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Prenatal Massage Center Of Manhattan

For Fertility Enhancement Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnancy Care Connection – Dr. Suzanne McBride – Network Wellness Care SoHo

ancient Mayan technique of abdominal massagea holistic approach to health carenatural healing technique to promote optimal health.a womans center is her uterus.If a womans uterus is out of balance, so is she,simple, noninvasive massage techniques.Toxins are flushedrestored to normal orderessential for healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery.digestion, urinary bladder problems can be helped. you will be taught self-care massagePregnant moms report enhanced wellness benefits

While living in Boston I had an Arvigo® massage prior to my first embryo transfer. While preparing for the embryo transfer for my second pregnancy, I sought out an Arvigo® practitioner here in NYC. I was fortunate to find Anne who not only provided wonderful relaxing Arvigo® massages in a calm environment, but also introduced me to Arvigo® self-care supportive techniques. I appreciated her guidance and now as my delivery date approaches have enjoyed seeing her for Arvigo® prenatal and delivery preparation massages. I highly recommend her and feel so fortunate to have found her and other birth support practitioners through her affiliation with PYC.

Anne Heckheimer Lmt Cpt

Anne Heckheimer graduated from the Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences and became a NYS licensed massage therapist in 1998. While attending the Swedish Institute, Anne worked as a certified personal trainer at Equinox Fitness Clubs. It was there that her passion for working with pregnant and postpartum women was sparked. After receiving her massage license, Anne studied with Elaine Stillerman and received her Mothermassage® certification. She also studied prenatal massage with Susan Rachel Condon, director of the Niara Healing Arts Center. Most recently Anne has become a certified practitioner of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® with advanced training in womens wellness applications.

From 1998-2001 Anne continued to work privately as a personal trainer and also started to develop her style and massage technique while working at the Avon Salon and Spa.

In 2001, Anne founded the Prenatal Massage Center of Manhattan. It is there that she decided to dedicate herself to supporting women throughout their pregnancies, postpartum and beyond.

Anne has been featured in New York Magazine, Time Out New York, New York Metro and the America Massage Therapy Association trade magazines, Hands-on and Massage Therapy Journal.

In addition to presently maintaining her private practice, Anne also co-teaches the Yoga for Labor and Massage workshop at the Prenatal Yoga Center.

Myth #: You Need A Table With A Large Hole Cut Out

False. Well, okay, you can choose to get a massage that way, and for most women that is fine. For some women, towards the end of the term, those pregnancy tables with the large cut outs aren’t big enough and can be uncomfortable to both you and the baby. We do all of our prenatal massage sessions on regular tables in a side lying position with extra pillows. It’s safe, it’s very comfortable, and it works at any point during the pregnancy.

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Prenatal Massage During Your Second Trimester

Our main focus at this time will be on toning and strengthening the ligaments that support your uterus and the new life growing within it. Keeping these ligaments strong is the key to preventing pregnancy complications like back pain and labor, pelvic pain, and even premature delivery.

In some ways, your baby will be experiencing his or her first massage, too. Since this is such a wonderful way to connect with your baby, we will also teach you self-care massage techniques you can use at home.

What To Expect At A Spinning Babies Body Balancing Session

Prenatal Massage Center of Manhattan

When a client comes to the Prenatal Massage Center for a Spinning Babies® appointment, we like to first discuss the current positioning of their baby. From there, we can set some goals for the session so that the client and the therapist are on the same page. Finally, we perform the hands-on treatment, making sure that the client can learn the Spinning Babies® techniques that they can subsequently perform on themselves at home.

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Best Prenatal Massages In Nyc

7 of the best local spots for pregnancy pampering.

ByLiz June 5, 2018


  • Most doctors advise delaying prenatal massages until you are in your second trimester as there are specific pressure points that could disrupt that tiny little baby in the early days of pregnancy. Be sure you hold off or better yet, check with your OB or midwife before scheduling.
  • Some prenatal massages feature a table with a pillow or net for your growing belly while others will set you up with a pillow while you lie on your side. Which do you think you would prefer? Be sure to ask before making an appointment so you can relax and enjoy in comfort.
  • Many prenatal massages include light, soothing strokes rather than deep tissue work. If it takes real force for you to relax, mention it to the receptionist when you call and see if any of the therapists are able to accommodate you. If not, look elsewhere .

1. Exhale Spa. 2. Graceful Services. 3. Medical Massage. New York Magazine4. Sage Brooklyn. 5. Earth & Sky Healing Arts. 6. Red Moon Wellness. 7. Holistic Hands.

Myth #: You Can’t Get Deep Tissue Massage During Pregnancy

False. Based on the same bad assumption as above, doctors also used to advise only light massage during pregnancy. This has also been debunked by the above studies. Expectant mother’s in pain rejoice…you don’t have to suffer through a light rubdown that simply feels like an expensive application of massage oil just because you are pregnant anymore. In fact, due to all the relaxin hormones running through a pregnant woman’s system, many pregnant women prefer more pressure during a massage, not less.

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Is It Okay For Me To Get Prenatal Massage In Nyc

If you are generally healthy and have been cleared by your OBGYN for light exercise than you can get prenatal massage at any point during your term.

Be sure you get clearance from your doctor before you try a massage, if:

  • You’re experiencing nausea, vomiting, or morning sickness
  • You’re at high risk of miscarriage
  • You have a high-risk pregnancy such as placental abruption or preterm labor

What Are The Benefits Of Prenatal Massage

Tutorial: Abdominal Gua Sha Massage {FERTILITY EXPERT TIPS}

First and foremost, prenatal massage makes you feel good. It nurtures and pampers the body at a time when it needs it most.

In addition to soothing the body and dissolving stress, a trained touch delivers a wide range of physiological, psychological, and emotional benefits.

Just like a regular massage, benefits of prenatal massage include:

  • improved circulation
  • ease in neck, back, and joint pain
  • relief of muscle spasms and cramps

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Prenatal Massage During Your Third Trimester

As you enter the third trimester, our focus will begin to shift toward preparing you for labor and delivery. There are many rapid changes occurring inside and outside of your body during this time.

The added weight and increased hormone levels lead to additional strain on your muscles and ligaments. Even the simplest of movements can lead to muscle spasms and pain, so well focus on massage techniques that will keep them loose and relaxed.

Thanks to the pressure of your growing uterus, you may also experience swelling and edema, as well as digestion and elimination issues. Prenatal massage is very useful for combating these symptoms.

Relaxing your muscles and ligaments will also prepare your body for an easier labor and delivery and a faster recovery.

The Importance Of Pregnancy Massage

Maintaining the health of your uterus and the ligaments that support it is crucial to a healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is a great way to prevent common pregnancy issues like incontinence, prolapse, and scar tissue .

Our NYC massage therapists can also help relieve the leg cramps and muscle spasms that many pregnant women experience. It also helps to relieve edema, varicose veins, and high blood pressure that can become a major issue for many women.

Prenatal massage offers benefits for your growing baby, as well! Its a great way to relieve the anxiety and stress that often come with rising hormone levels. Many studies have shown that a calm and happy mother leads to healthier development for her baby.

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Welcome To Prenatal And Medical Massage Eastside

When a pregnant mother thinks of receiving a massage, there are some considerations, especially if you’re in the high-risk category. A pregnancy is considered high risk when potential complications could affect the mother, the baby, or both. Specific medical conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes, lupus or other immune conditions, heart or lung problems, carrying multiples, or advanced age of the mother. A history of multiple miscarriages, preterm labor, pre-eclampsia, previous surgeries, and endometriosis may also be considered high-risk pregnancies. You want to make sure you see a certified therapist who knows appropriate and effective techniques to help pregnant mothers and babies stay safe. Prenatal and Medical Massage Eastside is the only practice in NYC, Los Angeles, CA, and the DMV area specializing in high-risk pregnancies.

Originally from Russia, Inna has a nursing degree and 25 years of experience. Her compassion for helping expecting mothers led her to open her private practice a few years ago. Being a mother and living in NYC gives Inna a better understanding of how stressful and challenging motherhood can be in the “Big Apple.” When Inna was pregnant, she has placed in the high-risk pregnancy category herself. Now, she is a proud mother of a teenager who is a senior at Laguardia High School.

Carpal tunnel? Swollen legs or feet?

Carpal tunnel? Swollen legs or feet?

Carpal tunnel? Swollen legs or feet?

Tailored Prenatal Massage Therapy Nyc

Prenatal Massage Center of Manhattan

For the mom-to-be, prenatal massage offers many of the same benefits you would expect from a regular massage. Theres nothing like a deep tissue massage for loosening tight muscles, providing pain relief, and reducing stress!

But, it doesnt end there! For the pregnant woman, bodywork is also very helpful for boosting blood circulation for both mother and baby. Our New York City massage therapists also know how to help with the changing needs of a mother-to-be throughout each month of her pregnancy.

Prenatal massage is also helpful for the lower back pain, sciatica, and pelvic pain many women experience during pregnancy. It can also bring relief for the digestion and elimination issues that come with a rapidly changing body.

As a New York City resident, you already lead a hectic lifestyle that includes lots of walking and climbing the subway stairs. Massage therapy can ease the aches and pains that will no doubt increase as your pregnancy progresses.

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From Fertility To Pregnancy To Motherhood And Beyond

Maternal Massage and More specializes in prenatal massage, labor support, postpartum massage, lactation support and baby massage. The pregnancy massage specialists will give relief to your pregnant belly, sore back and tired feet. We will erase all your aches and pains and make you feel like new. We will also help you achieve your breastfeeding goals.

She is passionate about helping women from fertility, to pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Her goal is to keep you comfortable, give you resources and make you feel amazing both physically and emotionally during this very special time.

Myth #: You Can’t Get Massage During The First Trimester

False. Doctors used to worry that massage during the first trimester could lead to miscarriages based on a false assumption of how intense massage work can be on the body. This has since been debunked by several studies but the idea still makes the rounds with older doctors who haven’t kept up to date. The medical profession used to use the same assumption about getting massage during cancer treatments. After studying the effects of massage on the body, it has been determined that even a deep tissue session is roughly equivalent to a medium workout at the gym. Massage, even deep tissue massage, is safe for both mother and baby throughout the entire pregnancy term, as long as there are no abnormal health issues. If you are healthy enough to go to the gym, you are healthy enough to get a massage!

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Looking For Prenatal Massage In New York City

The prenatal massage NYC program was designed for New York moms! Pamper yourself and find relief from the aches and pains of a changing body. Prenatal and postnatal support care are an important part of health care. Have a muscular injury while pregnant? We do that too!

Understanding the changes in anatomy a woman experiences while pregnant is key to understanding how to get great results from a prenatal massage. We are experts in the prenatal massage therapy field.

You can be treated face down on our special table, or pillowed on your side during your prenatal massage.

Our prenatal massages are designed to be relaxing and supportive in those special months. We can also improve function and reduce pain. Luxuriate in our beautiful rooms while you receive the best prenatal massage care possible. Our prenatal massage NYC treatments are performed with scent-free lotion and tailored to your needs.

Pregnancy is NOT a medical condition, but there are some postural and hormonal changes that come with it that can make it feel like one. It is all normal, we would love to help you FEEL normal. We will go over every aspect of your prenatal massage care, so your mind and body can be put at ease. Continue reading to our Prenatal Tips page

Where Can I Learn More About Spinning Babies

Massage Mantras and Sound: Tools to Decolonize you Matrix

When clients want to learn more about the Spinning Babies® techniques and philosophy, we refer them to the Spinning Babies® website and always send them home with website links to instructions for the techniques they have learned during their session. Our goal is always to empower expectant moms with the tools they need for a healthy and comfortable birth experience.

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Your First Visit To New York Citys Yinova Center

Pregnancy massage services are available at Yinovas Manhattan, East Side, and Brooklyn Heights locations. Each session can range from 60 minutes to two hours, depending on your specific needs.

Our certified New York City massage therapists will use a variety of medical massage and bodywork techniques during your appointment. These may include:

  • Swedish massage

Prenatal Massage: 7 Top Spots For Moms In Manhattan

Therapeutic massage offers both physical and psychological benefits for an expectant mother. It’s a great way to relax, feel good, and help relieve many of the aches and stress of pregnancy, especially for NYC mamas who are hoofing it all over town and up and down those subway stairs.

We recently rounded up great options for prenatal massage in Brooklyn, and now we’re spotlighting places in Manhattan where you can enjoy the healing and soothing benefits of prenatal massage. All offer side-lying positions and some also have special pillows and tables that allow you to lie face down, even with a pregnant belly.

Check out our NYC Baby and Pregnancy Guide for more new mom info, including fun baby and me classes and where to meet other parents.

Holistic Hands FlatironNicole Libschik, a certified massage therapist and doula, offers prenatal massage that helps to bring the nervous system to a relaxed state, reduce muscle pain and enhance blood circulation. Her massages provide focused individualized attention to both physical and emotional needs. She also offers doula support, postpartum massage and infant massage education.

Maternal Massage and More Soho Licensed massage therapist Janet Markovits uses a body cushion system to allow pregnant womeneven in their last trimesterto lie face down. She also offers massage during labor, as well as postpartum and infant massage.

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Your Massage Therapy Testimonials

“I was in pain, and I mean by the truck loads. Stupidly, I ignored it, popped some 800mg Advil and kept chugging along. After a few days of this, I woke up unable to walk upright without being in teeth-clenching misery.I couldnt put the pain off any more. I asked around and a friend pointed me to Body Mechanics. Luckily, a spot had just opened up and I hobbled over to the office like a man three times my age.Im not a man that believes in miracles, but believe me when I say a miracle was performed. I dont know how she knew, but she knew exactly where everything hurt and fixed it. Massage therapy doesnt even come close to describing what I experienced.I walked out of the office standing straight up, sore in a good way, and, most importantly, pain free. It was worth every damn penny and then some. Do yourself a favor, dont wait for the pain to win, just go here.”

Carl M., Brooklyn, NY

M.T., Brooklyn, NY

Richard R., New York City, NY

Shannon O., Brooklyn, NY

“Beret led two anatomy workshops for our Yoga Teacher Training this past summer. She is very knowledgeable about the body and how to work with injuries. I feel more confident as a yoga teacher with the knowledge that I gained from Berets workshop. I trust her completely, there is no one I know that knows more about anatomy than Beret!”

Saskia L., Brooklyn, NY

Kerry P., Brooklyn, NY

E. Matheson, L.M.T.,

J.T., Queens, NY

Lucy C., Brooklyn, NY

Zalman L., New York City, NY

Melita L., Milburn, NJ

Tim D., Toronto, ON

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