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Massage Space For Rent Chicago

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How to find my massage office in Kalispell

A lot of businesses hire massage therapists to come into their workplace to help employees feel relaxed and fight the aches and pains associated with desk jobs. This is a great way for you to extend your client base and make extra money.

Another great way to earn more money and share your name is by collaborating with gyms. Many gyms will bring in massage therapists for events or competitions to relieve athletes muscles.

Finding opportunities like these at least once a month will get your name out, which is key when starting your massage practice. These are also great places to hand out business cards, so people know who gave them that awesome massage and how to get ahold of you!

We know how tough it is to start a business. There are mounds of paperwork that youve probably never had to do before, obstacles you never anticipated, and financial obligations that feel more like a burden than a good investment. When you arrive at these moments, remember a few things:

  • Its scary because its new. Youll learn what the paperwork is for, why you need it, and youll be better off because of it.
  • Starting is expensive but stick with it, because with a sound business plan and an unwillingness to give up, youll get the return youre hoping for.
  • It will all be worth it when youre sitting in your own space, creating your own schedule, feeling the accomplishment of hard work and the effects of flexibility. You can do this!
  • Useful Tips To Make Your Pop

    With so many pop up shop venues to choose from, you should be able to find one that works for you and your business. Here are some tips to ensure your pop-up shop rental turns into a great success in Chicago: Location is everything. Choosing a location for your pop-up shop rental is very important, as it will determine the type of footfall you can expect. Make sure to find a prime location in a popular neighbourhood where your target consumers like to shop. Beautiful property with unique architectural elements and local artwork will definitely give your rental pop-up a classy feel that’s worth talking about.

    Renting A Salon Suite Means More

    Freedom Be your own boss, set your own hours, do it your way

    Profits Set your own prices, avoid costly commissions, sell the products you want

    Privacy Service your clients in a private, quiet and professional environment

    Security Secure 24/7 access, with no schedule restrictions

    When you rent a salon suite from us, youll be joining a close-knit community of beauty professionals each pursuing their dream of owning their own business. In time, they may become your referral sources, collaborators and friends. Even though youll be on your own, you wont be alone at Chicago Salon Suites.

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    Pinch Yourself Because With This Massage Space For Rent You Are Not Dreaming This Is For Real

    Check it out yourself. The Tarrant County locations for Salon & Spa Galleria are:

    • Right of off Airport Freeway in Fort Worth
    • West7th Street in Fort Worth
    • Cooper in Arlington
    • Denton Highway and 820 Highway
    • Grapevine
    • South of the Alliance Area
    • Bedford
    • Lake Worth

    Talk to the managers at several of our locations. Confirm everything we have told you in this article. Check out the professional atmosphere. Better yet, talk to the masseuses who are currently renting salon rooms for rent from Salon & Spa Galleria. We are confident they will back up what we are saying here, that Salon & Spa Galleria is the best bang for your buck in the massage industry.

    Give us a call!

    Chicagos Best Spa Spa Space

    Massage Therapy

    Located on the west edge of Chicagos Loop, Spa Space was formed from the idea that corrective, therapeutic and highly effective treatments need not be performed in a cold, medical environment. Likewise, a nurturing, warm, and inviting space need not limit itself to offering fluff treatments.

    Spa Space effectively combines a serious approach to skin and body care with a welcoming and luxurious environment focused on exceptional customer service. Its a perfect marriage that appeals to both men and women seeking goal-oriented procedures while enjoying the powerful benefits of relaxation and stress reduction.

    Since its opening in June 2001, Spa Space has received a great deal of national recognition for excellence in service, unique treatment and product offerings, and its fresh approach to appealing to both men and women. It is known as Chicagos Best Spa in the press.

    Products We Love

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    How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Shop In Chicago

    Commercial rental spaces can vary drastically from a mere $800/pcm to a staggering $22,000/pcm. The largest rental segment falls into the $2,500/pcm segment, while the second-largest category is in the $7,000/pcm price bracket.

    • Magic Mile average rental space is 2500 sq ft and $2.82/sq ft a tourist destination
    • Lincoln Park ave/rental space is 2000 sq ft and $3.04/sq ft affluent neighborhood
    • Old Town ave/rental space is 2800sq ft and 5.17/sq ft historical architecture
    • Central Loop average rental space is 2400 sq ft and $2.44/sq ft pedestrian market
    • East/West Corridor ave/rental space is 3000 sq ft and $1.45/sq ft micro-markets proximity to O’Hare International Airport
    • North Michigan ave/rental space is 2800 sq ft and $3.67/sq ft high pedestrian traffic iconic shopping mall district
    • New East Side along with the Chicago River 2700 sq ft and $2.72/sq ft elegant & scenicChicago offers a spectrum of unique commercial rental spaces to clients. Finding a reliable real estate partner who understands the retail environment is a wise investment. *pcm= per calendar month

    What Is The Ideal Duration To Rent A Pop

    Rent a pop-up in Chicago in the short-term: 12 weeks maximum. Depending on the rental package, your pop-up store can remain in this space for anywhere between one and six months. The selected pop-up spaces are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Should you rent a pop-up for only a few weeks or a few months, what is your timeframe? Create a short-term pop-up to coincide with your upcoming promotional activities and time a series of pop-ups throughout a significant time of the year like Spring, Summer, Holiday season, etc. Are you looking to book a short-term space to be available during a high volume of holiday orders? Planning your launch months in advance to leverage the holiday season and book a shorter pop-up.

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    Costs To Consider Before Opening Your Massage Business

    Starting a business can be expensive, especially for someone just getting out of massage school. Making a responsible and realistic business plan can save you time, money, and heaps of stress!

    The bulk of your new business investment will go towards your license, permits and insurance, and some of these will have to be purchased anywhere from every 1-3 years. Less frequent investments include the equipment used during the massage, which includes but is not limited to the massage table, linens, music, oils, aromatherapy and cleaning supplies. Its completely up to you, the massage therapist, how much you are comfortable purchasing initially. Sites like Massage Warehouse can help you get an idea of how much equipment costs.

    Heres another cost for you to consider: your space. If youre just getting out of school or leaving a massage chain, and you want to find your own space, youve probably started doing some research into where you can actually practice. We hope you havent become discouraged since trying to find commercial space for a small, new business can be incredibly difficult. Try checking out SpaceTogether theyll help you find a massage room for rent that fits your needs, is within your budget, and does not hold you to the conventional commercial lease terms. Bonus: you can rent spaces from minutes to months.

    A Thriving City With Midwestern Charm Chicago Boasts Some Of The Worlds Best Architecture And Museums Plus Fine

    Happy Endings – Inside suburban Thai massage parlours | Investigation | SBS The Feed

    With so much to see and do, including visiting jazz clubs, visiting Cloud Gate and walking around its diverse neighborhoods, theres plenty of room for retailers to pop in and stand out.

    With a laid-back Midwestern style, Chicagos retailers have both a local and international flair and theres plenty of shopping to do, no matter your mood. In a city that has something for everyone, Chicago also boasts a top retail scene thats both eclectic and traditional, making it easy for brands and retailers to settle on popping up whether for short-term or an extended stay.

    An Ephemeral commercial space can open for a single day or several weeks, even months. A flexible space rental does not commit you with a long term lease and allows you to connect with customers, offer a unique consumer experience or validate the potential of a Chicago neighborhood while benefiting from great flexibility.

    Storefront’s selection of spaces in Chicago covers a large range of use cases, such as pop up stores, showrooms, art galleries and event venues.

    Chicago is the perfect city to organize your commercial event!

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    What Are The Top Locations For Retail In Chicago

    Chicago is a huge market for retailers with its population of 2.71 million and vibrant tourist industry. There are entire streets lined with storefronts, but Chicagoans also have access to shopping malls.

    The Central Area is a prime location for retail with busy areas like State Street, North Michigan Avenue, and Roosevelt Road. Chinatown is a subsection of the Central Area that attracts retailers as well. These areas attract a mix of residential customers, students, and tourists.

    Retailers who specialize in luxury items should consider a location on Oak Street. The River North neighborhood isnt far from Michigan Avenue, and its a popular spot for art galleries and furniture stores.

    The Magnificent Mile or Mag Mile that runs between the River North and Streeterville neighborhoods is a popular touristic spot and busy shopping area.

    The Water Tower Place is an impressive mall with eight levels and more than 100 stores. There are other malls to consider, including Woodfield Mall and the Fashion Outlets of Chicago.

    If youre looking for budget-friendly locations, the Lincoln Square area is further away from Downtown Chicago and is a spot where small businesses thrive. Inner-city locations like the Little Village can be more affordable while being near busy shopping streets.

    How Much Does Renting A Retail Space In Chicago Cost

    The size and location of a retail space can cause its price to vary from anywhere between $500 USD and $6,000 a day in Chicago. Most retail spaces are somewhere in the $1,500 USD to $3,000 USD a day range.

    You can rent a small pop-up space in the West Loop for around $500 USD a day.

    If you dont mind not being near the busiest area, you can rent larger retail spaces in the Lincoln Park area for around $1,000 USD a day.

    Youll find that most options are in the $2,000 USD to $3,000 USD a day range. There are spaces available in the Chicago Loop, River North, and Gold Coast neighborhoods in this price range.

    If youre willing to spend a little over $3,000 USD a day, you can find retail spaces near the Mag Mile. Spending more than $5,000 USD will give you access to exceptional locations like rooftop venues.

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    Spa And Salon Suites Amenities

    Our on-site amenities vary slightly from one property to the next.

    Learn about each location by selecting one or more under LOCATIONS in our top menu.

    • Properties are located in the heart of Chicago neighborhoods in highly trafficked areas
    • Unique boutique salons no warehouses here!
    • Easily accessible by public transportation with ample street parking
    • No large upfront costs one-year lease and security deposit required
    • High quality finishes with utilities and WiFi included
    • Free laundry at most locations
    • One all-inclusive monthly fee no hidden costs
    • 24/7 electronic access with smartphone-app based video intercom system
    • Business listing in our Beauty Professionals Directory
    • Water, Tea, and Coffee provided for guests
    • Large, chic waiting area for clients
    • Quiet treatment rooms that offer utmost privacy

    Our suites are move-in ready just bring your personal supplies and the tools of your trade.

    Massage And Bodywork Therapists

    Massage parlor and coworking space, both women

    Pregnancy can create its own type of stress on your body. “I personally remember going to get my massage and feeling like a beached whale,” one mother noted, “but when I finished I came out floating like a feather.” The benefits of prenatal massage therapy are many for both you and baby.

    Infant massage also has a multitude of wonderful benefits. It is especially recommended for preemies’ development. Both pregnancy and infant massage enhance the bonding process.

    Therapeutic massage therapists can be certified for the child bearing years. This work will also help you get in touch with your body in preparation for birth. It can contribute to your ability to appreciate and celebrate your body, allowing you to trust it during birth.

    Please contact the practitioner directly to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions. Be sure to let them know BirthLink sent you!

    If you can’t find a practitioner near you please contact us.

    “After a natural birth where parents have worked together to love their baby forth, the hearts and energy fields of mother, father and baby are open to their fullest.”- Sunni Karll, Making a Difference: A Blueprint for Harmony, Midwifery Today, Summer 2001

    Why not have the spotlight on you and your services? You can rent this space to gain extra exposure for your business. Call for more information.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Pop

    As we touched on earlier, the price for a short-term rental space is dependent on location and size. On average, pop-up shops in Chicago go for approximately $2,582 per day, ranging from $200 per day to over $18,000 per day . You can rent pop-up stores in small studios or large lawn areas, depending on what you are using the space. West Town boasts rather affordable rental rates with sizable studio spaces, whereas Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and West Loop have higher lease rates.

    Flexible Retail Spaces For Rent In Chicago

    Popular venues in Chicago:Cheap Commercial Property in Chicago Cheap Retail Space in Chicago Classrooms Venues For Classes in Chicago Ground Level Retail Space in Chicago Large Commercial Space For Rent in Chicago Large Retail Space in Chicago Small Storefront in Chicago Storefront With Kitchen in Chicago Team Building Venues in Chicago Wedding Venues in Chicago

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    What Are The Benefits Of Renting A Pop

    Since this is a short-term rental, you are not tied down with a lease. Unique pop-up shop rental options for rent in Chicago include a “pop-up closet” inside a loft space with a whiteboard for communication, board games and treats for the visitors. Inside a renovated pop-up spaces with high ceilings, tons of natural light, and lots of light-filled rooms. Storefront has the largest commercial spaces available for rent in Chicago: a circa 100,000-square-foot .

    Be Your Own Boss At Chicago Salon Suites Its Your Business Your Space Your Way


    If youre a beauty professional, hair stylist, nail technician, skin care professional or wellness practitioner looking for salon suites for rent in Chicago weve got what youre looking for!

    Chicago Salon Suites are unique, boutique salons. We offer multiple private, customizable salon spaces designed with you and your clients in mind.

    Our salon suites come furnished with the essential amenities that you need to run your own business on your own terms without the upfront costs and high overhead that comes with building out a full salon.

    Our properties are well-maintained, and the common areas are beautiful, clean and secure. We take care of the logistics and maintenance, while you focus on your clients and building a successful business.

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    What Are The Most Sought

    Chicago is a vibrant city on the shores of Lake Michigan and offers a diverse commercial real estate landscape. Location is a crucial element to consider in planning your retail prospects. Chicago’s retail market mixes mega malls, niche boutiques, stand-alone stores, and unique shopping streets. One of the prime locations for any retail space investment has to be along the famous Magnificent Mile area of Michigan Avenue. Clustered around this pedestrian area, shoppers and tourists will find everything from medical, non-profit organizations, glamorous hotels like the stunning Drake Hotel, luxury shopping venues like Chanel, Gucci, Bloomingdale’s, and fine dining establishments and a thriving local art scene. The Lake Michigan Waterfront and the Magnificent Mile are perhaps as elegant as New York’s infamous 5th Avenue and a mecca for locals and tourists. Any retail space for rent in this corridor is an investment in a mixed-use district, and downtown Chicago ranks in the top ten for most expensive in the rental market. From an architectural standpoint, lease clients have a wide choice among historic art deco buildings, historic landmarks, and ultra-modern glass and steel structures blended among greenery and waterways. A wide range of retail opportunities exists in this dominant leasing retail market.

    You Need Massage Space For Rent

    We know you have been working for a variety of spas. You share rooms with other masseuses, work from an appointment schedule and rely on the availability of a room. Add to that equipment and availability and the professionalism of the receptionist for your business.

    You may or may not get along with the spa owner. Perhaps you may or may not get any amenities from that owner. You are stuck on a dead-end road and you are going nowhere very quickly. It is the equivalent of a salon chair rental in the stylist business and it is a recipe for remaining with the status quo.

    Enter Salon & Spa Galleria, Stage Left, to the rescue.

    Under our plan, you are the business owner. You are in charge of your own massage room or salon booth rental, as we refer to them. Under our plan, you are paying a pay low weekly rental fee and that is all. We provide state-of-the-art professional equipment if you need it. You run your own business, make your own appointments and have no one to report to but yourself. We provide a marketing package which includes your own professional page on our website. Under our plan, you get free internet, a flat-screen television with cable and 24/7 monitored access to your work space.

    All for one weekly rental fee!

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