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Massage Places That Take Hsa

I Need Massage In My Life & Money In My Hsa/fsa

What is Neuromuscular Therapy and Clinical Massage?

Just remember youre using your HSA account for something that is a medical expense. Using it at a day spa for a relaxing massage experience wont be the best idea . It should always be treatment based to help solve a problem.

In which case, I love solving muscle issues & neuromuscular pain problems! Are you ready to book your next massage? Take a look at my schedule online and book your next appointment today!

Rush Hour Relief Mode

Ideal Users: Weekend Warriors, Young Professionals, On-The-Goers, EntrepreneursTargeting:Intelli-2D massage system combines professional massage techniques with the Cloud Massage Chair to achieve the perfect massage targeting of your feet, calves, neck and back. This massage mode is a fatigue reliever getting you back on your feet and ready for work.

Why Bother With An Hsa Or Fsa

HSAs and FSAs offer many benefits, the biggest of which is saving you money. Also, while no one wants to think about being in an accident or having a major health problem, medical emergencies do happen, and so it can add to your peace of mind to have some money set aside in case of unforeseen health expenses.

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Cloud 9 Massage Features

Choose from six different automatic massage methods: express, wholesome, oriental, Swedish, classic and chiropractic.Each of the massage methods has five intelligent techniques: shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and simultaneous kneading and flapping.Each technique has five adjustable speed levels and the flapping, shiatsu and knocking techniques have three adjustable massage ball positions: wide, medium and narrow.

Wait Can I The Short Answer Is Yes

Lin Oil Spa Asian Massage

Its like brewing a cup of Double Happiness blooming tea from our sister store, the Bond and Bangs apothecary


Not only will the prescription needed from your doctor to use your HSA cash for massage actually cover the massage expense, but medical prescriptions for massage also allow you to forgo paying SALES TAX on each service! DOUBLE HAPPINESS, you see?

So what about stress reduction? massage therapy recommended by a physician to treat a specific injury or trauma, then it would qualify with a letter of medical necessity. . If you have prescriptions for conditions that are covered like stress, diabetes, anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, back pain, neck pain, hip painLETS SWIPE YOUR CARD!

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Can You Use Fsa For Massage

Massage therapy can definitely qualify as a medical expense. Massage therapy must however be prescribed by your doctor for it to be eligible. Massage can be used to treat a range of different medical issues including back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. It can also be used to treat mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress. If you would like to use massage therapy as treatment you will need to explain to your doctor that you would like to use your FSA funds to pay for massage. Your doctor may then give you a prescription or Letter of Medical Necessity detailing therapeutic necessity, number of sessions and duration of treatment, which can be used to verify the expense.

Top 8 Places To Use Your Health Fsa

onMay 23, 2019

There are many ways to use a Health FSA. Some of the places might surprise you.

The FSA Store

The FSA Store is one of the best places to buy items with your Health FSA. Its the one stop shop for eligible expenses. From sleep assistance to medical braces and support to kid friendly items, find what you need across the different categories. Start browsing.

Box store retailers

There are many eligible items at larger retailers like Target, Walmart and Costco. . When you get to the register, the stores payment system will identify eligible items from your purchase and pull the correct amount from your FSA.

National and regional pharmacy chains

CVS and Walgreens are two great examples of chain retailers who offer a host of common eligible items. Visit CVS or Walgreens online to search and purchase products related to eye-care, pain relief, family planning and more eligible items.

Your local pharmacy

If you are picking up a prescription at a local pharmacy, as long as your pharmacy is listed as a merchant, your Health FSA should be accepted. Learn more about Merchant Category Codes here. If your card is not accepted by the Merchant, you can still use your Health FSA. You will just need to submit a receipt with a claim. You can easily do this online or with the BRiMobile app. See our walk-through on how to submit claims.

The dentist

Why? Check out the graph in our blog What is substantiation and why is it required?

The eye doctors
Alternative therapy specialists

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Is My Insurance Accepted As Well

Unfortunately, most massage therapists do not take health insurance in New York State because most health insurance is based on workers compensation laws. For this reason, only medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors can bill massage therapy/manual therapies to insurance companies. Massage therapists can perform these services which could be covered through insurance, but that massage therapist needs to be employed by any of the three professions that can bill insurance.

How Much Does Massage Therapy Coverage Cost

ASMR You Need This | Deep Tissue Massage | Whispering

Like all benefits, the more coverage a policy offers, the more its likely to cost. The cost will vary by insurer.

Signing up for health insurance through an employer can save you money. Thats because the employer will often pay part of the cost of the premium for you. It may also offer health insurance plans with more benefits, like massage therapy.

If the massage is considered rehabilitative or is medically necessary, then insurance will not cost you more. It may fall under the coverage of the Affordable Care Acts 10 essential health benefits.

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How Do I Use My Fsa/hsa

The first step in using your FSA or HSA money for massage therapy is to pay a visit to your primary care doctor. Let the doctor know you have an FSA or HSA and are seeking massage therapy as the solution to a medically eligible condition. The doctor will write a prescription for your massage if he/she deems it to be medically necessary.

Your prescription will need to include the following:

  • A reason for your massage therapy treatment, such as a medical condition or to relieve chronic back pains.
  • The number of sessions youll need or the frequency of your visits
  • The length of the treatments needed.

Once you have received the prescription, file it away in case you are asked to show proof of the expense. You can use your FSA/HSA card to pay for massage services online or in-person. Just remember, tips are not considered a medical expense.

What Is A Health Savings Or Flexible Spending Account

A Health Savings Account is a type of savings account that allows you to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses, but is generally tied to a High Deductible Health Plan . A Flexible Spending Account is a a special account you put money into that you use to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care costs that is also tax-free. Any modality massage therapy that is prescribed by a medical professional is considered a qualified medical expense under many plans.

An HSA is great way to get the most out of your High Deductible Health Plan. Your HSA allows you to save up money in case disaster strikes while maintaining the lower monthly payments of an HDHP. These funds can be used in conjunction with health insurance to provide the best overall care by allowing for services that may not be covered by health insurance, like massage therapy for injury recovery or helping improve circulation hampered by diabetes.

A Health Savings Account and a Flexible Spending Account are both pre-taxed payroll deductions. In other words, less of your pay check is taxed which lowers your taxable income. A Health Savings Account and/or Flexible Spending Account can beneficially impact the amount of taxes you may owe or get back at the end of the year.

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Why Offer An Hsa

In Canada, HSAs are tax-free in most cases , meaning employees and covered dependents use pre-tax corporate dollars, from an HSA ‘bank’, to pay for medical bills that would normally be an out-of-pocket expense.

HSAs are an effective way to give employees more flexibility in how they use their benefits as the scope of what can be reimbursed is much broader than what is typically covered under a traditional plan.

Which Massage Guns Can I Buy With My Fsa Or Hsa Card

Massage Rainham

There are only a few brands of massage gun that are officially eligible for use with an FSA or HSA card. Zarifa USA are a company whose products are HSA/FSA eligible. Their products are FDA approved Class I and II devices. Because they are DME certified and classed as medical equipment, they can be used to treat a medical condition.

Their massage gun, the Z Smart Massage Gun can be purchased using a HSA, FSA or HRA card. Just add the massage gun to the basket and checkout as normal. Instead of entering your credit card details, enter the details of your health card.

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The Z Smart Mini Massage Gun is also FSA Eligible and available at Zarifa USA.

Dont purchase without following your FSA providers guidelines!

You need to have a valid medical reason to purchase a massage gun using HSA or FSA. You cant just buy a massage gun because you want to enjoy a relaxing massage. They are only eligible for medical spending. A massage gun can be used to treat muscle issues, circulation problems or pain and stiffness. You should see your doctor to get a prescription before you buy as some FSA providers require a doctors prescription.

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Use Your Hsa/fsa For Massage

Ok, Ill have to apologize to those who didnt know, but Ive been accepting Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts for a while now. I know these accounts have become more popular due to higher deductible plans and many companies contribute to these accounts. For the moment, these accounts are the next best thing to accepting insurance in my practice.

Do You Accept Fsa And Hsa Cards

Yes, our credit card processing system in the office is able to accept FSA and HSA cards. The IRS cites, Medical expenses are the costs of diagnosis, curetreatment, or prevention of disease, and the costs for treatments affecting any part or function of the body. They further state that medical care expenses must be primarily to alleviate or prevent a physical or mental defect or illness . Examples of medical issues that may qualify include chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, pain management, back pain, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, stress, sciatica, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

While it is not necessary on our end, in order to avoid any auditing issues, we recommend that you visit with your medical practitioner, and let him/her know that you have an FSA or HSA that you would like to access for massage in the treatment or prevention of your particular concern. Your practitioner will need to give three key pieces of information:

  • Medical necessity: Why you need massage therapy?
  • Frequency: How often should you receive massage therapy?
  • Duration: How long should my length of treatment be?
  • Categories

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    What Is An Hsa Or Fsa

    HSAs and FSAs are both programs that allow you to set aside money for qualified medical expenses like prescriptions, copays, deductibles and other healthcare costs. Because these funds are put aside pre-tax, this means you dont pay any taxes on these funds.

    Some employers will actually contribute to your HSA or FSA as well. The contributions will be loaded onto a debit card that you can use to pay for medical expenses.

    If youd like to see what the IRS considers a qualified medical expense, from the IRS. If you have any questions about these benefits, reach out to your HR department.

    Things To Keep In Mind

    How to massage the knee techniques

    When requesting a massage therapy prescription from a doctor, make sure youre coming at it with the right intentions. The purpose of your health insurance is to cover medical expenses, and massage therapy can be a great way to benefit your health. Be honest when speaking with your doctor regarding your symptoms and why you think massage would be a beneficial therapy.

    And for the sake of your financial health, make sure you only use your HSA or FSA for massage therapy expenses if you have a prescription from your doctor. Its also important that you keep track of your records for tax time. Zeel makes this easy by itemizing every receipt youll have a copy sent to your inbox after every massage. Weve got your back!

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    Questions To Ask About Massage Therapy Coverage

    If you learn that your insurer covers massage therapy, ask these questions so you will understand how your policy will cover it:

    • What are the conditions to qualify for reimbursement?
    • Is there is a deductible or any out-of-pocket cost to you?
    • Is there is a maximum amount payable per policy term/year?
    • Is there a maximum reimbursement per visit? For example, if the maximum per visit is $90, and you use a massage therapist who will charge $150, you will not be able to claim the full amount.
    • Is there a time limit per body region?
    • Are there specific massage therapists you must go to?
    • Do all types of massage qualify for coverage?

    Does Massage Envy Take Insurance

    Massage Envy does not take insurance and does not work directly with any health insurance providers. However, massage therapy can be considered a medical expense, which means you may be able to pay with money from your FSA or HSA at Massage Envy if you get a prescription for therapeutic massages.

    FSA and HSA accounts are funded with pretax dollars from your paychecks. Massage therapy is often eligible for these programs because it is known to ease the following conditions:

    • Anxiety
    • Sports injuries
    • Stress

    If youre interested in learning more about FSA and HSA programs, check out our article about approved uses for flexible spending accounts.

    You cannot use FSA and HSA dollars to pay for tips or non-massage services, or to pay for a Massage Envy membership upfront you will need to bring another form of payment for these expenses. You do not need a membership to book a massage at Massage Envy.

    We reached out to Massage Envy locations in multiple states including California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Nebraska, and New Mexico to gather information about Massage Envys insurance acceptance policy.

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    What Is An Hsa Or An Fsa

    These accounts are often offered by employers to help employees pay for qualifying healthcare related expensesthat they may incur over the year, such as deductibles, prescriptions, and co-pays. They allow employees to designate a portion of their income to be set aside as pre-tax dollars, which can save a lot of money. Sometimes employers also contribute to this account as part of a benefits package. There are a few key differences between HSA and FSAaccounts, but for the purposes of using the funds for massage therapy, they work the same.

    Can I Use An Hsa Or Fsa For Massage

    Calm, peaceful, and untroubled. A well performed head massage brings ...

    In many cases, a massage will be covered by your insurance plan, whether you use an HSA or FSA. Follow these steps to make sure youre qualified.

    1. Start with HR

    Before you do anything else, reach out to your HR department or your medical insurance carrier and ask if massage therapy is considered a covered treatment. In some situations, an insurance policy wont cover massages, even if you get a prescription from a doctor.That said, at Zeel weve found that the majority of customers who have an FSA or HSA had no trouble covering their massages.

    2. Doctor visit

    Once youve gotten the go-ahead from your insurance carrier, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Pro tip for this step of the process: Dont start by just saying you want a massage. Youll need to first explain your specific symptoms.

    There are a wide variety of mental and physical conditions that could qualify for a massage. Stress-related symptoms, circulation issues caused by diabetes or hypertension, sciatica, arthritis, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and chronic back pain are all examples that could qualify for massage therapy.

    Preparation is key to this discussion. Dont be afraid to bring case studies of people whove alleviated similar symptoms through the power of massage therapy. You could also suggest specific massage therapy options, which can help you illustrate the legitimacy of this type of care.

    3. Get a prescription

    4. Use Your FSA or HSA for Massage

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    Does Massage Envy Take Insurance Fsas Or Hsas Answered

    Short Answer

    Massage Envy does not take insurance. However, you can use your flexible spending account or health savings account to pay for massage therapy. You should get a prescription from your doctor before using your FSA or HSA dollars to pay for massage services. For more details on the Massage Envy insurance policy, see below.

    Is Paying For Massage Therapy With My Hsa/fsa Really Hassle Free

    The pre-taxed money in your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account can be used for a variety of medically-related purposes. These include co-payments, coinsurance, deductibles, and other qualified medical expenses. Massage therapy is one of these HSA/FSA eligible expenses. However, a letter of medical necessity from your doctor that indicates massage therapy as a treatment for a medical condition is required to utilize your Health Savings Account or Flexible spending account for this purpose. Your HSA/FSA cannot be used for general health and wellness expenses. The letter from your doctor should detail the need for massage, as well as the duration and frequency of care.

    You can either pay using your HSA/FSA card or you can receive a reimbursement. Its a simple process, especially at The Spaah in Conway, Arkansas. Our therapists are familiar with HSA/FSA documentation and procedures. The Spaah seeks to make every interaction with our therapists comforting and relaxing. This includes payment for our services no matter the method you choose!

    May you have peace, happiness, and wellness!

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