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How To Give A Great Massage

After Massaging Every Muscle Start Teasing

How To Give A Stress Relieving Foot Massage

Alright, by now youve gotten their neck, their back, so its time to move on to exactly, yes. But jokes aside, you should have given them a full massage at this point. You massaged their back, neck, arms, wrists, fingers, feet, legs, the whole shebang. Now, and only now you can get to the fun stuff. Here, you want to tease them. Get really close to touching their privates without actually touching them. This means instead of going straight for the nipples, massage around the breast. Instead of going straight for the vagina or penis, you massage the crease where the thigh connects to the rest of your body.

Massaging In The Back

  • Sit at your partners head, preferably in a kneeling position. Sit on a pillow for extra knee support. Rub a few squirts of oil between your hands. Place your hands, palm down, at the base of your partners neck, with the spine between your thumbs.
  • Glide your hands down your partners back, staying next to the spine. At the top of the buttocks, glide your hands out to the top of your partners hips, then slide your hands up their sides and onto their shoulder blades.
  • Make several circles with your whole palms over the shoulder blades.
  • Starting with hands-on their shoulder blades, glide your hands down their back with your hands moving toward each other so they come together over the top of your partners buttocks. Again, glide over the top of their hips, then slide your hands back together over their low back.
  • Slide your hands up their back with the spine between your thumb edges.
  • At the top of the shoulders, slide your hands out over the tops of their shoulders and then slide them back together to the base of your partners neck. Repeat 3 5 times.
  • Starting at the base of the neck, slide your palms out over the tops of your partners shoulders. Slide onto their very upper arm and then slide each palm all the way down their arms, onto their hands and then slide off their hands with your fingers going between theirs.
  • Repeat these strokes 3 5 times, varying direction and combining them as you like. Use more oil as needed.

How To Give A Killer Massage

If youre ready to do a perfect massage at home, there are a few general points you should keep in mind when using the simple massage techniques below.

For one thing, make sure that you dont rub too hard or too fast as you may risk irritating your partners muscles. Perform slow even strokes with the palms of your hands, thumbs, and the fleshy part of your fingertips.

Also, dont just focus on the upper back. Make sure to hit other sore spots such as the lower back, the neck, the back of the head, and the hands and feet.

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Dont Ignore The Extremities

Most at-home massages Kim and I gave each other focused on the shoulders, back, and legs. Maristha showed that massaging the feet, hands, and head feels just as good or better. Plus theyre easier to do.

Use the right pressure: When massaging limbs, exert pressure when pushing towards the center of the body and lighten up when rubbing back towards the hands and feet.

Before You Get Started With A Massage

How to Give the Best Massage Ever #handmassagepoints

Plan on summoning the music connoisseur within you and make a playlist of relaxing music. For relaxation’s sake, we prefer instrumental compositions. The mellow jazz of Dave Brubeck or Stan Getz are worth trying.

Your woman should be comfortable with you if she doesn’t feel completely at ease, then she won’t be able to fully let go. She should entirely disrobe once you assure her that her more intimate parts will be covered. It is possible to work around bra straps and panty lines but it should be avoided if possible.

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Steer Clear Of Certain Areas

Chances are, you know this already. But it bears repeating. Anything with little padding over the bone like the spine will be uncomfortable when pressure is applied to it, says Loncar. You can touch and work around them, just dont press down on them too hard as there is no give and you might accidentally hurt your partner.

She also advises against pressing on areas with a lot of nerves, veins, or arteries such as the areas above the clavicle, along the rib cage, or in the armpits as they are extremely sensitive in most people, and can cause sudden sensations that might spoil your partners relaxation.

Dont Use Too Much Oil And Dont Pour It Straight On Them

Massaging isnt oil wrestling. Too much oil is messy and makes for too much slipping and not enough pressing. You do need more oil if youre massaging a hairy person, but less than you think.

And rather than pour cold oil onto your partners bare skin, rub the massage oil between your hands to heat it up before applying it.

Oils to Use:Grapeseed and coconut oil are good bets. Most of us have them at home, theyre inexpensive, and you can lick them off after. For extra pizzaz, infuse some essential oils. Lavender is great for relaxation.

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Master The Art Of Erotic Massage In 6 Steps

How to Give a Great Head and Neck Massage For Valentine’s

Slow and steady wins the race.

There are regular massages, which most folks find relaxing, and then there are erotic massages, which can be downright life-changing. Erotic messages are similar to regular ones, except they’re aimed at releasing tension and decreasing stress in the recipient by either enhancing or achieving sexual arousal.

Lots of people would be happy to get an erotic massage from their sexual partnerthat is, if its done well. When done poorly, an erotic massage can painfulliterally and figuratively. I once had a man massage the sides of my belly, one of the few places where I have no muscles or tendons. Then when he started massaging parts of my body that could release tension and increase arousal, he didnt apply any pressure. It felt like he was typing on my back.

Dont be that guy.

If youre giving an erotic massage, you cant do it half-assed. After all, they have their full ass in front of you, so you need to give them a full-assed massage. There are two essential components of erotic massage, and you need to be good at both. First is the actual massage part. That means no back typing. No squeezing belly fat. The second part is making it sensual.

Here are six steps to becoming a master at both.

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Let Your Partner Determine The Pressure

You can ask them if it’s too much or not enough. “If they tense up or wince it’s probably a sign that they are uncomfortable,” says Dwyer. “…You never want to intentionally hurt each other, even playfully.”

Though you don’t want to push your hands into your partner so much it’s uncomfortable, Dwyer says that there are a variety of strokes and techniques you can put to use. “Heavier pressure is good for tight muscles. A gentle firm touch may develop more trust and help your significant other relax more. A light touch can be much more sensual,” Dwyer explains.

She also adds that listening and communicating with your partner to figure out their needs can build deeper trust and connection.

Start With A Head Massage

A head massage can be extremely relaxing. Plus they are perfect for a girl who you have not yet been intimate with, and who may be a little hesitant to letting you touch her sensitive areas.

Have her lie down on her stomach with her head on a pillow. If she is uncomfortable without a massage table she can turn her head to one side and change its position from time to time. Also, if its easier for you, you can give a head massage if she is in any comfortable seated position.

Start by rubbing her temples and forehead. Then, run fingers through her hair and apply gentle downward pressure. Massage the entire scalp in this manner for as long as you wish, and then kiss her ears at the end.

Check below for a perfect tutorial video:

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Essential Knowledge: How To Give A Great Massage

This isn’t going to be a Playboy instructional video on how to handle women too beautiful to exist in real life and how to make them respond in ways no one has ever heard of. The idea here is to turn you into a massage master Jedi, a relaxation guru if you will.

That’s really what a good rubdown is a way to relieve stress and channel positive energy through to the other person. Not only is it one of the best ways to signal to your partner that you’re ready to move to the next level physically, but it’s also a fantastic way to let her know how much you care.

You’re probably familiar with specific types of massages. Shiatsu is an Eastern art that combines acupuncture with acupressure to allow the regulation of the energy flow. Rolfing is another medically oriented technique aimed at the straightening of the body, strongly resembling chiropractic.

The best known, however, is the Swedish massage, which is pretty much what will be covered here. It’s a full body massage with relaxation as its goal. Other styles such as sports massage, reflexology, myotherapy, and myofascial release are also of a therapeutic nature.

Dont Karate Chop Them

Tips And Tricks About Giving And Getting Great Massages  Cosmetic ...

The reason Kim and I didnt like it when we attempted to do the classic karate chop massage move on each other was we were too stiff.

And it really feels good! Once we learned this massage technique, tapotement,the fancy word for chopping and hitting, became one of the best-feeling moves.

Try pinchies too: Another surprisingly pleasant tapotement technique is to do speedy light pinches with alternating hands. It sounds silly and feels silly to do, but feels good to receive.

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S For Giving A Great Seated Massage:

  • Begin by warming up your partners shoulders and back by moving your hands fluidly over the areas you will massage.
  • Using loose fists, press firmly on either side of the spine, careful to avoid contact with the spine. This helps open up the back.
  • Repeat with your forearm.
  • Create a blade shape with your hands, and saw back and forth lightly to warm up the neck and shoulders.
  • Gently knead shoulders, starting with broad pressure using your palms, and moving to use your thumbs to knead areas of tension.
  • Massage the neck, using both hands to gently work up and down the full length.
  • Squeeze your hands down the arm until you reach your partners hand. Use small thumb circles to massage the palm, then scrub each finger and pull gently on the end to provide traction.
  • Finish by using the tips of your fingers to massage the scalp.
  • Massage tutorial by Sarah Lynton Featured photo by Trinette Reed Step-by-step photos by Nicole Mlakar for

    This post was originally published on February 12, 2015, and has since been updated.

    How To Give A Sensual Massage

    This article was co-authored by . Marty Morales is a Professional Massage Therapist and the Founder and Owner of the Morales Method, a manual therapy and body conditioning business based in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles, California. Marty has over 16 years of massage therapist experience and over 13 years of experience educating others on the best practices for massage therapy. Marty has over 10,000 hours of private practice logged and is a Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner, CMT. He has an MBA in Finance from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. This article has been viewed 429,188 times.

    Learning to give a good sensual massage can put a spark into your relationship and help to spice up your love life. It’s a great gift that you can give to your partner, and a great way to build trust and intimacy together. If you want to give better massages, you can learn to prepare your body and your space, how to communicate effectively, and some tips and techniques for hitting all the right spots.

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    Getting The Right Technique

  • 1Start with the neck and shoulders. Place a hand on either shoulder in the classic massage position and knead the thumbs deep into the muscles of the shoulders. Use your fingers for grip, but don’t press them into the collarbone, as this can be painful.
  • When you’ve finished with the shoulders, use the press and release technique to massage along the neck, all the way to the hairline. Remember to keep your hands on either side of the spine.
  • Now move around to stand in front of your client/partner’s head, so their shoulders are facing you. Make a fist with each hand, then rub the knuckles gently but firmly across the tops of the shoulders, to release any tension,
  • Next use your thumbs to press and release along the tops of the shoulders and up the back of the neck.
  • 2Do the feet. Start massaging the soles of the feet by wrapping both hands around the foot and using your thumbs to apply pressure.
  • Pay special attention to the arch of each foot, as this area tends to accumulate a lot of tension, but also massage the heel and the ball of the foot.
  • When you get to the toes, grab each one individually and give it a gentle pull, this helps to release any tension.
  • Be aware that not everyone likes having their feet touched, and some people are very ticklish, so ask your partner/client before you touch their feet!XResearch source
  • Then, cover the leg you’re not currently working on with a towel and focus on massaging the calf of one leg. Use a kneading technique to work the calf muscle.
  • Prepare Your Massage Space

    How to give a massage like a pro
    • Cover your bed with an old towel or blanket that you dont mind getting oily. Have one or two pillows on hand to make your partner more comfortable. If youd like warm oil, you can fill a large bowl with hot water and place the oil bottle in it. Have an extra towel on hand to clean up any messes.
    • Your partner may be more comfortable lying face down with a pillow under their chest, then they can turn their head to one side. Have your partner put their arms along their side, with palms up.
    • When your partner turns face up, they may want a pillow under their knees or head.
    • Use your whole hand while massaging, palm and underside of fingers will be touching your partners skin.
    • Keep your back straight while massaging and use the weight of your body to put pressure, rather than just your hands.
    • Before you start, place your hands on your partners back, and take several deep breaths together. Set an intention to be the giver, and honor the gift you are about to give your partner.

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    How To Give A Great Massage

    A massage by professionals at a spa has therapeutic effects on the senses, but the month-end spa bill is staggering enough to raise the possibility of a heart attack.

    Girls specifically pay a lot of visits to the spas, and giving up on that is a most unlikely prospect. This is why having a few massage skills will be more than appreciated by your girl. Here are a few tips.

    Your Hands Are Your Weapon

    Your hands must be clean and you must know the right pressure that should be applied at the right spots while massaging to make her feel relaxed. Make sure your hands appear presentable and fingernails are well-trimmed to avoid any scenario of nicks and scratches on her body.

    Oils and Lubricants

    For a good massage, you will require a lubricant in small quantity to make massaging all the more relaxing and smooth. There are options aplenty when it comes to lubricants. Talcum powder gives an excellent silken feel and makes sure there is no sticky feeling between your hands and her skin. Astroglide also works as an excellent lubricating agent. Talking of lubrication, the safest bet is going for massage oils.


    Before giving a soothing massage to her, make sure that she is lying in a position that will let her relax in the best possible manner. Bending to one side should avoided, otherwise the whole purpose of massaging is beaten. A pillow under the feet would really work well.

    The Order of Massage

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    How To Give A Massage To Your Partner And Feel Like A Pro

    Times are hard. Were all at each others throats in self-quarantine, we cant just go walk around Target for escape and Starbucks has limited hours. Plus, for many families across our country, money isnt coming in like it was six months ago. In essence, were all just walking, talking sacks of stress and anxiety.

    What we could use right now is the smell of lavender oil, the sound of wind chimes and the feel of two strong, capable hands kneading our backs into submission. How do you get a massage from a professional and keep social distancing procedures in place, though? You cant. Just like weve learned to make our own bread and cut our own hair, its time we learn how to give better massages, too. At midnight, when your middle schoolers are in bed and youre finally done Zooming, home schooling and circling back, these few steps will help you and your partner find the inner-peace you both desperately need right now. You should know that youre not alone in trying to learn how to give an incredible massage. In fact, according to the latest search data available to us, how to give a massage is searched for nearly 4,400 times per month!

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