medications and his treatments, specifically those used on Buddha.

This knowledge and art of medicine spread, along with Buddhism. Thai Massage aspects and techniques were learned in monasteries and families throughout Thailand. Besides these brief facts, not a lot else is known about the origins of Thai Massage. Yet today, its been handed down through many generations and various times and eras. Registered massage therapists must now undergo formal training in order to offer and perform Thai Massage in Canada. In turn, its become a therapeutic go-to when it comes to releasing tension and relieving pain.

Tips For Preparing For Your Ashiatsu Massage

Information about Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, mandi bradford, mandy ...

You have many choices for ashiatsu massage therapy in Mesa, depending on what kind of symptoms you are experiencing. For example, a light massage may be enough to help you relax and relieve some stress, while a deep-tissue massage may be necessary to relieve muscle soreness and knots caused by long-term stress and other physical maladies. Seeing a professional Mesa chiropractor in conjunction with a massage therapist can help you get the maximum benefits.

Ashiatsu massage is a popular therapy in Asia that is gaining traction in the United States. Ashiatsu massage involves the therapist walking on your back to provide the deepest massage possible. The therapist uses bars and other supports to vary the pressure applied in certain places on your back. Ashiatsu massage also targets specific acupuncture and pressure points along your back.

In addition to providing a deep massage, Ashiatsu therapy also helps your body to release a large amount of toxins that you may be storing in your tight muscles or connective tissue. These toxins can cause a number of physical ailments, such as chronic pain, as well as health problems such as digestive issues, fatigue and metabolic issues.

It is also very important that you drink plenty of water immediately following your massage. Drinking a lot of water will help your body flush out all the toxins that are released. If you dont drink enough water, those toxins could be reabsorbed by your body, which can compound your health problems.

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Is Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage For You

  • Is it your desire to give clients an excellent deep-tissue massage?
  • Deep Tissue Massage is wearing out your hands?
  • Do you need to prevent over-use injuries from massage in the future?
  • Is it possible for you to do deep-tissue massage all day?
  • Does your menu lack new or exciting services?
  • If you said, Yes, to any of the above, then Ashiatsu barefoot massage is for you.

What To Do If Something Inappropriate Happens

First and foremost, know that either the therapist or the client can end a session at any time, whether its because of clear sexual misconduct or because one party feels uncomfortable. If that happens to the client, they can get dressed and immediately remove themselves from the situation.

It is also important to note that sexual misconduct is not something massage therapists, managers or even owners are necessarily equipped or trained to handle, Hunter says.

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To say massage therapists, managers or owners should know how to handle situations such as these implies this is something common in the professional industry. It is not, she adds.

So where should you report misconduct? It depends where it happens. If it occurs at a franchise or larger massage studio, Agakian recommends reporting it to the manager. Even if they arent the ones to handle the investigation, its important for them to know what is happening in their establishment.

If your therapist is self-employed, you can always report any sexual misconduct to the police or the state massage board.

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What To Expect During Shiatsu Massage

A Shiatsu massage is a full-body massage, but where your practitioner starts and stops will vary.

“Different protocols are used depending on what’s going on with each individual, so the order could be different,” says Maris.

Shiatsu practitioners may use their thumbs, fingers, elbows, and knees to relieve clients’ tension and pain points.

Depending on your physical constitution and general energy levels, the therapist will use various techniques including “gentle stretching, holding, pressing with palms, thumbs, fingers, elbows, and knees, and when appropriate, more dynamic rotations and stretches,” says Kumiko Kanayama, the founder of the Five Lights Center of Shiatsu Studies.

“Open communication between practitioner and client is helpful in this instance,” she says. “There can be areas of more intensity, but in general feels more like a dance between two people. As with all massage, the client wants to be able to relax and breathe through the work.”

Note: Kanayama, who refers to Shiatsu as “energy medicine,” trained under her uncle, Ohashi, a Shiatsu pioneer who helped popularize the practice in the US. According to his teachings, Shiatsu’s nurturing touch manipulates “Ki energy” .

Is Reiki Better Than Massage

This Video Describes the Ashiatsu Massage Technique and Experience at Float in San Antonio, Texas.

But while massage is more vigorous and manipulates the muscles, Reiki uses only touch and sometimes merely the proximity of the healers hands to particular parts of the body, using 12 to 20 prescribed hand positions, depending on the training tradition.

How does a Reiki massage feel?

The practitioner will move their hands around your body. They may touch you lightly or have their hands just above your body. You may experience sensations in the body such as heat or tingling. Some people report seeing visualizations such as colors or pictures, or having memories appear.

How Often Should You Get a Reiki Massage?

Discuss with your practitioner how best to space the sessions to suit your needs and your schedule. In the presence of a serious health challenge, Reiki practitioners often recommend four sessions over four days.

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So How Does A Barefoot Massage Feel

For A Licensed Massage Therapist

Ashiatsu offers therapists increased longevity, endurance and physical fitness. Using the feet in practice as an alternative to the hands and forearms helps to avoid repetitive strain injuries and overuse injuries of the small joints in hands, arms and lumbosacral issues from leaning over the table. For the therapist, it protects the hands, fingers and wrists from too much effort.

No more hand cramps or arthritis

  • Two more tools in the tool box
  • We dont walk on backs, we glide on backs
  • Even pressure
  • Bigger surface area less localized pressure for clients

How hard do you think it will be to feel whats going on under your feet?How long did it take to trust what your feet were telling you?

Massage therapists tend to work too deeply for our own bodies so we can give clients what they want, but by doing so, we are working to our detriment. barefoot massage is the best way to give your clients the deep tissue massage they need without hurting yourself. Its the only way youll be able to successfully continue your massage practice for years to come.

For the massage client .

Less Pain For Client

Stimulates Lymphatic Nervous System

Thanks to the long strokes with the feet that go from almost head to toe, Ashiatsu stimulates the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous system, meaning that it creates a sense of wellbeing and improvement in clients.

Improves Blood Circulation

Reaches Deeper Than Deep Tissue

What To Expect During Your Barefoot Massage

Your first visit well have you complete a health intake form. Recurring visits entail a brief check up for paperwork and progress sake. After a thorough health intake with your massage therapist, we will be able to best suit the needs of your session for the day. Knowing a history of your aches, pains, diagnosed conditions, past surgeries, trauma, medications, etc. gives us a safe point of reference to start from. Please read this page on our website regarding if Barefoot Massage is right for you at this time.

You must be at least 18 years of age and weigh over 130 pounds. Texas state massage law dictates that minors may receive massage therapy with the guardians consent and they also state that the parent/guardian be in the same room during the session, however, we chose not to work on anyone under the age of 18. This gravity assisted deep tissue massage can be too aggressive for smaller framed humans who are still growing. Due to the fact that our massage therapists are at times 2-4 feet off the ground working hard to balance and focus, we choose not to allow a second person in the massage room, as it can be a distraction and a safety concern to all parties involved in the massage.

While you undress, well clean, sanitize and warm our feet, and start the session as soon as we return to the room.

You can choose to end the massage at any time during the session if its not your thing but we bet youll be more likely to want to lengthen the session!

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