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What Does A Massage Do For Your Body

Secret #26 Assists With Depression Symptoms

Acupressure Massage Therapy – Get Rid Of Common Pains At Home

Depression can be a devastating problem that is not easily solved. Most patients take prescription anti-depressants, but these come with their own terrible side effects.

Massage therapy can help! The emotional benefits of massage therapy have been proven beyond a doubt. Multiple studies, such as this one, have found massage can improve mood and reduce depression for a variety of people.

The One Secret That No One Ever Mentions

There might be numerous benefits to massage therapy but there is one thing that for some reason is truly kept secret and that no one ever seems mention.

Do you know what it is?

Its the fact that, after any massage therapy session, you will feel so good that you are literally counting the days and minutes until your next appointment!

Schedule an Appointment and Receive

When To See A Pro

See a doctor or massage therapist for a facial massage or if youd like to address specific medical concerns, including acne, TMJ, or scar reduction.

A professional will have the skill and expertise to tailor the facial massage to your specific needs. They can also recommend any additional treatments.

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Can Massage Be Helpful For Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Massage therapy may be helpful for some fibromyalgia symptoms if itâs continued for long enough.

  • A 2014 evaluation of 9 studies concluded that massage therapy, if continued for at least 5 weeks, improved pain, anxiety, and depression in people with fibromyalgia but did not have an effect on sleep disturbance.
  • A 2015 evaluation of 10 studies compared the effects of different kinds of massage therapy and found that most styles of massage had beneficial effects on quality of life in people with fibromyalgia. Swedish massage may be an exception 2 studies of this type of massage did not show benefits.

For more information, see NCCIHâs fact sheet on fibromyalgia.

How Massage Helped Taya Relax

What You Do To Your Body Matters

Taya is getting married in a week and is feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the planning and upcoming activities. Taya’s best friend gives her a gift certificate for a 60-minute massage to help her relax and reduce her stress.

Taya has had clinical massages before that focused on reducing knots in her shoulders and neck. However, during this massage, Taya states that she primarily needs some time to recharge, get centered, rejuvenate, refresh, and float away. Taya chooses the music and type of oil, and she and the therapist agree that the session will be for relaxation only, with no clinical techniques.

The therapist suggests that Taya stops thinking about all the things that need to be done, consciously set aside her to-do list, and focus on quieting her mind and relaxing her body by slowing her breathing. To facilitate relaxation, Taya and the therapist agree not to talk.

The massage therapist uses techniques typically used in relaxation massage, such as kneading and passive stretching of muscles in the neck and back, as well as gliding strokes on both the front and back of legs and arms.

At the end of session, Taya is revitalized and confident that she will be able to manage all her tasks before the wedding. To preserve her sense of peace and relaxation, Taya decides not to run errands right away, but to go straight home and relax.

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Massage Can Help You Sleep Better

Just like stress and anxiety run rampant today, so does lack of sleep. If you need a little help unwinding, consider adding regular massages into your wellness routine. Scientists have found that therapeutic massage can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and get better quality shut-eye. Massage therapy is even known to help people with insomnia catch more ZZZs.

What Does Deep Tissue Massage Release

Therapeutic massage can also reduce stress and help with health conditions like fibromyalgia and high blood pressure. The deep tissue massage relaxes the body and relieves tension. On the same subject : What to do after a deep tissue massage?. However, it can be uncomfortable at first due to the pressure on the deep muscle areas.

What does deep tissue massage do?

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique primarily used to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as strains and sports injuries. It uses sustained pressure with slow, deep movements to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissue.

What is massaged in a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the tense areas, either along or across the fibers of the muscles, tendons and fascia.

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How Massage Helped Chu Recover From Injury

33 year-old Chu was playing baseball for first time all season. As he slid into home, he collided with the catcher. His arm was pushed away from his body, and he felt pain immediately upon impact. Later, Chu had trouble taking off his sweatshirt. He felt pain when moving his arm and shoulder away from his body and couldn’t reach as far as he normally could.

He made an appointment with his doctor, who diagnosed a strain of the rotator cuff muscles. The doctor offered to prescribe muscle relaxants and suggested that Chu rest the arm and take pain medication. The other option the doctor suggested was clinical massage therapy: specifically a 30-minute clinical massage twice a week for three weeks. Chu decided to try massage therapy. On his first visit, the massage therapist asked about the injury, the level of pain, and what made the pain worse. She suggested the following massage treatments: cross-fiber friction, NeuroMuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial therapy, and compression of compensatory muscle groups . She also suggested that Chu apply ice and do some passive stretching.

Chu completed his series of 30-minute sessions twice a week for 3 weeks with icing, stretching, and careful activity between appointments. At the end of the 3 weeks, he experienced significant lessening of pain and greater range of motion. He had no soreness in daily activities and less pain after baseball practice.

Massage Eases Muscle Pain

Can a massage improve our immune system? – BBC

Speaking of sleep, have you ever tried to fall asleep and found yourself wide awake due to muscle pain?

Do you experience chronic aches and pains, such as a stiff neck or upper back? These discomforts can wear us down both mentally and physically.

Specific areas of the body can be targeted with massage to release tension and reduce swelling and tightness.

Chronic pain, especially when it is caused by certain health conditions or injury, can be improved by deep tissue/corrective massage techniques.

Your massage therapist will not only determine your need for deep tissue massage but will also help you develop a massage schedule that builds one on top of the other, leaving less gap for pain and stress to return.

This ensures you not only feel better today, but you continue to feel better!

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Health Benefits Of A Swedish Massage

Massages are a great way to relax and unwind. A massage involves manipulating the muscles and joints to relieve stress or pain. This is achieved by relaxing tight muscles and promoting blood circulation.

Getting a Swedish massage can also be beneficial to your heart. A masseuse manipulates the body’s soft tissues and uses strokes that flow toward the heart, improving blood circulation.

Swedish massage may help reduce symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. Some of the symptoms that could be managed by massage therapy include back pains, headaches, muscle issues and other chronic pains.

Massages are also associated with boosting immunity. This can help you in managing conditions like the common cold, asthma, diabetes, and breast cancer.

In addition to the positive health impacts mentioned above, getting a Swedish massage may also have the following benefits:

Nerve stimulation. By applying pressure and manipulating the muscles, a Swedish massage helps to stimulate nerves located in different parts of the body. The nerves could be stimulated in a way that helps to manage pain and discomfort.

Mood booster. Massages have been found to improve mood by promoting the production of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. These hormones act to stabilize your mood, helping you feel happy and positive. A Swedish massage could also act to reduce the production of cortisol, a stress-causing hormone.

Massage Therapy Can Improve & Help Preventive Headaches & Migraines

Did you know that many types of headaches can originate from muscle tension? There are many muscles of the face, jaw and neck that all contribute to the onset of headaches. People who suffer from TMJ disorders can experience extreme pain in their jaw and forehead area that often leads to headaches caused by the joint of the jaw and the muscles tightening around it. A massage therapist can use trigger point therapy or another means of releasing knots in these areas to reduce the tightening of muscles and the overall cause of tension headaches. For headaches from light sensitivity or over stimulation , massage therapy can provide a place that is shut off from the stimulus of the outside world and its noises and stressors. Massage therapy can help to drastically reduce sensory input by a) putting you in a dark room away from the sounds and stimulus of the outside world and B) work with your comfort to provide a place where you can relax and address the tension brought on by a migraine attack. Migraines are especially difficult to deal with as they can take up all your attention, make daily life almost unbearable and can be very painful.

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How Massage Therapy Helps The Respiratory System

Massage plays an important role in training the body how to relax and help improve breathing. It does this by reducing the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate through slow, deliberate and controlled strokes. When any of the muscles in the chest, stomach as well as the upper back are tight for a long time or shortened either due to stress or bad posture, it can make your normal breathing difficult.

I briefly mentioned in previously about the sympathetic nervous system which is your fight or flight response. Being in a constant state of stress or anxiety can release Cortisol, our fight or flight response hormone. Signs of this can be shown via quickened or shorter breathing.

Did you know that after the bodys perceived threat is gone, it takes between 20 to 60 minutes for the body to return to normal levels?

High levels of cortisol have been linked to many stress-related symptoms and illnesses including sleep deprivation, anxiety, inflammation and aggression. Massage can help reduce levels of cortisol levels, returning the body and mind to a more balanced state.

Massage therapy can not only improve breathing and reduce stress, but also posture. This helps open the chest area ensuring that your rib cage is in the correct alignment needed for optimal lung function Not only will massage therapy help relax muscles, it can also help individuals become aware of their daily stress levels and can also help you enjoy a more balanced life.

Here Are The Top 10 Health Benefits Of Foot Massage And Reflexology

7 Strange Things Stress Can Do to Your Body  TAB Massage

1. Promotes Better Sleep

The benefits of foot massage just before going to bed can help you sleep better. A soothing and relaxing foot massage will help the body unwind, improve blood circulation and relax the nerves. These in turn will encourage restful sleep.

There are certain acupuncture points on your feet that need to be massaged to promote sleep.

  • Sit upright with your foot in your lap.
  • Using your thumb, press in and around the large plantar pad of your big toe.
  • Do this for at least 1 minute on each of the big toes.
  • Next, massage the bottom of your feet for 10 minutes with warm coconut oil, olive oil or mustard oil.
  • 2. Improves Blood Circulation

    Due to sedentary lifestyles, most of us do not use the muscles of our feet properly. Also, improper footwear like tight shoes hamper normal circulation in the feet.

    You can improve your blood circulation with 10 minutes of daily foot massage. This in turn will help transport oxygen to the bodys cells, which is essential for overall health. Needless to say, you also need to opt for proper and comfortable footwear.

    Foot massage will also stimulate the lymphatic system and help prevent varicose veins.

  • Put any massage oil in your palm and rub it firmly on your foot for several minutes.
  • Then, stroke the foot gently but firmly from toes to ankle.
  • Finally, give a gentle massage to your lower leg also.
  • Repeat the same with the other foot.
  • 3. Helps You Relax

    4. Fights Depression

    5. Relieves Aches and Pains

    6. Makes Feet Healthier

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    Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You To Know

    We got the inside scoop on how to have the best rubdown ever.

    Its no surprise that a massage can seriously soothe your mind and body, and you already know a solid rubdown has impressive health perks, like better blood circulation, amped immunity, anxiety relief, and even improved sleep quality. But beyond the obvious, theres a lot to wonder about the magic of massage. Few therapies are quite so up-close-and-personal, so to avoid awkward moments, wasted cash, and potential pain, its crucial to be in the know. We asked certified massage therapists for the inside scoop on how to have the best possible massage experience.

    It’s Fine to Get Butt NakedWe get that it can be a little uncomfortable to strip down to your birthday suit in front of someone youve never met, but really, it’s totally normal. Remember, massage therapists are trained professionals and your undressing can actually lead to a better appointment. “Undress to the point of where you feel comfortable,” says Rod Cain, licensed massage therapist and owner of Rod Cain Massage Therapy in Burlington, Vermont. “A professional will keep you covered with sheets or draping where appropriate, but you should know that undergarments can sometimes get in the way of long strokes or pressure points and inhibit you from experiencing the best massage possible.

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    What Is A Release Of Emotions

    A catharsis is an emotional release. According to psychoanalytic theory, this emotional liberation is linked to the need to resolve unconscious conflicts. For example, experiencing stress from a work-related situation can lead to frustration and tension.

    Why Emotional Liberation Matters

    You can bring yourself the gift of peace like no one else can. By following the seven steps of Emotional Liberation, you can break free from the pain of old wounds, resentment, and defenses while expanding your awareness and well-being.

    What is the mental emotional release process?

    MER stands for Mental and Emotional Release® Mental and Emotional Release® is a clinically researched approach to help you release stress, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions. You will be able to use MER to overcome procrastination, depression and phobias.

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    How To Give A Full Body Massage

    This article was co-authored by Justyna Kareta. Justyna Kareta is a Certified Master Massage Therapist and Owner of Lush Massage, a massage studio based in San Francisco, California. Justyna has over nine years of experience as a therapist and specializes in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage and CranioSacral Therapy to soothe the nervous system and facilitate deep healing. She received her massage therapy training from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, is certified by California Massage Therapy Council, and is a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 45 testimonials and 97% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 2,038,300 times.

    Giving a full body massage is a wonderful way to help a person get rid of stress and sore muscles. It can also help two people become more intimate. Read this wikiHow to learn how to give a full body massage.

    Secret #7 Stops Low Back Pain Fast

    Should You Massage Your Thyroid Gland?

    Whether your low back pain comes from sciatica, a bulging disc, arthritis, or some other problem, one thing is certain low back pain is greatly reduced with massage therapy.

    This study found that not only was massage therapy effective for reducing the intensity of low back pain, but this pain reduction steadily increased throughout the 10-week study period.

    Combining chiropractic adjustments and chiropractic massage therapy makes for the perfect healing combination when it comes to low back pain.

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    Aromatherapy Is A Complementary Therapy Used With Swedish Massage To Enhance And Deepen Its Effectiveness Aromatherapy Has Been Around Since Ancient Times And Has Been Proven To Help The Body Relax Relieve Stress Improve Mood And Promote Healing

    Aromatherapy massage oils are usually concentrated plant fragrances, essential oils, ginseng, peppermint and jojoba oils.

    Many aromatherapy massage oils are also known for their ability to stimulate blood flow to the skin surface.

    Aromatherapy massage therapy using these massage oils promotes the proper circulation of blood and nutrients to the skin surface and provides deep tissue massage like no other.

    It also helps in detoxifying the body and helps prevent the onset of aging and disease.

    In addition to using these aromatherapy massage oils, a combination of different massage therapies may be used to enhance the full effects of the Swedish massage. These additional therapies may include electric massage, heat stones, hot water bottles, aromatherapy lotion, warm towels and more. You may want to consult your doctor if you are planning on using these additional treatments along with the Swedish massage oils.

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