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Synca Kagra 4d Premium Massage Chair

Synca Wellness 3 Year Limited Warranty

Synca Kagra Massage Chair – How to use its advanced features

The Synca Kurodo Massage Chair Includes a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

The warranty covers 3 years of: In-home service, parts, labor and structural framework.

Should you need any service, please call Synca Wellness Massage Chair customer service at 877-217-2862

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    World Most Advanced 4d Deep Tissue Massage Robot

    âWorld most advanced 4D deep tissue massage robotâ and âThe Worlds most advanced dual layer body scan systemâThe industry leading 3D depth system targets the deeper layers of muscles located in the back, neck and lumbar. The dual sensors optimize the length and depth of the massage to ensure optimal performance.

    • Nearly 5inchs of 3D backmassage strength

      5inchs of 3D allows users to dial up, or down, the pressure on their back.

      the pressure on their back.

    • Back

      Auto detect the spinal lineâ¼Optimize the “depth” of the massage

    • Shoulder

      Auto detect the shoulder positionâ¼Optimize the “points” of the massage

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    The Synca Kagra 4d Premium Massage Chair

    Buy Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair Online Save 5%  Mana ...

    This Synca Wellness Kagra 4d Premium is one of the best massage chairs on the market. With its new 2.0 software update, it has changed the deep stretch market for massage chairs.

    With Synca Kagras 4D made in japan new layered software technology, the Kagra will let you select any key problem areas like calves, legs, back, shoulders, necks and target them with its deep stretch technology. Also, add in any additional options with rollers, finger pressures, vibration, and heating treatments.

    The Synca Kagra 4D is one of the best full-body massage chairs available on the market and is a zero-wall clearance chair.

    Synca Wellness Kagra 2.0 Software- Layered software technology allows you to select problem areas and enjoy deep stretch treatments

    Features- Zero Gravity function, Heated function, Foot Roller, 22 airbags for compression stretch, quad roller robot and 6 auto programmed routines.

    *Please see additional information in the tabs section.


    • Designed In Japan and The USA
    • Zero Gravity

    Download the latest specifications brochure here.

    • Chair Height: 48.50″

    User Manual- Download a digital copy here

    Warranty documentation

    5 Year Residential Limited Warranty

      • Unlimited USA-based customer & technical support
      • 5 Year structural framework warranty
      • No-cost replacement on covered parts for 3 years
      • Complete Care/No-cost parts & labor for 1 year

    Complete Care Warranty Period

    Warranty Exclusions


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    Synca Kagra 4d Design Overview

    Designed in Japan, the Kagra Massage Chair is a sound example of the meticulous planning, innovation, and dedication to health that the Synca brand represents.

    They stray away from the cookie-cutter implementation of standard massage technology by adding their own creative twist to popular features that not only improve them but have us asking, âwhy didnât anyone think of this sooner?â

    Youâll see what we mean in our Synca Kagra massage chair review as we pour over the moderately priced model. It turns heads with its impressive massage variety and 4D roller technology that promises a world-class experience.

    But before we get into the features, letâs take a look at this sleek and elegant design.


    The dimensions of the Kagra are 53.1 x 35 x 48.4 inches, and it weighs 211.6 pounds. Thatâs average for an ergonomic recliner and certainly heavy. Small apartment owners should take care- the Kagra demands ample space.

    Luckily, Synca designed the footrest to be multi-functional. When youâre ready to just chill and watch your favorite TV show or save space when the chair is not in use, just flip the footrest and push it in, piece of cake.

    Itâs also adjustable, extending up to 5â to accommodate a height up to 6â3â. We love that itâs automatic, so you donât have to apply pressure to hold the desired position, like with springboard footrests.

    Now the burning question: what can this bad boy do? Letâs get into the features!

    Synca Kagra Massage Chair Pros Vs Cons


    • Triple heating in the back, chest, and footwells
    • Accommodates taller/larger body types
    • 3 memory profiles to save custom massages


    • Only one Zero-G position
    • Limited S-track that misses the glutes & thighs

    No two massage chairs are alike, even though youâll start to notice tech trends as you research the market.

    There are a handful of features that a lot of high-quality massage chairs donât prioritize, but theyâre features that make a huge difference in the user experience.

    This includes heat, massage technique variety, and body stretch options. For example, youâll typically see only 5-6 of the same massage techniques on the menu.

    This is where the Kagra differentiates itself from the pack, and as a mid-range chair, this makes it more desirable and in a category of its own.

    The flexible heating pad is a simple yet genius design that allows users to have more control over where they want to feel the heat. It can even be used as a cozy blanket when you want to just sit and watch TV without a massage.

    The massage variety is also top-notch, and you wonât see many chairs on the market that come close with as many styles. This is thanks to the second-generation technology that is challenging the industry standard.

    To be honest, itâs hard for us to find many faults with the Synca Kagra massage chair. It performs well, and the 4D rollers are so meticulous, it almost feels like human hands.

    We recommend the Synca Kagra Massage Chair forâ¦

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    The Ultimate In Relaxation

    A Dedicated comfy zone just for you, a special place in your home, a retreat from the stresses of daily life. Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair is a luxurious accent to any room. From relaxing the body to massaging away fatigue, Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair helps improve your quality of living. Lounge on it like a normal chair, take a nap, get a targeted, stretch, and full body massage Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair has the versatility, performance, and features to meet all your needs.

    Synca Kagra 4d Massage Chair

    Synca Kagra Massage Chair [Recommended]

    The Synca Kagra 4D massage chair is a Dedicated comfy zone just for you, a special place in your home, a retreat from the stresses of daily life. The Kagra is a luxurious accent to any room. From relaxing the body to massaging away fatigue, the Synca Kagra massage chairs help to improve your quality of living. Lounge on it like a normal chair, take a nap, get a targeted, stretch, and full body massage KAGRA has the versatility, performance, and features to meet all your needs.

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    Synca Massage Chair Replacement Parts & Accessories

    Have you ever wondered about what if some part of your massage chair gets broken? Well, in that case, there are original and universal parts you can find. Synca massage chair has replacement parts for their massage chairs so you dont need to worry too much about it. Although original parts might be safer to use they are quite expensive. You could probably find universal parts that are as good but will save you a few bucks. Im sure that you want to know more about universal massage chair replacement pars so I got you covered.

    Other Notable Features Of The Synca Kagra 4d Premium

    While the Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair is famed for its capability in improving flexibility, it can provide more health benefits. In fact, besides its five stretch programs, there are eight other courses that you can choose from. It also comes with a body scanner, 31 airbags, Bluetooth speakers, and a convertible ottoman. You can also experience zero gravity positioning and thermotherapy on your shoulders, chest, and calves.

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    Body Part Specific Targeted Massage Courses

    â12 Body part specific targeted massage coursesâ Targeted kneading therapeutically massages each selected part of the body.These Seven-minute courses intensively and effectively relieve stiffness and tiredness caused by poor circulation, prolonged sitting and standing, and muscle recovery.These 12 courses are equipped with 6 types of targeted body part massage, 3 types of deep core kneading techniques, and 3 types of body part stretch.

    Foot Roller With Shiatsu Reflexology

    Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair

    The JP1100 massage chair has a special roller and airbag designed to target the plantar fascia muscles in the arch of the foot. This function utilizes Shiatsu massage movements while holding the foot securely with the air compression system located near the ankles and insteps simultaneously. It also promotes improved blood circulation when coupled with the integrated foot heaters.

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    Synca Kagra 4d Premium Vs Synca Jp1100 Ultra

    Massage therapy isnt simply stimulation of the soft muscles. It utilizes numerous distinct motions with varying pressure, speeds, and depths. Depending on these aspects, the health benefit you can get may differ.

    Every gesture must also be precise to make the treatment most effective. Due to this complexity, masseuses go through professional training to perform best.

    However, nowadays, spas arent the only place that you can go to receive therapy. You can purchase a massage chair and get the treatment whenever you want to. However, not all models can imitate the complex motions of human hands. The Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair and Synca JP1100 Ultra Premium 4D Massage Chair are among the few that can.

    Synca Wellness Kagra Massage Programs

    The massage techniques and programs that the Kagra can accomplish go beyond what many mid to high-range chairs can even master. This is the area where SYNCA shines, and what makes this chair well worth the money.

    Second-generation technology guides the 4D rollers to administer 78 massage techniques, giving users an astonishing amount of variety.

    While you can build custom massages using this smorgasbord, you also get 13 auto programs for when you want to skip the fine-tuning and just sink into oblivion with the push of a button.

    This includes 5 unique stretch programs that are more than weâve seen offered anywhere else. Typically youâll see one Body stretch or Thai stretch- and itâs a hobbyist favorite. But 5 different stretches?

    If you love this type of massage, then the Kagra might just be your soul mate.

    Going back to the manual programming, you get to choose the duration of your massage from 5 to 30-minute sessions.

    Focus your massage on one area of the body with Partial mode or zero in on a sore point with more control using Spot mode.

    When you build a massage that you adore, you can save it for future use. There arethree memory profilesâ another rare feature and a hobbyist favorite.

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    Adjustable And Multifunctional Rotating Ottoman

    The Multi-functional footrest can be used for three purposes: Use it for a foot and calf massage, flip it to become an ottoman like a recliner, or store it to save space and look nice. Kagra can be a recliner to rest on or even sleep in. This adjustable footrest extends and changes angles to accommodate users with different heights, so everyone can use the chair.

    Unique Upper Body Heating Feature Keep Warm From Head To Toe

    Synca JP1100 and Kagra Massage Chairs Sale – Get up to $2000 discount!

    Even if you feel cold you wonât need a blanket. The heat pad can lay behind you to heat your back, in front for your chest and stomach, and even your hands with its pocket hand warmers. Add in the foot and calf heat and youâll be warm all over. Heat not only helps circulation, but helps loosen muscles and helps you achieve a peaceful relaxing time.

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    How To Handle Damages Exceptions Or Discrepancies At Time Of Product Delivery :

    • Carton damage requires visual inspection of the contents of the unit.
    • Massage Chair Portal recommends IMMEDIATE inspection, with driver present, to verify the damage. If contents are damaged, indicate damage on the carrier’s paperwork and notify Massage Chair Portal immediately.
    • IMPORTANT: If contents cannot be inspected immediately, notation on carrier’s paperwork must state: “Carton damage, subject to inspection” and list type of damage.
    • Contents must be inspected within 48 hours of arrival, and actual damage reported to the carrier.

    Carton Packaging Has Excessive Damage With The Exposed Product:

    • Refuse shipment
    • Sign carrier paperwork: “Carton damaged and refused”
    • Notify Massage Chair Portal immediately.

    Return Policy

    MassageChairPortal.com is committed to providing the best customer service in the massage chair industry. Our goal is to make your shopping experience as easy going as possible and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We will do our best to meet your expectations at all times.

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    Synca Kagra J6900 4d Massage Chair

    Experience the elegance of Japanese engineering with the new Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair. The Kagras 4D Japanese engineered massage robot is powered by a 2nd generation software that utilizes 78 massage techniques enhanced with specialized stretch software.

    The stackable layered stretch programs allow the user to enhance their massage experience with a targeted deep stretch massage enabling the user to target and stretch key body parts such as the neck, chest, hip, legs, and lower back.

    Beyond the amazing massage, youll have all the bells and whistles you want to enjoy such as the wireless Bluetooth audio system, pulsing shiatsu foot massage, fingertips controls, precision neck massage, triple-region heat system, and zero gravity massage.

    Warm From Head To ToeYou’ll never need a blanket when resting in the Kagra chair. The heat pad can lay behind you to heat your back, in front for your chest and stomach, and even warm your hands with its pocket hand warmers.

    Add in the foot and calf heat and you’ll be warm all over. Heat not only helps circulation but helps loosen muscles and helps you achieve a peaceful relaxing massage.

    Precise 4D Technology4D mechanisms make it possible to deliver multiple Shiatsu techniques learned in Japanese Shiatsu schools. 4D is a superior technique that applies rhythmic vertical, horizontal, and depth motions as comfortable as if they were real human hands.

    Chair Size : 63″ x 30.3″ x 41.7″

    Jpmedics Kumo Massage Chair Warranty

    Synca Kagra 4D Premium Massage Chair

    3 Year Full Coverage Manufacturers Warranty

    This manufacturers warranty includes In-Home Service, Parts, & Labor for 3 years at no cost to the customer.

    2 Year Extended Warranty

    The 2 Year Extended warranty extends the In-Home Service, Parts, & Labor for an additional 2 years for a total of 5 years.

    If you need service on your JPMedics Massage Chair call their Customer Service at 1-877-977-0656.

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    Synca Massage Chair Manual & Instructions

    The user manual is a very important thing that you get with the massage chair, although it might now seem like it. Massage chairs can have complex systems and instructions so to save some time be sure to get over the manual. You dont want to assemble it the wrong way, dont you? In case that you lose your copy of manual or you somehow do not get it there is a Synca Jp1100 4d Massage Chair user manual online. Synca, unfortunately, doesnt have online manuals for a lot of their massage chairs so be extra careful with saving the one that you get.

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