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Massage While Pregnant 1st Trimester

Where Not To Massage During Pregnancy

Massage and Pregnancy Contraindications: (First Trimester, Second Trimester, and Third Trimester)

Ah yes, a massage. One of the simpler pleasures of life. From a quick kneading on your shoulder to a full-on body massage, a massage never fails to help you relax and make your day a little bit better. Be it an injury, tense muscles or just plain stress, a massage is an ideal solution to so many discomforts.Now that youre pregnant, things are a little bit different than when you were not carrying a human within you. While it is fine even encouraged for you to get a massage when youre pregnant, there are some parts of your body that you must avoid massaging, especially if you are doing it on your own or you ask someone who is not qualified to perform a prenatal massage. Naturally, this leads to myths about what you can or cannot massage when pregnant. Lets get right into it!

Prenatal Massage At Home: How To Massage A Pregnant Woman

You may be tempted to hire a live-in masseuse for the duration of your pregnancy, but turning to your partner, or a vibrating massager, may be the next best thing. Not only does daily massage during pregnancy help reduce your risk of prenatal depression and premature labor, but your partner whos doing the massaging can reap some benefits too. Their stress hormones are reduced by stimulating pressure receptors in their hands and arms as they massage, Field says.

To get set up, make sure youre comfortable. Tucking supportive cushions under you helps keep the body in alignment when youre lying on your side. Place a pillow between your knees for added support. Next, consider if youd like to use a lotion or massage oil. While essential oils are by no means necessary for a successful at-home prenatal massage, aromatherapy can enhance the experience. I love using lavender for our pregnancy massages for its relaxing and baby-safe properties, Delalay says. Just give the oils a sniff before using to make sure your heightened senses arent offended, and steer clear of certain essential oils that arent recommended for pregnancy.

Ready to try a prenatal massage at home? Here are some key pointers from the pros.

Precautions For Prenatal Massage

While it is true that massage in first trimester or any time in pregnancy has its benefits, you may still want to take certain precautionary measures to lower your risk of experiencing any complication.

1. Talk to Your OB First

Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider before you receive massage therapy in pregnancy. They may not allow it if you have a high-risk condition. Miscarriage risk is usually higher in the first trimester, so you may not find many experts offering this service anyway.

2. Work with a Pro Only

You should only work with a prenatal massage expert to receive a massage. Only an expert knows how you feel at certain times in your pregnancy, so they can always tweak the therapy and improve your condition. They are also more capable when it comes to selecting the right products to use during a massage session. They always avoid anything with a risk to irritate your skin.

3. Never Lie on Your Back

While an expert will always know it, you should also ensure you do not have to lie on your back during a massage session. Lying on your back after 18 weeks increases the risk of compressing a blood vessel that might lower your blood pressure. Certified massage experts will have a special table that allows you to lie face down. Being in this position alone can be a huge relief. When no such table is available, you should be lying on your side.

4. Avoid Aromatherapy

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Pregnancy Massage The Importance Of Side Lying

Whether youre pregnant in the first trimester or third trimester, pregnancy massage is safe provided you seek treatment from a qualified pregnancy massage practitioner. I often see on social media pregnant women asking for recommendations of where to get pregnancy massages from. Most often I see responses such as They have the bests with belly cut out so you can be on your tummy or I was even able to get on my front with my belly in a hole.

Before I underwent my training through Pregnancy Massage Australia, I used a belly pillow which I thought was safe. However, it doesnt support the baby . A massage practitioner requires a set up that fully supports the baby.

I put mother and babys safety and comfort first.

The question remains, can I lie on my belly at all whilst having a pregnancy massage?

Yes, you can!!!

Up until second trimester, it is safe for you to lie on your belly. This means you can lie on your belly throughout your first trimesterIs it safe to have a pregnancy massage during your first trimester? YES, provided the therapist has been trained and in pregnancy massage.

In my clinic, once my client is 14 weeks pregnant, she side lies.

It is not advisable to be in a prone throughout your entire pregnancy massage, nor lying flat on your back in a supine position.

What happens if I lie face down in the 2nd and 3rd trimester?

As the uterus and baby expand during this time, lying face down creates added stress on the body. It may contribute to:

Tell Your Provider That You Are Pregnant

Prenatal Massage â Elizabeth

Massage therapists will always give a modified massage if you are pregnant. To make sure that you get a pregnancy-safe massage, let them know when you book your appointment and remind them again when you check-in. “This will allow to adjust the pressure and techniques used accordingly,” says Dr. Hruby.

Don’t assume that the therapist will notice your bump either. Always make it clear that you are pregnant.

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Five Safety & Massage Themes

1. Autonomyable to voice my needs and be heard

There were a number of aspects of the consultation that impacted on participants feeling safe, heard and understood. Participants valued having the environment to be able to voice their needs and felt that this was particularly important as you are vulnerable, especially with your first .

I felt like I could ask any question and I would get an answer that wasnt just, Oh yeah, we want your business it was more, yes, we want you to be comfortable and for you to have the best experience .

made sure I was happy with what work she was going to do and she said if at any point you dont want me to do this just say so .

Participants felt that the consultation was an important aspect of being listened to by the massage therapist and being understood, which contributed to participants feeling safe .

was really thorough. She got me to fill out a really extensive form she understood where I was coming from and my concerns .

The first thing was talking with the massage therapist and them listening to where I was at and exactly what I was experiencing, and feeling heard .

It was important to participants that they were continually involved in the treatment decisions each visit, and that the therapists did not assume that the same treatment as last time was okay.

Some participants felt uncomfortable during their massages and, when this occurred, they did not feel able to voice their discomfort.

What Are Some Prenatal Massage Techniques That Husbands Can Do For Their Wife

Well answer this one with a technique thats quite beneficial, the back massage.1) Rub and knead gently on muscles while paying extra attention to the tight ones. Once you have identified those areas, knead them repeatedly with the base of your hands or thumbs.2) Do the first step, working up and down until you cover the whole back.3) Form fists with your hands. With your knuckles, gently press different spots near the lower back.4) Gradually go up towards the neck.5) End the massage by repeating the first and second step.

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Common Misconceptions About Pregnancy Massage During The First Trimester By A Pittsburgh Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist

Many pregnant women have been told that during the first trimester massage must be avoided. Many massage therapists will not book you for a pregnancy massage until the 2nd trimester after they find out that you are 7, 8 or even 9 weeks pregnant when maybe you have just received a massage not only 2 weeks prior…. Why? Is it true that massage can be so bad for you in the first weeks of pregnancy when we know its wonderful health benefits for our over all well being? When under the care of a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, pregnancy massage is not only safe, but can be completely beneficial to mom and baby during these first few weeks of flux. Many of these misconceptions are due to practitioners receiving contradictory information, or from a simple lack of knowledge, fear, and sadly for liability concerns.

One misconception about massage during the first trimester is that some women suffer from morning sickness and thus cannot be worked on. While this is a valid concern, not all women have morning sickness and the women that do may not have it in the morning or even in this trimester at all. Other women carry morning sickness past their first trimester also. While massage therapists do not usually work on anyone who is nauseous or vomiting, appointments can be made for the mama to be when she is not experiencing any symptoms. Certain points can be worked during these sessions that may reduce the severity of her symptoms.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage And Why You Should Do It

Is it Safe to Get a Massage in My First Trimester?

Deep tissue massage during pregnancy may require modifications to the strong pressure and long strokes used in traditional massage methods. In some cases, a massage can leave you sore for a day or two following your session.

Massage therapists use pressure points to release tension, particularly in areas that you choose to focus on during your appointment. For example, if you have leg pain, your therapist may focus on that area of the body while lower back pain requires a different technique.

To get settled in and relaxed, you can light a Cradle & Tonic pregnancy candle designed to alleviate morning sickness, insomnia and fatigue. Breathing in the lavender and lemon scent can put you in a positive mindset to fully relax and absorb all the benefits of a nurturing massage while pregnant.

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Massage Therapy Does Not Cause A Miscarriage

Part of the fear behind a massage during the first trimester stems from the fact that miscarriages are common at 8 to 9 weeks, squarely in the first trimester. To be clear though, a miscarriage occurs because the zygote has an cellular abnormality or the uterus is not capable of holding the zygote, not by the way a trained and professional massage therapist massages you. One in three pregnancy ends in a miscarriage, and those are really scary numbers, so some massage therapist choose to distance themselves from the first trimester to protect themselves. Note: this has nothing to do with the client, but only the massage therapist’s incorrect fears.

Some rare instances of direct, deep, traumatic injury to the either the lower back or abdominal region have resulted in the zygote becoming dislodged from the uterine wall and thus resulting in a spontaneous miscarriage. However, a trained massage will never do traumatic work during a massage session. While we believe that pregnant people can receive deep pressure massages during pregnancy, we do avoid deep work to the lower back and abdominal area. Furthermore, we are trained in prenatal massage therapy techniques, and thus minimize the direct pressure to certain points on the body that may be contraindicated during pregnancy. However, your sore hips and achey back are not on that list of places to avoid, no matter how far along in you are in your pregnancy.

Talk With Your Doctor About Aches And Pains

If youre having significant pain during your pregnancy, especially if its affecting your daily life, be sure to consult with your doctor or birthing professional.

Look, we get it: Everything hurts. Your sciatica makes it hard to walk, your pubic dysplasia is giving you lightning crotch, and it feels like your back is locked into a permanent vice.

Of course you want a massage anyone would!

But while a massage chair might be a solution for you, there are also other pregnancy-safe ways to find relief. And again, be sure to discuss any specific aches and pains you have with a healthcare professional, just to be on the safe side.

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Is It Safe To Have A Foot Massage During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you feel like everything is getting bigger, including your feet. Swollen, achy feet are common for pregnant women, especially during the third trimester. That’s when it’s almost game time and your body is certainly feeling all the changes of the past few months!

More: Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

All of the aches and pains may have you craving a prenatal massage, especially a foot massage. But, like anything else when you’re expecting, you’re probably wondering if it’s safe.

There are some potential risks involved if you’re getting a foot massage during pregnancy as well as some of the areas of the foot you’ll want your massage therapist to avoid. But, there are also some relaxing benefits for pregnant women if their doctors give the green light to a foot massage.

How Much Does A Pregnancy Massage Cost

Pregnancy and Massage: 1st Trimester

The cost of a pregnancy massage varies depending on different factors, such as your geographical location and the type of facility offering massages.

The average cost for a 30- to 60-minute massage is $60 to $100 but can be more.

Insurance usually will not cover a pregnancy massage. Some may offer discounts or cover part of the cost. Some plans may cover massage under chiropractic care.

Check with your insurance provider before scheduling your massage.

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Icipants Ethics And Recruitment

A sample of 20 women who had received massage during pregnancy was sought through purposive sampling. We aimed to recruit sufficient numbers to fully explore our questions and continued recruiting until no new data were forthcoming. A number of authors indicate that saturation often occurs around 1215 participants. More participants are required to ensure that saturation has been reached. It has been proposed that the sweet spot for qualitative research numbers is 1520 participants, as this helps improve open and frank exchange of information, and mitigates some of the bias and validity concerns inherent in qualitative research.

The participants sought for this research were women who had received a massage while pregnant. We were not investigating the massage therapists specifically, thus no identifying information about the massage therapist was asked. To limit the possibility of leading participants or formulating assumptions about correlation, causation, and coincidences, information about how many pregnancy massage treatments participants received, the number of therapists they saw, or the massage therapists qualifications was not asked specifically, although participants were free to respond about any of these areas if they impacted feelings of safety. It was assumed that the women would not have gone to see a massage therapist who was not a member of an association and who was not covered by insurance.

Where Can I Get A Pregnancy Massage

If you want to try a pregnancy massage, you need to find a certified prenatal massage therapist.

These certified professionals have additional training beyond the standard education for a licensed massage therapist. They are trained to look for signs of pregnancy complications , how to position a pregnant person to prevent injuries (such as strain to the uterine ligaments, and how to address other specific needs during pregnancy.

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Leg Massage During Pregnancy

Instead of kneading your leg muscles , have your partner rotate your thigh muscles around your femurfirst clockwise, then counter clockwiseas you stand leaning over a chair or countertop. These leg muscles attach at your lower back and pelvis, so youll feel everything releasing with the motion, Lyon added.

Prenatal Massage In The First Trimester

Pregnancy: The First Trimester
Article Contents

Massage during pregnancy can do wonders for your health and wellbeing. Reducing your stress levels, relieving muscle aches and even rejuvenating your energy are just some of the possible benefits. Some mothers say that pregnancy massage even helps them to feel more connected with their growing baby.Massage is generally safe for most pregnant women. However, the safety of massages in the first trimester has often been an area of controversy. Because of this, some massage therapists refuse to give pregnant women a massage until after the first trimester after 12 weeks gestation.If you are experiencing lots of morning sickness and fatigue in your first trimester, you might not even feel like a massage. Lying on your tummy could make you feel more nauseated. Consider whether your time and money might be better spent on a massage later on in your pregnancy when you are feeling better and may enjoy it more.If you are interested in getting a massage before you’re 12 weeks pregnant, it’s a good idea to talk to your healthcare professional first. Before you make an appointment for a massage, ask whether a massage might pose any risks to your health and the progress of your pregnancy.Check the training and experience of the massage therapist. Some are more experienced with pregnancy massage.

The problem with massages in early pregnancy

Your safest option for massage


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