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Anthem Blue Cross Massage Coverage

We Accept Most Major Health Insurance Plans As Well As Auto Accident And Workers Compensation Claims

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers Medicare Advantage plans with Essential Extras

We have over 13 years of experience working with insurance and you are in good hands with our expert administrative staff. Here are some important things to know about utilizing insurance for acupuncture, chiropractic and massage: Given the complexities of each individual major medical insurance plan, we are not always able to determine exactly what your plan will cover. Due to this, we highly recommend you contact your insurance company directly to familiarize yourself with your current benefits before calling to schedule your appointment. To help with this process, weve provided a form with step-by-step instructions on what to ask your insurance company. Please feel free to download and print it out. If you have any questions, please give us a call so we can discuss your particular situation.

At the time of service, we will do our best to give you an accurate estimate of your patient responsibility, but you are ultimately responsible for any additional charges not covered by your insurance. We recommend understanding your own insurance coverage before seeking care!

Year Average Profilepoints Score For Massage Therapists Who Take Anthem:

Is massage therapy covered by anthem insurance. O health spa or health fitness centers . additionally, health insurance claims are legal documents, so massage therapists must collect and retain information supporting their requests for payments. In this type of situation, massage generally needs to be deemed medically necessary..

Get the best quote and save 30% today! On average, patients who use zocdoc can search for a therapist / counselor who takes anthem blue cross blue shield insurance, book an appointment, and see the therapist / counselor within 24 hours. It is possible for massage therapy to cover by these as well as major insurance companies.

Insurance may cover massage therapy for personal injury protection claims and workmans compensation claims. The same often true for persons covered under a health management organization . For example, some plans cover massages under the guise of chiropractic care.

Average overall user rating for massage therapists who take bluecross blueshield: Insurance may cover massage therapy when prescribed by a physician, osteopath, chiropractor or physical therapist. Services and supplies for a sex change and/or the reversal of a sex change.

Get your massage therapy covered by insurance. Massage therapy is not covered by all insurance plans. Find a massage therapist accepting bluecross and/or blueshield.

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How Much Does Therapy Cost With The Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield Plan

Because Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers so many health insurance plans, how much a person will pay for therapy out of their own pocket varies depending on their plan, their geography, and the therapist they see.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield only provides coverage for in-network therapists. This means that there is a set network of therapy providers to choose from anyone else outside of this network will not be eligible for reimbursement. For this reason, it is typically most cost-effective to see an in-network therapist if you have Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Many Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance plans require the client to pay a copayment that may be between $15-30 each session. Other plans require that the client pays a coinsurance, which may range from 20-80%. To find out your actual out-of-pocket expense for therapy, search your Summary and Benefits document for your plans rates.

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About The Anthem Mental Health Covered By Insurance

Anthem is one of the primary Blue Cross and Blue Shield subsidiaries that is offering some rehab coverage, although as with most insurance companies and policies. The anthem blue cross rehab coverage is depending on the location of the policyholder and the specifics of their plan.

Anthem Blue Cross is one part of many state exchanges that are available through the affordable care act and under the stipulations of the ACA. These insurance companies are required to cover mental health lincoln county mt care as an essential provision. Anthem is a large insurance company with many providers in its network, all over the country. This means that finding a treatment center that accepts your policy should not be too difficult.

The Anthem website itself has a comprehensive provider directory, or you can telephone the company directly and ask them.

Anthem Mental Health Covered By Insurance

Direct Bill For Chiropractic Massage Therapy Physiotherapy And Vision Claims


Now your chiropractic, massage therapy, physiotherapy and optical provider can submit your claims online. When your provider uses this option, you will no longer need to pay out of pocket for the entire claim then wait to be reimbursed for the portion covered by your benefit plan. Your provider will receive payment directly and you will only pay for the portion not covered by your plan.

Find a provider who offers direct billing

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How To Choose Between Anthem Blue Cross Of California Inpatient And Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs

For people that havent been drinking for a long time or who just dont suffer from severe alcoholism, outpatient rehab could be a good option. It could also be a decent option for people who live in a supportive surrounding and have enough willpower to maintain regular attendance.11 Also, if you have previous engagements and are still able to do your job, think clearly and function normally outpatient rehab might be enough.11

But, if you have problems that are making your everyday life hard you should consider entering into an inpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab is the highest level of care because it offers a beneficial ecosystem that is free of triggers and a focused and structured environment that encourages accountability and responsibility.9 Medical professionals will monitor your progress 24/7 and adjust the treatment accordingly.5

During inpatient rehab you will be living with peers who have similar issues and who will act as motivating influence and a support group during treatment.5 If you suffer from severe forms of alcoholism or one or more co-existing mental disorders, inpatient rehab could help you get better before enrolling into an extended outpatient therapy.9

How Much Would Partial Hospitalization Program For Alcohol Cost

Partial hospitalization programs could be seen as a combination of inpatient and outpatient rehab approaches. They use inpatient treatment techniques and are more intense than outpatient rehab but individuals dont have to spend the night in the hospital.11 This saves money and helps people who need inpatient level of intensity but just cant afford that form of treatment.

Patients get from 30 to 50 hours of daily sessions per week in a hospital environment.11 For people who attend 10 hour sessions every day it means they practically spend their entire day in inpatient rehab before sleeping in their homes.11 For this reason it is a good option for those who have a stable home situation and friends that dont drink and could support them though treatment.

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How To Get Massage Therapy For Cheap

An insurance policy that covers more services costs more than those that dont. The premium of the insurance plan also varies from one insurer to another.

How much you need to pay for your massage therapy will depend on whether or not its covered by your insurance. Call your insurance company to know if you will get reimbursed and how much is your deductible.

You may find affordable services through the following:

  • Look for local massage schools that offer massage therapy services at affordable or discounted prices.
  • Ask massage service providers if they have special deals, or if they offer discounted rates.
  • Find a licensed massage therapist that offers discounts for clients who pay cash upfront or those that offer low-cost installment repayment plans.

What Are The Questions You Need To Ask Your Insurer About The Coverage For Massage Therapy

Northside Hospital patients to remain in-network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

After youve confirmed that your insurer covers massage therapies, there are a few other questions you need to ask. This will help you understand how your insurance policy works in terms of getting this type of treatment.

  • What are the requirements you need to meet to qualify for reimbursement?
  • Is there any out-of-pocket cost? How much do you need to pay?
  • What is the maximum amount that your plan will cover for every visit?
  • What is the annual maximum amount payable for every policy term?
  • What is the maximum time limit for the massage therapy session? What is the session time limit for each body region?
  • Is there a list of massage therapists whose services are covered by your insurance plan?
  • What types of massages are covered?

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How Long Will Anthem Blue Cross Of California Cover My Alcohol Rehab

It will largely depend on the type of Anthem Blue Cross of California plan that you have and your individual needs. Every case of addiction is different and will vary in terms of how long and how frequently the persons been drinking, how much alcohol they consume, how strong they are mentally, and how determined they are to stay in treatment.5

Different types of alcohol rehab require different duration of treatment and median length of stay can vary greatly between them. Average or median length of stay for those that completed treatment was:10

  • Around 4 months in case of standard outpatient treatment.
  • A little bit less than 3 months for intensive outpatient treatment programs.
  • Just below 100 days for outpatient MAT.
  • 4 days for standard alcohol detoxification programs.

For this reason there are many different types of Anthem Blue Cross of California insurance policies and multiple tiers of coverage. This effectively means that there are great differences between individual plans so youll have to take into consideration the type of plan you have before submitting into addiction treatment.

Whichever rehab you choose, keep in mind that entering into treatment as soon as possible and remaining in rehab long enough could prove crucial for successful recovery.16 If you want to find more information about your specific healthcare plan just call the number that is written on the back of your Anthem Blue Cross of California insurance card.

How Can You Get Your Massage Therapy Covered By Your Insurance

Although theres no guarantee that your insurance company will cover it, theres something you can do to increase your chances of getting coverage.

Your doctor has to prescribe or recommend the massage therapy for it to be covered by your insurance. Your medical health professional like a primary care physician or chiropractor must issue a prescription to prove that massage therapy is a medical necessity.

A prescription is different from a referral, which is only an order from the doctor that allows you to see a specialist. A prescription includes important information, such as the diagnosis codes, number of visits, and the start/end date of the treatment.

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Blue Cross: Canadas Trusted Insurance

A recognized symbol of health care globally

Being trusted, professional and familiar is what you need in your coverage provider when travelling out of province

Covering over 7 million Canadians each year

One in five Canadians chooses Blue Cross to protect them and those they love with the right coverage for their needs

Over 80 years as a health care provider

Since 1938, Blue Cross continues to provide quality healthcare, including for provincial governments.

#1 for travel insurance for 5 years in a row

With flexible and affordable travel insurance, more Canadians choose Blue Cross than any other provider.

How Much Does Anthem Blue Cross Of California Alcohol Rehab Cost

Services &  Fees

Straightforward answer would be: it depends. There are no two identical cases since addiction is a very personal issue and will largely depend on an individuals specific mental health situation. For this reason there are many different Anthem Blue Cross of California healthcare plans that are tailored to meet the specific needs of different people.9

Most important factors that will contribute to the overall costs of Anthem Blue Cross of California alcohol use disorder rehabilitation are:5

  • Types of services or treatment approaches that can vary to a great extent because everybody reacts differently to alcohol and treatment that works for one person might not be so effective for another.
  • Intensity of services, since patients that suffer from more severe forms of alcoholism might need more intense forms of treatment than those who are experiencing comparatively mild symptoms.
  • Duration of treatment could be a major contributing factor in determining the overall price of alcohol rehab since it can vary greatly from case to case. From basic 7 day and 28 day programs to those that last for months or years.
  • Amenities can also vary between inpatient drug rehab centers in California and could contribute significantly to overall cost, for instance, in case of high-end luxury alcohol addiction treatment programs that are much more expensive than cheaper alternatives.

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Does Medicare Cover Massage Therapy

There are many reasons you could experience muscle aches and pains, including physical strain and tension. While there are plenty of medications available to help with sore muscles, many people find that a soothing massage is the best way to deal with these problems. Massage therapy is available to people of all ages and activity levels, and in the hands of an experienced masseuse, the massage experience can relieve pain, tension and stress while also assisting in flexibility and relaxation.

Medicare Benefits Solutions

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Does Medicare cover massage therapy?Medicare offers benefits to recipients that are intended to address medical problems, so you might think that massage therapy would be a covered service since there are many health benefits to receiving such services. Unfortunately, Medicare benefits do not cover massage therapy in the traditional sense. This is because massage therapy isnt recognized as being a medical necessity. While receiving a massage can help relieve pain, it is not a medical necessity because there are accepted medical means to address such concerns.

We Are Contracted With Blue Cross Blue Shield

At RAP Manual Therapy, our massage therapists are credentialed with Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you like, we can check if your plan is eligible for massage therapy. Provide us with the information on your BCBS card, and Chad our Benefits Manager will find out your benefits for Blue Cross Blue Shield Massage Therapy.

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How To Use Anthem Blue Cross Of California Insurance For Alcohol Rehab

Your alcohol rehabilitation will start with a doctors appointment. Doctor will have to assess your situation to determine the type and severity of your addiction before he can advise you about your recovery and the type of treatment that would be most suitable.9

When you have all the relevant information about your medical needs you can use your Anthem Blue Cross of California coverage to explore a nationwide network of American Addiction Centers substance abuse treatment facilities to see which suits your individual preferences.

Once youve chosen a suitable Blue Cross rehab center, they can help you verify your insurance and the extent of your coverage. AACs caring admissions team will help you sort out different payment options that are not covered by insurance, like deductibles, co-pays, and various out-of-pocket costs. They might offer some suggestions about beneficial financing options or various government grants so be sure to check this beforehand.

What Types Of Therapy Does Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield Not Cover

400K patients at Northside Hospital could lose insurance

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield does not cover life coaching, career counseling, or holistic treatment modalities like aromatherapy, massage therapy, or non-medically required acupuncture. It also does not cover energy work such as reiki healing.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield requires therapists to be professionally credentialed and offering evidence-based treatment appropriate for the diagnosis.

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Different Ways To Cover The Costs Of Chiropractic Services

When using your Blue Cross Blue Shield cover for chiropractic, certain limitations may apply. For instance, the typical plan will cover:

  • One set of diagnostic images per calendar year
  • 12 manipulative treatments or fewer
  • A specified number of office visits depending upon the details of the plan

If your treatment exceeds these or other limitations that exist, the remainder of your care may need to be paid for out-of-pocket. For instance, if you want to take advantage of inversion therapy, massage, ultrasound therapy, or computer-assisted adjustments, youll need to ask your insurance company about the availability of coverage for these things. More often than not, co-payments and prescription frees for chiropractic care are classified as out-of-pocket expenses.

When paying out of pocket, you can use cash, a debit card, a credit card, or any other payment medium that a chiropractic clinic accepts. More importantly, you can work with your chiropractor to arrive at a treatment plan that meets your health needs and fits your budget. If you have both primary and secondary health insurance plans, there is also the possibility of using elements of both coverage types to cover most or all of your treatment costs.

How Do I Check If My Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield Plan Covers Therapy

To check if your Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance plan covers therapy services, head over to your Summary and Benefits document. Youll likely find this document through your online Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield account. Within this document, youll find the different rates of coverage including copayment or coinsurance amounts for each type of service available. Look for outpatient mental health services to see your coverage for therapy.

Here is an example of what your Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Summary of Benefits may look like, and where to find the Outpatient Mental Health line item:

If your Summary and Benefits document does not share this information with you, give the phone number on the back of your insurance card a call. The Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield customer service department will share with you the coverage available to you through your plan.

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