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Milk And Honey Prenatal Massage

Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga & Meditation


Recalling the ancient ways of birthing and mothering handed down to us through the ages. These practices lead a new mother to the awareness that she truly knows within herself how to bring her baby forth. The Khalsa Way® teaches a woman to lift the blocks of fear, doubt and old conditioning out of her pregnancy, her birth and her life. Bringing a holistic approach to birthing.

Massage Treatments In Austin Houston Fort Worth And Los Angeles

If youre looking for a relaxing massage near you, we have seven convenient locations in Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, and Los Angeles. We offer several types of massage treatments, and each can be customized with a variety of enhancements to suit your unique needs.


Please note: due to our enhanced safety and sanitation protocols in place, we are not scheduling Couples Massages at this time. If you are scheduling a Couples Retreat, you can still receive your massages in separate rooms. .

Please note that as of July 2021, masks are now required at all locations, regardless of vaccination status. Masks must be worn throughout your service until further notice. Clients are required to wear masks upon arrival and throughout the duration of their reservation. There will be minor exceptions, which include facials and facial waxing. We believe strongly that this requirement is essential to maintaining the safest environment possible for our team, clients, and community.

Massage therapists will be wearing a mask throughout the duration of the treatment and every treatment room is equipped with a HEPA air filter.


Magical Glow Body Wrap

Experience silky soft skin! To exfoliate, a creamy body-buff polish is applied, followed by a full body massage-application of a luxurious body butter that will soothe & soften your skin. Enjoy a neck, scalp and foot massage while wrapped comfortably in a luscious cocoon. Youll emerge feeling softer than ever!

Includes your choice of body butter: Lavender & Chamomile, Milk & Honey, Vanilla Bean & Sugar.

*Add more massage time for extra pampering*

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My First Experience At Milk And Honey Spa

June 26, 2019 by Taylor Dadds

Hi friends! I had the opportunity to visit Milk and Honey this week and I am so excited to share this experience with you. Milk and Honey has a variety of spa services that they offer and even a salon as well. Everything from a variety of massage offerings to facials and even pedicure and manicures. This month, I had the 60 Minute Signature Massage with a back polish and it was awesome. Milk and Honey has a variety of locations, but I visited the 2nd Street District, downtown location. Just upon entering the spa facilities, I already felt relaxed.

The mission & philosophy of Milk and Honey was definitely portrayed during my visit there. Some of these include: 1) creating a truly relaxing environment where you are pampered and unhurried, providing treatments using natural and organic ingredients to assist in natural healing process, engaging all your senses where you interact with music and art in addition to the touch of the treatment, and allowing you to interact with a staff that is passionate about your relaxation and healing.

Im excited to experience more of what Milk and Honey has to offer and I love that its in the heart of downtown so I dont have to travel too far. If youre still reading and interested in booking a session with Milk and Honey, you can receive a complimentary Back Polish on your next massage using my offering. I have linked that here if youre interested! Let me know if you have any questions! xx

until next time…

Milk With Honey And Butter In Pregnancy

Pure Fiji Mini Spa Box  Coconut Milk and Honey  Summer ...

You can enhance the healing qualities of milk and honey by adding natural oils like butter and cocoa butter. Butter should be added to warm milk. This will reduce the soreness of your throat and prevent relief from the incessant coughing and hoarseness of the voice.

Butter is not just something that makes you fat and unhealthy. Contrary to popular belief, the chemical composition of good quality butter includes carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins A, D, E, PP, and B, and a large amount of minerals. Of course butter should be consumed in moderation. Half to one tablespoon of melted butter can be added to warm milk and honey.

Cocoa butter contains triglycerides which are esters of glycerin. It also contains theobromine, which is a natural substance that helps to treat blood pressure and reduces cough. It is a stimulant like caffeine which speeds up the bodys mechanism and brain function. You can also massage the inside of your nose with cocoa butter to prevent respiratory infections and viral diseases.

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Sunshine On My Shoulders Integrative Massage

$105/60 min $125/80 min $140/90 min $185/120 minA full body massage that combines long, gliding strokes up the body along with trigger point therapy to break up knots and tight muscles. This is a great option if you are looking for medium pressure and to simply relax and be pampered after a hard day on the slopes! If you are feeling extra sore or have not had a massage in at least 30 days, an 80 or 90 minute treatment is recommended. We want you to leave singing Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!

Surprising Benefits Of Honey And Milk During Pregnancy

Milk and honey are both highly nutritious food components which can be incorporated into your diet in a number of ways. During pregnancy your aim is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, clear toxins from the body, establish a healthy sleep pattern and look after your emotional well-being. Perhaps Rupi Kaur called her collection of poetry Milk and Honey for the same reason. She wrote

how is it so easy for you

to be kind to people he asked

milk and honey dripped

from my lips as I answered

cause people have not

been kind to me

In her poems she talks about the power of empathy, emotional strength and strong women who uplift themselves. Milk and honey are two such components which take care of your mental and physical health.

In this article:

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

$140/90 min $185/120 minWanting to try a massage modality that is equally as unique as it is beneficial to the body? Thai Yoga Massage, or Lazy Mans Yoga, is done on a comfortable mat on the floor while wearing stretchy clothes. It combines compressions, yogic breathing, and lots of assisted stretching while also utilizing heated thai herbal compresses on the body. While thai massage is great for everyone, it is best suited for athletic clients who prefer deeper pressure.

Honey Harvest Glow Foot Treatment

Massage of raw Milk and Honey Remove Dark Spots

30 min | 55

BEST ENJOYED: Cozied up, and ready for a mega-moisture boost

THE MOOD: Lets get glowing girls!

EXPERIENCE: Soak your feet in buttery whole milk and Chicory Root to warm and soften skin, before a vitamin E and Rice Bran Oil Sea Salt scrub banishes dead skin. A hot honey glaze is drizzled all over your legs, feet and arms and hands, and they are nestled in a hot towel cocoon. Relax. Your trip to luxury ends with a rich shea butter massage fragranced with real vanilla and citrus, steaming under fresh towels. Lets get glowing!

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Some Like It Hot Hot Stone Massage

$125/60 min $145/80 min $160/90 min $205/120 min Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat combined with our Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Oil Blend can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more efficiently into those areas.

Your Urban Hideawayin West Melbourne

Leave your stress behind. Quiet the mind and relax the body.

Welcome to Milk & Honey Remedial Massage, a true urban oasis, located in West Melbourne. Our philosophy is simple quality remedial massage, in a relaxing style.Set in a beautifully designed space.

Whether you have muscle tension, acute or chronic pain, or you just need to unwind. Our massage clinic is designed to help you restore and rebalance, your body and mind.

Treatments are customised for each client by professional, qualified, remedial massage therapists. Our goal being to help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Leaving you feeling better than when you walked in.

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The John Denver Deep Tissue Massage

$105/60 min $125/80 min $140/90 min $185/120 minThis massage is geared for the everyday athlete who is looking for a more therapeutic experience. Combine deep pressure, myofascial release, assisted stretching, and trigger point therapy for the perfect, full body release. This is a great option for avid skiers and riders looking for pain relief after a long day of shredding! If you are feeling extra sore or have not had a massage in at least 30 days, an 80 or 90 minute treatment is recommended.

Mountain Mama Massage Prenatal Massage

Cuccio Hydrating Massage Creme Milk &  Honey 26 oz in 2020 ...

$105/60 min $125/80 min For the expecting mother-to-be. Depending on how far along on your pregnancy, your massage may include side-lying and extra pillows for support. Always inform your massage therapist of your pregnancy at any phase or trimester. Let us nurture and pamper you as you are carrying life!

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Milk & Honey Womb Massage

This luxurious massage is done using a special organic milk & honey blend. Real milk, honey and beeswax is combined, warmed up and applied to the womb. A warmed towel is then placed over your belly to assist the pores in opening and accepting the treatment. The mixture is then re-applied to the womb and gently massaged until it crystalizes. The milk and honey mixture is known to help reduce stretch marks, add elasticity and improves the overall quality and vitality of the skin.

Milk With Honey At Night With Pregnancy

A cup of milk with honey before sleep makes the immune system stronger, especially during the seasons of weather change. They are a good alternative instead of artificial sweeteners and white sugar. The level of sugar in the bloodstream is maintained properly, leading to a calm and steady nervous system which ensures a smooth and deep sleep.

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Integrated Thai Yoga Massage

$140/90 min $185/120 minNot quite ready for the floor? East Meets West in this beautifully integrated treatment that combines traditional western massage with the Thai Yoga stretches. This will be done on the massage table at any level of pressure you like with the use of heated thai herbal compresses on the body. Wearing underwear for this treatment is preferred but not necessary.

Please note: We do not charge extra for deep pressure!

Benefits Of Honey And Milk During Pregnancy

Revised Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk Elixir and Things about Honey – Massage Monday #482
  • A faster metabolism due to the mineral content in milk and honey
  • Rich source of Calcium content in milk helps shape and strengthens the babys bones.
  • Rich source of Iron which increases the level of hemoglobin in the mother and the child.
  • Vitamins like retinol and Vitamin D aid the growth of the fetus.
  • Honey helps in overcoming insomnia.
  • Honey and milk boost the immune system through its antioxidant properties
  • Honey and milk act as a cough suppressant.
  • Honey is also known to cure ulcers
  • Honey and milk reduce inflammation, especially that inside a sore throat.

It is safe to consume both milk and honey while pregnant. However make sure the brands you are buying from is reliable, check the contents to be aware of any harmful preservatives as well. Milk and should be pasteurized so that the unhealthy and harmful bacteria in them have been destroyed. Apart from being a good substitute to fulfill sugar cravings, milk and honey contain various health benefits which shall make your pregnancy smooth and happy.




Hope this article was of help to you! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy, Healthy and Empowered Women!!

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Rocky Mountain High Massage Altitude Sickness Treatment

$120/60 min $140/80 min $155/90 min $200/120 minWhile visitors from lower elevation struggle with adjusting to the high altitude of the Rockies, many can find relief through massage therapy. Beginning with a steam inhalation of Young Living Brain Power essential oils that are proven to reoxygenate the blood, hot towel compressions are applied during a full body massage, followed by a reflexology session of the feet that focuses on relieving the physical symptoms of altitude sickness that include nausea, breathing difficulties, headaches, and more.

Reflexology & Cranial Massage

Reflexology is the scientific technique of applying pressure to reflex points that relate to particular zones or organs in the body. The treatment promotes balance and normalization, reduces tension, revitalizes and regenerates. Allow me to bring your whole body into a state of harmony while you relax.

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Make An Appointmenttake Time Out

Simplicity is key at m& h. We wont bog you down with lots of massage options, youre stressed enough already.

We offer six types of treatments remedial, relaxation, remedial pregnancy massage , Myotherapy and Zen Shiatsu. Please head to our treatments page for more detail.

All therapists at Milk & Honey are qualified professionals. Collectively they embody warm, caring qualities, essential for healing and relaxing. With the knowledge and experience to deliver focused and effective massage treatments.

We provide HICAPS services for all clients with private health insurance. This means you can claim rebates for your remedial massage treatment on the spot.

Most of our therapists are registered with all the major health funds. Your therapists provider details will be noted in your confirmation email.

To book a massage online click here. Or purchase a massage gift voucher here. Cant find an appointment? Add yourself to the waiting list.

Is It Possible To Have Milk With Honey During Pregnancy

Notas Tranquilas  Milk &  Honey

Yes, it can be. Both are naturally occurring sources of nutrition and when they are properly treated, they are fit for consumption. However, one should keep in mind certain precautions. This should be done because every person has a unique medical history and consumption of milk and honey can affect them in different ways.

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Escape The Stress Of Modern Lifeand Rebalance

Modern life is increasingly hectic. A combination of factors like work stress, anxiety, long hours sitting at a desk, lower activity levels and sports injuries all take their toll. Not to mention juggling the kids, work and finding time for friends and family. We believe consciously seeking time out to help alleviate the resulting aches and pains , is most important in staying healthy and grounded. Massage is an essential component in releasing tired, aching muscles and rebalancing, so we can be the best version of ourselves.

Of course its no secret remedial massage has many positive health benefits. For centuries its techniques have been used to reduce pain and muscle tension, relieve stress, lower anxiety and improve circulation. Remedial massage can also strengthen the lymphatic system, improve joint mobility and help the recovery of soft tissue injuries to assist healing and pain release in the body. All of which are symptoms of a modern, busy life.

Milk & Honey is designed for you. A place to slow down and put things into perspective. A brief escape so you can restore and rebalance.

Welcome To Our Orlando Spa

We are proud to offer a full spa and salon menu to our guests. Each of our services and products are designed with our guests in mind. From head to toe, we have it all!

Our Spa & Salon Services Include:

Massage- Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy Massage, Reflexology Massage, Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage, Chair Massage, and Combination Massage.

Facial Services- Essential Euro Facial, Signature Facial, Milk and Honey Facial, Essential Anti-Aging Facial, Essential Acne Facial, Collagen Facial, Gentlemens Facial, and Facial Enhancement Services.

Skin Care- Microdermabrasion Treatment and Chemical Peels.

Waxing- Full face, eyebrow, lip or chin, half and full leg, back or chest, bikini, half and full arm, under arm, partial and full brazilian waxes are available.

Body Wrap- individual wraps and five-wrap packages available.

Henna Tattoo- customizable designs starting at $10.00

Spa Day Packages- Five packages available starting at $89.00

In addition to offering a full-services spa menu, we are also committed to providing you with the luxury and quality spa care you need to relax. No matter what stresses trouble you outside of our spa, we want you to know that our spa is a sanctuary for calm and relief. We will go above and beyond to assure that your needs are not only met, but that you walk away feeling rejuvenated. Total relaxation and wellness starts today by booking our services. Reach out to us today, we would love to help you!

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Relax And Restorethe Best Of Both Worlds

Since 2012 Milk & Honey Remedial Massage has offered the benefits of a clinical remedial massage with a genuine focus on creating a holistic experience. Our clinic has been designed to encourage relaxation and slowing down as opposed to a clinical setting, with bright fluorescent lights or on the flip side your beautiful, but only for special occasions, indulgent day spa.

Milk & Honey is somewhere in-between the two. Basically you get the best of both worlds. We specialise in remedial massage, treating aches and pains to encourage healing. But we also offer nurturing, relaxation treatments to help you relax and recharge. All in a peaceful, considered space. Were best known for a seamless mix off remedial and relaxation.

As a result weve been lucky enough to be featured in TimeOuts The Best Massages in Melbourne, the Urban Lists Melbournes Best Massage Hot Spots, and reviewed on Sub-Urban. big thank you to you all.

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