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Best Massage Chair For Big And Tall

My Top Massage Chair Picks For Tall People

Best Massage Chair for Tall Person | Review of Kahuna SM-7300

Now weve established that your height and weight can notably affect your comfort level while having a chair massage therapy, lets figure out what we can do to avoid it altogether.

Nevertheless, finding a perfect massage chair may be a little complicated for you, provided the number of options we have these days in the markets.

So just to make the process of selecting and buying one easier for you, here Im going to list a few of the best massage chairs that I think are more than suitable for taller individuals. Ready, set, go!

So the first one on my list is this amazing massage chair by Infinity. Im confident youre already well aware of the brand name.

This massage chair model is popularly known for its pain management properties and stretching features. Its a 3D massage chair that can comfortably accommodate people up to 65, which makes it a reasonable option to consider.

It has a body scanning feature so you can customize the massage as per your needs. It brings along a remote control system, which makes it easier for you to operate it.

The only downside of this massage chair is that you wont get to control massage intensity with it. Though it isnt a problem for many, it can be an issue for older adults or pregnant women.

For elderly people, a chair massage session too intense may become the root cause of muscle injuries. Thereby, it is something that you must take care of before actually going ahead and purchasing it.

Key Features Of The Infinity It 9800

Aside from core massage features of the chair, the IT 9800 features something unique in the world of massage chairs rocking technology. With three reclining and rocking options to choose from, the IT 9800 rocks back and forth rhythmically to promote deep relaxation while you enjoy the other massage features of the chair.

Like many of Infinity’s high-end massage chair models, the IT 9800 relies on an optical body scan system to ensure accurate massage. This system is similar to that of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave. However, instead of matching you with a pre-programmed profile, the IT 9800 customizes the massage to fit your body shape and size precisely.

The rocking technology of the chair also makes a uniqueinversion therapy program possible in which the chair is reclined beyond 180 degrees while elevating the legs above the heart. This action applies gentle traction on the spine allowing the vertebrae to decompress and align.

Unlike our first two chairs, the Infinity IT 9800 is much more affordable. And for the price, it’s one of the most well-built chairs you’ll encounter especially if you’re big and tall.

To learn more about the Infinity IT 9800, check out our in-depth review where we go into greater detail on all the chair’s features.

Best Massage Chair For Tall Person Reviews 2022

Being a tall person myself, it would not be wrong to say that tall people needs are bit different from others like they need extra large clothes, big sizes in shoes etc and same is the case with massage chairs. Across the globe, it is observed that tall people are more prone to vertebrate problems as compared to the short or normal height people. That is why tall people need a special or long track massage chair that could accommodate their tall height. To address this problem, manufacturers have introduced plenty of the best massage chairs for tall person in the market so users can select a right massage chair according to their height.

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Best Massage Chair For Tall Person

Nowadays, massage chairs have become one of the most popular types of furniture in many homes. In addition to being able to provide a comfortable place to sit, they also offer a wide range of health benefits that can improve your overall well-being.

The human body will always come with a variety of natural curves and corners. The best tall person massage chairs accommodate these unique features and make sure that tall users can enjoy a relaxing massage without any hassle.

Since a lot of people are getting taller, it is necessary to have the best massage chair for tall person. It will be perfect if you know how important your health is and what types of chairs can support you more easily while sitting in that space.

Height is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a massage chair. Many people dont realize just how important it is until they try to use a standard-sized chair and find that their heads or feet are hanging off the end. This can not only be uncomfortable but also dangerous, as it increases the risk of falling.

Top Pick 1

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Do Recliners Have A Weight Limit

7 Best Massage Chairs for Tall People [2021] Buyer

Hey, my name is Andy & I like to throw out questions from time to time about when/if you need to reserve weight limit on recliners that are next to each other. In the past, this has been mostly for fire hazards for certain brands. So thanks for all your replies & questions. My family of 4 now has 5 recliners in the family room . Now with a newborn, we all like to be reclined & look forward to having a long long time where we can all do so comfortably.

However, Im not sure how much room is in the recliner I am getting. My first question is when do I reserve the weight limit for each recliner? Are the current recliner models built to have much weight in them & what does the 3.5 lb limit mean? Thanks in advance Andy! Andy. Some research will show that manufacturers put minimum weight limits on recliners that may be next to each other, and manufacturers list weight capacity as Restricted for infants or Restricted for grandmas with hearts of stone.

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Best Massage Chair For Big And Tall People

Stepping down from the high rollers division is yet another high quality but more affordable option by Kahuna. While cheaper, its still FDA approved which is something you should also look for when buying any form of massaging/electronic device.

In terms of height and size, the Kahuna Chair is another that is built to suit most body sizes. The user height recommendation is 65 tall with a maximum weight capacity of 320 pounds. But what I like about this chair is that it has a generous amount of leg extension. The extra 12 inches makes it a great asset for taller persons.

For the big and tall people with wide shoulders like myself, the Kahuna Chair offers a wider shoulder area. The 24 inch shoulder space is a perfect fit for me and Im a pretty big guy. The wider 21 inch seat also makes it a suitable candidate for people under 320 pounds in weight.

What Are The Key Features For A Perfect Fit

You may have tried massage chairs at the gym or kiosks. How did it feel? Were you scooting up or down to reach points in your neck or legs?

A massage chair must also meet your body closely so that you can experience a soothing massage. A body that does not meet massage points or is too pressed against rollers will not receive the full benefit intended.

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Portable Light Weight Massage Chair Leather Pad Travel Massage


  • Folds compactly: The massage chair with compact and foldable flat design along with a sturdy nylon carry case makes it space-saving and easy for storage. Chair itself only weighs 23lbs.
  • Super Versatile: Ergonomic adjustable armrest, seat, chest pad and head support, simple facecradle armrest and seat adjustments to accommodate all client sizes, ensures a comfortable and body relaxation for your clients.
  • Multi-Layer Higher Density Foam: The PU leather is Oil & Waterproof, CFC-free, easy cleaning to ensure your clients a luxuriously comfortable therapeutic massage experience
  • Sturdy Frame: Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, lightweight and tremendously strong, high gloss powder-coated finish, which greatly extends the chair service life. Working weight up to 660lbs.
  • Overall Dimensions: 23″ x 18″ x 42″ The simple and modern style of the chair perfectly matches different settings of the shops or houses, ideal for home, gym and office use.

About Flexsteel Big And Tall Recliners

FANTASYLAB Big and Tall 400lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair Review! (Best Chair This Year?)

Flexsteel recliners are a collection of modular chairs marketed by the Flexsteel division of Malouf at its retail locations, primarily in the eastern United States and Canada. Flexsteel products are made from varying types of material that are interlocked to create a mass on the floor. At a retail price of between $1,100 and $2,300, they are made of different materials, such as fiberglass, natural fiber, natural leather, velvet, and molded foam, and are sold individually and in sets. Some sets include a sofa, loveseat, or rocker with a chair. Flexsteel chairs are mostly made in the southeastern region of the United States. As of February 2009, all Flexsteel chairs except the Sunburst line were discontinued. Many units at various furniture stores around the country are still selling them for this model but at significantly lower prices. The leather type is similar to the mid-50s vintage recliner in dimensions, shape, color, and feel.

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Why Height Matters When One Chooses A Massage Chair

Most massage chairs are designed for people under 6 feet tall, so if you are taller than that, you should plan to buy a special chair. Your massage will not be as effective if you do not have the right chair. The chairs are designed to massage different muscle groups, and if you are taller than average, the chair is not going to land on the right muscle groups when it massages. This could be more than just uncomfortable, as it could also cause bruising or injury. Your feet could also end up hanging off the end of the chair, which would be uncomfortable, and your feet would not get a massage.

Irest 2021 Massage Chair With Ai Voice Control Best Massage Chair For Heavy Person

The iRest 2021 Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner Massage Chair comes with Heat, Lumbar, and Knee Airbags and is the perfect massage chair for you.

It has shiatsu-multi-point combination kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu massage function. The air compression at back waist legs, calves, arms, and neck with an all-in-one design to do different parts of body massage.

Also, it is with advanced convenience features like Smart Body Scan that automatically detects your height shoulder-width weight then match right point to give the best comfortableness during a massage session, Bluetooth speaker allows user to listen to favorite music by connecting their smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth while enjoying deep relaxation on this amazing chair.

It also has Heating Therapy which can soothe muscle pain and damage tissues by keeping 40 degrees heat on the lower back area. As well as this chair is also equipped with oxygen therapy which can increase the amount of oxygen in the body and also improve blood circulation.

Most importantly it has a user-friendly control panel that allows you to manage 12 built-in automatic messages without any extra effort.

The space capsule has a zero gravity massage chair and full-body comfort during massage sessions because of its zero-gravity design which can reduce heart pressure and increase blood circulation in the whole body.

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Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

From the sofa, couches to the ottoman and coffee table, everything warm and cozy is provided by lane home furnishings. They have 100+ years of experience in making durable furniture. This recliner also marks up to their warmth and homely standard.

  • Your tall height and fluffy body will fit in with softness because the dimension of this recliner is 40 x 44 x 48 inches. It reclines to give the comfort of a king-size bed and helps to sleep in. The maximum weight limit of this recliner is 500lb.
  • In terms of longevity, it is the best because of the seven gauge steel and bolts in the armrest for added stability. The framework of wood gives a solid foundation to this chair, making it unbreakable.
  • Ash to grey and charcoal, this recliner is available in different colors to give a pop of style to your homes. by providing a variety in beauty, it adds pleasantry to your living room.
  • It is upholstered with leather-looking plush fabric that offers a soothing texture to calm your nerves. The seam strips on the recliner give a dense touch to it with an additional level of calmness. They enhance the back and lumbar support lines to create a dimensional dream bed. It will be your favorite spot to rest, relax and recharge.


  • Hardwood frame and steel mechanism
  • Comfy for up to 69 ft people
  • Weight limit of 500lb

A Complete Buying Guide For Best Massage Chair For Tall Person:

Best Massage Chairs For Tall People Over 6

You must be overwhelmed by the variety of features, that are offered by different massage chairs, so if youre indecisive about which massage chair is best for you, especially if youre a tall person, you should definitely keep reading. Here are some things you need to consider while looking for the best massage chair for tall person.

Extendable foot component: If your feet dont fit precisely, your foot massage will be ruined. Look for massage chairs with extendable foot designs.

Wider Size: Some massage chairs for tall people do not offer a wider design, so if your body is wider, check for massage chairs with a wider outlook and design.

Foot Rollers: The benefits of foot massage should also be included along with extended ottomans or footrests, allowing for a better and more pleasant massage overall.

Longer & Extended Rollers: Some massage chairs are designed for tall individuals, but they dont always have adequate roller tracks, so seek for extended rollers that run down to your hips from your neck.

Body scanning: A 3D body scanner is a function that adjusts all of your massage features to your body curves and demands, making it a must-have tool for everyone, tall or short. As a result, make sure you obtain a massage chair with a good complete body scan system.

Price: Do not be scared to stay within your budget believe me, if you look hard enough, you will discover something which meets your needs and also fits your budget.


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Luraco I7 Plus Chocolate Brown

The most popular choice among tall people is the Luraco i7 plus. It is the worlds first and only massage chair with scientifically proved health benefits and pain treatment. For sure this massage chair is only one of its kind. Everything can be seen here, from exquisite design to impeccable features.

Luraco never fails to impress us, and this massage chair is no exception, with incomparable features and a height range of up to 67. What else does one demand? It will accommodate tall individuals better than any other massage chair.

Believe me when I say that this chair has a fantastic 3D massaging technology and a smart and user-friendly User Interface. Its 3D deep massage extends from the back to the neck, providing relief for back and neck pain.

The auto body scanning feature scans your entire body and adjusts and fits rollers based on your posture and style to give you the finest massage possible. This recliner will undoubtedly take you to a vacation spot. It never fails to impress its users with s-track style massage.

  • Material: Textile, Wood, Electronics, Leather, Plastic, Metal
  • Color: Chocolate Brown, Black, Cream
  • Brand: Luraco
  • Five personal user memory settings
  • Auto full body scan

Massage Chairs For Short

If you have been searching for a massage chair that will accommodate people less than 5 tall, look no further than the PANASONIC MAJ7. The manufacturers height recommendation is 48-62 tall.

This massage chair features advanced sensors that can detect 1000 different points on your neck and back and deliver this information at a rate of 100 times per second. The result is a very personalized massage that meets your body at the right position.

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Digging Into The Chair Massage Functions

The key selling point of any massage chair is its ability to rub you the right way. Large message chairs will typically have a wide assortment of massage options. Shiatsu massage chair functions means the chair will come with fingers that will move in circular motion, mimicking the touch and feel of human hands. A rolling massage simply means your body will be treated to a rolling pin that travels up and down the body, mashing any muscles in its path.

Smaller massage chair recliners that look more like regular furniture will generally focus on your lower back. These are the cheapest massage chairs, but the rollers and fingers wont travel down to your feet and may miss your neck and shoulders depending on your height and seating position. The bigger chairs can massage your entire body, head to toe. They can also pinpoint specific areas, like calves or shoulders. Full-body massage chairs are not cheap, and they are not small. Before you pursue this option, make sure you have the space and the budget for a top-to-bottom robotic masseuse.

What Is Your Budget

Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair – perfect for big and tall users

Depending on your budget, we have several different good options available to meet your needs.

If you’re on a budget, but still looking for a chair that has everything, my favorite chair that fits the bill is the Titan Pro Jupiter XL. This one is a 3D L-Track massage chair with foot rollers and one of the longest L-Tracks in the industry at 53″ long. The chair was specifically designed with the Big & Tall person in mind. I’ve had customers in the past year that have experienced significant improvement in their sleep patterns and overall body health from this chair. The Osaki TW-Chiro is a nice option if you really want to stay below $3000 with a 3D S-track and a bigger, wider frame.

In the mid-tier, I really like the two Infinity IT-8500 chairs. The Infinity IT-8500X3 has a slight edge over the normal IT-8500 due to the deep tissue 3D rollers. You are able to enjoy one of the best stretches in the industry with these two.

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