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How To Massage A Knee

Two Quick Massage Techniques To Reduce Knee Pain By 50% Within 5 Minutes

How to Use A Massage Gun For Knee Pain Relief
  • 13 February
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A lot of clients come to see me at the clinic and ask Nick, isnt there something I can do straight away to reduce this frustrating knee pain?

Often, they then go on to tell me how they are sick of taking pain-killers and anti-inflammatories and just want a quick easy solution to reduce their knee issues.

Over the years, I have refined knee treatment down to a fine-art and the first stage almost always begins with relaxing tight muscles. After this, you can progress to the more in-depth component of strengthening and retraining muscles to ensure you really fix the problem for good.

Today however, I want to share with you the two quickest and easiest ways that you can take control of your knee issues immediately using nothing more than a piece of condensed foam or plastic.

So, heres the two quick techniques that you can use to reduce your frustrating knee pain by 50% within 5 minutes.

1 Using a foam roller

2 Using a massage stick

3 Bonus Tip

Although both of the techniques above will have a big impact in reducing knee discomfort, it is important to remember that you are still only managing the symptoms. The muscles have become tight in the first place due to other issues, and I will be talking about these later on.

So, my advice is to definitely reduce your pain, but also consult an expert physiotherapist who can actually identify the root cause of your knee troubles rather than just managing symptoms.

It Is About Quality Of Life And It May Be About The Placebo Effect

Here is research from a June 2017 study in the journal Pain Medicine. The study makes some curious points on whether or not the massage is helping physically or mentally.

Lets look at the learning points:

  • In this qualitative study the people in the study reported:
  • Relaxation effects, improved quality of life, and symptomatic relief, possibly beyond increased functional status and pain scores as found in our clinical trial. In other words, the people felt better than they should have.
  • The researchers noted when they interviewed patients about the benefits massage was offering them, the patients noted:
  • Empowerment, with an improved ability to perform activities of daily living.
  • One patient reported significant pain relief even though her knee physically got worse. The researchers suggested that her massage therapy may have provided relief through relaxation.
  • Another participant noted positive changes and a general improvement in daily life with massage despite showing a substantial decline in knee function scores after eight weeks that is, this participant was demonstrably worse but noted a subjective improvement in her quality of life. This paradoxical finding may be the placebo effect

Can Massage Help Knee Pain

Category: HealthPosted: 26 Nov 2018

Osteoarthritis – the curse of the middle aged!

In the UK, around one-third of those over 45 have sought help for this condition that causes severe pain in the knees and hips. Learn how regular remedial massage for knee pain can help you quash the scourge of ageing and reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee.

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How To Get Rid Of Fluid On The Knee Treatments Symptoms

Otherwise known as knee effusion, water or fluid on your knees is a clear sign that something isnt right. Moreover, there are several things that can cause this, such as arthritis and injuries, and how to get rid of fluid on the knee may depend on the underlying cause.

So, today, allow me to show you a few treatments and options, along with why you might want to go a certain route.

But, just so Im sure were on the same page, lets get our definitions straight.

Why Is My Knee So Tight After Surgery

Pro Knee Pain Massage Techniques

Arthrofibrosis, also known as stiff knee syndrome, occurs when excessive scar tissue forms around a joint, limiting range of motion and causing pain and disability. It can be a complication of knee replacement or anterior cruciate ligament surgery, with infections and bleeding as known contributing factors.

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Why Scar Tissue Massage

Massaging scar tissue has many benefits. Here are of the main reasons to regularly scar massage :

  • Helps improve blood flow, which promotes healing and the scars pliability.
  • Drains excess fluid to reduce swelling and proliferation.
  • Helps regain feeling in the area and decrease numbness, tingling, soreness.
  • Increases range of movement and the scars flexibility. This makes movements feel less restrictive and tight.
  • May help with the appearance of your scar.

Apply Massage Oil When Using Massage Gun

If you aim to use a massage gun for knee pain, investing in a massage oil adds a lot to the benefits. The massage oil significantly reduces friction between your skin and massager. Not only it makes the movement of massage gun feel very relaxing and refreshing but also nourishes your skin, maintaining its moisture.

Massage oils with ingredients that target pain and inflammation are the best options. You may choose lavender oil, lemon oil, almond oil, rosemary oil, or all. Only buy massage oils that are non-sticky and non-greasy, yet smoothly gliding on your skin are easy to apply,

Take an appropriate amount of massage oil for your knee area, and massage it onto the skin. Focusing on sore muscle areas, wipe away any extra oil with a towel. Slowly use the massage gun in desired settings.

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Does Massage Therapy Help With Osteoarthritis Related Knee Pain

Ross Hauser, MD., Danielle R. Steilen-Matias, MMS, PA-C

Many people will benefit from massage therapy, many will not. The idea behind massage therapy is that the kneading and stroking of massage therapy will bring blood into the knee and blood initiates the healing immune response to repair soft tissue. It also feels good.

Like many non-surgical applications, massage therapy is considered somewhat controversial. Controversial meaning researchers are not sure if it works and if it does help people, is it really addressing the problem in the knee or the muscles in the thigh?

While we see many patients who are trying to avoid a knee replacement, we do see patients who are having pain challenges after their knee replacement. These people are generally represented by someone who will tell us a story that goes like this:

I had a knee replacement a few months ago. I still cannot fully extend my knee and it is still pretty swollen. My therapists are telling me that I am very tight. That is an understatement, my tightness extends from my hip to my knee. During my massage therapy, the therapist tells me something I already know, I have huge knots throughout my muscles that are not working out. I am trying to work these knots out on my own as well. I bought everything online that I thought could help.

Tips For Finding Affordable Massages

How To Use A Massage Gun On Patellar Tendonitis

Adding a weekly massage to the budget may not seem possible when you have other priorities. Try these ideas for lessening the cost burden:

  • Ask for a package deal. Many massage therapists offer discounts when they know they will be seeing a client on a regular basis, Gilmore says.
  • Request a massage gift card when a loved one asks for gift ideas youd enjoy.
  • Check out deals on social media sites like Groupon or LivingSocial. Many massage therapists offer significant discounts to build their client base.
  • Purchase a membership at a franchise massage location. Usually you’ll pay for a set number of massages a month and get a discount on additional visits.

Other points to keep in mind:

  • Not all massage therapists are trained in pain management.
  • Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment. Always tell your doctor if you are using any complementary or alternative osteoarthritis treatment.
  • Not everyone is a good candidate for every type of massage. For instance, deep tissue massage isn’t appropriate for someone who has bleeding problems or is on blood thinners. Before your get any type of massage, talk to your doctor about whether the therapy is safe for you.

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Flexion And Extension Contracture

Contracture is a shortening of the muscle itself. So, fibrosis is something that sets up, like we talked about, as a spiderweb, and it connects bone to bone. Contracture is an actual shortening of the muscle, the tendon, because its been in a short position for so long. You know that whole use it or lose it? Thats real. That really happens. And so if you dont move that muscle, its going to contract, its going to stay short, because thats all it ever had to do. And thats why sometimes strengthening after a knee replacement takes longer, because you most likely didnt have that range of motion before surgery.

If you had a knee, and that knee was only bending to 70 degrees, then the quadriceps knew that it had to work from 70 to zero, and thats all the quadriceps had to do. And the hamstrings only pulled the knee back to 70 degrees. They didnt pull it back any further, right? So, those muscle fibers that exist after 70 degrees on either side of the joint, theyre on vacation, and they like being on vacation.

And when you ask them to start working again it takes a little bit of time for them to remember what their goal was, what their target was, what their job is.

Scar tissue and swelling after knee replacement are the biggest challenges for most patients. Do your homework and make a plan for your recovery. With a good physical therapist and the right approach to recovery you will get back to your life in no time.

Which Massage Gun Attachments Are Best For Knee

Our massage gun comes with a variety of attachments that serve various purposes. The most suitable massage gun head for knee muscles is the round, ball-shaped attachment. It is used to massage large muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It covers larger surfaces, enabling you to massage big muscles effectively.

Knee pain is quite common in athletes and other individuals who overuse knee joints daily. More often than not, knee pain is due to strained muscles. Percussive massage therapy using massage guns on muscles around the knee joints is an instant remedy. It releases tension and relaxes muscle tightness, relieving your knee pain.

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Massage May Help Knee Osteoarthritis

Less Knee Pain and Stiffness Seen With Swedish Massage in Preliminary Study

Dec. 11, 2006 — Knees hurt? Massage may cut the pain and improve function if you have knee osteoarthritis, a new study shows.

Massage therapy “seems to be a viable option” as an addition to other treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee, write the researchers.

Osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis, is mainly seen in older adults. In osteoarthritis, joints are damaged as cartilage, the joints’ shock absorbers, wears down.

Osteoarthritis often affects the knees, making it hard to walk. The disease can become disabling.

Massage might improve joint flexibility and circulation, note the researchers, including Adam Perlman, MD, MPH, and David Katz, MD, MPH.

Perlman works at the Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Katz is on staff at Yale University’s medical school.

“Massage is free of any known side effects and, according to our results, clearly shows therapeutic promise,” Katz says in a Yale news release.

How To Massage Knee The Ultimate Guide

Massage Can Help Those with Osteoarthritis of the Knee ...

Knee pain is a common problem these days due to a sedentary lifestyle. Many people are affected by knee pain but dont know what it is or how to get rid of knee pain. Massaging the knee is one of the best ways of reducing knee pain and keep your knees in good shape.

This article will show you how to massage your own knees at home so that you can relieve yourself from this painful condition without having to go through surgery or expensive treatments.

  • In Conclusion
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    Quad Compression Massage Technique For Knee Pain

    The quadriceps is a group of muscles located at the front of the thigh. The quad compression technique is designed to focus on the quadriceps as the quadriceps muscles often refer pain to the knee. Affecting the trigger points on the quadriceps can help treat knee pain.

    • Have the recipient lie down on their back on a hard or semi-hard surface, a mattress will do just fine
    • Have them lay their leg flat on the surface
    • Stand or kneel down beside the recipient by their hips
    • Start massaging the quad muscles using a kneading technique. The kneading technique involves holding the skin and muscles between your thumb and fingers and gently lifting it and releasing it, as though kneading dough
    • Continue kneading the quad muscles all around in a circular direction
    • You can apply this massage technique for 5-10 minutes before switching to the other leg

    You can use all the 3 techniques together in a single session. Although these techniques can be performed without oil and will deliver results, I do recommend the use of essential and aromatherapy oils.

    Knee Pain Massage Techniques

    To understand the knee pain massage techniques it is essential to understand trigger points. A trigger point is a sensitive knot found within bands of muscle and occurs for a number of reasons including injury, surgery or basic stress and strain.

    Trigger points cause soreness and pain. One important characteristic of trigger points is that they can refer pain to other parts of the body away from the location of the trigger point. For example most headaches start in the neck and shoulders but refer pain to the head.

    In the various knee pain massage techniques we will be massaging the trigger points and not directly the area of the pain. The 3 main techniques for knee pain massage are:

  • Lift Technique
  • Quad Compression Technique
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    So What About Massage Therapy For Your Knees

    Most people are able to resume typical activities 3-6 weeks after their knee surgery. However, recovery can be painful, and physical therapy can be a lot of work. Thats why many patients turn to massage therapy for pain management and improved knee function, along with the medication and physical therapy prescribed by their doctor.

    You probably already know that a massage feels good. Even when its just for fun, massage loosens your muscles, leaving your body feeling calm and relaxed. This is exactly what your body needs after undergoing invasive surgery.

    Knee surgery requires cutting into the muscles and tendons around your knee joint. This kind of trauma causes painful inflammation and muscle spasms. A deep tissue massage focusing on the quadricep and hamstring muscles in your thigh, however, can relieve the tension that causes spasms and reduce inflammation. Ahhh

    How To Massage The Knee After Tkr Surgery

    Knee Pain-Massage Here! NOT HERE! + GIVEAWAY!

    Massaging your knee at the proper time after total knee replacement can aid in your recovery.

    A general full body massage can help relieve tension, stress and anxiety. It also can increase circulation to the soft tissues that include muscles and tendons.

    For your surgically repaired knee, massage can increase the blood supply to the area and promote healing. It can also help reduce swelling, relieve pain and just give you a general soothing feeling when your knee is aching.

    Once my doctor gave me the okay to massage the area around my knee and the scar itself, I used my hands and an electronic massaging devise on a regular basis.

    My wife was also kind enough to help out with these massages too.

    Massage also helped me before many of my physical therapy sessions to loosen up the knee so I could do the required exercises. In this article I will share my experience with massage post TKR.

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    Sit In A Chair With Your Feet Flat On The Ground

    Lets say you have pain behind your left knee. Lift it up and cross your left ankle over your right knee. This can be hard for anyone over 60 so be careful and move slowly.

    Important Tip: The popliteus muscle is deep behind the knee. So, if your muscles are tense, in order for you to keep your leg in this position, you wont find the popliteus. Heres a simple trick. Get another chair and place it in front of you. Instead of placing your left ankle over your right knee, place it on the chair in front of you. This will likely be easier.

    Another option is to perform this test on the couch. Turn your body to the left and bend your left knee so its at a 90 degree angle and resting on the couch. Keep your leg muscles relaxed and resting on the couch so you can touch deep.

    Tip #: Experiment With Attachments

    Most massage guns come with an array of attachments or interchangeable heads. This video demonstrates the ones that came with my Bob & Brad guns. However, in general, I encourage you to get acquainted with your massage gun heads. You might have a go-to attachment, but experimenting with the others might help you find faster relief for your knee pain.

    For example, some of my massage gun heads offer more pinpointed percussion for bullet-like precision. Others soften the blow and disperse it over a wider area.

    Perhaps my favorite attachment for knee pain is the ball, which is perfect for achieving a light, cross-friction massage.

    With this attachment, I can get closer to my knee pain and even massage the tendons near my patellar joint.

    If you have an attachment like this, try it out for yourself. Instead of hitting the muscle group head-on, turn the gun to the side and let the edge of the gun head pulsate across your leg. This modifies the massage quite a bit, and is perfect for more sensitive areas.

    No matter which attachments you use, a good plan is to follow up your massage treatment with 15-20 minutes of ice and elevation. Place the ice pack directly over your knee to reduce any lingering pain, and elevate your leg to draw out any fluid or swelling.

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