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The Best Massage Chair Brand

Conditions Of The Joints And Muscles

Inada – The World’s Best Massage Chairs


Chiropractors and doctors often use massage chairs to help those coping with arthritis to improve their flexibility.

Massage therapy can be an effective treatment for arthritis, however for certain forms of severe arthritis it can have a negative effect so its important to consult with your doctor.

Back Pain

Massage chairs are essentially created to help to deal with back pain. They are shown to have many benefits, including improving flexibility and decreasing muscle tension.


Muscle knots are when the muscle tightens or contracts even when theyre not being used, massage helps to relax the muscle, in turn helping to loosen the knot.

Tension in the muscles can also be relieved, whether in your neck, shoulders or back.

Neck Pain

Neck massagers mimic the hands of a masseuse stimulating the muscles and nerve endings. Research has shown that massage therapy is an effective treatment for chronic neck pain, and a chair massager is essentially simulating this technique.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is one of the most common pain complaints reported in the US.

By stimulating the muscles with a massager it is believed that this provides relief.


Massage chairs can help with the associated pain, improving your flexibility and your overall posture.

Can I Use Massage Chair Everyday

If you look for the Chair, then you can purchase an adjustable massage chair. Many owners also say that they get more benefits with the adjustable massage chairs. Now that you know which type of massage chair is perfect for your needs, its time to select the best choice. You can hire a professional electrician in Maryland to change the motor mount, adjust the height of the base and install an electric lift for your massage chair. You can also hire a realtor in Maryland to handle the sale of your house. In order to qualify for a realtor in Maryland, you must have at least a Bachelors degree and be working a job for at least 2 years. A realtor must make sure that you are eligible to sell a house.

Nouhaus Massage Chair With Ottoman

Not all massage chairs have to be big and bulky. This stylish pick took home the prestigious Red Dot Award for its Incomparable Functionality and Aesthetic, seamlessly combining studio-worthy looks with some serious massage technology.

We love the curve-hugging design, which makes it feel like youre being cradled while four robust rollers knead your neck, back and legs. You can select a full body massage or customize the massage to target a specific area. There are multiple massage modes too, from a straight roll to circular kneading to a mixture of styles. You can even turn on the side airbags to gently massage your hips and glutes.

The chair itself is the most stylish pick on our list, thanks to its streamlined egg shape and matching ottoman. Choose from a pink colorway or a handsome midnight blue. The chair features a 15-degree recline and 90-degree swivel.

With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, its not as heavy-duty as some of the other options on our list, but we love how easily this massage chair slots into any living room, bedroom or den. Bonus built-in speakers let you pair your favorite tunes to the chair while you lounge.


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Where To Buy Your Massage Chair

Massage chairs are available for purchase both online and in certain stores. Many brands have showrooms at their headquarters where youll be welcome to browse and sit in their massage chairs, or you can often find small selections of certain models in stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Most brands and models are only available online, so you may not be able to try them before you buy. However, using the information in this article and consulting with a massage chair specialist will ensure that you find the perfect brand and model for you! You can usually find free shipping and white glove delivery when you order a massage chair online.

Massage Chair Store has many of the models featured in this article in stock! Contact one of our massage chair specialists and well help you select the best massage chair for your relaxation goals.

How Frequently Should I Use My Massage Chair

9 Best Massage Chair Reviews

About 3-4 times per week is just right to get the most out of your massage chair and relieve your neck, shoulder, and back pain. You will want to use the chairs timers to keep yourself accountable and avoid overusing the chair.

Your muscles do not become more relaxed by sitting in a chair greater than the recommended amount of time. Your best bet is to use short intervals instead of extended massages.

Massage therapy is just like other forms of medicine: take only what you need and dont take too much. Remember, excessive use of your massage chair can lead to inflammation, bruised tissue, or even a worn-out massage chair motor due to overuse. Enjoy your chair, but dont overdo it for your benefit.

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The Best Massage Chair For The Style


If you dont want a big professional massage machine taking up space in your home, but still want a good massage chair, the Esright Massage Recliner Chair is a great solution. Eight modes of vibration target lower-back pain and the heating function keeps your body comfortable and cozy on cold nights. The chair is also a genuine recliner and swivel chair, perfect for just about any room of the house. Assembly is easy and its not too heavy. While it doesnt pack the same powerful punch as a zero-gravity massage chair, this recliner is an affordable massage chair with a great sense of style.

Do Massage Chairs Use A Lot Of Electricity

The whole point of getting a full body zero-gravity recliners in the first place is to ease your aches and pains, relax your muscles, and give you a little bit of relaxation. But then it becomes a little unclear as to what youre actually warming up to. How much electricity does it use, after all? Well, to figure that out, we had to start with the basics: If its electric, whats the current? Current, according to most people, is electricity flowing across the wires and through the building. Basically, its all the things that are created when electrical current flows through metal. To find out, we began by converting the strength of the current into watts, which is a unit of power. From there, we did a little bit of math to find out how much electricity a typical one would require to run at its full power for the hour of our test. On average, it can use anywhere between 300-1,200 watts of electricity. The best news is that you probably wont be doing enough warming up with a lap-top or television when youre sitting down and getting one, which will use way less electricity.

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Infinity Smart Chair X3 Massage Chair

$7,499 – The Infinity Smart Chair X3 offers a luxurious massage experience, boasting five levels of intensity as well as three unique 3D automatic programs. The chair features Bluetooth compatibility and a range of options to relax your body from head to toe with soothing foot rollers, chromotherapy, lumbar heat, and deep tissue massageall in one sleek package.

Top Features:

  • User Height Range: 5’0″ – 6’2″
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 260 Pounds
  • Maximum User Foot Size : US Mens Size 13

The First Class is one of Osaki’s higher-end offerings and the looks of this chair are sure to liven up any living space. You can read our Osaki OS Pro First Class Review, check out this comparison, or click the button below to learn more.

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

5 Best Massage Chairs You Can Buy In 2022

A treat for the whole body

Many massage chairs focus on delivering heat to your lower back, this Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair gives you a heat treatment on the soles of your feet too.

Taking inspiration from Chinese heat therapy, it is thought to improve your circulation.

With a range of different settings to choose from you really can tailor your massage, selecting from various styles including kneading, tapping and of course shiatsu.

Containing 21 airbags positioned around your hips and waistline, it helps to support your lower back.

Similarly to the Relaxonchair, it has built in sensors to detect the length of your spine so it knows exactly where to deliver the most satisfying massage.

This chair is not real leather, and does have a cheaper look compared to other chairs. However people were still impressed with the quality and finish.

For a lower cost, well under $1500, it offers a vast range of features which has made it a hit with shoppers.

In fact, one user claimed it was the greatest possible investment for both health and comfort.

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Best Usa Massage Chair Brands

If you want the best massage chair from the USA, consider Luraco iRobotics, Real Relax, Human Touch, and Osaki. Their parts are sourced and assembled in the USA.

These best massage chair USA brands are for everyone, whether they want to relax, relieve back pain, rejuvenate their body, stimulate their mind, or any combination of these.

Q: Are Massage Chairs Bad For Your Back

Massage chairs are not bad for your back, when used correctly. First, massage chairs should never be targeting your spinethey are designed for rubbing muscle, not bone. Second, if you have chronic back pain, a massage chair may only provide temporary relief. And third, always limit your time in the chair. Spending more than 15 minutes in a full-body massage chair can overdo it on your muscles. Trained massage therapists know when to stop and when to keep going, but your massage chair isnt that smart. So its always best to stop the massage after 15 minutes of use. The chair will come with advice from the manufacturer. Follow their guidance.

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Massage Chair Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much should I spend on a massage chair?

A: This will depend entirely on your budget. As you can see by our list, most high-quality massage chairs can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $15,000.

Just keep in mind that a lower budget will limit your options and you may miss out on certain features. A lot of companies offer financing options with 0% interest for a certain amount of time, so you can find the massage chair of your dreams without breaking the bank!

Q: What should I look for in a massage chair?

A: This is another question that will depend on your personal preferences. Do you have your heart set on zero gravity, or is that just a nice-to-have feature? Check out the features we detailed above and ask yourself what your absolute must-haves are. From there, youll be able to narrow down your options and find a massage chair that fits your budget.

Q: What company should I buy a chair from?

A: The company you choose to buy your massage chair from is just as important as the brand and model you select. Avoid companies that offer minimal warranties , as they can be difficult to deal with if anything happens to your massage chair.

And although massage chairs do offer many health and wellness benefits, companies shouldnt promote their chairs as cures for anything. If a company makes any claims about medical or health improvements, take it as a red flag.

Q: What if I dont like the massage chair I buy?

Things To Consider And Questions To Ask Before Buying A Chair

The 10 Best Massage Chairs (2020 Reviews)

Because massage chairs are slightly more high-tech than any other furniture you have, there is a very real risk that something is going to go wrong with it.

Regardless of how reliable the brand is, there is always a chance of either mechanical or electronics failure. For this reason, it is extremely important to look at the following aspects before buying a chair:

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Human Touch Wholebody Massage Chair

The first thing youll notice about this massage chair is that it is physically a lot smaller than our other picks, with a sleek and minimalist design. It measures 44 x 28 x 40 inches and is best-suited for people under 6 2.

The chairs BodyMap feature lets you choose an area of the body to focus on, while the Figure-Eight technology refers to the wave-like motion of the calf massage feature, which optimizes blood circulation from foot to core. The chairs FlexGlide solution is an orbital system that delivers a therapeutic massage without the pinching and friction you often find with other chairs.

Fancy names aside, we do especially love the five auto-massage programs: full, upper, lower, relax, and sleep. To customize your massage experience, you can mix and match between three stationary massage techniques and a glide massage, and use adjustable range and positioning to target just the right spot.

Highly customizable and effective, the slimmer size and titled angle ensures a more effective massage.


Infinity Dynasty 4d Massage Chair

$8,999 – The Infinity Dynasty 4D massage chair offers everything you could want in a modern, high-end chair. Besides Bluetooth speakers, Voice Command and 49 L-Track, the Dynasty has foot rollers that make use of reflexology for an even more effective massage. It also features lumbar heat for those who prefer to sit back, relax and get warmed up.

Top Features:

  • User Height Range: 5’0″ – 6’6″
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds

As you can see, the Dynasty 4D is fully loaded and was built to provide a therapeutic massage in your home, as noted in our review. The versatile chair accommodates a wide range of users with its ergonomic design, and the stylish good looks will look great in any living area.

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The Best Budget Massage Chair: Bestmassage Recliner Chair


For less than $150, the BestMassage Recliner Chair does a pretty good job at rubbing away lower back pain. Its not designed to tackle shoulders and it wont compress your legs for increased blood flow, but for the same price as a non-massaging chair, why not go for the one with the robotic fingers? Its durable and easy to clean. Even in the reclined position, it feels sturdy and comfortable. If you dont mind giving up the bells and whistles of zero-gravity massage chairs, this simple recliner has the vibration power to make it one step better than a traditional living room chair.

The Massage Chair Tips And Advice

Best Massage Chair under $1000 vs. $10000 2021 reviews
  • Swedish and shiatsu are two massage therapy techniques commonly used in massage chairs. Shiatsu aims to release tension in specific pressure points on the body using pressing, rotating and sweeping movements. And the goal of the Swedish variety is to improve circulation using kneading motions and gliding strokes.
  • Some massage chairs arrive in multiple shipping boxes, so make sure you know how many will be arriving to ensure you have all of your parts.
  • Before purchasing a massage chair, consider the height of those who will be using it and the products capacity. For example, some chairs arent designed to be used by individuals over 5 feet 10 inches tall, while others can accommodate those up to 6.5 feet tall.
  • Where you plan to keep your chair is another factor to consider before purchasing. The products vary greatly in size and weight, ranging from 45 pounds to over 160 pounds, so consider a lighter option if you plan to move it around frequently.

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Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair

A good massage chair could provide you with the following advantages.

  • Aesthetic design: These stylish and elegant massage chairs are not only comfortable to sit in, but they also make a perfect piece of furniture that complements your rooms decor.
  • Easy to install: These chairs are easy to store and install. You do not require pre-installation tools or user manual instructions for installation.
  • Enhances body posture: Regularly sitting in a massage chair may significantly improve your body posture. These chairs may also help you keep your spine straight and relieve neck pressure.
  • Blood circulation: Massage chairs, such as recliner chairs and gravity massage chairs, may improve blood flow from the heart to the legs. This type of equipment could reposition the bodyweight while providing necessary support.
  • Entertainment Features Provided With Some Massaging Chairs

    Some versions come with a music player that helps you to entertain you with music if listening to music is necessary for you. These chairs may have a remote control for this function. Or maybe some have touch screen remotes, just thought of how you want the chair to function.

    Just for chair pads, surely! There is a seat that has a seat pad that ships with a car charger. Some chairs come with built-in Bluetooth speakers, USB ports used when having your massage. The one factor you need to hold in mind when selecting a massage chair.

    Look at the chairs weight since it can be bulky, although there are several lightweight alternatives available. Take a look at the chairs height and how it can fit into your living space as big objects can be. There are room-saving configurations available.

    Certain chairs incorporate space-saving technologies, intended to help with narrower living rooms, needing limited wall space while reclined. If you want to use your massage chair as an office chair, a swivel base might be handy. This allows you the capacity to shift the chair from room to room quickly.

    Some versions come with a music player that helps you to entertain you with music if listening to music is necessary for you. These chairs may have a remote control for this function. Or maybe some have touch screen remotes, just thought of how you want the chair to function.

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