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3d L Track Massage Chair

Titan Pro Jupiter Xl With Lumbar Heat Great Mid Range Chair For Tall People

Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair (3D & L-TRACK MASSAGE)

The Jupiter XL is a great alternative for the Kahuna SM-7300 because of its price. This mid-range chair fits users up to 6 feet 6 inches in height comfortably. I especially like the contemporary design that fits perfectly into any space. Aside from that, its also the first L-Track with 3D tech designed by Titan.

Take a look at its most notable features:

Five Speed Control youll enjoy switching between the various massage speeds on this unit. It allows you to unlock a truly customizable massage experience tailored to your needs and preferences. This means if you feel like going over a certain area much more slowly than others, you can do so with ease.

Head Massage most massage chairs Ive come across neglect your head. The Jupiter XL is one of the few massage chairs Ive come across that dedicate a head massage to give you a true massage experience.

Heat Therapy The Titan Jupiter XL features lower lumbar heat that effectively soothes back pain as well as facilitates good blood flow to help your muscles recover faster.

  • Insufficient heat therapy
  • Can only accommodate up to 270 lbs

Summary: The Titan XL comes in multiple color choices and packs a lot of good features. However, the height accommodation doesnt effectively coincide with the weight restriction. This makes it ideal for taller users but not so much for heavier users. Nonetheless, its a great model that comes with zero gravity reclining positions and an efficient 3D body massage.

You Might Be Wondering All Of These Recently Released Osaki/titan/apex Chairs Look So Similar How Do You Decide Which One To Get

The honest truth is that most consumers wont be able to tell the difference. Thats not because there arent any differences, its because the differences probably wont impact the overall experience for most average body types. But that doesnt mean we shouldnt compare chairs!

Think of it like this: youre in the market for a luxury product, say a car for example. Because you cant spend a crazy exorbitant amount, you might consider options such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus etc.

All of these cars are great to drive in their own ways. But something about one of them stands out to you.for example maybe you love how the BMW is able to handle in tight corners! Thats what you end up selecting as a result.

Infinity Dynasty 4d Massage Chair

The versatile Infinity 4D Massage Chair is designed to support a wide range of people. The state-of-the-art body scanning adjusts the massage range to the best fit for you. This technology allows the chair to always reach your problem spots for maximum relief. Use the iOS or Android app to control your massage chair, when youve chosen your perfect program, place your applicable device into the wireless charging well. The L-Track with 4D quad rollers will give you tension and pain relief.

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Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair

Original Price: $3,499

On average, massage chairs can cater to people from 52 to 6. People who dont belong to that range might have a more challenging time looking for a model for them.

Fortunately, for younger users or those below 52, the Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair is there for you. It utilizes a 43 L-track system to perform massage from the neck to the thighs of people from 48 to 62.

The Kyota E330 Kofuko Massage Chair has nine automatic programs that you can easily choose from using the built-in remote controller. There are courses for particular health benefits and specific regions of your body. The massage intensity can be adjusted to match your pain tolerance and personal preferences.

If youre not satisfied with the preset programs, you can customize your treatment manually.

Original Price: $9,499

Discounted Price: $3,999

If the previous model is perfect for younger and shorter people, the Infinity Evolution 3D/4D Massage Chair is for taller users. Its L-track can be adjusted to cater to people from 52 to 69. Users weighing up to 300 lbs can comfortably get the massage they want for the maximum weight limit. It even comes with Truefit Body Scanning, which allows the machine to calibrate its components to match your build.

When it comes to automatic massage programs, Infinity Evolution offers nine options.

You can go for wellness routines like Deep Shiatsu, Healthy Breath, and Rest & Sleep.

Original Price: $7,999

Discounted Price: $6,799

Whats The Significance Of An Extendable Foot Rest Other Than Looking Cool Of Course

Human Touch NovoXT Ultra High Performance 3D L

Manufacturers employ extendable foot rests to improve user flexibility. They are in place to allow for greater height flexibility, particularly for taller users. If youre a shorter individual much like me, you wont care too much about this feature. However, if youre 6 foot and over this becomes important.

Important: The Monarch is able to accommodate a height range of 50-62 ft, and a maximum weight load of 285 lbs. Pretty decent on the weight flexibility, but the height could be a tad better. It has me a little surprised because with a 13.5 extendable foot rest, I was expecting a lot more than 62 ft!

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Human Touch Super Novo Worlds Best Model With Space

Dimensions: Reclined 32 H x 34 W x 74 DUpright 46 H x 34 W x 63 DWeight: 320 LbsSpecial Features: Virtual Therapist for Alexa-Enabled Control, SL Track, Heated Foot/Calf/Knee, Remote Control Dock, 4D rollers, Altec Lansing sound system, L-trackMax weight: up to 285 Lbs, 69

The Human Touch Super Novo is a lot like the Novo XT2, but with a couple of special features including 38 instead of 34 auto-programs, 4-D instead of 3-D rollers, SL-track instead of L-track, a Virtual Therapist which can anticipate your likes and dislikes which runs through an Alexa operated control that has a handy docking station and a full Altec Lansing Sound System as opposed to Bluetooth speakers.

This model doesnt have the waist airbags, uses normal heating instead of air heating , and it is slightly heavier than the Novo XT2, so the Novo XT2 is also a very good model.

But what makes this chair so unique is that it has SL-track, which is perfect for relieving lower back pain, especially sciatica caused by tight gluteal muscles that pinch nerves.

Dual Lumbar Heat Built-in heat loosens the muscles running next to your spine to help you relax and let go of stress and tension.

Full Body Stretch The full-body stretch function helps to lengthen and stretch out your spine and legs to help you decompress your joints and spine.

38 Auto-Programs Including Meditation programs and a Yoga Studio program, gives you a wide variety of preset programs to choose from.

Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back

YES! If you have a herniated disc or a pinched nerve, massage chairs are not a good option for you as they can make the condition worse.

That being said, muscle tenderness after the first couple of therapeutic massage sessions on a new massage chair is pretty normal, especially if you jumped straight into the full-strength mode.

If you have tenderness, its probably due to inflammation caused by tiny tears in super tight muscles.

If this is you, take a breather from the chairs for a day or two then start on a softer program thats less intense and work your way up.

Going all-out on a sore muscle will only cause it to cramp up more. To really get soft, supple, pain-free muscles, you need to start off slow and work your way up.

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How Does A Massage Chair Work

The most common methods in massage chairs are L track, S track, and SL track massage chair technologies. These technologies prefer special movements of the massage rollers or arms in the backrest or seats. The overall process follows the same procedure as the hands of an expert masseur. Depending upon the type of technology, the L track system improves your buttocks and thighs. Whereas, S track system treats and massages your spinal cord. However, the SL track carries the characteristic of both the previous technologies.

Ma73 Massage Chair By Panasonic

Titan Commander Massage Chair Overview

opens in a new windowMA73 massage chair has in-built automatic sessions with heated rolls, full-body air-cell coverage and ultra massage. This chair comes with an updated Real Pro 3D Ultra Prestige engine and twice the automated massage and stretching programs, ceramic foot heaters and dual-zone arm kneading for improved reflexology treatment.

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What Is A 3d Massage Chair

3D massage chairs use newer, advanced roller technology to reach deeper into your muscle tissues. If you sit in a 2D massage chair, you’ll notice that the surface muscles are the main target of the rollers.

However, the 2D models lack the adjustability users need to go deep into muscle tissues where a massage therapist would reach.

And the rollers can move in a variety of directions:

  • Up and down the track
  • The width can be adjusted
  • In and out

The in and out function mimics the massage a therapist would offer, but you can have a massage in the comfort of your home rather than a therapist’s office.

S Track Massage Chair

The first technology and massage chair are the S track. The name S track comes from the shape of the roller track. By this, it means that the roller track travels from up to down like an S shape curve. In comparison to that of the SL track massage chair, the S track mimics the exact shape of the human spinal cord. This helps in getting the defective backbone in its real shape.

The starting point of this track starts from the head, goes through the neck, shoulders, and down to the tail bone. This process repeats in both directions. Consequently, the massage technique, therefore, is feasible for those who are in a need of a good stretch. Also, it helps in treating and reclining back the spinal cord. Additionally, with the help of 3D and 4D massage characteristics, the S track system works with more precision.

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Thats Right Comparing It To Other Chairs On The Market Is A Great Way To See How A Massage Chair Stacks Up

In this case we will compare the Monarch to 2 similar 3D L-Track chairs. Specifically, we will be comparing it to Osakis Pro Admiral and Titans Prime 3D. Both are fantastic chairs that are relatively new in terms of when they were released. Theyre both newer than the Monarch.

A fan favourite since release in 2019, and no reason to be surprised about that! Its a phenomenal unit packed with the latest technology. Osaki have done a tremendous job!

  • Osaki OS Monarch

What Is An L

deluxe 3D zero gravity L track massage chair reviews

This massage chair has an L-shaped track that extends down further along the back and seat area than standard massage chairs. So, if you want your chair to go slightly further than the lower back or if you suffer from sciatica, these chairs are a good option.

The features and benefits of each chair will vary, depending on your unique needs.

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What Is The Difference Between 3d And 4d Massage Chairs

The first thing you must be aware of is that there is a big difference between 3D massage chairs and 4D massage chairs. The purpose of this is to ensure that you dont get confused about which is right for you. The difference is down to the specific massage intensity levels. The 3D massage chairs have both 3D and 4D massage intensity levels. This is because these massage chairs have a combination of vibration and pulsation. The 4D massage chairs, on the other hand, have four separate massage intensities.

Its also important to note that a massage chair with more than 4D massage intensity levels is not better than a massage chair with just 3D massage intensity levels. You should also be aware that the 4D massage chairs have four separate massage intensities because each individual session will have a different massage intensity level. But when you take all these things into consideration, a 3D massage chair is better suited to people who are not keen on being involved in the whole experience. This is because the 3D massage chairs can only give you a mild massage.

D Massage Chairs Features And Benefits

Massage chair models are unique, so your chair should have the features you need whether you’re using the chair for muscle recovery, general wellness or for injury recovery. The main features to consider are:

  • S-track: An S-track follows a wave pattern that follows the spine’s curvature and will extend to the lower back.
  • L-track: An L-track 3D massage chair is very similar to an S-track model, but these chairs have rollers and tracks that move down past the glutes and to the top of your hamstrings. The track ends a few inches from the back of the knee.

On top of these two track types, you may find chairs that offer calf and foot massage, wellness programs, acupressure techniques, heat to loosen muscles and relieve pain, speakers and precision controls.

Your chair will offer massage depth and speed adjustments to help you receive the best massage possible. Of course, every chair model is different and has its own key benefits that you need to consider.

A 3D model offers the benefit of:

  • Targeted massage
  • Muscle tension relief
  • Circulation improvement

If you need a deep, targeted massage, three-dimensional technology will help you reach the often-neglected muscles and tissues that non-3D chairs miss.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right chair, and for low- to mid-range chairs, you’ll need to consider a 2D or 3D model.

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Massage Chair Roller Tracks

Every massage chair has rollers on the back that move in tracks to give the preferred pain relief and relaxation. Some of the general massage techniques offered by these chairs include shiatsu, kneading, tapping and knocking. The rollers move in different directions to facilitate these functions. The track types determine the total length navigated by the rollers to move up and down your back, while the technology used by the chairs governs its movement and intensity.

Do Massage Chairs Actually Do Anything

Introduction – Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

The question of whether massage chairs actually provide pain relief is still the subject of debate, but a study out this week points to a possible answer. But keep in mind that while a $20 chair might provide similar benefits to a $100 chair, that price doesnt have to be the same for quality. Using the word replacement isnt cheap. Massage chairs arent really like chairs in the conventional sense. Massage chairs are small, padded, and heated. Theyre designed to be comfortable for bodywork by an expert. So when you have one sitting in front of you and someones massaging your back, its hard not to feel like theyre doing more than just holding you in place. Theres a reason massage chairs have many of the same names as massage tables. They deliver massage therapy like a table.

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Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Sl Track Zero Gravity Massage Recliner With Auto Body Detector

This real relax zero gravity electric reclining massage chair has 3 levels angles for weightlessness position to relieve the spine pressure. A built-in wireless speaker can bring music when massage and the yoga stretching function can relax the muscles of your whole body. Its 135cm long SL track perfectly fits your body curve and upgraded dual electric linear actuators can realize independent leg and back position adjustment. Besides, the auto body scanner can reshape the massage chair according to your height, weight, and spine. This massage sofa has 12 automatic massage programs, 6 massage techniques, 32 airbags, back heater, and foot rollers. There are 4 massage areas, 6 adjustable speeds, 3 adjustable widths, and 3 air pressure intensities available. Built-in wheels for easy movement, it is a dream home & office massage chair for anyone who is looking for a significant raise in their daily comfort and satisfaction. Do you love it? Please dont hesitate to take it to your home!

Please kindly note: To ensure that the product can be delivered in good condition, we will arrange truck shipment. Any problem with shipment or delivery, please feel free to let us know by email.


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Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The BestMassage EC-06C shiatsu massage chair gives a full-body Shiatsu massage. As a result, it gives you relief from muscle strain, diminishes torment, and promotes a bodys unwinding.

EC-06C offers four preset auto rub programs. These include the Extend Program, Relax Program, Recovery Program, and Refresh Program. Each program conveys a relaxing massage. For instance, the Relax Program gives you a back rub that will loosen up tight muscles. So with the help of a button, you can get to these simple to-utilize programs.

The BM EC-06C Shiatsu rub seat utilizes four back rub styles commonly connected with the Shiatsu standards. These styles include Kneading, Tapping, Knocking and Shiatsu. All the auto programs utilize these back rub methods.

Moreover, 30 airbags all through the seat give massages to particular regions of your body. Twenty airbags have also been put inside the lower body segment of the seat. These airbags rub the thighs, hips, legs, and feet, which enhance blood flow. Moreover, the customizable air massage technology has several levels of intensity.

A back rub in this seat has a long range. It starts high up into the neck and down into the tailbone area of the seat. Moreover, the smart roller framework complies with a mans individual spine shape. As a result, it gives them an amazing back rub each time they sit down.

Furthermore, a high-control vibrating engine and air rub innovation give a profound back rub to your hip territory.

Our rating:

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