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How To Become A Licensed Massage Therapist In Ohio

Massage Education Requirements In Ohio

Meet Trevor Bradley, massage therapist | Ohio State Medical Center

Applicants for an Ohio massage license are required to complete a massage education program of at least 750 hours of instruction from an approved school. This 750-hour requirement is valid for massage school graduates who have enrolled on or after December 31, 2005. The program must also be of at least 9 months in duration. Massage students who enrolled prior to December 31, 2005 are required to show graduation from a program that was at least 12 months long, and a minimum of 600 hours.

Massage students who enrolled on or after December 31, 2005 must have received the following minimum training:

  • 325 hours of anatomy, physiology, and pathology
  • 325 hours of massage theory and practical application
  • 25 hours of ethics 10 of these hours must be in a class dedicated exclusively to ethics
  • 25 hours of business and law relevant to the practice of massage therapy
  • 50 hours of other necessary and appropriate classes relevant to massage therapy
  • Students must perform at least 1 therapeutic massage on a licensed massage therapist to evaluate meeting minimum competency standards

Check out the Ohio Board website for a list of approved massage schools.

Pickaway Ross Joint Vocational School District

High school and adult learners here choose from among more than 20 career programs. The small, public school has a massage therapy program on its Circleville campus.

The 900-clock-hour curriculum entails 714 hours of classes, 150 hours of labs, and 36 hours in a practicum. More than 300 hours are devoted to teaching Swedish massage and other modalities. In addition to state-required courses, students take Myology, Business Management, and CPR/First Aid. The program involves classes three days per week for 36 weeks.

The school maintains an open admissions policy, accepting students on a first-come first-served basis.

  • 1410 Industrial Drive, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-1038

Licensing Requirement & Certification

In most states, massage therapists must be licensed to practice and receive fees for massage and bodywork services. You must apply to your states board of massage therapy to meet this licensing requirement. Prerequisites for licensure as a massage therapist include at least 700 hours of massage school. Upon successfully completing Arizona Colleges massage therapy program, our graduates are eligible to pursue certification through the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy.

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Get A Business License

So youâve decided youâre going to open your own practice. Congratulations! Now your next step is getting a business license.

For most states, to get a business license for massage therapy will require having your state certification ready to go . Youâll also need to set up your business entity and an EIN .

Then, once you have all the appropriate paperwork , you can register with the appropriate government branch and wait for approval.

Business license requirements vary by state , so check out this state-by-state guide to get more info on what you need.

Massage Therapy Certificate Description

Rebecca Baumann

The Hocking College Massage Therapy Certificate Program consists of three consecutive semesters beginning in January and ending in December , allowing students to complete their training within one calendar year.

The certificate program is virtually identical to our degree program in regards to actual massage therapy-related material the difference being it does not include the various general education courses such as English, Math, Psychology, etc., that are required for all college degree programs. Though it is not a degree program, this comprehensive certificate course of study meets all of the requirements necessary for graduates to become licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio after passing a qualifying exam. At Hocking College, we believe that our massage therapy program is one of the most comprehensive in Ohio and is designed to prepare students to successfully enter this exciting profession with much more than entry-level skills.

Upon completion of this well-rounded program, you will possess a solid foundation in the understanding of human anatomy and physiology, demonstrate general office and medical record-keeping skills, utilize functional assessments of the musculoskeletal system, and perform a wide variety of manual therapy techniques. You will be able to apply these skills to treat a broad array of musculoskeletal conditions and enhance circulation, pain management, stress reduction, and maintenance of general health and well-being.


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Do I Need A License To Offer Massages

There isnt a national licensing or certification program that would allow a single massage therapist to practice anywhere within the United States. Many states have a massage therapy board that sets educational requirements, testing requirements, and issues licenses.

Ohio Massage Therapy Requirements

Institute of Somatic Therapy is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork as a continuing education Approved Provider. Our NCBTMB continuing education Approved Provider Number is 280672-00. Our Florida provider number is MCE326 . Our New York provider number is 0019. Our Massage Therapy CE hours are valid for ABMP, AMTA, and most states.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide the below information about your state as a courtesy, but cannot guarantee its accuracy because laws are continually subject to change. If you have questions about the information we have provided below, please contact your licensing agency directly. Your state board will hold you ultimately responsible for knowing the laws that apply to you. We do not deviate from our posted return and exchange policy if you later determine that a course you enrolled in is not valid for CEs in your jursidiction. You may also visit the NCBTMB nationwide CE requirements chart, by clicking here.

NCBTMB requires that you complete 24 hours of Continuing Education classes every two years. Three hours of the 24 hours must be in ethics. No more than 4 hours of the 24 hours may be in self-care. All NCBTMB CEs can be taken through home study or online courses through the Institute of Somatic Therapy, provider #280672-00.

Contact The Ohio Massage Therapy Board: Ohio State Medical Board 77 South High St., 17th floor Columbus, OH. 43266-0315

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What Is A Massage Therapy License

A massage therapy license is exactly what it says on the tin it shows that you have completed all the necessary coursework and training to safely work as a massage therapist in your area.

Licensing requirements tend to vary state by state, but there are a few general requirements youâll be expected to fill wherever youâre practicing.

First, youâll need to have completed a massage therapy training program at an accredited institution. Virtually every massage therapy school will require you to hold at least a high school diploma or the equivalent to enroll.

Next, youâll need to pass a licensing exam. Some states have their own exam, though most require applicants to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination , administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards .

Once youâve passed your exam, you can register with your stateâs board of massage therapy and start down your new career path! The American Massage Therapy Association has a state-by-state guide of how and where to register.

Ohio Massage Therapy Careers

Therapeutic massage vs. relaxation massage | Ohio State Medical Center

Average yearly salary for massage therapy in Ohio

This industry is expected to see growth near 28% by 2026. Students completing an education program tailored to this specialty can be prepared to take advantage of this growth. Massage practitioners in Ohio earn an annual mean salary of $40,410, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The pay range for the state is approximately $17,620 to $58,740. These salary figures were included in the BLS 2010 report, and were calculated before tips.

The state of Ohio is often cited as having great educational opportunities for massage therapists. Massage colleges in Ohio can offer you a chance to embark on a new career. Finding the right school is important, and there are a number of Ohio massage schools that offer excellent opportunities for the expanding field of massage and wellness.

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Gibbons School Of Massage Therapy

Also located on campus at Cleveland State University, Gibbons offers a one-year certificate program for those looking to get their foot in the door of massage therapy.

The school also offers an extensive internship opportunity where students receive hands-on training and experience working with clients.

Along with a full line of courses focused on anatomy and massage modalities, students will study communication skills, professionalism, business classes, and soft-tissue theory.

Tuition Fee: An estimate of $20,000 with financial aid.

What Is A Licensed Massage Therapist

A licensed massage therapist uses massage techniques to promote health and healing in clients. As a massage therapist, your responsibilities and duties include preparing the treatment room, discussing complaints and medical history and injuries with patients, conducting therapeutic massages, and keeping a log of patient progress. If you work in the therapy center or doctors office, you may also need to update patient records and share progress with other medical professionals. Your goal is to help people with pain relief, increase muscle relaxation, and promote wellness through the proper use of various massage techniques.

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Earn A Massage Therapy Diploma

If youre considering pursuing a massage therapy career, earning a diploma is important. A diploma training program can help prepare you as you advance in your massage therapy profession.

Even though massage therapy requirements vary by state, education programs typically require a minimum of 500 hours of study. These massage therapy programs often include courses ranging from anatomy to business management. This will help you become informed about all aspects of the massage therapy profession.

At Daymar, we offer massage therapy training programs at our Columbus and Nashville locations.

At Daymar, with our required 900 contact hours, you can gain an in-depth understanding of medical massage therapy. Our training program is designed to be completed in 12 months. Upon completion, successful students can apply to take the state-required exam to become a licensed massage therapist .

Oakes School Of Massage Therapy

Massage in the Promotion of Health and Well

The Oakes School of Massage Therapy is one of the best massage therapy schools in Ohio, a very good place to get your start if youre interested in massage therapy.

The schools tuition is incredibly affordable and they even offer financial aid options, making it affordable for nearly anyone interested in pursuing massage therapy as a career.

They have great relationships with local hospitals and clinics, giving students hands-on experience right away.

They also work directly with job placement agencies, so graduates have an easier time landing jobs right out of school.

Oakes School of Massage therapy has 4 campuses located throughout the state:

  • Cleveland, and

There are many great reasons why Oakes School is one of the best massage therapy schools in Ohio!

Contact details:

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Pass Your Licensing Exam

44 states require massage therapists to pass the MBLEx before being licensed, though some states have their own exams. If youâre taking the MBLEx, the FSMTB does have an official study guide, so pick up a copy and start studying!

These tests are pretty pricey , so itâs in your best interest to get it right the first time, but with the right schooling and study regimen, you should be ready to go.

Where And How To Practice While Studying

Practicing on other students is a fairly standard part of a massage therapy certification course. Many schools also have massage clinics where people can get free or discounted massages to provide students with an opportunity to practice. You can also offer free massages to friends and family members. Chances are, theyll be more than happy to let you practice on them.

Practicing as much as you can not only helps you gain confidence, it builds up the considerable strength in your hands that you will need as a professional massage therapist.

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Massage Therapist Educational Requirements

Prospective massage therapists must earn diplomas or certificates. Their programs must include a state-mandated curriculum. Total program length is to be 750 hours. Programs are to include theoretical and practical massage therapy instruction. They are to cover anatomy, physiology, pathology, hygiene, business and law, and ethics. There is to be a clinical program.

The Board has provided a list of schools that offer the approved curriculum and are in good standing . The list includes a limited number of programs located in other states such as Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

State rule describes how a school can be determined to be in good standing . One requirement is registration: If the school is located outside of Ohio, it must be authorized by an agency that is comparable to the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration or the Ohio Board of Regents. Out-of-state schools must also include the prescribed curriculum.

Work On Your Continuing Education

Therapeutic massage in the hospital | Ohio State Medical Center

Since massage therapy is so closely tied to healthcare, you must be up to date with the latest trends, not just in your field but in medicine in general. Thatâs why Continuing Education is required for any massage therapist.

This doesnât mean you need to go through your entire education all over again. Still, it does mean that youâll need to refresh your knowledge every few years when you renew your license to make sure that youâre not still using any outdated modalities that could harm patients.

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Mahoning Valley School Of Massotherapy

Mahoning Valley School of Massotherapy is one of the massage therapy schools in Toledo Ohio.

The curriculum is designed to offer students a comprehensive education and prepare them for success on both state board exams and national exams.

Hands-on training allows students to develop real-world skills in addition to classroom theory.

Onsite massage therapy clinics are supervised by seasoned professionals who offer coaching and advice as needed.

The school also provides a paid, 200-hour externship program that students may participate in during their final semester.

This program allows students to apply everything theyve learned while earning money toward tuition fees.

If youre looking for massage therapy schools in Toledo Ohio, then give Mahoning Valley School of Massotherapy a call today!


Interested In Becoming A Licensed Massage Therapist

Becoming a licensed Massage Therapist gives you access to a career that is built upon helping others feel their best along with incredible job security, flexibility, and great earning potential. For those that choose to work at one of our Massage Envy franchise locations you will earn up to $3,000 in tuition assistance once you complete 1,000 session hours!

We offer Massage Therapists the best work environment, steady clientele, and outstanding income potential. In addition, we offer opportunities for advancement and a complete benefits package which includes:

  • Medical, dental, vision, and supplemental insurance
  • Performance based incentives and annual raises
  • 401K with match
  • Reduced-cost employee massage, stretch, and skincare services
  • A safe and professional work environment with regular clientele
  • Discounted continuing education benefits

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Practicing Massage Without A License In California

In California, certification is voluntary, so it could qualify as one of the states that do not require a massage license.

Issued by the California Massage Therapy Council , the certification allows a therapist to practice inside the state without having to complete additional requirements imposed by the city or town.

If you don’t have a massage license or certification in California and the city or town where you practice doesn’t impose additional requirements, there isn’t a penalty for practicing massage without a license in California.

What Is The Difference Between Massage And Massage Therapy

About the team

In Ohio, the word massage is considered a very non-specific term and may refer to nearly any maneuver that promotes relaxation and can be performed by anyone.

Massage Therapy however is a legally defined term relating to the application of manual treatment for musculoskeletal conditions or general stress management, specifically from a massage therapist licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board. To become licensed in Ohio one must successfully complete an approved 750-hour professional massage therapy program and pass a licensing exam.

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How To Become A Massage Therapist And Get Your Business License

Massage therapy may just be the worldâs oldest profession. As far back as Ancient Egypt,therapeutic massage has been used to relieve stress and pain and is one of the most popular wellness procedures. About 47 million Americans received some sort of massage in 2018.

However, massage is more than just a perk you get on cruise ships massage therapists work with all different types of injuries and conditions and can form an important part of their clientsâ healthcare routine.

Thatâs what makes massage therapy such a rewarding careerâand a pretty lucrative one. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapists make about $44,000 on average. The field is expected to grow by 21% between 2019-2029 .

Since massage therapy can be a form of healthcare, there are licensing requirements youâll need to fulfill to ensure the physical safety of your clients and that youâre adhering to the professional ethics of the industry. Below is a breakdown of what youâll need to know to get started in your new career as a massage therapist!

Why I Quit Being A Massage Therapist

The first five years of practice are the most difficult because youre not used to the physical demands, and many massage therapists quit due to burnout. Acclimating to the emotional demands are difficult as well. Clients come to you with frustrations and complaints, often times breaking down and crying in the room.

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Massage Therapists Certifications & Licensure

Licensure requirements for massagetherapists vary from state to state. Aspiring massage therapistsshould research what procedures and examinations are required forprofessional licensure in massage therapy in an individualscurrent or future state of residence.

The AssociatedBodywork & Massage Professionals organization reports that 43 states require licensure, as doesthe District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Asummary of the requirements for licensure of massage therapyprofessionals in each state can be found on the ABMP website.

Common examinations include the MBLExor board certification and specialization from the NationalCertification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

It is worth noting that a certificatefrom the NCBTMB does not replace state licensure, but it does proveprogrammatic educational quality and ensure that a massage therapyprofessional has met requirements beyond those required for initialprogram. Upon earning licensure, many massage therapists use thecredential licensed massage therapist to represent their levelof training and professionalism.

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