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Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back

Do Massage Chairs Help Back Pain Learn The Truth

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Massage chairs are truly versatile products per se, in that they provide relief from several ailments affecting different parts of your body. But one of the most common questions consumers ask is: Do massage chairs help back pain?

The answer is yes! In this article, well dive into the topic a bit further to explain why and how massage chairs help with back pain.

Your Chair Can Cause Back Pain Big Time

A couple of months ago my husband came home from work with his nice big office chair. The company he works for was moving into a new building and getting all new chairs. The employees were told they could take home their old chair if they wanted it. Tom thought I might want it, seeing how my current office chair is an old simple wooden chair that he picked up at the thrift store before we were married.

The chair he brought home was nice. It had a cushioned seat and back, lumbar support, arm rests it could be adjusted for various heights as well as spin and roll around. Next to my old scratched up chair it looked like quite the upgrade. I moved it in front of my desk and basked in its comfy glory.

Here Is A List Of Some Of The Most Common Massage Chairs Side Effects And What To Do About Them

  • If you have a stiff neck and painful joints that make it difficult for you to extend your arms and reach things, then this may be the problem.
  • As you get older, joint pain is more likely to occur, but if you are experiencing this now, then you may want to consider an adjustable Massage Chairs so that you can reach further and stretch.
  • Usually, a stiff neck or painful joints can be remedied by using an electric massage chair. In addition, if you feel like something is wrong with your lower back, then you may want to have it checked out just to make sure, since a stiff back is often associated with it.
  • Other Massage Chairs side effects include dizziness and lightheadedness.
  • Whenever you stand up after sitting for a while, you may feel dizzy.
  • However, standing up after sitting down for a while can cause lightheadedness. Sometimes, you may find that if you sit in one position for too long that you start to feel like you might pass out.

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Maybe You Are Not One Of Those People Who Gets Regular Massage For Those Of You Heres A Point To Consider:

Regular massage changes everything. With regular use of a therapeutic massage chair, youll feel the benefits in your body, energy levels, overall contentment, and clarity of mind.

The problem is that too many people consider massage an extravagance or luxury. Massage is often thought of as only something you do when pampering yourself maybe you only get a massage when you are on vacation. However the bottom line is that if you get massages often were talking every day the benefits compound in ways that will wonderfully shock you.

How Long Should You Sit In A Massage Chair


The recommended and ideal duration of time for using a massage chair ranges from two to fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes is enough to receive pain relief, relaxation, and optimum comfort from your massage chair. If you sit any longer than that period, then you run a chance of getting muscle injuries.

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Is Getting A Massage Good For Lower Back Pain

A massage can be really helpful to reduce discomfort and heal your lower back pain quickly. There are many suitable types of massages that work wonders in treating your lower back pain. These include deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, structural massage, etc.

Final Thoughts

Buying a massage chair is one of the best purchases for people who suffer from regular back pain. Other than helping you with your back pain, these can also help eliminate other health conditions. In todays busy world, you cant really hope to grab a treatment session from a professional therapist every other day.

On the other hand, electronic massagers can give you customized massage sessions anytime right at the comfort of your home. Besides providing you with physical health benefits, massage chairs also provide certain psychological benefits to relieve your backaches. They also stabilize your mood and keep you happy by increasing your endorphin levels. Hence, for all these reasons, a good massage chair is one of those products that you must spend some money on.

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Do Massage Chairs Help With Back Pain

So, are massage chairs good for your back?

Yes, but only if you pick the right chair for you.

The trick is in being honest about what your needs and expectations are, factoring in your budget, and buying a chair that can meet those needs without breaking the bank.

There are a lot of great models out there, catering to a staggering array of needs and preferences, so finding the perfect fit can be a bit time consuming, but well worth the effort in the end.


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Titan Pro Jupiter Xl With Lumbar Heat Great Mid Range Chair For Tall People

The Jupiter XL is a great alternative for the Kahuna SM-7300 because of its price. This mid-range chair fits users up to 6 feet 6 inches in height comfortably. I especially like the contemporary design that fits perfectly into any space. Aside from that, its also the first L-Track with 3D tech designed by Titan.

Take a look at its most notable features:

Five Speed Control youll enjoy switching between the various massage speeds on this unit. It allows you to unlock a truly customizable massage experience tailored to your needs and preferences. This means if you feel like going over a certain area much more slowly than others, you can do so with ease.

Head Massage most massage chairs Ive come across neglect your head. The Jupiter XL is one of the few massage chairs Ive come across that dedicate a head massage to give you a true massage experience.

Heat Therapy The Titan Jupiter XL features lower lumbar heat that effectively soothes back pain as well as facilitates good blood flow to help your muscles recover faster.

  • Insufficient heat therapy
  • Can only accommodate up to 270 lbs

Summary: The Titan XL comes in multiple color choices and packs a lot of good features. However, the height accommodation doesnt effectively coincide with the weight restriction. This makes it ideal for taller users but not so much for heavier users. Nonetheless, its a great model that comes with zero gravity reclining positions and an efficient 3D body massage.

Can Massage Chairs Help With Back Pain

5 Best Massage Chairs You Can Buy In 2022
  • 6 min read

If you suffer from back pain each day, you’re not alone. Roughly 16 million Americans deal with chronic back discomfort that can make even minor tasks feel like a challenge. A growing number of these people find relief through their massage chairs at home. However, finding your best massage chair for back pain may take some homework.

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Irest Massage Chair Great For Lower Back Pain

Massage chair industry has grown from a once monopolized market to a full grown market with more than 50 brands selling high-quality massage chairs with extra features today.

It is essential to understand the product well before its purchase and with products like these, the time needed to comprehend it is a lot more than purchasing any other electronics item online.

We perform extensive market research and bring you a nice compilation of all features of every product categorizing it by its functionality, style, durability, extras available, warranty and service options.

The specification table that comes with every review enables you to get more information about the product and helps you become an informed buyer. We have reviewed a wide range of products from leading brands at varied prices to cater to the vast spectrum of audience.

Consider us as your shopping helper who does all the thinking and lets you invest in the best. Feel free to look around the website for all the relevant information before you decide to treat yourself a massage chair!

Your feedback is important to us, and we strive to give excellent viewer satisfaction.

Let us know by submitting the contact form so that we could give you the best results!

Improve The Skeletal System

It is important to keep in mind that the skeletal system becomes strained if your back muscles are strained. The pressure will make the bones gradually pull to different places that are not natural, leading to discomfort and pain. When you use a massage chair for back pain, dependent on the model, it can knead out and stretch the muscles. This can reduce the stress on your skeletal system. With consistent use of a massage chair, you may notice that your spine feels more aligned, and there is less pressure on the discs. Once you get better spinal alignment, you might also notice an improvement in other strained areas, such as the neck, legs, and chest.

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Why Does This Happen

Its normal to feel sore after a massage. The technique carries blood and nutrients to your muscles while eliminating toxins. After stimulating muscles that you may not usually use, you might experience delayed onset muscle soreness. This is a physical response to the inflammation as your body heals.

This can happen if your muscles arent accustomed to massage. In the same way that your body gets used to working out, your muscles need time to get used to being manipulated in certain ways.

You may experience inflammation and soreness in areas that need healing. If you have neck pain after a massage, for example, it can be a sign that you carry a lot of tension in that area. You may have limited flexibility and mobility in your neck due to working at a desk or bending forward repeatedly.

If you havent had a massage recently or if its your first one, its more likely that you will feel sore afterward. Your body will create muscle memory if you have frequent massages, so aim to be regular with your sessions when possible.

Usually, any post-massage soreness will subside within a day or so. In the meantime, there are several ways to relieve soreness.

Is It Ok To Use Massage Chair Every Day

5 Reasons How Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back (2020)

You can use your massage chair about three to four times per week for maximum effectiveness for lower back, neck, or shoulder pain. If you are using the chair for stress relief or relaxation, one to three times per week should be just fine. Your doctor will come up with the best use of a chair in your unique situation.

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Youre Just Not Used To It Yet

One of the most common reasons why you may be feeling sore after your time in a massage chair when you choose any of the pre-programmed massage sessions is that you may just not be used to the chair yet. If this is your first massage chair purchase and youve never experienced the direct pressure of massage rollers, it can feel very alien to your body.

This is similar to the feeling that you might have after returning to exercise after a long while or trying a new activity. Your body just isnt acclimated to what that exercise does for you. The first two or three sessions in a massage chair can feel like this, just as it would when youre exercising.

But why does this happen?

As your body adjusts and gets used to the muscular and tissue manipulation achieved through your newly-bought massaging chair, whether youre using a spot massage or the full-body options, it may get a bit sore.

Massage chairs, like the massage therapists who do this for a living, use all the tools in its arsenal, like the rollers and track systems, to tirelessly work your bodys tense muscles. When it is your first time in the chair, your muscles, particularly the ones that have been lying dormant for an extended time, will respond in the form of inevitable and unwanted pain.

Maintain Your Chair Regularly

Whenever your chair is stable and strong, you will be free from all concerns. You have to maintain the chair regularly to keep it intact for years. The chair will serve you smoothly if it becomes out of all damages.

In this case, you need to clean the chair early and late. If any of the parts go out of order, you have to replace them instantly. Moreover, you should place your chair in a favorable environment.

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Can A Massage Chair Hurt Your Back

Does your back still hurt even after getting a massage chair? The reason can be the massage chair itself. Read on to why a massage chair hurts your back.

A massage manipulates your bodys soft tissues and heals them. It eases muscle tension and improves blood flow in the back, which improves nutrient and oxygen delivery to tissues. It reliefs the sensation of pain by releasing endorphins, which block pain receptors in the brain. It is the mechanism behind the use of a massage chair.

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Why Do Experts Say You Should Only Sit In A Massage Chair For 15 Minutes

Insignia Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

This is because if you sit for any longer you could cause some low level injury and bruising. A massage chair will not recognise when and if you are experiencing pain or discomfort.

For this reason it is advised you start on a low intensity massage program and only use it for 15 minutes for one session. You could sit in the chair for 15 minutes 2 or 3 times in a day and target different areas of the body for each sitting?

This would solve the possible problems associated with too much local targeting of a specific area of the body.

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Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

A tall and wider massage chair designed to fit every body

Combine a satisfying massage with the healing powers of acupressure when you take a seat in the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair.

Kahuna offer just about every element you could possibly need!

You can experience the stress relieving benefits of the zero gravity position and take advantage of a number of different programs and massage techniques including yoga stretching, to loosen your muscles.

Acupressure points for your arms enter you into a deeper state of relaxation, plus your feet will feel refreshed after a wrap around squeeze massage.

Incorporating seriously good space-saving technology:

It needs only 3 inches from the wall when in zero gravity position, due to the way it slides forward as it reclines.

Comparable massage chairs can need more than 10 inches of extra space when fully reclined, so its ideal if you want the features without it taking over your home!

Kahunas superior chair really is an investment, and thought to fit everyone more comfortably as its taller and wider than many of the competitors.

Purchasers enjoyed the intensity of the six back massage rollers, when combined with the airbags and foot rollers. Golfer setting appeared to be a particular favorite.

The remote was also thought to be a valuable feature. People did feel a little frustrated that it didnt remember your settings after each use, but found it easy to operate and locate the options you love.

Irest Sl Track Massage Chair Recliner

An intense massage tailored to your body

If youre a small or slim person then you may have felt swamped by massage chairs youve tried in the past.

Typically theyre made as large as possible to accommodate all body sizes.

Slip into the iRest SL Track Massage Chair and you can adjust the width, so no matter what your body shape you can get your massage just right.

Similarly to the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus, it will detect your height, shoulder width and weight, to deliver a targeted massage just where you need it.

With calf rests that extend up to 20cm, its suitable for people of all sizes. Though it is worth noting that some taller shoppers did feel they would benefit from the chair being a bit longer.

One of the best features of the iRest, that you wont find on many other massage chairs, is the SL track system.

Manufacturers typically opt for an S or L-Track massage system, which refers to the way the massage nodes move up and down your back .

However amazingly you get the option of both directions on this model, giving your back the best coverage it could ask for!

You still get plenty of other features too, like six massage modes including a full body airbag massage and lower back heat function.

Like the Real Relaxs latest model, you also get built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers to create an even more relaxing environment.

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Can A Massage Chair Cause Injury

Well, as explained in the above section, a correctly used massage chair is extremely unlikely to cause any form of direct injury.

Before using a massage chair, we recommend checking the weight specifications to ensure that you select the right fit. Remember, you increase the chances of hurting your back whenever you use a massage chair that cannot accommodate your weight.

As is evident, the risks associated with using massage chairs cannot outweigh the benefits. Luckily, all the above side effects can be avoided if you take the necessary precautions and keep a close attention to detail.

If you have a history of medical complications, we recommend talking to your doctor before purchasing or using a massage chair.

After reading all this, you might wanna read our article on the benefits of massage chairs so you can make an informed decision if investing in a massage chair is for you.

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