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How Many Hours To Become A Massage Therapist

What Kind Of Environment Will I Work In

Massage Therapy : How Long Does it Take to Be a Massage Therapist?

There are many options when it comes to working as a massage therapist and you could choose from one of the following:


Spas a places where people go to have a soothing massage experience in a comfortable and relaxing space. The goal here is to make the client completely relaxed and create a pleasing experience.

Rehab clinics and hospitals

In a rehabilitation setting, you will be focused on injuries that need healing and pain relief. Massage techniques can help to relieve pain and restore mobility.


Many hotels and resorts have on-site massage therapists who are available to book for appointments during someones stay. This means you will have a wide variety of clients but rarely any long-term patients.

Wellness Centers

Health and wellness centers are becoming more and more popular and massage therapists play a big role in these. They can help aid in anything from muscle injuries to headaches to stress and mental health issues.

Private Practice

About 67 percent of all massage therapists work in private practice. This means setting up your own business and working to acquire a regular set of clients. You get to set your own hours and keep all of the profits.

What Is A Massage Therapist

Massage therapists help their clients recover from injuries, improve their posture and/or release tension. They do this by using their hands, arms and elbows to massage the muscles either in the specific area troubling the client or across the whole back, shoulders, arms and legs.

A massage session typically lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour so excellent upper body strength and endurance are necessary for this career. It also requires training in the appropriate techniques and equipment to use during a massage session.

Most massage therapists will specialize in two or three methods such as sports massage, Swedish massage or deep-tissue massage. They will then adapt these to the unique needs of each client. For example, a young, physically active client would require a more vigorous deep-tissue or sports massage to treat muscles that are used extensively. On the other hand, an elderly client might require a gentler technique focused on specific pain points.

Massage therapists can also opt between working at an office where clients come to them or making house calls where the therapist brings a massage table to the client’s home and does the massage there. Either way, it’s important for massage therapists to take a 15-30 minute break between sessions to allow their arms and hands some time to rest and recover. During these breaks, you should do some gentle stretches to prevent carpal tunnel or other injuries.

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Is It Difficult To Get Clients As A Masseur

Keep in mind that attracting clients to your massage practice will not always be easy. There will be some rejection and you have to deal with that. The first question you should always ask yourself is, Who needs my services? The obvious answer to that is that almost everyone needs massage therapy.

Is it difficult to find clients as a masseur? Finding massage clients can be difficult at first and if you rely on word of mouth in an age when few people know your name, you may find yourself with many unfilled appointments in your book. Here are five customer acquisition strategies that can work well if youre new to the business.

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Month Massage Therapy Career Training Program With Classes Online And On

Massage Therapy has become the most widely used complementary care modality in the United States. More and more people turn to massage to treat injury, reduce pain and ease stress.

Whether youre just starting out, ready to make a career change, or perhaps looking for a second source of income, you owe it to yourself to consider your potential as a Massage Therapist. If youre a compassionate, intuitive person interested in holistic healing, helping others, and working in a clinical setting, becoming a professional bodyworker is a great choice for a rewarding career with a great job outlook!

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  • Becoming A Massage Therapist In Washington State

    How to become a sports massage therapist: Guide to getting qualified ...

    A massage therapy education is a great option for someone who is passionate about the human body and helping others. Attending massage school can also adequately complement your existing career if you are already a registered nurse, or a yoga or fitness instructor. If you are looking to start a career in massage therapy, understanding the requirements will help you make an informed choice and prepare adequately. To help you out below is a simple guide on what you need to become a massage therapist in Washington State.

    Complete Your Massage School Training & Take the Licensing Exam

    The first step to becoming a massage therapist is acquiring the necessary training and meeting the required education requirements. To do so, you need you to enroll in a massage school and complete at least 500 hours of training. The hours cover all the core areas with massage theory and practice taking the most time as you will need to complete 265 hours of instruction. Typically, full training will take you a least six months to complete at your local massage therapy school. Below is a simple breakdown of the courses and their hours that will contribute to your journey of becoming a massage therapist.

    • 130 hours of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.
    • 50 hours of pathology
    • 55 hours of clinical and business practice, including human behavior, record-keeping, hygiene, and ethics, as well as applicable laws.
    • 265 hour of Massage Theory & Practice

    Apply for a License

    Get a Job

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    Howlong Will It Take To Become Successful In The Field

    Obtaining your certification is a much need step in becoming a massage therapist, but it is truly only the first step of many on your way to a meaningful and fulfilling new career. Once you have completed your massage therapy training you will have to make decisions about what you want the future of your career to look like. Are you hoping to get hired as a massage therapist in a spa? Do you have plans to be an independent, private massage therapist? Are you hoping to endorse or market products through your massage therapy?

    No matter what direction you plan on taking after your massage school education there are going to be factors that you need to consider outside of your qualifications to determine the timeline of your success. The timing and success level of your career within the industry depends on the right market climate and the level of commitment to success you have as a massage therapist.

    Know Your Local Market

    One of the more practical points of success is knowing about the massage market in your area. Dont worry, this doesnt mean you have to do an in-depth analysis on your local consumer statistics. It simply means having a reasonable idea about what massage looks like in your area. For example, some ideas you may consider about the are:

    Knowing a little bit about where you are will help you make decisions about everything from marketing strategy to where you want to apply, depending on your specific, personal career goals.

    Level of Experience

    What Is The Highest Degree In Massage Therapy

    Board certification is the highest voluntary qualification for massage therapists.

    What is the highest paid massage therapist? How much does a massage therapist earn? Massage therapists made an average salary of $43,620 in 2020. The highest-paid 25 percent earned $59,790 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent earned $30,010.

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    How Do I Become A Massage Therapist In Georgia

    If youre ready to move into your career as a massage therapist in Georgia, you must register with the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy. The registration fee is $125. Once you are registered, you must receive licensure by the Board. If you do not register, you will be working illegally and can receive a fine. You must also have massage insurance to practice in the state of Georgia.

    In order to receive this license, you must complete a minimum of 500 hours from an approved massage therapy program by the Board and be certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

    You can find application request forms on their website.

    Education Training & Certification

    How To Become a Licensed Massage Therapist/ Schooling, Licensure and Continuing Education

    Massage therapists are required to be licensed in most states and must complete a post-secondary program of 500 or more hours. You should expect to spend a year or two in training in order to meet your states minimum requirements.

    • Education: In most states, you need a high school diploma in order to begin training and complete licensing requirements to become a massage therapist. If you do not have a high school diploma, a GED will typically be sufficient.
    • Certification: All massage therapists must pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination or a state equivalent in order to acquire a license to practice. The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards regulates the industry for all practicing massage therapists.
    • Training: Many trade schools, colleges, and universities offer massage therapy programs. These programs usually require 500 – 1,000 hours of training in preparation for the MBLEx.

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    Specialize In Areas That Fit With Your Interests

    As a massage therapist, you can develop a specialization path that allows you to focus on specific client types. Pregnant women, children, cancer patients, seniors, hospice patients, veterans, athletesthese are just a handful of examples.

    Watch former NWHSU student Janet Kadlec describe her work as a massage therapist at a hospice.

    Get A Business License

    While this step is optional, youll need business licensure if you plan to work as a solo practitioner, which accounts for 67 percent of all practicing therapists, according to the American Massage Therapy Association. If youd like to work in a spa, healthcare setting or somewhere else as an employee, you can skip this step.

    Getting a business license is relatively easy in the state of Colorado. You can register your business with the Colorado Secretary of States office by filing online.

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    How To Become A Registered Massage Therapist In Bc

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    There are quite a few steps involved in becoming a Registered Massage Therapist , but for those who have embraced this career path, it can be an exciting adventure every step of the way. From taking specialized courses to passing the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia certification exam, the requirements will make any aspiring professional feel victorious once they have successfully completed them.

    The first step to becoming an RMT is to find the right college that offers a strong program. Courses must follow the guidelines of the CMTBC Occupational Competency Profile. Within these regulations are stipulations on communication, professional conduct, relationships with patients and colleagues, an overall assessment of required skills and much more. It may sound overwhelming, but as long as students know to ask school officials or advisers whether or not their programs follow these guidelines, then they should be set for a bright massage therapy education and potential career.

    Those who are interested in embarking on this career path can take healthcare courses through the Registered Massage Therapy program at Vancouver Career College. To find out more information, fill out the form on the right.

    How To Become A Massage Therapist In Florida: License Requirements

    Photos of Berkshire Massage Therapy Office

    To work as a massage therapist in Florida, there are several regulations you will need to follow so that you can qualify for a Florida massage license. Becoming a massage therapist takes a combination of practical and theoretical learning, as well as developing an understanding of the regulations that surround the profession. So, if you’re looking to find out how to become a massage therapist in Florida, this article should help you to navigate the process.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A Massage Therapist

    Here are some frequently asked questions about becoming a massage therapist to help you learn more:

    What is the work environment like for massage therapists?

    Many massage therapists are in private practice, but they may also work in a wide variety of settings, including:

    • Spas

    • Health and wellness centers

    • Private practice

    Many massage therapists are part-time, though some work full-time at these facilities or work part-time among a variety of multiple employers.

    What types of massage can I specialize in?

    There are many different types of massage you can specialize in, including:

    What skills are required for massage therapists?

    Massage therapists typically need the following skills:

  • Communication**:** These professionals need to listen to the client’s symptoms and discuss what forms of treatment are appropriate. Strong active listening, verbal communication and written communication can help you do so.

  • Empathy: They must understand their client’s needs and be able to adjust their communication or massage style to better accommodate client preferences and needs.

  • Physical stamina and strength: They are constantly on their feet and need to manipulate muscles and joints that may be difficult to move. This skill also allows them to provide the right amount of pressure and maneuver into positions to perform certain massages as needed.

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    What questions can I expect at a job interview?

    Massage therapists might hear the following questions in a job interview:

    Huckleberry Is Here To Help

    Getting started with your massage therapy career is a huge and exciting step. And while youâre helping your clients improve with their health and wellness, Huckleberry is here to help protect your businessâs wellness too.

    Get a business insurance quote in as little as 5 minutes so you can run your business with the peace of mind that comes with great insurance coverage.


    All content on this page is for general informational purposes only and does not apply to any specific case, is not legal, tax or insurance advice and should not be relied upon. If you have any questions about the situation for your small business or the latest information in your state, you should contact an attorney for legal advice, an insurance agent or broker, and/or your state’s labor or industry agency, board, commission or department. Please note that the information provided on this page may change at any time as a result of legislative action, court decisions or rules adopted or amended by any state or the federal government.

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    Licensed Massage Therapist Educational Requirements

    A prospective massage therapist will need to complete a curriculum in massage, bodywork, or somatic therapy. The total program must be at least 500 hours .

    Programs may be authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, the Tennessee Board of Regents, or an agency in another state that is comparable to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

    Tennessee programs are approved by the Board based on meeting the regulations set forth in Chapter 0870-02 of administrative rule . Rules cover policies and resources as well as curriculum. Admitted students must be at least 18 and in possession of high school diplomas or general equivalency diplomas.

    At least 200 programs hours must consist of science coursework. This content area is to include anatomy, Western and/or Eastern physiology, kinesiology, pathology, hygiene, and blood borne pathogens, including HIV.

    At least 200 hours are to cover the basics of massage theory and practice. This content is to include concepts such as indications and contraindications, body mechanics and self-care, assessment and documentation, as well as actual therapeutic manipulations. The Board has identified a number of manipulations that are to be addressed, among them, kneading, friction, joint movements, compression, and stretching. This content area is to include demonstration and practice.

    At least ten hours are to address ethics.

    At least five hours must cover Tennessee massage laws and regulations.

    School Of Health March 1 2022

    Become a Massage Therapist in 2020? Salary, Jobs, and Forecast

    To become a certified massage therapist you need to have proper education and undergo training to help develop the skills needed to practice. If you are interested in this profession, Robertson College has a massage therapy diploma program. It is a 2-year research and evidence-informed course that meets the National standards in all areas of the program, with a strong focus on anatomy, therapeutic techniques and research. This course ensures our graduates are prepared to meet the requirements of provincial regulation and to start their careers as a Registered Massage Therapist.

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    Keep Up With The Latest Trends In Massage

    Whether youre just getting started in school or looking for courses to add to your skill set, staying on top of the latest massage techniques, philosophies, and changes in the industry is key to staying current and competitive in order to offer massage clients a full spectrum of services. These blogs, podcasts, newsfeeds, association journals, and social media feeds will help keep you in the know.

    Howlong Will It Take To Complete Your Training

    Your massage school education is by far the most crucial component of your career success as a massage therapist. Without it you will have no authority or credibility without some kind of formal training and certification. So, you will need to find and enroll in a massage school program. The good news is that the training to become a massage therapist is extremely reasonable, particularly compared to many other professions dealing with health and wellness.

    Massage therapy licensing is obtained through vocational school programs. Vocational training has a more limited scope than traditional degrees and the curriculum focuses exclusively on the job and the industry in question. This means that instead of needing a four-year degree to begin working in the industry, you could easily have your certified training completed in as little as 5 months if attending full-time. But exactly how long will it take for you to finish your necessary schooling?

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