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Foot Massage Points For Fertility

The Benefits Of Self Fertility Massage

10 Techniques for Infertility | Reflexology

Regularly receiving fertility massage provides many benefits for the reproductive system. Some of the benefits are:

  • Helps to reposition a tilted uterus
  • Promotes hormonal balance
  • Encourages the liver to get rid of excess hormones
  • Promotes hormonal balance by strengthening the hormonal feedback loop
  • Helps the body to rid itself of old stagnant blood and tissues

Two prominent studies from 1998 and 2003 led by Physical Therapist Belinda Wurn and her husband, Massage Therapist Larry Wurn, set out to evaluate the effectiveness of manual soft-tissue therapy including massage in treating women with infertility* who were known to have adhesions in their abdomen/pelvic area, and concluded that site-specific protocol of manual soft-tissue therapy facilitates fertility in women with a wide array of adhesion-related infertility and biomechanical reproductive organ dysfunction.

*The studies included women who are experiencing or have experienced pelvic pain, adhesions, bicornuate uterus, D& C, ectopic pregnancy, fibroids, failure to ovulate , hydrosalpinx, irregular menstrual periods, hormonal problems, tubal occlusion, ovarian cystectomy, myomectomy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, etc. .

Stress Caused From Fertility Issues

While trying to stay stress free during your journey towards motherhood is important, it can sometimes seem impossible. Co-director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles Margareta Pisarska believes that continued focus of research needs to be on how conception can be interfered with by the physiological effects of stress.

Self Fertility Massage is a very relaxing routine that you can also use as a stress-relieving therapy. While you are receiving a massage, the body begins to relax, blood flow increases, endorphins release, and muscles let go. Making Self Fertility Massage a part of your routine can bring a peace to your day that is priceless.

In one study published in the journal Human Reproduction, 401 couples participated in a prospective cohort study over 12 months with the intent to prove the correlation between elevated stress levels and instances of pregnancy. Higher levels of stress as measured by salivary alpha-amylase are associated with a longer time-to-pregnancy and an increased risk of infertility Among the 401 women who completed the protocol, 347 became pregnant and 54 did not, reported researchers. These findings alone prove stress management techniques, which include massage, are a much needed part of any couples fertility journey.

May Help Alleviate Edema

Edema is defined as the retention of fluids within the tissues of the body. Reflexology is contraindicated for edema anywhere in the body because it can induce fluid movement that can be too much for an obviously compromised lymphatic system to handle.

However, massage may help with edema if the practitioner is qualified in the practice of lymphatic drainage, which enables removal of waste from the lymphatic system by stimulating movement.

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How To Apply Self Acupressure For Fertility

You can easily and safely try acupressure at home. However, it is ideal to take initial guidance from a professional to get trained about the exact pressure points and cun measurements. Usually, one cun is approximately 1 centimetre. It is a fulfilling experience if you do it with your partner as well.

Here is our guidance:

  • Use your fingertips or thumb to apply pressure to the point corresponding to the problem you have. You may also use the end of a wooden spoon or a pencil eraser.
  • Do not press so hard that you feel pain or discomfort. Press only so much that youre still comfortable.
  • If your acupressure points are on your backside, seek your partners help.
  • To stimulate the point correctly, you need to move your fingers in a clockwise direction slowly.
  • Take slow, deep breaths when you apply the pressure.
  • Press for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Then release the first point and move onto the next.
  • Keep your nails short to avoid scratching the pressure point.

Acupuncture Points For Fertility

11 Effective Acupunture Points for Infertility in Women

There are different acupoints in your body that can be stimulated to get health benefits. Acupuncture is a method that involves stimulating those points with the help of hair-thin needles. Many people confuse acupuncture with acupressure, but acupressure is a different treatment method and involves applying pressure to stimulate acupoints. Experts are of the view that acupuncture is more beneficial because it triggers a stronger stimulation, and therefore a great choice for women trying to conceive. You just need to have information about acupuncture points for treating fertility to get started. Here is more about it.

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Reasons Reflexology For Infertility Works

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Pressing the feet to get a baby? Reflexology is a treatment working certain points on the feet which correspond with the body.

So why on earth are there so many stories around on the internet of women who claim that this therapy helped them get pregnant?

As a maternity reflexologist here are the three reasons I think it works:

  • Rebalancing the Body
  • Taking Control
  • Herbal Compress Massage For The Genitals

    An abundant blood circulation through the prostate is considered essential for the supply of essential nutrients, effective lymphatic drainage, and an optimal prostate function.

    Notably in traditional medicine systems hot herbal compress massages are used for men as a means to improve blood circulation in the abdominal and pelvic area in general, and in and around the prostate and testicles in particular.

    Its thought that using hot herbal compresses over a prolonged period of time can reverse or alleviate Benign Prostate Enlargement and can stimulate important nerves and blood vessels near the prostate for healthy sexual function, such as for getting an erection. Additionally, herbal compresses can alleviate prostate and pelvic pains.

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    How Is Reflexology Helpful To Women Trying For A Baby

    Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive healing art that uses pressure points on the feet and hands to balance out other parts of the body. It aims to alleviate tensions and promote relaxation and can be beneficial for pregnancy or indeed, couples trying for a baby.

    The Association of Reflexologists gathers feedback from their members, and it indicates that over 50% of clients seeking reflexology in connection with conception find themselves pregnant within six months. Of course, this isnt a hard and fast rule and very difficult to quantify, but many benefits have been reported and my own experience is good. The advantage of a reflexology treatment is that fertility issues wont be treated in isolation. Instead, the overall health of the whole person is addressed during the treatment, which allows for hormones to be balanced and stress levels to be tackled too. For maximum effect, a reflexologist might recommend that the dad-to-be receive treatment too after all, theres two people involved with making a baby!

    How Do You Do It

    TTC HAND REFLEXOLOGY | Self Acupressure Massage to Boost Fertility

    Another fantastic benefit of acupressure massage is that its relatively quick & easily to administer by either you or your partner. Simply hold each point for the total of 20-30 seconds, release & repeat for 1-2 mins. A sore or achy sensation may be experienced, this is perfectly normal.

    li 4

    Location: between the index and thumb. mid between at the junction.

    Indications: Aside from fertility it also helps with headaches, digestive issues, stress and anxiety.

    Location: On the inside of the ankle, three finger breadths above the inner ankle.

    Indications: period pain, groin pain, irritability, cramping


    Location: On the sole of the foot between the second and third toes, at the depression near ball of the foot.

    massage towards the big toe.

    Indications: headaches, dizziness, vertigo, stress

    How To Increase Fertility Through Chinese Medicine

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    Bob Wong is an AHPRA licensed, sixth generation acupuncturist from the USA. He currently works from his acupuncture Brisbane clinic. He has experience working in China, USA, and Australia with a special focus in chronic pain, Womens Health, Fertility, Pregnancy Care, Stroke Recovery, Neurological Disorders, Back Pain,Sciatica,Frozen Shoulder,Arthritis, Bells palsy, and other musculoskeletal ailments.

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    Help Conceive With Reflexology

    Reflexology for infertility is now a popular treatment for couples who are trying to conceive. Some choose reflexology to help improve fertility before going down the route of medical intervention. For others, they use reflexology for infertility in conjunction with assisted conception such as IVF.

    Reflexology can help reduce anxiety and stress which are often two major causes that affect your ability to conceive. Addressing these issues alongside dietary and lifestyle changes can help improve your chances of conceiving.

    How Long Before You Start Seeing Benefits

    According to Martinez, the majority of patients notice benefits after their first reflexology session.

    Everybody is unique and heals in their own timing, says Martinez. In general, reflexology best complements natural healing already taking place.

    While you may be able to feel the effects of reflexology after just one treatment, its advised to continue using reflexology alongside other doctor-recommended treatments for best results.

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    Self Fertility Massage Q& a

    What can I expect from the Self Fertility Massage DVD?Well, first I have to tell you that it is not a Hollywood shot movie. The DVD consists of me teaching you step-by-step how to do the Self Fertility Massage techniques. I also dont use models in the video. I personally show you how to do the massage techniques on yourself by doing them on myself.

    You can expect to learn a massage practice you can do on yourself daily. You can expect to save money by not having to find and pay a massage therapist who specializes in fertility massage . And you can expect to see a difference in your reproductive health.

    Can I use the Self Fertility Massage techniques if I am getting IVF or if I am on fertility medications?The techniques used in Self Fertility Massage may be helpful and can be used if you are preparing for a fertility procedure or on fertility medications. Let your doctor know you are using massage. The techniques are safe to use before your procedures, but discontinue them once the transfer has occurred.

    Will this be easy to add to my daily routine?Yes. We have a quick recap at the end of the DVD so you can quickly access it and follow the instructions daily until you have it memorized.

    The massage portion is approximately 15-20 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes of reflexology, which makes this practice easy to fit into any day.

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    How Self Fertility Massage Works


    Massage has been used for centuries to help women increase their fertility and create a healthy uterus. To understand how Self Fertility Massage works you will need to understand the female reproductive anatomy. There are three major fertility organs that Self Fertility Massage is going to affect. These include the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries as well as the stomach, liver, and intestines.

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    Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Detox Massage

    Chi Nei Tsang or Thai Abdominal Chi and Internal Organs Massage is a traditional healing massage treatment that combines Chinese, Thai Massage and meditation techniques while focusing predominantly on the abdominal area.

    The name Abdominal Detox Massage is somewhat limiting because the treatment is not about the abdomen only, but affects internal organs in the abdominal, pelvic and thoracic region. One of the important assumptions made in Chi Nei Tsang is the belief that unresolved emotional issues are stored in the digestive system and that poor emotional digestion is one of the main reasons for ill health.

    Treatments can be found across Thailand, but most particularly in the Chiang Mai region.

    What Is Fertility Massage

    A fertility massage can include a deep tissue massage of the abdomen intended to increase circulation, which is thought by some practitioners to boost fertility. It can also include the use of certain acupressure points around the feet, especially the inner and outer ankles, which correspond to the uterus, ovaries, and other reproductive organs. These are used in a form of foot massage called reflexology. Regular relaxation techniques similar to those used in a normal massage, like shoulder and neck rubs, can also be incorporated into a fertility massage. These massage techniques stimulate and support circulation and blood flow within the abdominal area and pelvic bowl, supporting the body for optimal function of digestive and reproductive health and wellness.

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    Is There Any Harm In Getting A Massage When Youre Trying To Conceive

    Most types of massage are safe when youre trying to conceive. But that isn’t the case once you get pregnant. Massage is generally not advised or permitted in the first trimester, and after that only prenatal massages by properly trained therapists are recommended.

    It’s also best to try to minimize or avoid lying on your back for prolonged periods of time once youre past the first trimester. You can, however, be elevated on your back during a massage. Talk to your practitioner before you get a massage, whether youre trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant, so he or she is aware of your situation. And make sure you see a licensed massage therapist who’s experienced in prenatal massage if you’re expecting.

    Is Reflexology Suitable For Babies

    Acupressure & Acupuncture : Yoga Reflexology Acupressure for Pregnancy

    Yes, they have comparatively short sessions compared to adults, so a few movements will suffice for a baby and can be combined with rhymes to keep their attention. Its quite a nice thing to do if you have a hand free whilst feeding and it may calm down any gastric problems associated with feeding. Pressing on the solar plexus point is good for calming hiccups and gentle stroking all over the foot is always a good option for calming tears.

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    Benefits Of Fertility Massage

  • Hormonal Balance – The massage is thought to release feel-good hormones, including oxytocin. This promotes hormonal balance by clearing pathways for feedback between reproductive organs and endocrine systems.

  • Fertility massage helps to break up scar tissue and adhesions from caesareans, pelvic issues, and abdominal surgery. The removal of adhesions is really effective in providing a non-intrusive therapy for blocked fallopian tubes as well as endometriosis.

  • It also helps to bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the ovaries, improving egg health and improving circulation to the uterus and surrounding organs.

  • Fertility massage can remove stagnant blood and tissues, clearing congestion. In endometriosis the massage rids the body of the old blood, thereby improving the health of the womb.

  • Which Conditions Can Reflexology For Infertility Help With

    In order to address fertility health issues, the reflexology practitioner will work on reflexology points specific to your female fertility areas. Other areas may require help to re-balance. These areas are the ovaries, uterus, immune system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, neurological system and endocrine system .

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    Important Reflexology Points For Fertility Massage:

    • Pineal: Produces hormones, specifically melatonin

    • Pituitary: Responsible for all the major reproductive hormones

    • Thyroid: Helps regulate and stimulate the menstrual cycle

    • Pancreas: Helps regulate the breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates

    • AdrenalGlands: Releases stress hormones

    • Liver: Cleanses the body

    • Spleen: Filters and cleanses blood

    • LargeandSmallIntestines: Cleanses the digestive tract

    • Uterus: Pretty important in carrying the soon to be baby

    • Ovaries: Produces healthy eggs for conception

    • UterineTubes: Carries the eggs to the uterus for implantation

    Important Acupressure Points To Improve Fertility In Women

    Acupressure Points to Improve Fertility in Women

    The treatment for infertility using acupressure involves the improvement of blood flow to the female reproductive organs in order to flush out toxins and reduce inflammation of the organs.


    These acupuncture points for fertility are located on the upper most region of the body and it starts from the head and moves down gradually.

    Epang II: This point is located on two sides of the scalp just above the hair line on the outer side of the eye brows. Stimulating these two points helps in treating problems of PMS, relieving painful menstruation and helps in regularizing the menstrual cycle.

    Yintang: This acupressure point is located on the forehead just between the two eyebrows. Stimulating this point with the fingers helps in improving the functions of the pituitary gland that regulates the release of female sex hormones. In addition, this acupressure point also helps in relieving migraines and anxiety related headaches.

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    What Does A Fertility Massage Entail

    • Cranial/Sacral holds
    • Scalp massage, jaw massage, and shoulder massage
    • Reflexology points on legs and feet that have to do with the reproductive organ referral points as well as specific organs and glands that help aid in fertility
    • Meridian points down the arms, legs, and back
    • Intestinal massage
    • Pelvic massage over the sheet not going past the pubic bone
    • Repositioning of the uterus

    Reflexology And Other Therapies

    Reflexologists follow the wisdom that if you apply the right amount of pressure to certain points on your hands, feet or ears, you can affect different areas of a person’s body. They believe that specific points affect different parts and functions of the body, as well as several different ailments. For example in reflexology, if pressure is applied to specific pressure points on feet that are directly connected to your stomach, if done right, it can relieve nausea.

    Reflexologist do not claim to diagnose health issues or cure disorders, but rather to work together with other treatments to help alieve ailments. Millions of individuals use reflexology to help them combat health concerns such as but not limited to bladder function, anxiety, diabetes, headaches, nausea, asthma, heart conditions, and menopause.

    Reflexology Chart of the Feet

    This reflexology chart has areas color coded, with each one corresponding with different parts or organs of the body. The right foot is connected to the body parts on that side of the body and the left with the left side of the body. For example, the heart is on the left side of the body so the corresponding pressure points will be on the left foot.

    Acupressure/Acupuncture vs. Reflexology

    Massage vs. Reflexology

    Often people mix up massage with reflexology. While both of them use the power of touch, they differ greatly in practice and approach.

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