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Massage Chair Zero Gravity Costco

Uiiu Massage Chair Full Body Massage Chairs Heated Massage Recliner Chair Zero Gravity Massage Chair For Home 3d Body Detection Back Chair Massager Bluetooth Speaker 24airbags Sl Track Gray& black

Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review….BEST Long Term Health Investment
  • Intelligent Positioning Precise full body massageThe massage chair has automatic shoulder detection function ,so that your massage is more effective and accurate.
  • 3D Robot Hand Real MassageThis massage chair is equipped with 3D Mechanical Massage Hands.
  • Segmented Airbag Wrapping24 massage airbags in the massage recliner chair wraps your body from shoulder to foot .
  • Infinitely real relax massage atmosphereThere are 3 levels of zero-gravity-like angles of the space capsule,you can effectively reduce the heart pressure, promoting blood circulation.

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner Lm

For the price on , youre not going to find a zero gravity massage chair that has all the same functionality as the Kahuna LM 6800. While the feet and calf rollers on this budget chair can be painful, this chair comes with added padding, and if this isnt enough, you can always add an extra cushioned pad or some fabric to make it less harsh.

That being said, the LM 6800 has all the functionality of a high-end chair, albeit not to the same degree of expertise, including body scan, zero gravity, and even arm massage. Its one of the cheapest L-track chairs, with five different massage techniques and three-speed and intensity settings over various individual areas of the body.

L-track The L-track uses a 4 roller massage system to relieve pain throughout the lower back and buttocks, giving relief to lower back pain and even some forms of sciatica.

Space-Saving Zero-Gravity the space-saving technology only needs 3 of wall space for the three different zero gravity positions. Zero-Gravity has been proven to be the most effective position to enjoy a massage.

Dual Foot Rollers Not many budget chairs include foot and leg massage, but the LM 6800 does. While the intensity of the dual-roller can be a bit much for some, this is easily remedied by adding a layer of padding.

Computerized Body Scan Even though its a cheaper model, it still comes equipped with a full-body scan to ensure you get a massage thats tailored to your size and shape.

Costcoca: Best Massage Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Deal Link:


Interested as well. Any insights ? Not willing to spurge $3k +. But $1,200 I can swallow. Anyone have an idea how big this is? Will it fit through standard door?

Interested as well. Any insights ? Not willing to spurge $3k +. But $1,200 I can swallow. Anyone have an idea how big this is? Will it fit through standard door?

Only 1 year warranty. Wish it has at least 3 years.

Nobleton, ON

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Best Massages Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

This is the only FDA approved massage chair in our todays list. And this one is also one of the best shiatsu massage chairs of BestMassage company . BestMassage is an American company also offers a manual massage roller, a wireless rechargeable massager pillow, and lastly a back shoulder massager for home or car use. Their specialization towards therapeutics and relaxation pays off handsomely, with this massage chair giving just the right heat, intensity and texture for your massage. Also, just a look at it and anyone can see that it is extremely powerful. It has 14 massage points that all work together and provide its user the maximum comfort. It has three presets auto massage options also, including power speed passage and airbag pressure massage. So the user needs not worry about set a massage option each time.

They can easily choose one of the massage options from these three preset auto massage program For its many features, this shiatsu massage chair is a great deal. It is inexpensive and has many benefits. For instance, due to its size, you will get a whole-body massage which means that the massage chair is like a big wrap, giving the area that is massaged a great session. This chair has a heat therapy system, and all in all, have 35 airbags that can give you a big area of massage.



  • There is no extra padding added in the area of the back roller, So in high-speed mode, it may hart your back sometimes.

Shiatsu Recliner Full Body Chair

Osaki 4s Massage Chair Costco

The exciting thing about this massage chair is that it features the new armrest design. Sure, the massage chair is unique and has eight massage points for full body massage. The most modern ergonomic design of this item makes it a must-have for many. Furthermore, Shiatsu Recliner Full Body Massage Chair features a quality upholstery design to last for decades. The built-in heater ensures efficient blood circulation and a unique metabolism.

However, Shiatsu Recliner Full Body Massage Chair has six airbags to deliver a gentle massage. The adjustable footrests extend to any taller individuals for a comfortable feel. Additionally, it has four preset auto massage programs with different massage methods. In conclusion, the item features a high definition display screen.

More features:

  • It is 100% tested and approved.
  • It features easy-smart control.

This is a high-quality yet affordable product to purchase. The fantastic product features a unique and innovative design to complement most massage needs. But, it comes with a remote control making it more user-friendly. Additionally, Kahuna Massage Chair delivers air intensity massage up to 5 levels. Unlike ordinary massage chairs, it features a 2-year labour and part warranty for quality assurance.

More features:

Taking the third position in the list is none other than RELAXONCHAIR Shiatsu Massage Chair. And, the beautiful thing about this massage chair is that it is durable and sturdy.

More features:

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The Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Once your zero gravity massage chair is fully reclined, your weight is evenly distributed throughout the massage chair. This causes your muscles to relax, and alleviates any stress you may be holding in your neck and back. As with any massage chair, there are many long-term benefits of a zero gravity massage chair: Regular use can help improve circulation, reduce arthritis pain and even ease the symptoms of varicose veins.

Relaxonchair Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

You can finally get rid of muscle tiredness and stretch your body thanks to the system boasted by the RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus. This model comes with a heating feature, and it boasts a one-hand operation which adds a lot of value to this zero-gravity recliner chair. Plus, it even comes with massage rollers that are combined with airbags for the arm and calf area.

In other words, if you decide to go for this option, you will get a full-body experience. There are as many as four automatic and three manual massage modes that can massage your body from head to toe. Believe it or not, even the intensity of the air inside the airbags can be controlled with this model.

The zero-gravity technology boasted by this unit allows you to feel relaxed and laid back, especially at the end of a hard days work. The upholstery feels great to the touch, and you wont have any problems cleaning it.


  • Full body stretching


  • The remote backlight is very dim, so you have to turn your phone light on to see what youre pressing.

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Types Of Zero Gravity Massage Chairs


This is a position where the body reclines in a zero-gravity state, making the body feel weightless and relieve the pressure from the body. Moreover, this position is used in the massage chair to let the body feel weightless so that to increase the flow and circulation of blood in the body.


This is a type of massage where the rollers, airbags, and other functions of the chair are used to cradle from head to toe area of the body.

  • Some chair comes with S-Track or S-SHAPE body giving massage from neck to hips.
  • Some chairs are designed with L-Track or L-SHAPE body giving massage from neck to buttocks.


A type of massage chair where the back leans to a particular angle to provide comfort to the body. However, the recliner massage chairs being traditional in terms of their design and features are relatively lower in price than Zero Gravity Massage Chairs.


The seat pads are detachable massage pads used on any random chair. However, It can be your choice not to have any extra space and budget to place a massage chair in the house.


This is a product relevant for traditional look massage chairs. For instance, a chair with a separate footstool having massage rollers and airbags in both parts is a sign of OTTOMAN massage chairs.

Relaxonchair Shiatsu Massage Full Body Massage Chair

Factory Direct | Ultra Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair – 2018

Suppose you are up to finding a chair that gives you the best reclining massage with 3D scanning technology around $2000 of the budget for instance.

Therefore, considering this need into view we suggest you RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic Zero Gravity Massage Chair to make your dreams come true with its beautiful design and features. However, this chair scores the best ratings in the market in terms of price and specification for reclining massage.

The chair has an advanced feature of Zero Gravity Massage as per reviews that will let your body feel relax and painless after a heavy workload throughout the day.

Features of Best Massage Chairs Are

Multiple Functionality:

This chair provides you with computerized body scanning features that help tailor the massage according to the users preferred position. It has the complete SL-Track functionality that will cover all your body for the massage. Moreover, the most reliable product for those with taller height and heavyweight.

Air Massage System: It will provide air massage to your shoulders, arms, calves, and feet.

Heat Therapy: It will increase blood circulation in the body to recover faster and remove the bodys pain and aches.

Other Features: The remote controller is backed with led lightning functionality that helps you control your chair manually in the dark. In the meanwhile, during a massage, you can sleep without having any fear of interruption with a massage chair.



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Kahuna Zero Gravity Full

This chair comes with several reclining positions, which means that you are totally free to customize it as per your comfort-related requirements. The model is equipped with an L-track system and as many as three stages of zero gravity. This makes it capable of handling your body weight as you are getting a real massage.

Theres even a yoga stretching program that you can activate with just one touch of a button. The dual foot rollers that this unit is outfitted with are also worth bearing in mind since they can calm down your tired feet and provide you with a relaxing experience. There are five manual massage techniques and as many as six automatic ones you can choose from.

In case you were wondering whether this chair comes with a heating function, youll be glad to know that it does. Its just that it is limited to the legs and the lower back region, so it is virtually incapable of heating your shoulders, too.


Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you are in the market for a zero gravity chair thats a lot more budget-friendly, this one should definitely make your list. Its equipped with most of the features you might require, and the nice thing about it is that it has a timer that goes up to thirty minutes. Best of all, this one even speaks to the needs of people weighing up to 400 pounds and who can be as tall as 61.

Its also worth noting that the Real Relax model boasts as many as eight massage back rollers, foot rollers, as well as a whopping 50 airbags located all over the arms, shoulders, hips, calves, legs, and feet. Therefore, with this unit, you can really get full-body pain relief.

Its almost paradoxical that this ones priced so well since it comes with most of the features youd get in very expensive alternatives. For example, it has a zero-gravity design, a heating function, as well as a full-body airbag.


  • 4 preset automatic massage programs mild, sleep, relaxing, and strong
  • Armrest link system gives support and comfort to your arms while reclining
  • 3 levels of roller and airbag massage
  • Comes with two wheels for easy movement


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How To Handle Damages Exceptions Or Discrepancies At Time Of Product Delivery :

  • Carton damage requires visual inspection of contents of the unit.
  • We recommend IMMEDIATE inspection, with driver present, to verify damage. If contents are damaged, indicate damage on carriers paperwork and notify us immediately.
  • IMPORTANT: If contents cannot be inspected immediately, notation on carriers paperwork must state: Carton damage, subject to inspection and list type of damage.
  • Contents must be inspected within 48 hours of arrival and actual damage reported to the carrier

Medical Breakthrough 6 V4 Recliner 3d Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Chair Costco

Are you looking for a chair that can relieve your back pain and give your muscles and tissues a relaxing massage?

Then, Medical Breakthrough is an internationally recognized brand for deep tissue and multi-functional massage in the market. More importantly, it is a result of many years of research and studies by doctors and massage specialists in the field about different techniques used in the massage chair.

However, this is the best Zero Gravity Massage Chair with the capability of applying several massage techniques to your body for relieving pain and giving deep tissue massage. In the meanwhile, reviews entailed by Amazon show that this scales among the top-selling brands in the market due to its specification and price than other commercial massage chairs in the market.

Features of Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Are


This is a well-known product for giving you the best body scan feature. Also, the 3D scanning technology scans your body and tailors the massage techniques per the need of your body.

There are multiple modes present in this body massage chair used for different purposes. However, the zero gravity position will ensure your weightlessness and provides you with a deep sense of relaxation.

Body Massage: The 3D-L Track innovative part will give every aspect of your body from neck to buttocks with a deep kneading tissue massage.

Customization: It provides an unlimited level of customization to your massage chair.


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Can I Use A Zero

The zero-gravity feature in the chair can be used if you are pregnant, and we do mean with no restriction whatsoever. However, since it is presumed that lower back massage can trigger premature labor, we would advise you to go to your physician and find out whether youre allowed to use the massage functions. As for the zero-gravity feature, its safe for yourself and for the baby.

Human Touch Zerog 50 Zero

This brand has been developing some of the best massage equipment currently available for over thirty years. The company is best-known for making plenty of wellness products, most of which function properly and are fully capable of replicating the techniques used by massage therapists.

The Human Touch 5.0 model is a zero-gravity chair that comes with four automatic techniques , and four manual massage programs as designed and prescribed by the manufacturers council. With this chair, you will finally be able to say goodbye to your pain, whether its in your feet, in your lower back region, or in your calf muscles.

Unlike some of the other products that we have come across, this one clearly specifies what your ideal physical attributes should be in order to be able to make the most of it. You shouldnt be taller than 64 or shorter than 50 and heavier than 285 lbs. Based on the reviews acquired by the product, its not difficult to get out of the chair if you put it back into its neutral position.


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Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair With Bluetooth Heating And Foot Roller For Home And Office

  • Zero gravity: after fully tilted, press the zero gravity button to reduce heart load and enjoy a comfortable massage.
  • Add your massage chair in the App, you can easily control the massage chair through your mobile phone.
  • ECHO intelligent voice control, you need an Echo device or the Alexa app, use your voice to control the massage chair after successful setup.
  • Full body massage: Airbags massage to shoulders, arms, hips, calves and foot.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Buyers Guide

A Costco Massage Chair Ate Me…

Gravity means a lot but less might be the better when it comes to your health. This at least is the basic idea behind the chair of the zero-gravity massage. This groundbreaking product replicates reclining seats that astronauts have used. Zero gravity chairs have risen steadily in popularity, both because of their comfort and ability to potentially ease certain health problems.

Chairs with zero gravity are like no other recliner. What separates the chair from gravity zero is its structure. All of its rooted in the general weightlessness idea.

In terms of architecture, this translates into an ergonomic device that equally distributes the weight when sitting. This minimizes pressure and strain on the bodys single areas a common problem when sitting on every typical chair. This balanced effect decreases severity in areas otherwise likely to suffer from general or vague pain. It can also help with more intense muscular and joint pain.

Massage chairs with zero gravity have different methods that can be difficult to define. Here are some of the important techniques and points to consider that will help you to find the best zero gravity massage chair that fulfills all the requirements of your body.


Led with chronic health issues? This zero gravity massage chair comes with lots of advantages that will seal the deal. If you ignore the characteristics of zero-gravity, it is the same as every other form of the massage chair.




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