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Where To Advertise My Massage Business

Have An Information Night

How to start a mobile massage business

Invite the public along one evening, perhaps once a month, to explain the benefits of massage, answer any questions about problems or injuries they may have. Be seen as a leader in your field. You could have your staff there to give people cheap, mini massages. In business, anything that entices customers and gives them what they want is a good thing and it promotes your massage business at the same time.

Understand Your Target Market

Understanding your target market is crucial to the growth and success of your massage business. The more you know about your clients, both current and potential, the easier it will be to develop a specific marketing plan and provide exactly what your clients are looking for.

To pinpoint your target market, identify your clients demographic and psychographic factors. Demographics include statistics such as age, gender, income level, occupation, education, and geographic location. Psychographics, also known as lifestyle factors, include health care needs, wellness goals, cultural involvements, special interest activities, social factors, and philosophical beliefs. Take into consideration factors such as the average number of sessions your clients book and the reasons they choose to use specific services this general target market profile gives you the basic information you need to design your marketing plan.

If you are unsure where to begin, here are a few examples of common target markets for massage practices.

These are just a few of the possible target groups massage practices can benefit from marketing to. Although it seems time consuming and will require a certain amount of research, it is well worth the effort to really focus your marketing strategies toward the particular needs of your target market. Compiling a list of the demographic and psychographic factors of your current clients will help you determine who is most likely to become a client in the future.

Meh Massage Business Run A Special

First, yes, Im going to ask you to do a special, too. But your special will be different special than the Starting a Business group.


You dont a crush of clients coming in at once to get your business off the ground because your business is already off the ground even if its flying low. Instead of an onslaught of new clients coming in, you need a consistent flow of new clients, like one or two each week.

Enter the one-time, introductory massage special.

I know that Im treading on thin ice again because a lower price seems like youre devaluing your service, but Ive got proof that a one-time lower price does NOT ultimately devalue your service.

Ill show you the proof in a minute. First, I want to explain the introductory massage special rationale.

I just told you about my Groupon experiment and how successful that was.

A special introductory massage price can work the same way. You offer a lower price than your normal rate just to get clients through the door.

I learned this tactic from national massage spas.

A while back I was doing some espionage work at a national massage spa and the massage spa was running an introductory special. It worked. In fact, that massage spa chain still runs an introductory special.

I have more proof. It works for my business.


A bonus to an introductory massage special is that anyone who comes inno matter if she becomes a return client or nothas the potential of spreading the word about my business.

Thats cheap advertising.

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Be Active On Social Media To Establish And Expand Your Online Community

When you set up social media pages for your massage business, you can expand your online community in a very humanizing way. Channels like Instagram and Facebook allow you to express your brand personality while communicating directly with your potential patients. Its important to post thought-out, unique content and engage with your online community through comments, messages, contests and promotions. Social media is a great way to expand your reach, gain more website and foot traffic and even start building an email list.

Bossick highlights the importance of social media authenticity and connection with your clients. I managed my own Instagram platform from the start as I wanted it to have my own voice and tone, she says. I take advantage of my well-known clientele as they are often willing to be in a photo or five!

Marketing Tips To Earn More Massage Referrals

25 Massage flyer ideas

One of the benefits of specializing in a niche and focusing your marketing on a target market is that you are more likely to receive better referrals. Since people tend to associate with people that are similar to them , they are more likely to refer people who are also in your target market.

1. Offer a client experience worthy of a referral

Referrals are something that must be earned. You can do this by creating a remarkable massage experience. That is, one that a client feels compelled to remark about to their friends. People dont give referrals for an average experience. Youll never hear someone say, You should go to Joe the massage therapist, hes completely average. Go the extra mile to solve the clients problem. Be present and attentive.

2. Create a referral campaign

Have an ongoing referral campaign that you display at your front desk or treatment room so that your referral program stays top of mind. Think of a risk-free offer that motivates your clients to tell their friends about you. For example, you could offer your current clients a free massage, or 30-minute extension for every new client that they refer to you. Also, make it easy for customers to refer to you.

3. Ask your favorite clients for referrals

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Massage Therapist Advertising Examples

Statistics from the American Massage Therapy Association reports that massage therapists on average serve around 46 clients per month. Some people sought the help of a massage therapist for pain relief. Others booked sessions for injury rehabilitation, physical wellness, stress reduction, or relaxation.

If you are serving 46 clients per month and would like to grow or youre not even there yet, advertising may be the key to reaching more clients. Many massage therapists who are looking to grow are looking for massage therapist advertising examplesin hopes of improving their current marketing approach.

Its no secret that advertising, whether through paid or organic efforts, can be tedious. More importantly, it requires understanding how some tools and platforms work. To help you gain insights on how to spread the good word about your massage therapy studio or practice, weve gathered some of the finest massage therapist advertising examplesfrom all over the country.

Regularly Post To Your Website And Blog

In addition to regularly posting on your social media pages, Kane also recommends that you regularly post new content to your website and blog.

While this option tends to take a bit more time and effort, he shares that creating great content helps you become an authority in your space and create relationships with your customers.

You can even get a two-for-one type of marketing deal by posting a new blog on your website and then sharing it on your social media. This allows you to grow your followers on both online sites with one post, but, most importantly, it also drives more people to your website, which is where they can learn the most about how much your massage services can benefit them.

Weiser says that she spends $60 on her WordPress site.

This is] essentially a landing page for people to learn more, with my photo, she says, adding that some of this platforms options are free.

Plus, there are a number of other online sites that will help you grow your website at no cost. Wix, Weebly, and Webs are just a few.

Questions to ask yourself: Do you have a blog that you can post content on regularly? If not, what site will you use to put one up? And if you do have one, how often do you post on it? Do you post regularly or just every once in a while?

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Keep Growing Your Client Base

No matter what industry youre in, attracting new business always needs to be top of mind. Fortunately for you, massage therapy lends itself to a variety of creative marketing strategies. Try the techniques listed above and youre sure to see more clients booking appointments.

And as always, if you need a little extra help, OutboundEngine can do all the marketing work for you.

Optimize Your Business Online

Advertise on the internet for your massage business

Another no-cost way to market your business online is to utilize search engine optimization so that your clients can easily find your website when searching for massage therapists in your area.

This involves making sure it contains keywords that people would likely use when looking for your type of services.

The easier you make it for your clients to find you online, the more your business will benefit.

Most of the free website platforms help with this, so check out their site builders or call their customer service department if you arent sure where to look.

Make sure you have a verified and optimized , Kane says.

Your business appears in the knowledge panel whenever someone searches for your brand, he adds. Additionally, Google just recently introduced a Book Online call-to-action button that can be applied right to your spas Google My Business listing.

Questions to ask yourself: Is your website and/or blog SEO optimized? Have you verified your Google My Business listing?

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Website Branding And Copy Should Speak To Your Demographic

Your website is very important for your brand and helps you create your online presence. Your website should include your logo, brand personality, and of course, should highlight your massage and wellness services in a compelling and clear way. Its also impactful to take time to optimize your website copy in a way that emotionally connects to your niche and keeps the reader engaged enough to contact you through a web form or phone call. You may want to consider hiring a copywriter as a resource, especially for powerful language, optimized navigation, and keywords to use that will help increase traffic and patient conversions.

How To Market Your Massage Therapy Business

Elaine 4 days ago

  • Your business cards should be ready for your next trip.
  • Consider the possibility of taking a step back to think about what the design is about.
  • Your referrals may not always be appropriate. Give them some flair
  • The advantages of massages and health benefits for you will make your clients want to book an appointment with you
  • Sending emails is a good way to connect with clients
  • ! Lets take a look at the signs!
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    Massage Marketing: 11 Tips To Promote Your Massage Therapy Business

    The Signpost Team

    As a massage therapist, you know how tough it can be to expand your customer base at a time when many consumers are tightening their belts and cutting back on services that they tend to view as optional. Unfortunately, no one has yet developed an analytics program to present clear numerical data quantifying the health benefits and cost savings that can be achieved through a program of regular massage therapy. So how does a massage therapist go about bringing in more customers? Checkout our list of massage marketing tips for the best way to get started!

    Attract Clients To Your Massage Therapy Practiceby Advertising

    37 Elegant Playful Massage Flyer Designs for a Massage ...

    A good advertising campaign can bring you a lot of business. Online advertising is the best bet because its both much cheaper and less intrusive than ads on traditional media.

    If you advertise on Google for example, people in your area will only see your ad if they search for massage services. In addition to the high degree of ad targeting, Google only charges you when someone clicks your ad: guaranteeing a pretty high clicks to sales ratio. Google doesnt have a minimum budget requirement either so you can start with as little as $10 a day.

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    Develop A Unique Value Proposition

    While design and functionality of a website are now straightforward, communicating a persuasive message that gives someone a clear reason they should choose your massage therapy services is not.

    Many small business websites suffer from messaging problems. In fact, they often fail to clearly convey where the business is, how to contact them or even exactly what they do.

    The most important thing you need to do for your massage therapy marketing is to develop a crisp value proposition.

    This is a statement that keys in on what you do to solve your clients problems, how youre unique,and why someone should choose you instead of another massage therapist. For example:

    This simple statement states what the offer is, how it can solve my pain problems as an athlete and that this massage therapist specializes in sports massage.

    Dont assume people will understand what you do or why they should choose you. State those things implicitly at the top of your homepage.

    A dialed-in value proposition will be central to all your marketing material. Test this content and hone in on what gets the most response from people. A strong unique value proposition is what separates successful marketing from the also-rans.

    Create An Effective Website

    The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have a website that tells people about your massage services and lets potential clients know why they should choose and trust you as a therapist.

    Our very own research at Genbook found that 96% of consumers look at a service providers website before trying them out.Clearly, an effective website is critical to your success, so see to it that yours stands out.

    Along with listing your credentials and any organizations that youre a part of, remember to build essentials like your contact info, types of services, and location into your design.

    Include a crisp value proposition a statement that conveys exactly what you do to solve your clients problem, what makes you unique, and why someone should choose you instead of another massage therapist.

    A Balanced Body Massage Therapy Clinic, located in Oklahoma City, offers a great example of a massage therapy business site done right.

    Take a look at its website, and youll see that a strong value proposition, along with clear descriptions of the business services. To top it off, A Balance Body has a big Book Now button on its front page inviting users to schedule an appointment.

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    Collaborate With Other Local Businesses

    As a massage therapist, youre in the unique position of being able to offer to relax and rejuvenating services that are attractive to just about everyone. Use this to your advantage and find other local businesses that are interested in swapping promotional materials and establishing exclusive promotions between your spa and their establishment.

    The options are endless. Consider the following:

    • Health care professionals
    • Fitness and nutritional professionals
    • Psychologists

    Healing Arts Massage Studio

    Free and Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage Business with Felicia

    Did you know that 75 percent of local SEO searches translates to actual visits? If your massage therapy clinic or studio doesnt have a solid local SEO presence, then you might be missing a lot of clients who need your services.

    Take, for example, the Healing Arts Massage Studio. A quick search using the keyword Massage Studio in Kansas will lead you to their Google My Business listing, which includes directions to the studios location and contact number. If you hover to the listing’s upper section, you can also read through their customer reviews. Also, you can check out their location photos to know what you should expect when you drop by their location.

    If you havent claimed your GMB listing yet, or if you dont have a local SEO presence, you should consider setting it up today.

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    Advertise Your Massage Therapy Clinic With Hhs

    After seeing the top 10 massage therapist advertising examplesabove,what do you think about your current marketing and advertising campaigns? Are you getting enough results from your efforts, or do you need to call in a pro to lend you a hand? If you havent set up your advertising campaign, what options do you want to prioritize?

    Regardless of how big or small your goals are, our team of marketing professionals can help you. We at Hope and Healing Solutions are on a mission to help you augment your existing marketing and advertising efforts so you can touch and change more lives. We aim to provide solutions that will help you stand out against the massage therapist advertising exampleswe listed above.

    From setting up your local SEO to managing your reputation, you can count on our friendly team of digital marketing experts to deliver measurable results. Contact us today to know more about how we can help you magnify your web presence and conversions.

    Optimize Your Google My Business Page

    There are two main areas new patients can find your practice. The first area is one of the easiest to set up. It will however, take a considerable amount of time to optimize, but it is well worth the investment. This strategy packs a HUGE punch by allowing your business to be found in Google maps and maps at the top of search.

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    Connect With Your Customers On Social Media

    Social media can be a fantastic tool to reach your customers and bring a personal touch many other marketing strategies cant achieve. Wed recommend posting content at least 3 times a week on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter will allow you to post links, so posting your blogs is a great way to provide valuable, authentic information to your clients. It will also help your SEO strategies by sending social signals when your clientele like and share your posts.

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