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Aquasana Premium Shower Filter With Massaging Shower Head

Automatic Cartridge Replacement Service

Premium Aquasana Shower Filter and Wand Review

When you invest in a water filtration product from My Water Filter, we like to ensure you have the best experience possible. We like to lend a hand & take care of you as best we can.

  • We happily monitor the cartridge life for you

  • When the cartridge is due for renewal, we then contact you

  • Once confirmed, we arrange everything and have a new replacement cartridge delivered to your door.

How Much Should I Spend On A Shower Head Filter For Iron

Ideally, a shower head filter for iron is going to live with you for years. Paying more for your product will reward you every time you fast open the lid with increased your speed, better quality accuracy and a sweet view. Again, the average cost of a new shower head filter for iron is between $$ and $$$. Sure, you get out on some luxury features.

Best With Shower Head: Aquasana Premium Shower Filter With Massaging Shower Head

This kit from Aquasana comes with everything you need for a cleaner shower experience, including a massaging showerhead. The coconut shell carbon is used to remove more than 90 percent of chlorine from water. It also removes other potential irritants, like synthetic chemicals and heavy metal media. The filter needs replacing about twice a year.

We’re giving the AquaBliss SF220 High Output Universal Shower Filter with Replaceable Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge the top spot because it’s affordable, effective, and super easy to install. Looking to splurge? Try the G-Promise Luxury Filtered Handheld Shower Head . It reduces heavy metals, chlorine, rust, pesticides, and more all while providing six different shower settings to give you a tailored shower experience.

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Aquasana Shower Filter Replacement

You will need the Aquasana AQ-4125 shower filter replacement.

You can expect your Aquasana shower filter to last for approximately 6-months. After this time you may be able to order a replacement from the site getting50% off using this discount code: AQGEEK50

These filters are BPA-free, reduce chlorine and harmful chemical vapors, enhances pH balance and has 2-stage filters.

Mycobacteria Can Grow In Shower Heads ^

Aquasana Premium Shower Filter with Massaging Handheld Wand

According to this study of 656 households across the United States and Europe, shower heads are often breeding grounds for bacteria that can become aerosolized and inhaled when the shower is in use. Theyre also havens for biofilms, which is the gunk bacteria like to grow in.

The study found that the genus Mycobacterium was consistently the most abundant genus of bacteria detected, and is two times more likely to be found in homes receiving municipal water than well water. They add that:

While most of these bacteria are innocuous, some are potential pathogens, including members of the genus Mycobacterium that can cause nontuberculous mycobacterial lung infection, an increasing threat to public health.

The exact strain of mycobacteria differed based on region, water source, and water chemistry, but the researchers did note that certain hot spot areas where they found the more pathogenic strains of mycobacteria tended to overlap with regions where NTM lung disease is most prevalent.

Its thought that chlorine disinfection likely plays a role in making shower heads hospitable environments for mycobacteria, which might be why its more prevalent in households that have municipal water instead of well water.

Shower filters may help by reducing chlorine by as much as 97%. That said, its a good idea to clean your shower head periodically whether or not a filter is present.

According to J.W. Plumbing, heres the best way to clean your shower head:

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Aquasana Shower Filter Review

Aquasana is one of the leading players in the market dealing with home water filters and filtration systems based in Austin, Texas. The company deals in designing, manufacturing, and distributing water filtration product including

  • Replacement filters
  • Clean water machines

They are mostly loved since their products are easily found both online and at local stores. Aquasana products are capable of removing more than 60 pollutants from water, leaving you with pure minerals. Chemicals such as chlorine, lead, and bacteria are removed immediately after water enters your house. Below is the Aquasana Shower Filter Review in detail.

Water Softener Shower Head With Hose + Vitamin C Hard Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

This is a beautiful shower addition from ROYALTEC that looks very designish and techie and would marvelously fit into both minimalist and baroque bathroom aesthetics. The shower head filters feature multiple stage filtration with Vitamin C, a universal mineral blend of tourmaline, calcium sulfite, and negative ion balls. These stages are promised to remove chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, bacteria, pesticides, ammonia smell, sulfur, and sediments, all of which, as the seller claims, would make the water much softer. The items also easy to install and comes in a luxurious gift box with a 60-inch shower hose, replacement cartridge filters, sealant tape, and 3 aroma filters.

ROYALTEC: Look at the item

The majority of reviews were very recent, meaning the product had just seen the light of day, but these comments were also very positive, so the product does inspire optimism. Its priced very affordably, so hopefully, it lives up to its promises.

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Stage Shower Water Filter Vitamin C

This is a water filter that features a 15-stage filtration system, including Vitamin C ceramic balls, granulated activated coconut carbon filter, KDF-55, and calcium sulfate, among other filters, which promise to remove every possible impurity from your water. Among those interesting and potentially powerful filters that the manufacturer lists in the product description are the main fan stone which claims to restore pH balance of the skin, ceramic balls with ions, which help in staph prevention and the growth of other harmful bacteria. Besides, all of those potent filters are encased in ultra-fine and high-density steel mesh on both sides, which serves as an additional layer of protection against impurities. The filter falls within the same price category as other filters described above, only youre getting 2 filter cartridges for the price.

AquaHomeGroup: Look at the item

That might seem like a very fine deal but unfortunately, theres not enough consumer response to determine the filters true effectiveness. To date, the majority of respondents said they were impressed with the filter, but the responses were posted around the same time and thus, raised suspicions. I hope my suspicions are ungrounded and baseless, but until proven otherwise, this product seems too good to be true.

My Take On The Aquasana Shower Filter

Aquasana Shower Filters

Aquasana shower filters are consistently rated among the best in the industry, and for good reason. They use high-quality filtration materials and a unique design that increases the amount of time those filtration materials have to pull stuff out of the water.

Theyve used their extensive knowledge gained by developing countertop, under sink and whole house systems to develop a shower filter that works well under high-heat conditions with a rapid flow rate.

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Why Use A Shower Filter ^

When most of us hear the words water filter, we think about drinking water. Since water makes up about 60% of our bodies and is essential for:

  • Delivering oxygen throughout our bodies
  • Supporting detoxification
  • Lubricating joints
  • Keeping skin supple

. . . and so much more, prioritizing safe drinking water definitely makes sense. However, the quality of the water we shower or bathe in also matters. Heres why:

Style And Filter Type

Shower filters are available in a few types of stylesinline, showerhead, and handheld. In general, an inline style is universal and can attach to any showerhead style, making it the ideal choice if you want to keep your existing showerhead. Looking to upgrade your showerhead? Choose a filtered showerhead or a filtered handheld fixture, which lets you direct the spray right where you need it.

Though there aren’t any major differences between the filter styles as far as effectiveness, you’ll want whichever style you choose to have either a KDF , vitamin C, or carbon filtration system, depending on your water filtration goals. Each method filters water well and significantly reduces impurities.

A KDF filter contains copper and zinc and uses a redox process to filter iron, chlorine, mercury, and lead from your shower water. KDF is sometimes used as a pre-treatment within a filtration system and is often combined with other filtration methods like activated carbon. Though there are different types of KDF, KDF 55 is the most common. The filtration media is made to specifically reduce chlorine and other water-soluble metals.

An activated carbon filter uses a process called adsorption. During filtration, unwanted substances will move from your shower water to the filter, similar to a sponge. A vitamin C filter works to remove chlorine by reacting to the chemical and neutralizing it. It’s worth noting, however, that the filter type is typically only good for removing chlorine.

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What To Look For When Choosing The Best Shower Filter

Many shower filters are ineffective due to the use of outdated technology that prevents water from being filtered efficiently or does a poor job of removing contaminants. Here’s what you need to know when looking for a shower water filter:

Premium Performance

Shower filter performance comes down to two factors:

Effectiveness Based on how well the filter removes contaminants

Flow rate Determines how quickly water is filtered so it can flow without reducing water pressure

Many manufacturers compromise on one of these areas to excel in the other, so do your research before buying.

Look for a filter that works with standard 2.5 gallons per minute showerheads to ensure consistent water pressure. Make sure the filter removes chlorine in addition to other harsh chemicals as well.

The Aquasana Shower Filter excels in both critical performance factors. The Aquasana shower filter works with most 2.5 GPM showerheads so you can keep your existing unit, and it uses natural coconut shell carbon to filter contaminants while its copper/zinc media enhances pH balance.

Superior Design

Shower filters are visible when installed, so make sure the one you choose matches the aesthetic of your shower. Think about the color and functionality of your showerhead, and whether you’d prefer to swap your old unit with a relaxing massage wand in white or chrome.

Easy Installation/Replacement

Our Top Pick Is The Aquabliss Sf220 High Output Universal Shower Filter

Aquasana Premium Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Spruce / Zackary Angeline

There are likely many different substances lurking in your water, from heavy metals to pesticides. A top-quality shower filter removes chemicals and minerals found in hard water to elevate your shower experience. We spent hours searching for the best shower filters on the market, evaluating ease of installation, effectiveness, and value.

Our favorite, the AquaBliss SF220 High Output Universal Shower Filter, has a multi-stage filter to remove chemicals and odors and is compatible with most shower types.

Here are the best shower filters available online.

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Shower Water Filter System With Adjustable Showerhead

This is yet another bestselling item from a reputable company with an impeccable reputation. And although it falls more on the pricier side, it can be safely recommended as a cost-effective option or best value for money. Its been EPA & NSF certified meaning it passed all certified tests and has been approved for both effectiveness and safety. The filter features a two-stage filter system that incorporates both coconut shell carbon and KDF-55 copper-zinc mix. The potent multi-stage filtration enables the unit to be effective against such impurities as chlorine, lead, other heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs. Just as any other item on our list, this one too requires a change of filters once in 6 months.

Aquasana: Look at the item

The reviews concerning the water quality after installing those filters were very positive. The negative reviews were almost always concerned with the high prices associated with installing and replacing filters .

My Take On The Pelican

There are A LOT of shower filters on the market, many of which only cost around $30. However, theyre often made by companies that dont provide any independent testing or certification information to back up their claims.

Speaking of claims, NSF/ANSI testing methods for shower filters focus exclusively on chlorine removal, so companies tend to focus on this aspect because it can be verified. Many companies will tell you if their filter also removes other things like chloramine, but theyre less likely to mention percentages on their product descriptions because theres no standardized testing method.

Pelican is well-respected for its ability to make quality systems that are relied on for whole house filtration, under sink filtration, and more. Theyve used their extensive knowledge to develop solid products that do what they say time and again, so I find their claims for shower filter contaminant removal to be reasonable even without standardized testing methods.

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Chlorine And Chloramines As Human Cripplers

While chlorine plays a key part in disinfecting disease-causing organisms, its also harmful to human health, contributing to such fatal conditions, as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, as well as increased chances of premature aging.

For example, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that there was an increased risk of bladder cancer associated with exposure to disinfectants commonly found in drinking water, the risk was even higher for exposures through showering and bathing.

The reason behind this is pretty simple: while theres a liver to detox the water that we drink, theres no such detox organ for the human skin. Besides, the skin is the largest human organ without its own filtration system and is at a greater risk of exposure to pollutants and contaminants.

High Output Universal Shower Replaceable Multi

How to Replace Your Aquasana Shower Filter

This item is an absolute bestseller that features a multi-stage filtration system blending KDF-55 with calcium sulfate and activated carbon filtering. This 3-stage filtration system enables maximum performance in both cold and hot water, as well as guarantees removal of sediment, dust, turpitudes, chlorine, heavy metals, trihalomethanes, organic materials, and other impurities. It might be slightly more expensive than the previously described shower head, but its totally worth it. It also just as easily can be installed with no additional tools or help.

AquaBliss: Look at the item

Customers were super pleased praising the filter for performance and the quality of water it provided, many said it was a life changer. The unhappy consumers, although very few, said it reduced water pressure significantly, which might be an issue with the incorrect installation. So in case you purchase AquaBliss and experience something similar, then reach out to the companys customer service, they are very quick to reply and also very helpful, no questions asked, according to testers.

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What To Look For In A Filtered Water Bottle

Comprehensive Filtration

The best filtered water bottles remove bacteria, lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium, and giardia from unfiltered water whether youre at work or at the airport.

Filtering Speed

Most people dont want to wait around for their bottled water to slowly filter through. The best filtered water bottles fill and filter quickly, so that you can stay hydrated while on the move.

Protective Design

Too many filtered water bottles give up durability and utility. The best filtered water bottles are tough enough to handle everything from long hikes to routine public transportation.

Easy Filter Replacement

Replacing your water bottle filter should be quick and easy. The best water bottles make their filters easy to buy and replace. Buying a name brand water bottle will also help to ensure that your filter model is available for years to come.

My Aquasana Water Filter Review: Is It Worth It


I have written lots of reviews about shower filters and this is by far one of the most powerful.

It is capable of removing over 60 different harmful contaminants from water.

However, even though it is very powerful at removing a lot of contaminants it also re-mineralizes to the water.

This is means it is a great choice for those who suffer from hard water and find that its affecting their skin or hair.

Using the Aquasana shower filter means that you will have good quality water that is contaminant free.

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Choosing The Best Countertop Water Filter

Good Housekeeping named AquasanasClean Water Machine as its Best of the Test award-winner for best countertop water filter in the country because of its comprehensive filtration and large reservoir. For the best water filter pitchers and dedicated countertop water filters,The Spruce Eats singled out AquasanasClean Water Machine with Pitcher andClaryum® Countertop water filters as top picks in their respective categories.

Upgrade your tap water with Aquasanascountertop water filters.

Help Make Skin Fit: Avoid Premature Aging And Make Your Skin Look Younger

Clearance Depot

Some contaminants, like disinfection byproducts, including chlorine, can easily turn into vapor and be inhaled, causing headaches, fatigue, and even depression. Water is essential to the skin’s overall health and resilience, pure and clean water is even more so. Anti-aging treatments can easily be replaced by proper hydration and drinking an ample amount of clean decontaminated water.

Also, a nice cold shower can be more beneficial than hot baths not only because it prevents chemicals from activating and vaporizing into the air, but also because it provides a soothing and rejuvenating experience for the skin.

According to skincare expert Cecilia Wong, extra hot showers are particularly detrimental to human skin because the hot water can damage the epidermis and even superficial tissues, all of which can result in broken capillaries, rashes, itchiness, dryness, and irritation. People suffering from acne will definitely benefit from having a lukewarm shower through a bacteria-killing shower filter.

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