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Theater Seating With Heat And Massage

Finding The Right Chair

ComHoma Massage Recliner Chair Pu Leather Home Theater Recliner Chair with Heat Rocker Recliner with

When designing your home theater, you probably have a color scheme in mind, and its important for your chair to match that scheme. At WBMC, we have a great selection of colors, and the options from D.Core, Panasonic, OHCO, and Positive Posture make it easy to find one that fits your design. If youre not sure whether red or beige will be best, you can always go with black, since black goes with everything!

Power Recline Lumbar Headrest:

The power reclining sofa with massage and heat is controlled by either the remote or power station located on the side of the armrest. Three German-engineered motors control each of the functions. The power reclining function gives you an unlimited number of seating positions to choose from. The headrest positions your neck and head to an unlimited number of viewing angles taking away any neck pain or discomfort. The power lumbar support motor is located in the lower back area of the chair and will create muscle tension relief.

Recliner No 7 Magic Union Power Lift Massage Recliner Heated Vibrating Chair With 2 Controls Wheels Brown

  • This couch is upholstered with PU leather and solid wooden frame.

Lift & Recline

  • It has safe, slow and smooth lift mechanism because it is fully powered by 2 remote controls.
  • The heat and massage works great for sore back and they soothe your bodys muscles.


  • It is not overly large and therefore, it doesnt occupy a lot of space in the room.

Note of Caution:

  • Youll have to place it about 17.7 away from the wall in order to fully recline.

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Heat And Massage Functions:

To control the state-of-the-art heat and massage functions, there is a remote control that lets you cycle through the different massage modes tailored for different areas of your back, It is extremely user friendly and makes it easy to discover your favorite massage modes and seating positions that you can always rely on for maximum relaxation.

  • Air Massage: The Air Massage is a unique Functionality of luxury massage chairs. There are three massage modes and four controllable zones in which you control strategically placed air pocks that apply relaxing pressure to different points in your back. The Modes are located on the remote and are alternate, pulse, and wave each giving you a unique sensation of comfort.
  • Heat: Use the remote to apply necessary heat to your back. The heating pad is strategically placed to give you the most amount of heat, warming you up very quickly.

Heat Feature Has Stopped Working In The Theater Seats

Jaleco Theater Seats, Row of 2 Chairs By Clay Madison ...

We have a Solitude 372WB and the heat feature in our Thomas Payne reclining chairs has stopped working. We haven’t even had the coach for 2 years so it seems a bit early for this to happen. We have the extended warranty but we live in it full time so taking it in for service is a challenge and I was hoping there might be a suggestion for a fix we can do on our own? Thanks for any suggestions!

  • Txfivver said:02-26-2021 05:24 PM

    Originally Posted by craynerWe have a Solitude 372WB and the heat feature in our Thomas Payne reclining chairs has stopped working. We haven’t even had the coach for 2 years so it seems a bit early for this to happen. We have the extended warranty but we live in it full time so taking it in for service is a challenge and I was hoping there might be a suggestion for a fix we can do on our own? Thanks for any suggestions! I’m betting its the little black control box with the green light on it. One of mine was bad and none of the recliner functions would work even though the green power light was on. Apparently they go bad inside and power doesn’t go through it. My dealer was able to find one and install it for me and all is good. Those boxes are hot all the time when plugged in to shore power so I unplug them from the wall in storage. I was told it’s a fairly common problem.

    2019 Solitude 375RES Onan 5500 Splendide W/D Samsung res. fridge2020 Ford F450 Platinum dually 6.7L 4:30 gearsB& W Companion for Ford puck system 20K lbsJeff

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    Turn Your Rvs Interior Into An Extra

    When we say not all RV furniture is created equal, we mean it. Our reimagined Thomas Payne® Seismic Series Theater Seating turns your RV living space into a high-tech, extra-cozy relaxation sanctuary. Featuring the all-new Thomas Payne Power Port, the best part about this theater-style sofa is that you can conveniently add our new line of Thomas Payne accessories to your living space. From wine holders and desks to a wireless phone charger, reading light, armrest tray, and fan all you have to do is plug your accessory into the Power Port and enjoy.

    The Seismic Series Theater Seating also comes with fully equipped power reclineand lumbar functionalities, heated seats and massage options,a chaise-style footrest, LED lighting, lighteddualcupholders, an integrated storage compartment, and fold-down center console. Available in left- and right-hand recliners, an armless recliner, and center console finding the right set up for your travel trailer, 5th wheel, or motorhome is easy. Plus, each piece has a removeable back and can fit inside a 26 wide doorway, helping to make installation easier and less of a hassle.

    Lane Omega Leather Power Home Theater Recliners

    Lane furniture really outdid themselves with this theater seating set. It is undoubtedly the most luxurious weve reviewed thus far, and this Lane Omega power recliner turned out to be really special. Not only is it the most loaded with features and amenities, but these theater chairs are extremely comfortable to sit in as well. Theater seating is extremely important, and there was not much more Lane could have done any better than they already have when manufacturing this chair. View our review of the Omega power recliners.Features

    • Powered headrest and recline A highly underrated feature that makes this theater recliner seat tremendously more enjoyable than it already was. This is something that one might not appreciate until they try it out for themselves, and then they cant go back.
    • Drop down table The drop down table provides plenty of space for even more than two people to dine while watching a movie or TV show.
    • USB slots Two USB slots enabling the seaters to charge their devices while remaining seated.
    • Outlet slots 110V outlet.
    • Overhead lights The overhead lights on this recliner are awesome for when you quickly need to see something .
    • Storage Storage in the center console is something that has become the standard for all recliners.

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    Seismic Series Theater Seating Features:

    • UNRIVALED VERSATILITY Thomas Payne® Seismic Series Theater Seating comes equipped with the Thomas Payne Power Port allowing you to connect any of our Thomas Payne furniture accessories to your sofa for added convenience.
    • MAXIMUM COMFORT This series includes power reclineand lumbar functionalities, heated seats and massage options,LED lighting, lighteddualcupholders, an integrated storage compartment, and fold-down center console
    • SEAMLESS INSTALLATION Built specifically for RVs, our furniture is lightweight, and each piece has a removeable back making it easy for you to get through entry ways and down halls in your RV
    • EASY TO CLEAN FABRICS The PolyHyde® fabric is durable and extremely low maintenance allowing you to simply wipe off any spills or dirt left behind by your travel companions
    • MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS Choose between three all-new vinyl upholstery colors: Millbrae, Altoona, and Grummond, or our woven-fabric solution , which is great for RV owners traveling with kids or pets

    A Few Buying Tips What To Consider

    Thomas Payne RV Furniture Collection Theater Seating – Lippert

    Obviously the first prerequisite is that you have to be able to get your new RV seats through your no doubt narrow entry door. Make sure to check this before making the purchase.

    No matter how huge your rig, space is always limited so make sure to check how much clearance you need. Whats the absolute minimum . Is the seating advertised really zero wall clearance. Make sure to read the reviews and small print.

    Budget is a no brainer. Often we encounter various appealing options that simply dont fit our budget. Make sure to check prices at RV and camping stores and compare. Ordering on Amazon is popular as they regularly have good deals on RV recliners and theater seating. Sometimes up to half the prices in other venues for the same item.

    Types of recliners: Glider vs push-back RV recliners.

    Pushback recliners, as the name implies, recline by leaning back. In other words, by pushing the backrest back by exerting pressure with your body. They recline without using a button or lever. They are also called flex-back recliners and do not have a foot rest feature.

    Gliders offer a more gentle experience as sway back in a smooth horizontal motion whereas rockers require stronger movement to slide back and forth.


    If you desire more luxury than 110v power recline or simple center consoles in your new to install RV theater seating youll have to look beyond Amazon.

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    Buying Guide For Best Home Theatre Seating

    What if you could enjoy the creature comforts of a public movie theater in your own home? With quality home theater seating, youre well on your way to that glorious experience. With the right home theater seating, you have a nice place to relax and enjoy some on-screen entertainment. But thats not all. Some home theater seating options provide multiple conveniences that arent available in most theaters, such as a fully reclining seat with footrest, storage for your phone and remotes, and built-in USB ports and power outlets to charge and connect your devices.

    This is a purchase that can elevate your living room, rec room, or dedicated home theatre to the next level. As such, you want to be sure you get the right product for your needs. Well give you the lowdown on pricing, chair upholstery, chair technology, and other features that can help you achieve your home theater goals.

    Read on if youre hoping to transform your movie room into an entertainment center youll be proud to share with family and friends.

    Available In 4 Colors In Stock Ready To Ship


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    Recpro Charles Collection Double Recliner Rv Sofa & Console

    If sitting comfy and painless installation is what youre looking for then perhaps you dont have to look further. These RV recliner seats sit like seats youd expect in those half a million dollar celebrity RVs.

    No exposed side handle as the recline pull handle is cleverly and discretely placed where its easy to reach between the cushions.

    Together with the robust center console this space saving RecPro Charles double recliner RV sofa makes for a luxury upgrade to pretty much any RV.

    Moreover, this 67 lushly padded double recliner zero wall hugger with lumbar support actually requires zero wall clearance. The sofa is delivered in 3 packages including 5 pieces so that it will fit through 22 doorways and up.

    Installation of the modules is a breeze in pretty much any RV even though theres no documentation included. Simply slide on the backs to the seats and hook them all on to each other on the bottom.

    Flash Furniture Eclipse Series

    Octane Epic LHR

    Weve had quite a bit of experience with Flash Furniture in the past. Whether it be with kids recliners or the top rated recliners, weve generally had only positive encounters with this manufacturer and we cant say its any different with the Eclipse series. The best word I can think of to describe this set is solid. You know they will last long, and you definitely know youre getting great value for each recliner. Theyre certainly not luxury theater seating, but they are the chairs on this list that most closely resemble actual theater seating. Dont let that fool you though, just because they dont have extra features like USB ports doesnt mean theyre not super comfy because they are.


    • Two cupholders

    Any negatives?

    The biggest negative one can pick with a lot of products made by Flash Furniture is that their products dont have enough gadgets or features. Some people couldnt care less about whether or not they can charge their phone through a theater reclining chair or if the recliner comes with a swivel tray, but since it is something that has become very prevalent and common in the market, its something we have to mention. Its got a cup holder though!

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    Home Theater Seating With Heat & Massage

    Are you ready to take your comfort to the next level? Why not step it up today, and order a luxurious home theater recliner, heated sofa, or massage loveseat. These new arrivals look outstanding, and the features in our premium line of massage recliners will leave you speechless. Octane has always been a frontrunner in the home theater furniture industry and their large selection of reclining furniture with heat and massage show why they are at the top. They have truly created a more user-beneficial way of relaxing through their innovations, technology, and design. Each model in this section is made with the highest grade materials like the Italian top-grain leather upholstery and the cooling gel-infused memory foam. They also have state-of-the-art reclining functions and a plethora of useful accessories that will truly change the way you look at home furniture.

    Incorporating Massage Chairs Into Your New Home Theater

    Movie theaters today have changed quite a bit from the uncomfortable seats and small screens that were prevalent 15 to 20 years ago. Screens are now bigger than ever, and the seats are often leather recliners that let you watch the latest blockbuster in comfort. You can even have food and drinks delivered right to your seat! There are those who want to bring that modern comfort into their homes by building their own home theater, and how great would it be to have a few seats that were massage chairs? At Worlds Best Massage Chairs , we love helping people find the perfect options for their home, and we know youd love having a chair or two in your new theater room.

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    Thomas Payne Left Hand Recliner Heritage Series

    The Thomas Payne Heritage Series left hand recliner for RVs fits through 26 motorhome entry doors. The Grantland Doeskin PolyHyde upholstery feels comfortable and is easy to clean. In order to be able to fully recline this love seat, 4 of wall clearance is required.

    Combine left and right hand recliners optionally with or without a center console. If you prefer so you can choose for an armless recliner version. Heritage Series seating does interlock with Seismic series seats seemingly allowing you to combine furniture of both lines. Check with the manufacturer to be sure.

    Specs: Chair Size: 23 x 35 x40. Sitting Surface: 23 x 21 x 20

    The Optimal Viewing Angle

    KCREAM Massage Recliner Chair with Heat Living Room Padded Seat Fabric Recliner Sofa Comfortable

    As you set up your theater, youre likely going to research the perfect screens, speakers, and everything else you need to create the optimal space. When it comes to seating, you want to be sure that your chair is at the prime viewing angle so that you dont get a neck ache or backache while youre watching your favorite movies. The optimal angle will depend on the size of the screen youve chosen and how far away from the screen your seat will be placed.

    If youre going to sit in a massage chair, its important to keep in mind that youre going to be reclined most of the time, and you dont want to have to tilt your head down just to see whats happening on the screen. One of the primary advantages of the chairs we offer is that you can set the reclining angle exactly where you want it, and the chairs presets will remember your settings.

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    Best Choice Products Executive Massage Recliner

    This model is a fantastic recliner with excellent cushioning and an affordable price point. It does not compromise on comfort, and you can sit down for long without any discomfort that will force you to stand up. It is made of a quality PU leather material with a steel frame that supports and holds you up. There are heat and massage options that will help relieve stress and body pains on a stressful day.Features

    • Vibration and heat functions
    • Storage bags and cup holders To store phones, books, remote controls and hold cups while viewing a movie
    • Quality PU leather material Breathable material with high-density foam cushioning under
    • Rocks and swivels

    Any negatives?Swivel is quite sensitive to slight movements and may become irritating. The Executive model by BCP is not the most fabulous home theatre recliner out there, but at its price, it makes for an excellent purchase.

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