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Portable Hot Stone Massage Kit

Hot Stone Massage Kits & Supplies

Massage Stone Heater Box Set-Electric Spa Portable Heated Rocks Massage Stones and Warmer Set

Hot stone massage therapy is the ancient practice of strategically placing smooth heated stones on key areas of the body to promote deep muscle relaxation. The heat of the stones relaxes muscles, enabling the massage therapist to access deeper layers of muscle and intensifying the effectiveness of deep tissue massage. Hot stone massage therapy is known to reduce discomfort during the massage, improve circulation, regulate painful symptoms of arthritis, alleviate stress and tension, and increase mental clarity. Massage Warehouse offers a wide range of hot stone products ranging from basalt massage stones to fully appointed hot stone massage kits at the lowest prices guaranteed. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Related Articles for more information about this amazing modality.Read MoreRead Less

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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer :No
  • Product Dimensions :4.6 x 23 x 32 cm 2.45 Kilograms
  • Date First Available :15 July 2019
  • Manufacturer :Early Bird Product Solutions Ltd
  • ASIN :B0788QNPSG

Product description

Colour: Heating box Chrome, Massage stones Black, Silk bag – Black

1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If for any reason you are not happy with your massage rock heater, contact us and we will give you a full refund or replace your stone heater kit.

Massage Stone Warmer Kit: Heating box. 16 Basalt Hot Stones with FREE e-book. ). 1 Black Silk Drawstring Bag . Heater Box 12 x 9 x 2in. 4 Large Circular . 4 Medium Oval 8 Small Oval

A Hot Stone Massage Why is it better for the client AND the therapist!

Therapists discover that the stress and strain to their hands, wrists and arms are virtually eliminated. The stones and thermal variation do all the heavy work for them. They are able to work more efficiently for longer periods of time eliminating hyperflexion and hyperextension of the wrists.

Benefits for the client include increased local circulation, improved blood flow to surrounding tissues, and ability to transport toxins and waste products from the area.

Free E-Book – A brief course in thermotherapy.

Our book explains how Hot Stone Massage Therapy is beneficial to a range of ailments and describes how the body responds to the treatment and the safety considerations needed.

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Buying Guide For Best Hot Stone Massage Sets

Massage is a great way to relax your mind and body and relieve tension in sore muscles. There are dozens of different types of massages you can choose from, but perhaps one of the most popular is hot stone massage.

Apart from being soothing, this type of massage therapy has also been shown to help increase blood flow to the affected areas and it may help boost immunity and relieve pain among those that suffer from conditions like fibromyalgia. But before you can take advantage of these benefits at home, you need to purchase a hot stone massage set.

You cant just use any stones. They must be smooth, and they must hold heat well in order to be useful in a hot stone massage. Heres a guide to help walk you through all these important considerations so that you can choose the hot stones that are perfect for your massage practice.

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Best Hot Stone Massage Kits With Warmers


Hot stone massage is a wonderful addition to bodywork, especially when muscle tension is involved, and a good hot stone massage kit should include everything you need to get started. You can also expand your collection of massage stones.

For more information and safety tips for hot stone massage, see the end of the article. Now lets take a look at the best kits on the market.

Hot Stones 2 Extra Large Massage Stones Set

  • Efficient: particularly efficient on the decrease again , stomach, stomach, or between the shoulders.
  • Advantages: enhance circulation, take away rigidity, heal strains and aches, chill out the physique, consolation the thoughts and relieve stress
  • Purchase solely immediately from activebliss. our guarantee is not going to cowl items bought from different unauthorised sellers. uncommon additional massive & thick : unusual additional massive dimension that could be a complete lot extra satisfying
  • Warmth retention and comforting: warmth up rapidly and retain warmth nicely for therapeutic and stress-free reduction and luxury comforting weight however arent too heavy.
  • Clean and satisfying: the well-polished stones match nicely within the hand, relaxation their weight on the physique comfortably and glide over the pores and skin easily.

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Serenelife Portable Hot Stone Massage Warmer Set & Spa Kit With 12 Round Stones

  • This product is not eligible for Kohls coupons, including Kohls Cash® earn and redemption. However, you are able to earn Kohls Rewards® on this product.

Melt away stress and soothe your muscles with this easy-to-use SereneLife Portable Hot Stone Massage Warmer Set. Ideal for athletes, home care, and therapeutic spa centers, everyone can enjoy the warming and relaxing effects of these unique stones.Sculpted and carefully selected, these basalt stones will help you relieve your aches and pains for a refreshed feeling. The portable tote houses the stones and doubles as an electric heater. Use the convenient LCD display and temperature controls for quick heat-up in just 8-15 minutes. For optimal comfort, these massage tools retain heat for 25-35 minutes so you can enjoy your spa massage for an extended period of time or even use as foot warmer. This massage set includes 6 small and 6 large stones, digital temperature controller, car lighter power adapter, and power cable.Alleviate your soreness, stiffness, and more with this SereneLife Portable Hot Stone Massage Warmer Set. Take this portable massage set with you so you can have relaxation at your fingertips!


Portable Hot Stone Massage System Pslmsgst40

SereneLife Portable Massage Stone
  • Quick Setup: All-in-One Portable Kit
  • Smooth & Sculpted Round Basalt Rock Stones
  • Uniquely Selected Stone Type for Comfort & Maximum Heat Retention
  • Storage / Travel Bag Doubles as Stone Heating Oven
  • Wired Temperature Controller Unit
  • Digital LCD Display with Selectable Temperature Setting
  • Energy Efficient Warming Bag Quickly Heats Up
  • Portable Style Travel Bag, Lightweight & Easy to Carry
  • Melt Away Stress to Soothe Muscle Tension, Soreness, Stiffness
  • Heated Stone Massage Relieves Pains Caused by Sprains & Strains
  • Ideal for Athletes, Home Care and Therapeutic Spa CentersWhats in the Box:
  • Hot Stone Heating Bag
  • Stone Type: Basalt Rock, Round
  • Heating Time: 8-15mins
  • Stone Maximum Heat Retention: 25-35 mins
  • Adjustable Temperature: 86-158 °Fahrenheit
  • Large Stone Size: 2.8 x 0.7 -inches
  • Small Stone Size: 1.8 x 0.7 -inches
  • Large Stone Weight: 0.27 lbs.
  • Small Stone Weight: 0.17 lbs.
  • Power Cord Length: 5.9 ft.
  • Power Supply: 7W
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    What Is A Hot Stone Massage

    Heated stones promote relaxation, healthy blood flow and even boost immunity, have been used for thousands of years. Research has also shown that you can use hot stone massages as an alternative to sleeping pills for people that live with insomnia. Once heated, smooth stones are simply placed along your spine, on your stomach or even on your palms to provide various forms of relief. Some massage therapists will also use a Swedish massage technique to roll, vibrate or knead the hot stones against the affected body part.

    Hot Stone Set With Heating Briefcase

  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Easy to carry
    • No temperature adjustment
    • A little cheaply made

    Whether youre looking for a portable set, dont have a lot of storage space to spare, or are simply on a tight budgetthis Hot Stone Briefcase Set is a good choice. The narrow briefcase style with handed is great for being mobile and for sliding into closets or under beds when not in use. Plus its on the more affordable side.

    It comes with a combination storage and heater briefcase as well as 20 stones in a variety of sizes. When on, the case heats up to around 140 degrees Fahrenheitwarmer than is typically recommended. The temperature cant be adjusted and because it doesnt use water, it isnt as high quality or as safe so youll want to make sure youre testing your stones on your own skin before putting them on someone else as well as checking in with your clients comfort level to prevent burning them.

    Its not built for professionals but if youre on a budget and need a first kit, this will get you going.

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    Portable Massage Stone Warmer Set Electric Spa Hot Stones Massager Heater Kit

    • Stone heating journey bag: the electrical scorching stone therapeutic massage hotter set comes with a light-weight power environment friendly trendy storage / journey bag case that doubles as stone heater oven that rapidly heats up the rocks inside 20 minutes
    • Therapeutic reduction: the heated stone remedy massager set relieves pains attributable to sprains and strains, soften away stress to assuage muscle rigidity, soreness, and stiffness and it is usually very best for athletes, residence care and therapeutic spa facilities
    • 12 basalt volcanic stones: this heated rock remedy system by serenelife options 6 massive and 6 small easy spherical formed pure black basalt rock with excessive silica and iron content material that may maintain warmth for 25-35 minutes which is longer than most stones
    • Digital temperature management: the wired temperature controller enit includes a digital liquid crystal display show with selectable temperature setting of 86-158 °fahrenheit
    • Automotive adapter and wall plug: heat the stones whereas on the go or plug into the wall. this all-in-one bundle comes with a automotive lighter energy adapter and energy cable, a scorching stone heating bag, digital temp controller and 6 massive 6 small massaging stones

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    Conair Hot Stone Massage Kit Relax Muscles Improve Circulation Rejuvenate Your Body

    • Scorching stones goal particular factors on the physique to offer localized warmth to heat and chill out muscle groups
    • Led prepared mild heats up in 30 minutes on/ off swap
    • Soften away the stress of the day and chill out drained muscle groups with the conair scorching stone therapeutic massage equipment
    • Scorching stones therapeutic massage equipment consists of: 2 medium dimension stones for neck and physique, eight small stones for between fingers, toes, face and brow, and basin with lid and tongs for warming water and stones
    • Helps to alleviate ache from sore, overworked muscle groups very best for athletes. take pleasure in scorching stone remedy in your personal residence, any time

    Hot Stone Kits & Heaters Plus Warm Bamboo Kits

    The UK’s No.1 supplier for Massage Tables, Therapy Equipment and hot stone kits/portable hot stone bags and bamboo kits.

    This has taken over from the hot stone heaters and become far more popular and in demand.This is our number one recommended product, students can use this hot stone heater bag & stone set if they are mobile or set up at a clinic.

    The Hot Stone Heater Bag & stone set is a best seller and a fantastic product and we are offering a 5% off the normal price as a special offer.

    These are the products our tutors use and are very reliable and good quality.

    You can buy just the portable heater bag or you can buy the bag which includes the stone set, all prices are shown and you discount this by 5% when you order.

    Following on from the success of the VULSINI hot stone heating bag, we are proud to introduce the VULSINI bamboo bag.

    The VULSINI bamboo bag is the first dedicated heating unit for Warm Bamboo Massage.

    Designed specifically to heat bamboo sticks used in Warm Bamboo Massage, the VULSINI bamboo bag can hold enough sticks for a full body massage whilst being light and portable.

    Using similar technology as the VULSINI stone heating bag, the VULSINI bamboo bag can be heated either by a mains supply or the provided in car lighter adaptor.

    They also now offer Himalayan Salt Stones


    More about the Hot Stone Heater Bag & Stone Set

    5% discount for all Gateway buyers!

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    Hot Stone Massage Kit Pslmsgst65


    Available: Out of stock

    Features: Hot Stone Massage System Simple Electric Plug-in Design Quick Setup: All-in-One Portable Kit Smooth & Sculpted Round Basalt Rock Stones Uniquely Selected Stone Type…

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

    • 12 BASALT VOLCANIC STONES: This hot stone massage kit rock therapy system features 6 large and 6 small smooth round-shaped natural black basalt rock with high silica and iron content that can hold heat for 25-35 mins which is longer than most stones
    • STONE HEATING TRAVEL BAG: The electric hot stones massage set with warmer comes w/ a lightweight energy efficient stylish storage/travel bag case that doubles as stone heater oven that quickly heats up the rocks within 8-15 mins
    • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: SereneLife heater & hot rock massage stones kit has a digital temp controller w/ selectable temperature setting of 85-160 °F. You just plug it in and you have hot stones, ready to be used at the right temperature
    • THERAPEUTIC RELIEF: The basalt massage stones spa rocks massager relieves pain caused by sprains and strains, melt away stress to soothe muscle tension, soreness, and stiffness and it is also ideal for athletes, home care and therapeutic spa centers
    • CAR ADAPTER AND WALL PLUG: As well as being powered by an AC power supply, the massage rocks heater set also features a car lighter adapter, allowing the stones to be pre-heated if you are driving

    How To Choose The Best Hot Stone Massage Kit

    6 Quart Digital Hot Stone Heater REVIEW and DEMONSTRATION from Massage Warehouse UK
    • Heating controls

    The hot stone massage set that you plan to purchase should give you the liberty to control the temperature. This helps because sometimes, certain types of stones tend to get overheated. And when you have no choice to control the heat, you are left with no option but to use overheated stones that may not essentially elevate your massage experience.

    • Stones

    There are 3 kinds of stones, igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Igneous rocks are a result of volcanic activity. Sedimentary rocks are formed over long periods and then compressed into solid rock. The metamorphic rocks can be igneous or sedimentary. Igneous rocks such as basalt are highly recommended by therapists rather than metamorphic rocks. They tend to hold the heat longer and are smoother to use on parts of our body. Sedimentary rocks such as marine stones, sandstone, or limestone can be used as they have mineral properties. Basalt is the best one for an ideal massage experience!

    • Number of stones

    It is crucial that your kit comes packed with at least 4 to 10 stones. These many stones allow you to give yourself a full-body massage. Also, make sure that the stones are of different sizes as this helps with using the stones for each part of the body.

    Now that we know how to buy a hot stone massager kit, here are the benefits of using one!

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    Yommi Hot Stones Massage Premium Set

    • â helps relive muscle rigidity and ache: warmth has lengthy been used to ease muscle rigidity and ache. it helps improve blood movement to the affected space. it additionally reduces muscle spasms and improve flexibility and vary of movement. relying in your signs, alternating cold and hot stones throughout your therapeutic massage could also be useful.
    • â promotes sleep: again scorching stone massages helps promote leisure and sleep. a 2001 research confirmed that infants with sleep issues who got a 15-minute therapeutic massage by their mother and father went to sleep sooner.
    • â skilled spa tools: these therapeutic massage stones can be utilized professionally or additionally you need to use them at residence. straightforward to make use of, secure and comfy. its good for individuals typically utilizing computer systems and cellphones.
    • â reduces stress and anxiousness: american therapeutic massage remedy affiliation states that âmassage remedy could be efficient for stress reduction. a ten-minute therapeutic massage improved cardiovascular responses equivalent to stroke quantity.
    • â preserve magnificence: do facial therapeutic massage with scorching stone, the affect of the central nervous system, relieve stress, thereby affecting the endocrine to enhance the spots. do away with brow and eye fantastic wrinkles, eradicate darkish circles and black eye, make extra ruddy face lovely

    Editors Choice: Amethyst Lake 18

    • Too big for some
    • Not portable

    If youre starting from scratch or would like a wide array of stones, the Amethyst Lake Top Massage Stone Heater Kit is a nice choice. It comes with 48 basalt river rocks of varying sizes.

    Remember that if a set of 48 stones seems like overkill, massage stones will need to be scrubbed clean and reheated between clients so having two sets can allow you to more easily book clients back to back.

    The large, durable massage stone heater has an 18-quart vessel, giving you enough space to heat the full stone set without crowding. It has a simple-to-use adjustable temperature dial. Emptying the water from your heater is easy because the vessel lifts out of the heating base so it can be dumped into the sink.

    A wooden slotted spoon is included to help retrieve stones as well as a drawstring bag for your stones. You also get a free ebook of the basics on hot stone massage and hot and cold massage.

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