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Infinity Evolution Massage Chair Reviews

Why Infinity Evolution Massage Chair

The Evolution Remote Tutorial | Infinity Massage Chairs

You might be thinking, why should I opt to go for Infinity when there are many other brands available in the market? Well, there is a reason to choose Infinity over other brands.

Featuring the industrys latest technology, the infinity evolution is the perfect brand of luxury and convenience. It comes with enhanced and latest features, making it the only option to consider when searching for the best massage chair.

Infinity has gained a reputation all over the world for providing quality products. The brand puts more emphasis on your wellness than any other thing. A higher level of fitness leads to a higher life expectancy and also improves life quality. Infinity aims to cater to the needs of people of all lifestyles. These things combine to make your choice easier and encourage you to choose the infinity evolution massage chair before selecting any other option.

Foot Roller Massage: Mechanical Vs Static

Another feature where the Inada DreamWave and Infinity Imperial differ is foot massage. While both massage chairs offer a version of it, the Infinity Imperial is the only one with true foot rollers. Hereâs what we mean…

Under each foot on the Infinity Imperial are mechanical rollers that knead and spin. On the Inada DreamWave, however, the foot massagers are rubber acupressure nodes. They donât move, they simply press up into the bottoms of your feet.

Delivery Process Is A Nightmare

I would love to review the chair but delivery process has been a nightmare so far. The chair was said to be in the area for about 2 weeks ago and its still not delivered. I was supposed to get it last week but that did not happen and I was supposed to get some follow up and I didnt hear anything back today. This is so frustrating as I do not have the chair I paid for!I will update the review once I actually get to use my chair

Reply from Infinity Massage Chairs

Hello,We are very sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience and we appreciate your feedback. We have a team dedicated to helping our customers with their massage chairs and if we can be of further assistance, please give us a call at 603-910-5383. Customer Experience – Infinity Massage Chairs

Is easy to use, I just wish that remote control keys would lite for easier use of commands.Music speakers quality is ok.I wish hand and fingers massage had small massage bowls instead of just pressure.

Reply from Infinity Massage Chairs

Hi Ramiro,We are very appreciative of your review. We have a team dedicated to helping our customers use their massage chairs. We would love to have you talk to our team, to improve your experience with your massage chair. The Customer Experience Team is here to help in any way possible and can be reached at 603-910-5383.Happy Relaxing!

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Ootori Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The OOTORI Zero Gravity is the best massage chair for the money you can consider buying as it provides awesome experience by delivering the best legs and foot massage.



  • Feeble heating technology

It comes with an S-track roller that follows the s curve of your spine and helps to relieve the pain from neck, back, and hip area.

Amazingly enhanced with 3D rollers for deeper and more dynamic massage experience. 214 pounds in weight and 46.5 45 32.5 inches in size makes the movement and placement more comfortable.

Other features include zero gravity, full air massage, smart body scanner and a special mode for elders that deliver the best Thai massage.

Point And Zone Massage Modes

Infinity® Evolution Massage Chair

This is a small feature that often gets overlooked, but it packs a powerful punch. The ability to focus the massage rollers on an area just six inches in diameter means you can zero in on the sore spots on your back and give them all the attention they need.

Partial massage mode is the same thing, except that its super-sized, encompassing roughly one-third of your back as measured from where the rollers are when you press the button.

In both cases, these functions allow you to interrupt whatever massage program youre running and spend as much time as you want focused on the specific sources of your pain, and thats a big win.

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Pros & Cons Of Infinity It 8500


  • It is available with preset scanning quality that helps to target different areas of the body
  • It is designed with an extended stretching system to relax the patients effectively
  • This chair allows your body to adjust according to the satisfaction level
  • The report of customers, as well as doctors regarding infinity IT 8500 massage chair, is reliable
  • The feature of the space is well equipped to get a sound sleep


  • Some consumers have the issue that shoulder bags are not in the right position
  • The optical scanning feature is missing completely
  • Some say it is expensive at the price tag

The best infinity massage chairs are one of its kinds to get the best results of massage. They have got a prominent place in the market when it comes to providing the best massage programs. When you go and search for the best product the name of the best infinity massage chairs will touch your ears. They offer you all the required equipment that you need to set as well as use effectively. In our view, you have enough material regarding the best infinity massage chairs and now it is time to decide what will be your choice. Whatever is the decision you make just do hurry before you ran out of stock.

Comes With 3d/4d Mechanism

Infinity Evolution Massage Chair features a 3D/4D mechanism. 3D technology allows the person to adjust the intensity, i.e., width, length, and depth of the rollers, to enjoy a personalized massage. Thats how the machine provides a quick and powerful relief using its 3D Mechanism.

Similarly, 4D technology helps in varying the speed of the 3D in/out motion as per your needs.

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Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair

Before going into the Infinity evolution massage chairs details, lets discuss some of the benefits of using massage chairs.

  • Regular work out sessions on a massage chair help relieve stress, improve brain functioning, and boost your mood.
  • They improve blood circulation and control blood pressure, which in turn keeps the entire body healthy.
  • Massage chairs are best for those who have back conditions and inflamed joints in the lower limbs.
  • They help in relaxing your muscles and enhancing your fitness levels without the risk of injury.
  • Massage chairs allow the muscles around your lungs to relax so that you can breathe properly.

Why Infinity Massage Chairs

The Evolution 3D/4D Massage Chair | Infinity Massage Chairs

There is no doubt that in our hectic and stressful schedules, we are not able to give time to our body and keep ignoring the internal aches.

Now, to give more emphasis on our wellness, advanced technology has come up with the infinity massage chairs to lead to a higher quality of life and well being.

Consistently delivering the unbeatable services in the market from the last 10 years, Infinity Massage chairs not only ensure the premium quality but also helping people to change physical and mental lifestyles.

A tired person after office work looking to relax and improve his body posture, a sports person searching to boost up their speed or even the chronic pain patient suffering from any body parts acne, anxiety or stress, Infinity massage chair is the one-stop destination for recovery.

So, to keep your body in proper shape and provide the maximum relaxation focused massage, infinity massage chairs are what you need.

Some of the physical and mental benefits of massage chairs are:

  • Relief from back pain
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Maintain flexibility and improve body posture

Massage chairs are no longer the luxurious product now although it has become essential in our day to day life.

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So Which Chair Should You Buy

If you can afford to spend the cash needed to buy the Genesis, you for sure can afford the Pro Admiral or the Pro Ace II. Out of the 3 my pick is the Pro Admiral, and thats because of how well designed the rollers are.

Yes you might get better user flexibility with the Genesis and more airbags as well, but I would much rather pick a chair that has 16 auto modes and both lower back and calf heating instead!

If you dont wish to spend as much, then your next best bet should be the Pro Ace II.

Human Touch Ijoy Total Massage Chair

If you do have a preference when it comes to massage chair brands, but wish to remain within the budget, Human Touch iJOY Total Massage is undoubtedly the massage chair for you.

This chair features four different massage techniques and three automatic programs with a FlexGlide® 360 technology, which ensures a fully-encompassing experience during the massage session.

In addition to the standard predetermined modes, this chair also offers a foot air massage to complement the full-body air massage option, with air cells applying pressure to the key healing points.

Reviewing numerous massage chairs and home wellness options, we have found that Human Touch iJOY truly is the best affordable massage chair out there. Despite falling into the category of value-priced chairs, these chairs offer more than the basic set of auto-massage programs.

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One Of The Best Purchases I Ever Made

I was in the market for a massage chair and out of no where, I got a email from Costco featuring the Infinity chair. I happen to go to my local Costco and low and behold, there was a road show going on featuring the Infinity chairs. i was so happy to be able to sit in the chairs for a test run. After 2 visits to Costco to test out the chairs I decided to splurge and buy one. I bought the IT-8500 X3 chair. Every night as I sit in my chair I am so so happy that i made this purchase. Its actually the highlight of my night when I can get in the chair and watch my favorite TV programs. Its like a little piece of heaven for me. Every night I run through the programs wondering which is my favorite setting but it seems all the settings are my favorite. I spend about 3 hours a night watching TV and running all the programs.If you are in the market for a massage chair, u wont be sorry with this Infinity chair.On another note, our salesman offered to help set up the chair if we needed help since he lives locally. My husband is very handy but he had a issue putting the arms of the chair on and the YouTube video wasnt too helpful. But, our salesman came to the rescue and come over to help us out and got the chair up and running. That is what we call great customer service!

Reply from Infinity Massage Chairs

Check For Convenience Features

Infinity Evolution Full Body Zero Gravity 3D/4D Massage ...

These are basically the features that make your life easier. The highest-rated massage chairs offer a number of these, like space-saving, chromo-therapy, or air ionization. You can usually predict their availability by the price range, as some of them are rare and reserved for the wealthier customers.

Although cheaper massage chairs also come with some of these features, they are usually visibly different in quality or the convenience of usage. For example, most chairs today support the MP3 system, but cheaper ones do so through an SSD card or USB port, while only the high-end chairs offer Bluetooth technology.

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Is A Massage Chair Worth It

To determine whether a massage chair is right for you, youll need to think about what type of chair youre looking for and your budget. Any Massage Chair Will Do: Using an old-fashioned chair with arms can be very uncomfortable and difficult, especially for beginners. If youre looking to try a different type of chair, youll want to try them first on an old, hard, or sloped surface like the carpet, kitchen counter, or office floor. Many new models these days come with a memory foam pad, which makes these more comfortable than their traditional counterparts.

Squeeze and Pull: There are two main types of massage chairs. The first is one where you adjust the legs and back of the chair. Then you can manipulate a massage head. The second is a motorized model, which uses a range of different pressure, speed, and modes to give you a professional massage. Some models also come with heaters, handheld massager tools, and other amenities, like wine racks and even Wi-Fi connectivity. Youll also need to ask yourself if youre interested in a reclining chair or one that is fully upright.

Bestmassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu

  • Warranty:Contact the seller directly to inquire about it
  • Delivery System:In-home delivery

We were long in search of a heated massage recliner that distributes heat to both back and feet. The BestMassage Chair provides an overall heat therapy that increases blood circulation and decreases pain and soreness in muscles.

The computerized body scan technology adjusts the chair to you, i.e., it measures your spine to arrange a total of 21 airbags to meet your needs. The chair will also adapt the intensity according to your weight, but this is easily changed if you prefer more intense sessions.

With nine massage programs, seven massage modes, and additional full-body stretching options, BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu is undisputedly the best massage chair under $1000 out there.

This chair is also completely adaptableangle, speed, width, and pressure are all susceptible to your personal needs and preferences. All in all, its definitely worth looking into when shopping for massage chairs whilst on a tight budget.

  • Warranty is to be inquired about

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Massage Chair Comparison: Infinity Dynasty Vs Osaki Maestro Le

  • 5 min read

When you buy a massage chair with 4D rollers, you know you’re getting one of the most technologically advanced chairs on the market. These 4D rollers are the most versatile rollers to hit the massage chair industry. They can move in virtually any direction, giving you a world of programs and settings to explore.

The Osaki Maestro LE and Infinity Dynasty massage chairs are both equipped with 4D rollers, but they also come with a range of other features that make each chair a standout in the industry.

The Maestro LE has many advanced features and is the top of the line Osaki chair. This chair comes with a full-color touch screen remote, a wireless smartphone charging station, HD Bluetooth speakers, and other features that make the most out of modern technology.

Like most Infinity massage chairs, the Dynasty massage chair offers high-tech features, but it focuses more on therapy and relaxation. This chair comes with features that you’ve probably never seen in a massage chair before. You can relax, breathe in the fresh air, and treat yourself to a chromotherapy session.

Here’s a rundown of the similarities and differences between the Osaki Maestro LE and the Infinity Dynasty.

Who Are Infinity And What Business Do They Have Being In The Massage Chair Game

The Infinity Evolution Assembly Tutorial | Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinity are a wellness company based in the US. Even though Infinity chairs are made in China, most of the assembly happens in the US facility.

Over the years Ive reviewed several chairs from Infinity, and based on this I can tell you that these guys make solid units with the latest and greatest in technology. Infinity chairs are definitely comparable to the bigger brands like Osaki/APEX/Titan/Human Touch etc.

My only qualm with Infinity, and this might not be applicable to all of their chairs, is that sometimes the pricing is a tad much. This definitely wasnt the case with the Riage CS I reviewed last week, so Im hoping it wont be for the Genesis as well. Anyways, lets dig in ladies/gents!

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How To Choose The Best Massage Chairs For Yourself

Investing in ones wellness and relaxation is never a waste of money. Different massage techniques have been present in the lives of humankind since the dawn of civilization. Following this, releasing stress, soothing sore muscles, and calming your nerves never seemed more important than in 2021.

Where to start? Are ads to be trusted? How can you know what you need?

It may all look too easy or confusing, but there are five simple rules you should follow for a stress-free purchase of a good massage chairfor your needs. Read on to find out what to look for when shopping for the most fitting massage chair.

Infinity Evolution 3d/4d Massage Chair Programs

We were happy with the selection of massage techniques and programs the Infinity Evolution has on deck. The rollers perform the basic set of Massage Techniques, including:

  • Kneading
  • Shiatsu
  • Sync

These techniques feel heavenly, thanks to the 3D/4D rollers. Theyâre combined with different intensities and speeds to create nine auto-programsfor massage on demand. This includes three specialized 3D massage programs for deeper, more therapeutic sessions.

Hereâs a sneak peek at what these programs can do:

  • Sports Refresh: Relaxes muscles and speeds up recovery after intense activity
  • Extension: Mimics Thai massage to relax muscles and invigorate the body and mind
  • Rest & Sleep: Gentle kneading calms the mind and prepares your body for sleep
  • Working Relief: Ideal for those who sit sedentary at a desk for hours by targeting tense muscles
  • Neck & Shoulder: Soothes pain and tightness with techniques specified for these areas
  • Waist & Spine: Utilizes specific techniques to relieve pain along the spine and lumbar region
  • Deep Shiatsu: A 10-minute deep tissue massage on the lumbar region
  • Healthy Breath: Rhythmic 5 minute massage coupled with deep breathing techniques
  • Massage Extend: Boosts energy levels in the morning or mid-afternoon

One of the standout features of the Evolution is the number of manual options you get to customize your massage from scratch.

You can manually adjust:

  • Width: wide, medium, narrow
  • Zero-G: If you want the chair to recline during your massage

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