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How Much Does A Licensed Massage Therapist Make

Q What Does A Massage Therapist Do

How Much Money Can A Massage Therapist Make?

A Massage Therapist applies pressure to muscles and tendons in order to relieve pain and stress from clients.

There are different styles of massage and different therapy techniques that a Massage Therapist can use to appease their clients.

An independent Massage Therapist will be required to provide a private area to apply massage, and all Massage Therapists are required to know sanitation rules and legal stipulations.

But How Much Do Private Practice Therapists Make

Salaries for Private Practice therapists vary wildly. Somearticles report an average salary of $150,000 per year, while others claim thata licensed professional counselor working in Cambridge, MA, grosses $39,778annually. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Based on user-submitted data reports thatLicensed Professional Counselors earn, on average, $61,232 annually.

But averages only say so much.

If we return to the BLS page for mental health counselors wecan see that salaries differ quite depending on state, sector, and years ofexperience.

How Much Does A Therapist Make

Whether a particular therapist is a couples therapist, family counselor, or a psychotherapist specializing in a unique niche, theyve likely entered their career with one goal in mind: to help people improve their lives.

Although money wasnt the driving motivation behind their pursuit, paying bills is a reality nobody can avoid. So theres a lingering question. How much does a therapist make?

There is no typical therapist salary, as they depend on education, training, and particular clinical specialties, but in general therapists salaries fall within the range of $40,000 and $90,000. Although there are therapists who make both less and more.

Below, Ive listed salaries for various specializations along with four crucial tips to help any therapist increase their salary.

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How To Become A Massage Therapist: The Definitive Guide

Do your friends go to you when they have a kink in their neck?

Do you enjoy relaxing people?

Are you always making sure that you stretch before exercise?

With the help of massage therapy, people are finding that life is much better limber.

As a Massage Therapist, you can learn how to manipulate your clients bodies to relieve aches and pains, as well as help with their posture and to promote health.

The Massage Therapy Career At A Glance

Massage Therapists Salary Muskegon, MI 2021

+ To become a massage therapist, 500 education hours are required in order to be licensed.

+ You must renew your license when it is due.

+ 6 continuing education hours will be required to renew your license.

+ The average salary for massage therapists in Texas is $45,090 . This is higher than the national average of $42,820 .

+ 32% job increase is predicted between 20162026 for massage therapists. Also, this is also higher than the expected national growth of 22%.

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Put Yourself Out There

Of course you must be good at what you do, and capable of delivering a client-focused massage with the excellent technical and soft skills necessary to build repeat clientele.

As important as all that is, success really boils down to one simple directive: Continually invest in yourself and show up with a smile and a good attitude.

Investing in yourself by showing up can look like myriad things. It may mean signing up for a continuing education workshop, arriving at work early to ensure you are prepared, or demonstrating truly being present for each and every client you work with.

It could also mean setting aside 10 percent of your massage wages in a savings or retirement account.

There are many mornings where it is difficult to get out of bed. Its easier to just sleep in, skip that phone call or networking opportunity, or not spend the time and money taking a workshop.

Overcoming this resistance can prove to be difficult but will immediately begin reaping rewards.

Continually showing up with a good attitude attracts people to you. Those people will have the knowledge, information and connections you will need to further your career.

Many times, you might feel like you cant afford the investment. There will be 100 reasons to not put yourself out therebut in my opinion, out there is where the true magic happens.

Eric Stephenson, L.M.T., is director of massage education for educational company imassage.

Keep In Mind Taxable Income For Owners Vs Employees

Many massage therapists have their own solo practice. In these cases, massage therapists double as business owners. That means they have a host of overhead tax-deductible business expenses that can lower their reported taxable income.

To understand what a massage therapist truly earns, this is an important point. The reported income for these massage therapists may appear lower than what some would expect .

However, that incomethanks to legitimate tax deductionsmay not necessarily reflect the true financial rewards they enjoy.

In turn, the income of massage therapists as employees will not reflect the various kinds of deductions that private practice owner-operators have.

Note that more and more massage therapists are joining hospital and clinic staffs. In these cases, theyre also receiving employee benefits like health insurance coverage, retirement benefits, and paid time off.

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Less Toxic Work Environment

Today, many people deal with problems due to chemical sensitivities to cleaners and perfumes. In a massage therapy setting, you may have less exposure to toxic chemicals. You can choose your cleaning products, and you wont have to deal with many employees and the multiple smells they bring into the office.

Are You Certified Or Licensed Massage Therapist

How Much Money I Make as a Massage Therapist// Day in The Life // VLOG

Ask the therapist or esthetician if they’ve received a state license. Most states in America require massage therapists to acquire between 500 to 600 hours of training before they get their license. You’re always better off booking a licensed therapist because they will have a thorough understanding of the right precautions and procedures to help you relax and detox rather than accidentally hurting you on the massage table.

For example, The massage therapist at Effective Massage in Providence, RI, is board certified in both medical massage and manual lymph drainage, and is currently working on oncology patients at the Cancer Institute of Rhode Island. Her prices start at $55/hour.

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Do You Require A Health Questionnaire From Your Clients

In many states, the law requires therapists to ask clients to fill out a health questionnaire at the same time they also sign a waiver confirming that they understand the terms and conditions of the massage service. If you aren’t asked for any of this, then you should question if they are a licensed therapist.

Masters In Counseling Salary: How Much Do Therapists Make

Graduate counseling programs provide the advanced clinical training necessary to move ahead in the mental health field. With a masters degree in counseling, you can expect long-term career prospects with opportunities to advance your degree, your scope of practice, and your professional fulfillment.

Below youll find a comprehensive overview of salary data for counselors in todays job market. Youll also find salary data for the most common areas of speciality in the counseling profession.

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Massage Therapist Salary And Career Path

When you become a massage therapist, most people will begin their career working in a clinic, health spa, or consulting suite.

Usually they will start of employed by someone else.

Many go on to start their own businesses.

Some massage therapists are self-employed, working out of their own homes or offering a mobile service.

Some therapists are employed by sports teams, others by large companies to help with staff.

Some work with other professionals such as physiotherapists, or in hospitals.

A large amount of massage therapists are self-employed, many work part-time or casual hours also.

Most massage therapists earn between $11.00 and $25.00 an hour, depending on training and experience.

Massage therapy offers a rewarding career for those who are interested in health, and also enjoy working with people.

Its also a job that offers flexibility.

The downside to this role is that very few massage therapists work full-time.

There is however, the opportunity to own your own business, as well as to work hours that fit in with other commitments.

The below information is based on the 2019 BLS national averages.

  • Annually

Solution: Build Your Career

Massage Therapist Salary Atlanta Ga

Massage therapists largely make their money based on how many appointments they receive and take more clients equals more money.

Getting more clients is obviously much easier said than done. However, there are several things you can do to maximize the amount of appointments you receive. For starters, make sure that youre . Even if youre working for an employer, marketing yourself will help differentiate you from other massage therapists, and potentially get more referrals. Also, make sure youre connecting well with your current clients, and make plans for them to follow-up with you regularly.

You can also look into switching industries to see if you can make more money as a massage therapist there. For example, if you work at a spa, you can look into working at a Chiropractors office. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the top-paying industries that employ massage therapists are:

Industry of Employment

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How Does Area Of Specialization Affect Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides up-to-date salary data for many professions, including counselors. The BLS reports its findings on the most common types of counselors, such as substance abuse counselors, school and career counselors, behavioral health counselors, and mental health counselors.

Youll likely find in your research that counselors and therapists are terms often used interchangeably. This may lead to question whether therapists and counselors earn similar pay. Counselors and therapists are BOTH trained clinicians that provide a variety of support services for various challenges.

Your credentials, however, are determined by the graduate counseling program. These credentials include Licensed Clinical Social Worker , Licensed Professional Counselors , Licensed Mental Health Counselors , Licensed Marital and Family Therapist , and Licensed clinical professional counsellor . There are also many organizations that provide guidance for standards of professional practice. These include The National Certified Counselor , The National Association of Social Workers , The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy , The American Mental Health Counselors Association , and The American Psychological Association .

Below youll find salary statistics for the most common types of counselors and/or therapists, including information on salary outlook and other important data.

Education, Vocational, And School Counselors

Mental Health Counselors

You Must Work For Success

Its no secret that massage therapists are among the lowest earners in the health industry. The U.S. Department of Labor puts the median salary for massage therapists at $39,860 for annual massage therapist pay in 2016, but Ive heard estimates as low as $26,000. That is absolutely heartbreaking!

The question that begs to be asked is why.

Log in to social media, and you will hear a plethora of excuses. Daily deal sites are undercutting everybody,The franchises are devaluing the industry and My school didnt prepare me seem to be the most popularbut do they actually hold up?

As an educator in this field, I am fortunate enough to know hundreds of successful therapists, many of whom are making $75,000 to $100,000 or more annually practicing massage.

How have these individuals beat the horrendous odds of our profession? More importantly, how can you join their ranks?

After many conversations with these top earners, one major trait stands out: These high-earning therapists view themselves as businesspeople first and as massage therapists second.

Naturally, they view challenges through the eyes of a businessperson rather than as a therapist. They see franchises, and ask, What can I do that they cant? They see daily deals, and simply target a different demographic.

They are clear that their massage schools only responsibility was to prepare them to be a therapist, and it is up to them to learn business skills.

You have to work for success.

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What Type Of Massage Do You Specialize In

Before you tell the therapist what your favorite massage style is, ask them what kinds of massage they specialize in. If they don’t automatically mention the type of massage you want, then you’d be better off booking a different therapist who can cater better to your preferences. There is a tremendous difference between specific modalities such as deep tissue and basic reflexology, for example, so don’t trust that any therapist is excellent at every type of modality because that’s generally not the case.

Build A Loyal Client Base

How Much $$$ do Massage Therapists Make?

Next, massage therapists need to build a large, loyal client base. Even massage therapists who are working in salons and spas should seek to build their personal client base. Doing this creates a foundation for which you can advance your career by potentially opening your own massage therapy practice.

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What About Taxes For Massage Therapists

What about taxes? If you have employee status with a company, your employer pays 6.2% of your federal taxes on each of your paychecks.

That means when its time to pay your taxes, your employer will have already covered a portion of your taxes for you.

If you are a contractor with a company or you run a private practice, youll be responsible for 100% of your taxes, though you may be able to write off some of your business expenses which would reduce your taxable income.

How Much Money Can I Make As A Massage Therapist

How much money do massage therapists make? Thats the most frequently asked question asked of massage therapists and by people interested in becoming one. While it may seem like a simple question, the answer is not as simple. The salary of a massage therapist can vary greatly based on location, experience, and the number of clients seen per week. But, it is important to note, the harder you work the more money you will make.

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What I Will Need

I understand that in order to access and retain the electronic Disclosures I will need the following:

  • A computer with an Internet connection.
  • A current web browser that includes 128-bit encryption. Minimum recommended browser standards are Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 and above , Mozilla Firefox current version , Apple Safari current version , or Opera current version . The browser must have cookies enabled.
  • A valid email address.
  • Sufficient storage space to save past Disclosures and/or an installed printer to print them.
  • How Much Do Massage Therapists Make Salary Information By State And Career Info

    Licensed Massage Therapist

    Massage therapists help their clients relax and treat and manage pain and discomfort using an alternative healthcare method of massage. If you are considering a career as a massage therapist, having detailed salary information can help you decide if it’s the right career path for you. In this article, we provide detailed massage therapist salary insights including the states with the highest average salaries for massage therapists.

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    Do You Have Experience Working With My Health Condition

    You should always discuss any chronic health conditions you have with your therapist before the massage begins. If you have any alignment issues or spinal injuries or conditions such as scoliosis for example, then you definitely want to work with a massage therapist who has experience working with these conditions in their past clients.

    Get free estimates on Thervo from trusted massage therapists:

    Jen K.

    High Massage Wages Mean Moving Beyond Passion

    Running a business requires more than passion. Many massage therapists know exactly why they went into the field of massagetypically, because they want to share the benefits of massage, help others or just simply love the field.

    Those reasons should not be confused with why you chose to start a business, because they are not the same.

    If you do choose to run a business, you must invest the same time and passion into learning and strengthening basic business principles as you have into learning and practicing your techniques, because providing a great service does not guarantee a successful business.

    Take courses that develop your business skills to support the hands-on skills youve learned. Financial literacy, marketing and establishing a solid system of service standards are critical to every business.

    Many massage therapists readily invest time and money into developing their massage skills and neglect the things that will help keep the doors open. The belief that if you learn new techniques clients will find you is a naïve mentality at best.

    As a massage therapist, youve given yourself the tools to be a great health care provider. As a business owner, your practice needs the tools to successfully deliver your skills to the waiting public.

    Kamillya Hunter owns Spa Analytics, a business that offers strategic consulting to the massage and spa industry nationwide.

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    Massage Therapist Pay: Private Practice Vs Employee

    According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average massage therapist hourly wage is $20.59 per hour. However, its unclear if this rate is based on self-employed massage therapists or employees of massage companies. Or if its an average of both types of worker.

    The main financial difference between a self-employed massage therapist and a massage therapist who works for someone else is likely going to be the total amount of take-home pay the MT will make.

    The BLS further states:

    In addition to giving massages, therapists, especially those who are self-employed, may spend time recording clients notes, marketing, booking clients, washing linens, and conducting other general business tasks. Occupational Outlook Handbook: Massage Therapists

    Lets dig into this a little more.

    While a therapist in a private practice will set their own rates, there are additional tasks theyll do and expenses theyll have to cover that an employee-based massage therapist wont have.

    One of our massage therapists at Nivati was curious about this, so she took out a calculator and did the math. Heres what she had to say:

    When I operated my own massage business I collected $60/hr for massage. The expenses below outline what that $60/hr paid for before my take-home amount, she said.

    I laid out all of my monthly and annual expenses. When I averaged everything out, I was taking home $34/hr, which is not much different from what I make as employee, but with extra work.

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