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How To Advertise Massage Business

How To Promote Your Massage Therapy Business

How To Advertise Your Massage Business | 7 Day Trial | Spas | Parlors | Therapists
  • A certified professional in therapeutic massage is usually applied toward chiropractic doctors, hospitals, and private massage therapy practices. Though this is the most common career that someone with this type of massage certification will choose, it is possible to do other types of professional massage work with this certificate.
  • A certified professional in relaxation massage would usually go on to work in massage centers and massage franchise situations. This is because relaxation is what most people would expect out of a massage center whether it operates as a standalone business or in a mall, resort, or hotel. Though everything about your situation is still very professional and all the health care benefits still apply, most people are more concerned with relieving stress and feeling good when they receive a relaxation massage. This particular certification does not limit you from working in the massage therapy health care fields and allows for more possible options as well.

Benefits of Becoming a Massage TherapistA career in massage therapy is an excellent choice for many reasons, including:

Relax 5 Marketing Ideas For Massage Therapists

Taylor Landis

There are few things more relaxing than getting a good massage. As people seem to be more stressed than ever, services such as massage therapy are needed more than ever. However, coming up with marketing ideas for massage therapists can be quite challenging. It can be tough to think creatively to make sure your business stands out from your competitors.

Odds are that if you dont have a regular stream of clients coming in your door, youre not feeling too relaxed yourself. Lucky for you, we have 5 marketing ideas to improve your visibility and keep your calendar booked.

Tip #: Drive Traffic To Your Website

A website and blog are helpful only if people see them. There are several ways to drive traffic to your website so more people can see your massage advertising.

One way is to use pay-per-click advertising. Pay-per-click advertising means you do not have to pay for the ad unless a user clicks on it. It is a digital marketing strategy that works fast. One benefit of this strategy is that pay-per-click ads provide performance insights. So users can adjust their ads to improve their massage therapy advertising.

Another way to drive traffic to your website is to sign up for Google My Business. This is the platform Google uses to display and review local businesses. You can create an account for free and optimize descriptions, images, and reviews.

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Where Do Massage Therapists Advertise Now

Today, massage therapist sell their business by establishing personal brands. What more? They develop websites through which valuable and relevant content is developed and shared.

Paper fliers are still as relevant today as they were decades ago.

The power and reach of social media have further projected their business to a wider audience. Interactions on social media have become more engaging.

Massage therapists also sell their business through the provision of exclusive incentives.

Mobile massage services have become mainstream with clients getting extra convenience from services rendered. Networking events offer advertising opportunities for massage therapists.

These professionals are found in such events where they sell their services.

Have An Information Night

Free Massage Marketing Content Samples

Invite the public along one evening, perhaps once a month, to explain the benefits of massage, answer any questions about problems or injuries they may have. Be seen as a leader in your field. You could have your staff there to give people cheap, mini massages. In business, anything that entices customers and gives them what they want is a good thing and it promotes your massage business at the same time.

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Awesome Massage Therapy Advertising Tips

Massage therapy is an incredibly popular and incredibly old human tradition. The first texts detailing massage therapy date all the way back to ancient China. But with massage being such a popular and widely recognized profession, you need to do something to set your business apart from the rest. Creative advertising can be tough. After all, youre in the business of relaxation and healing, not marketing. Thats why were here to help. Here are 7 awesome massage therapy advertising ideas for your business.

How To Promote Your Massage Business

So youve started a massage business. Youre good at what you do. You offer a great service that people need, but you need more clients coming in. The key to success is learning how to promote your massage therapy business. In this article, youll learn how to get the word out in your neighborhood and online.

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Use Paid Social Media Marketing

The solution is to use the paid platforms that are designed for advertising campaigns. Facebook and Twitter, for example, have robust software that lets you target demographics, life events and interests with amazing accuracy.

For example, say you offered a special postpartum massage for new moms. You can go on Facebook and specifically target women who are expecting a child in the next six months its that accurate!

You can also target health problems, injuries, people who have an interest in related topics. like chiropractic, or anything that might be a precursor to needing a massage.

Then retarget people with social ads. For example, I visited a personal trainer website, and this post appeared in my News Feed soon after:

When you see a sponsored post, its an interest-based or retargeting ad from a business.

To get the most out of your social media, try some paid ads to well-targeted audiences.

Read our .

Identify Your Target Market

How to market & promote a Stone Massage Business | Stoned Away Blog 1

Before you start marketing your massage practice and trying to get clients, it is important to clearly identify who your clients are. Not everybody is a good client for your business. Narrowing your focus will help you to come up with the most effective marketing tactics to attract your people.

It may seem counterintuitive at first to reduce the number of potential clients that you promote your business to. But it makes perfect sense if you think about it. You can only hit your target after you clearly identify it.

Your target market is the group of potential customers that you focus your marketing efforts towards. This is the people that you want your business to serve. A target market is usually based on a demographic or psychographic .

It could be runners, geriatrics, office workers, factory workers, people in your neighborhood, etc. The more focused it is, the easier it will be to create a brand and marketing tactics that appeal to them. But dont make your target market so specific that it is too small to support your business.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

Peter F. Drucker

You should also choose a target market that makes sense. The thing that differentiates them from other groups should be significant and meaningful when it comes to massage.

Find out these things about your target market:

Focus on attracting clients that you want to keep for a long time

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Top Sites Where You Can Advertise Your Massage Business

Before we discuss how you can use your online presence for marketing your massage business, it is important that you first understand the top platforms.

This is because they display different characteristics, thus have distinct strategies that work well with the respective sites. Here are the most popular social networks, their unique features, and the useful tools that you can utilise to build your visibility.

Join Other Savvy Massage Therapists And Download This Free Massage Marketing Guide To Grow Your Business

With the vast competition massage therapists face to get new clients, your massage practice needs a comprehensive massage marketing strategy to get found by clients, find new clients, and retain your current clients.

Working with massage therapists, we understand how hard it is for massage therapists to find valuable marketing information to grow their practice. Thats why weve created a complete guide with the very best massage marketing strategies that you can can use to take your practice to the next level. This plan can be implemented whether youre a massage therapist with a new practice or a massage therapist with a more established practice.

The average massage practice needs at least 10 new clients each month per massage therapist in order to grow and have a successful long-term practice.

Heres the problem for many massage therapists: Traditional marketing practices arent going to cut it anymore. Gone are the days of opening the Yellow Pages to search for a local business.

If your massage marketing strategy isnt primarily online, its time for a digital marketing overhaul. Here are some reasons why:

  • 97% of all consumers go online to find a local business
  • 93% of all online experiences start on a search engine
  • 63% of consumers primarily use a companys website to find and engage with businesses
  • 30% of consumers wont consider a business without a website

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Volunteer At Local Events

One of the promotional ideas that can help you in attracting attention to your massage therapy business is marketing your business at local events. This can help draw the attention of your target audience towards the benefits of massage, and eventually towards your services.

You can volunteer at athletic events by contacting the event organizer. A pre and/ or post-event massage is extremely necessary for an athlete to energize at the beginning of the race, improve their performance, or re-energize after the event. This is where your services can prove beneficial.

You can set up a pop-up booth at the event and get all set to provide your on-site massage services to the athletes.

You can also offer your services by setting up a chair massage service or any other massage services in trade shows, expos, health fairs, etc.

Research a bit on online platforms, look up for events in your local community, and keep yourself updated with any future events where you can get an opportunity to showcase the joy of your services.

While volunteering at events might not help you gain money, it definitely helps you gain new connections in the form of future clients, and an experience that will help you polish your massage therapy skills.

Apart from the new clients, you can also get an opportunity to form new connections with professionals in other fields who can potentially partner with you in the future.

Just Waiting For The Phone To Ring

200+ Clever Massage Business Names Ideas You Can

Some massage therapists wonder why they arent getting any clients when they havent gone out and promoted their business.

Learn the marketing and selling skills you need to promote your business. You can learn all that you need in a relatively short time. Then go out and put these skills to use. Keep working on improving and refining your marketing skills as you go.

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Marketing Strategies To Get Repeat Clients

  • Create a loyalty program
  • Stay top of mind with a newsletter
  • Remind clients of their progress
  • If you are working with a client on a specific problem and they are making progress, point it out. Look back over your treatment notes to see where they are now compared to where they started. Maybe their pain level is much lower, they report sleeping better, or their ROM has increased. When improvement happens slowly it can be hard to notice.

    Also, you are more likely to get repeat business from clients that are in your target market. Lets say that your TM is athletes and you design your practice around this. Everything from your brand, the ambiance of your office, your treatment style, etc. If you get a new client that comes in expecting a relaxing spa experience that is usually offered at a luxury day spa and is welcomed by a treatment room with posters of Olympic athletes on the wall, can hear weight plates clanging in the gym, and a faint smell of gym socks, they are not likely to return. Your practice just doesnt appeal to that person. On the other hand, a weekend warrior who works out at that gym and wants a sports massage may feel right at home getting a massage there.

    Google My Business Listing

    After youve found the perfect space and printed your business cards, sign up for a Google My Business listing, and verify that all information is correct. This tool locates your massage therapy business on Google Maps and shows people your hours and contact information. Once youre listed, people can review you on Google.

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    How To Advertise Your Massage & Body Rub Business

    Whenever you walk along the streets of Orlando, you cant miss a massage parlor on each street meaning people are appreciating the benefits that come with the services. Its unfortunate some of the well-equipped massage therapy businesses are struggling to secure clients. The notable disconnect is lack of proper delivery of effective communication to the target customers.

    Define Your Business

    Most massage business owners struggle to pick immediately for skipping this important aspect. Orlando is big and you cannot cater to everybody, so you must identify the type of customers that match your business, and then reach out to them with ads addressing their needs. For instance, choosing your business name is the core issue that determines your focus. It doesnt matter whether you have been operating for long or starting, create a name that appeals to your customers, simple, and easy to remember. If stuck how to name your body rub business, get ideas from Google, ask a number of friends about your choice and once many of them approve, use it.

    Tip: When choosing a name, including your name like Salome Relaxing Massage is easy to remember

    • In the choice name include a service you offer in this case Relaxing massage
    • Lastly, choose a theme that complements your name and service

    Business Location

  • Is my location easy to find?
  • Can I attract high-end clients who come driving?
  • Is my massage parlor spacious enough to accommodate a number of clients at ago?
  • Eight Simple Ways To Promote Your Massage Business Locally

    Teaching Infant Massage In Your Community, Promote Your Massage Business and Network

    Create a Website Creating a website is a top priority for any new business, as it can convert web traffic into paying clients. Your website can educate locals about your credentials, your services, and other crucial info like location and business hours. Youll also probably want an online appointment booking platform, either through your website or a paid service. This will make it easier for clients to book appointments and cut the time you spend updating your calendar.

    Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce Joining your local chamber of commerce may seem time consuming, as staying active in the group requires regular participation, but membership offers several benefits. It can bring credibility to your business, increase your reputation in the community, and create valuable networking opportunities. You can connect with fellow entrepreneurs to establish business alliances and refer clients to each other. At the very least, youll be getting a voice in local government, helping to shape local policies that could directly affect your business.

    Collect Emails Collect emails on your website, new client intake forms, and anywhere else you can. Email is one of the best ways to stay top-of-mind with prospects and your existing client base. Every email you gather is a potential source of future business. Once you have a healthy list of contacts, you can start email marketing to encourage a steady flow of massage bookings.

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    Define Your Unique Value Proposition

    Your unique value proposition is the thing that sets you apart from the competition. It is the unique value that you offer to clients, motivating them to choose you over the massage therapist down the street.

    To find your unique value proposition, start by polling your current clients. Ask what it is about you as a massage therapist that keeps them coming back. It could be that you know how to apply the right amount of pressure, or you may have a gift for making people feel relaxed around you. Once youve figured out what makes you exceptional, play up your strengths.

    Build A Professional Website

    Owning a professional website is not extremely necessary for massage therapists, but having one that showcases your services can bring a lot to the table.

    A website that represents the services in the most professional way is like a shop window that gives prospective customers a glimpse into what your business can offer.

    Dont forget that this is the first chance you get at setting an impression in the minds of your budding clients!

    You can make your own professional massage therapy website by starting on some easier-to-use platforms like Weebly and Wix, which come with dozens of relevant features necessary to build out your practice.

    Listed below are a few points to keep in mind when you build your massage therapy website:

    • Set a logo that exhibits your brand, and choose a theme that is not just as compelling and calming as your services, but is consistently laid out throughout the website.
    • Maximize the use of elements that have the ability to appeal to your target market. Use alluring images of your services to set the scene for your website visitors.
    • Ensure your website provides all the details surrounding your business, and that they are able to easily find what they are looking for as well services offered, location, business hours, contact details, etc.
    • For your potential clients, the content on your website is the determining factor when deciding to book an appointment with you, so make sure it is informative and displays your professionalism.

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