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Zeel In Home Massage Therapist

Zeel Pricing And Member Plus

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Once you download the app or create an account at their website, you will be asked to link a credit card to your account which will take care of all payment.

Prices are shown for 60-minute massage sessions and include a standard gratuity which goes right to the therapist.Zeel does offer a Member Plus membership plan.

The plans cost varies by location but starts at as little as $93 monthly.

That membership comes with a credit for one massage every month, plus at least a 20% discount on all other massages.

For example, a Zeel massage in New York City costs $149.

Add tax and an 18% tip, that comes to $182.53.

With a Member Plus plan, that same massage is $99, or $121.28 with tax and tip.

If you get more than one massage a month, the Member Plus plan can be a smart investment.

$20 Off Your First Zeel Massage

Zeel has a referral program where you can get $20 off your first massage when you are referred by someone else, and the person referring you gets $20 towards a massage as well.

You can sign-up for Zeel using my link and that credit will be added to your account and automatically applied towards your first massage. Others are welcome to leave their referral info in the comments section as well.

Note that Zeel also often has promotions. I get push notifications all the time offering discounts on massages, so its worth keeping an eye on that.

Do Not Do Business With This Company

Set up a massage appointment months ahead as a special birthday gift for my mother-in-law. Received a confirmation text from them the day before the session, and then received a cancellation text less than an hour before the session was due to start. No apology. No explanation.There is no contact information listed on their website. The texts they send are automated and you cannot respond to them.A cursory glance at others reviews here shows that they have had similar experiences.Not even sure this company really exists Will never use again. DO BOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

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Working For Zeel Massage

Many massage therapists are drawn to the profession because its a great work-from-home business.

Zeel still lets you establish your personal brand massage therapists work as independent contractors.

And for many therapists, Zeel can be a helpful way to meet new clients and get paid competitively for expert massage service.

One perk of working with Zeel is the automatic 18% gratuity added to every booking, which goes right to you.

You also get to set your own schedule and can work days or nights, making it attractive for people looking for a side hustle or a way to bring in a little extra cash on weekends.

Plus you dont have to worry about late cancellations customers pay a fee when they bail on an appointment, and that fee goes to the therapist.

Zeel pays weekly, with direct deposit, and you get to see what you earn on every appointment, even before you accept the booking.

You can also set your location preferences and let clients know if you are available for in-home visits or prefer to work in a local hotel, gym, or workplace.

My Zeel Massage: Booking

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The process of booking a massage through Zeel is super easy. First youll select what kind of a massage you want, with the choice between Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sports, or sleep. You can also choose whether you want a single massage, couples massage, or back-to-back massage.

You can also select the length of the massage , and if you have a gender preference for the therapist.

Youll then enter the location, as well as any parking instructions, as well as whether you have any pets, stairs, etc.

Then youll be asked to select the earliest time you can start your massage, and the latest time you can finish.

I requested a back-to-back massage, and a minute after making the request I received a text. They quickly confirmed my appointment for a start time within 45 minutes.

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What I Love About Zeel

Of course, the quality of the therapists falls at the top of the list of things I love about Zeel.

Something else I really love is the work Zeel does upfront to make sure their clients feel safe with their matched therapists.

According to Zeel, Massage therapists in the Zeel network are all licensed, insured, and experienced. After you book you get a confirmation with your massage therapists full name, photo, bio, and massage license number so you know exactly whos coming to the door. To add a layer of security for in-home massage therapists, customers are required to verify their ID before booking their first appointment. We take this extra step through third-party identity verification companies, and not with social media since social media can be easily spoofed.

Also, because I dont live in a major city, I was worried there wouldnt be therapists in my area. Thankfully, that wasnt the case! Zeel has a large network of professionals serving many zip codes.

Zeel Started Out Great With A Responsive Team Eager To Connect With Massage Therapists And To Connect Massage Therapists With Clients The Payout Per Session Was Also Pretty Good Now The Team Is Minimally Responsive And The Massage Therapists Percentage Cut Seems Lo

Posted · Rated CEO 80/100 · Rated eNPS 34

Paying massage therapists well, and being responsive to massage therapists.

Massage therapists working as independent contractors dont really work together as a team, so this question isnt applica

More compensation would make me feel better about my compensation. I feel undervalued because Im doing intense physical work with clients, and Zeels cut is disproportionately h

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Massage Technicians Are Wonderful But

Massage technicians are wonderful, however, if you need to contact customer service for Zeel, you will be sorely disappointed. On more than one occasion and both via telephone and online chat, customer service agents were rude and reluctant to assist. I stopped using the service SOLELY based on the customer service experience.

Date of experience:November 19, 2018

Intake And Health History

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A massage is not a massage is not a massage. No two massages, even for the same person, are identical. This begins with how the therapist learns about your health history and your goals. If the therapist doesnt prioritize these, you are rolling the dice as to whether youre going to get a cookie-cutter massage or one designed for you. If you have old injuries or certain medical conditions it can also be dangerous for the therapist to neglect this process.

If it isnt clear when or how you will complete your initial intake, ask.

Despite the potential to make massage available to more people, it can be difficult to find a good therapist and get the relationship off on the right foot, especially if youve never hosted a massage in your home before. I hope this helps give you the confidence in your search for a therapist.

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No Need To Tip Therapists

Many people tend to avoid opting for personal massage services to their own home because of the additional cost due to the tip. The good news is that when it comes to Zeel Massages, you dont even need to worry about that. According to the brand, its therapists earn 70% to 75% of the cost of your massage and they are able to create their own schedule so as to maximize earnings. Further, when you book a massage, the cost of the massage has an added 18% gratuity rate so that you are essentially paying for everything upfront. With that, you dont need to worry about having to tip the therapist.

As Zeel mentions, it takes care of its therapists so that they do a great job taking care of you as well.

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Why Havent We Done This Years Ago

Zeel has been extremely easy to use. The therapists are always professional and on time. They all have the same level of service. The customer service is surprisingly amazing as well. I contact them via live messenger and I receive a response quickly with the changes I need or my question answered. My husband and I cant believe this company has been around for a few years already and we just discovered it. We cant go back to traditional massage places anymore.

Date of experience:January 04, 2019

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Great Gift For A Busy Loved One

I purchased my husband a membership to Zeel for Christmas and he loved it! He just redeemed his first massage this past weekend and was so impressed with the timeliness, professionalism, and skill of the massage therapist. Its such a great price and so convenient. Would highly recommend as a gift for yourself or for a busy loved one that needs some R& R.

Date of experience:January 04, 2019

Reply from Zeel

We are so happy Zeel played a role in making your Christmas even merrier! Zeel gift cards were a big hit for Christmas 2018 and next up….Valentine’s Day 2019!Best, Zeel

Buyer Beware Horrible Customer Service

Zeel at home massage

false advertising. the website literally states that with a membership you get a massage table and sheet set a $379 value!, ive had the membership for two months and when i asked the support about it, i was told they no longer offer this and they were not able to do anything for me. even though their site still today says that. so dont sign up expecting that or good customer service for that matter. with that being said the masseuses have been wonderful, would rather work direct with them than through this company.

Date of experience:February 19, 2021

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How Much Does Zeel Cost

The cost of a Zeel massage varies by your zip code and type/length of massage you selected.

If massage is something youd love to incorporate more of into your self-care routine, consider joining the Zeel Membership Program. Youll receive a monthly 60-minute massage, a guaranteed preferred rate, your own massage table, and access to a VIP concierge service.

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Great Massage Event For Wedding

Zeel did a great job providing chair-massage services for our wedding day. The booking process was simple and effortless via their online booking system. In addition, the massage therapists were very professional and friendly. Everyone in our wedding party thought it was an excellent touch to our special day. We were all much more relaxed and way less stressed when we left the house. It made the whole day much more enjoyable.We highly recommend Zeel for massage-therapy services at your next event.

Date of experience:November 17, 2019

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Digital Innovation And Transformation

Massages have long held the benefits of improved blood circulation, reduced stress, and heightened mental alertness. Now you can enjoy these benefits at the comfort of your own home.

Zeel, launched in 2012, is the first company to offer same-day, in-home massage. Recently surpassing more than 1.5M appointments, Zeel has been named one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur and is now recognized as One of the fastest-growing companies in the United State by Inc. Magazine. Here is how the company is disrupting the $15B US and $80B global massage market.

Figure 1: Screenshots of Zeels mobile applicationValue creation

Convenience: With Zeel, clients can get their massages anywhere, anytime. Massages can be delivered to homes, hotels, workplaces, and events across the United States in more than 100 cities. Via Zeels easy-to-use mobile app and online website, clients can book massages 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with start times as early as 8 am and as late as 10:30 pm. Clients can also book their sessions in as little as an hour or up to a month in advance.

Quality: Zeel vetted only top licensed massage therapists across the country. To date, the platform has over 11,000 licensed massage therapists listed on its platform. These therapists are also trained by the Zeel team to offer the highest levels of customer service and experience.

Value capture

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After Multiple Poor Services And No

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Home Delivery Massage

After multiple poor services and no effort to rectify this, I reached out to customer service to end my membership. They sent me options and because I did not respond within their given time frame they charged me $200. This was not the same customer service I received in North Carolina. This must be a Texas office problem. I highly recommend using their competitor Soothe instead. They value the safety and importance of each individual member.

Date of experience:April 21, 2021

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Soothe Vs Zeel: Which On

A massage is the perfect choice for that person who has everything.

Massages are great gifts for those people who have everything.

Last-minute gift shopping is like a one-way ticket to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated especially when you find yourself wading through overcrowded shopping centers. But theres a healthy gift idea that virtually everyone will love that requires no time or wrapping paper a massage gift card. Can you honestly think of one person who wouldnt want one of those .

Massage services like Zeel and Soothe offer on-demand, in-home massages that make it easier and more convenient than ever to get a massage and feel relaxed fast. Long gone are the days of having to book a massage weeks in advance, and waste precious time commuting to and waiting in a spa. Now, you can get one in the comfort of your own home, with as little as 1 hours notice.

Both Soothe and Zeel offer on-demand, in-home massages practically any time of the day and most days of the year . And both services offer special membership pricing if you lock into a monthly or yearly subscription, letting you save a significant amount of money than if you were to book one-off massages. Keep reading for more details and how to decide which option is best for you or someone special in your life.

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What Is Zeel Massage

Zeel is an on-demand massage app that lets you book at-home massages quickly and seamlessly.

The service also allows you to book appointments at health centers, local hotels, or spas, if you would prefer to get out of the house to relax.

Available at or the Zeel app , their Massage On Demand® service offers six different types of massages, in 60-minute increments.

Founded by Samer Hamadeh in 2013, the app got its start in the New York City metropolitan area and is now available all over the country.

Zeel runs background checks on all their massage therapists and only hires qualified professionals.

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If There Was A Way To Give Negative

If there was a way to give negative stars, I would use it. I am in Atlanta and booked an appointment in early July for July 13. I received a confirmation and then 1.5 hours before the appt, the therapist cancels. I was very disappointed but thought it was a random incident. But I booked an appt 2 days ago for today July 24 and 1 hour before the appointment, the therapist cancels again- a different therapist this time. DO NOT USE this service. It causes more stress that you will end up needing even more massages from a REAL MASSAGE STUDIO/SPA. Trust pilot doesnt support the sharing of screenshots of the cancellation email and the chat messages between the service and myself. But if it did, I would! DO NOT USE ZEEL.

Description Of Zeel In

Zeel [On

Book massage therapy for pain relief, athletic recovery, or relaxation to your home, hotel, or office. Health and wellness have never been more accessible or essential to your well-being.Named one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur and one of the fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc., Zeel is the leading and largest on-demand massage provider with over 10,000 licensed massage therapists serving over 85 U.S. cities. HOW AND WHENThe Zeel massage app connects you with expert massage therapists in your area. A licensed, vetted massage therapist can arrive at your doorstep in as little as an hour. Avoid the traffic and save time with Zeel let massage come to you.We work around your schedule – 365 days a year, 8am until 10:30pm, including holidays.TYPES OF MASSAGE THERAPY

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How Expensive Are Zeel Massages

As you might expect, the price of Zeel massages varies by market. You can search the pricing in your area by entering your zip code on this page.

For example, in Miami the cost is $109 for non-members and $99 for members, and on top of that they add an 18% tip :

Looking up prices in New York, theyre significantly more expensive. In New York the cost is $149 for non-members and $129 for members, plus an 18% tip and 4.5% tax:

So these massages arent cheap, in the sense that you could get cheaper massages at a Chinese foot massage place no doubt. However, I paid $108 for my first 60 minute massage where the therapist literally came to me, so I thought that was a solid value.

This is also much cheaper than youll find at most hotel spas in the US, so this is a great option to have someone come to your hotel room for a massage.

My Husband And I Had Two Providers

My husband and I had two providers bring tables and come to our home for a 90 minute couples massage. We live in Scottsdale, AZ. The two providers who showed up were on time and very professional. They set up their tables very nicely, offered us customized aromatherapy, our choice of music, and left the room for us to undress and lie down. The gentleman who massage me was fantastic. My husband said his therapist was also top-notch. After the massage they packed up efficiently and left. It was everything we hoped for. We were relaxed and we got a great night of sleep.

Date of experience:August 09, 2022

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