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Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

Discover The Infinity Riage X3

The Infinity Riage / X3 Assembly Tutorial | Infinity Massage Chairs

Let yourself soak into the calming Riage X3 and instantly experience one of the longest massage stroke available. Offering the most advanced 3D technology in the industry, the Riage x3 was designed without compromise. Submerge yourself in the rejuvenating ambiance of its Bluetooth capabilities while the rubbing massage technology leaves you revitalized and refreshed. The state of the art massage systems evoke the sensation of human hands creating a one of a kind therapeutic experience.

Massage Techniques And Auto Programs On The Infinity Massage Chair Riage

The Infinity Riage massage chair performs six techniques. These techniques cover the fundamental movements of shiatsu-style massage. Lets take a closer look at each

  • Shiatsu, which means finger pressure in Japanese, applies downward pressure into the muscles and is perhaps the most powerful technique.
  • Rubbing performs pressured strokes up and down the back.
  • Tappingperforms light tapping stroke on both sides of the spine at the same time.
  • Knocking is similar to tapping but moves in alternating patterns along the spine.
  • Kneadingperforms circular strokes that mimic the feeling of two thumbs and two sets of fingers opening and closing across the back to grip and stretch the muscles.
  • Music Sync allows you to synchronize the rhythm of your massage to the rhythm of your music.

All of the techniques can be used to create your own manual massage or you can enjoy a combination of them in one of the automatic programs.

Auto Massage Programs

If you want a massage that requires little to no work on your part, the automatic programs are what you want. The Infinity Riage chair features six automatic massage programs.

Each program has a specific benefit, for example, Working Relief. So although there are only six programs, you get a good variety of massage types. These programs use a combination of air and roller massage and run for 10, 20 or 30-minute sessions.

Pre-Programmed massage options…

Enjoy This Chair Very Much

We received our chair in about 10 days. Pulled it out the box and with a little set up it was ready to go. We have had it about two months and use it nearly every day. Very high quality and stylish. Look forward to many years of service and are very pleased with our purchase.

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Different Massage Techniques And Programs

The user-friendly systems and other fields of therapy are only some of the highlights Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair has since it has much more to offer you. This massage chair is revolutionary since it’s one of few that has quad-style rollers, 4D massage tech, and more than three massage methods. With the number of features, this chair has, you forget that this is one of Infinity’s lower-priced models making their brand really dedicated to performance.

Design & Build Quality

Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair  Mana Massage Chairs

When paying thousands of dollars for any type of furniture, you should expect a high-quality build. When it comes to a $5K massage chair, the craftsmanship should be reflective of this price-point.

At CES, we’ve examined and tested dozens of massage chairs. The unfortunate truth is that many companies out there offer generic models manufactured in foreign countries that provide a mediocre build while still pricing them in-line with more premium competitors.

Infinity’s range of massage chairs differs from this offering a premium build, feel and look that matches the price-point without cutting corners. Most of you will be making a serious investment into a chair such as this so choosing one that is built to last and stands behind a quality manufacturer with a solid warranty is a significant advantage in the long-term.

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Infinity Massage Chair Riage

  • Value for the Money


The Infinity Riage is outfitted with some of the most sought after features like foot rollers, Zero Gravity, rocking technology, heat therapy and an L-Track . The combination of features and the quality of the massage make the Infinity Riage chair a compelling buy, the only downside is it can be hard to come by.

Calf and Foot Air Massage

Calf and Foot Air Massage

Calf and Foot Air Massage

Calf and Foot Air Massage

Infinity Riage X3

Infinity IT 8500

The Infinity massage chair Riage is a popular L-Track chair that combines some of the most desirable features like foot rollers, Zero Gravity, and many others. But is it the best option for you?

In this review, were walking you through each and every feature, plus explaining the differences between the Riage and theRiage X3 and the Infinity IT 8500 to help you find out. Lets get started!

Two Zero Gravity Modes

The term zero-gravity refers to a state in which your knees are elevated above your heart which allows your spine to decompress. This ultimately gives you a sense of weightlessness and allows the rollers to get deeper into your back muscles.

The Riage X3’s first and default zero gravity reclining mode.

The Riage X3’s alternative zero gravity mode which reclines further and raises your legs higher.

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Airbag Compression Therapythe Riage X3 Has Airbags Located Throughout The Chair That Inflate And Deflate To Provide A Sensation On The Muscles That Feels Like Real Human Hands

For adult use only. Do not use massager in close proximity to loose clothing or jewelry. Keep long hair away from massager while in use. IMPORTANT: Any individual who may be pregnant or recently gave birth, has a heart condition or a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes or other sensory impairment, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, joint dysfunction, inflammation or injuries, weak bones, osteoporosis, a high fever, an abnormal or curved spine, is at an increased risk of developing blood clots, has pins/screws/artificial joints or other medical devices implanted in his/her body, is being treated for a medical condition or physical injury or is under a doctors care should consult with a medical professional before using a massaging device designed for home use.

Infinity Riage X3 3d Massage Chair

The Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair Assembly Tutorial | Massage Chair Planet

Key features: L-track massage rollers with 49 inches long strokes, zero-gravity technology, advanced 3D massage technology, brand new rocking technology, Bluetooth technology, 265 pounds and 3 year warranty.


The infinity Riage X3 3D massage chair by infinity is an amazing piece of machinery. The L-track massage rollers with forty-nine inches long strokes make it truly comfortable and therapeutic. The massage rollers extend from the neck all the way to the glutes and knead the whole body for a truly therapeutic experience. The track is vertically designed and has a natural S-shaped curve which conforms to the natural contours of the spine.

The chair has a spinal correction program which is ideal for dealing with achy and tense and spastic spinal muscles. It corrects the configuration of the spine and puts the vertebral bones back in their place.

The chair also has the zero-gravity technology. The users body is reclined back and put in an astronaut like position, where the legs are elevated above the heart. This causes the circulation of blood in the body to be improved. It also better air entry into the body by expanding the lungs.

The advanced 3D technology built in this chair has revolutionized the massage experience. With this feature, the user can choose the kind of massage they want. Be it a deep pressured intense tissue massage or a light gentle soothing massage, both can be enjoyed with this cool and new feature.

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Company Overview Infinite Therapeutics

According to their website, Infinite Therapeutics is a division of Infinity Creative Enterprises which is a privately held company that has been in business for over 20 years.

Their management team has over 60-years of experience in critical areas like product design, manufacturing and supply chain logistics, so the company has deep roots in the industry.

Infinity Therapeutics first launched their Infinity line of massage chairs back in 2009 and had grown to launch several high-end models offering innovative new technologies throughout the past decade.

The company acts as an end-to-end solution meaning they offer everything from pre-sales support to post-sales technical assistance with a heavy emphasis on customer service.

Bluetooth Connectivity For Mobile App Remote & Speakers

One of the cool things about the digital world we live in today is the vast integrations of consumer products with our smartphones and massage chairs are the latest industry to dive in on this trend.

While the included remote is suitable for virtually all of your adjustment needs, there is a mobile app which allows you to connect to your chair via Bluetooth and take full control of its capabilities via the touchscreen on your smartphone.

There are also dual built-in speakers which allow you to playback any form of audio such as music, audiobooks or ambient noise to help you relax or enjoy during your massage .

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Pricing: How Much Does It Cost

We first saw Infinity’s Riage X3 at CES 2017 as a successor to their popular Riage model which has an MSRP of $5,999. The newer, more advanced Riage X3 has a much steeper MSRP of $7,499 although you can currently for just under $6K which is a great deal.

It is an expensive massage chair, there is no doubt about that. However, it is important totake a look at the current high-end massage chair market and see what rival brands like Bodyfriend who just offered a Lamborghini inspired chair with similar specs for a whopping $30K.

Quickly, you’ll realize Infinity has done a great job offering competitive pricing for their feature set and quality. While it may not be the right fit for most consumers, but if you are comfortable in the $3.5-7K price range, then this chair provides some serious value on the dollar.

Infinity Riage X3 3d/4d Massage Chairs In Black

Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair  Mana Massage Chairs


Infinity Riage X3 3D/4D Massage ChairsFeatures :Massage Techniques Include:RubbingKneadingTappingKnockingShiatsuCombinationProduct Features Include:49″ L-track 3D/4D Massage Technology Rocking Technology Four Wheel Mechanism Zero Gravity Spinal Correction & Waist Twist Reflexology Lumbar Heat Bluetooth Technology Apple & Android App Functionality Body Scanning Airbag Compression Therapy Description :This luxurious chair possesses a long list of restorative techniques and features. The Riage® X3 provides complete relaxation with 3D/4D massage technology and an L-track that massages from the neck down your spine all the way to your gluteus muscles. Enjoy pinpoint accuracy with every rub-down and choose from a variety of massage styles. Powerful foot rollers will provide relaxation to sore or swollen feet. Plus, users can easily control their Riage X3 with the mobile app, available for both Apple® and Android. Indulge in stylish convenience with the Infinity Riage X3 today.Specifications :Chair Width: 34.00″Chair Weight: 275.00 lbs.UprightChair Length: 56.00″Chair Height:47.00″ReclinedChair Length: 74.00″Chair Height: 37.00″

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Infinity Riage Massage Chair Manual

Weve provided links to both the base model and the X3 upgrade, and while the manuals are helpful to a point, you will notice a bit of a language barrier.

Some of the phrasing is awkward and cryptic, so whichever model you select, you cant always rely on the manual to answer any questions you have at least not in a way that wont leave you scratching your head.

Infinity Massage Chair Purchase

Couldnt be happier!!!!!We purchased a Infinity Massage Chair, the Riage X3, from Infinity and we couldnt be happier. The salesman, Drew was beyond helpful even on the weekend and Susan the Customer Service Rep was a delight to work with. When the machine arrived it was well packed and delivered right to our doorstep. Set up was pretty straight forward and soon we were using the chair. I kept trying different settings, and when it stopped I would call to my wife to Put in another quarter to make it go again. It provided a excellent massage on all the settings and I cant wait to go home tonight and continue my experiments . Thanks to all involved who made this a wonderful purchase.Jerry

Derek Harjes Review left onFebruary 19, 2019


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Infinity Riage 3 Rocks

The Infinity Riage 3 gives a strong, thorough massage. Six of my husbands vertebrae are fused and his time in the chair has made him stand straighter, helped ease his chronic hip pain, has increased his energy, and aided his ability to sleep. The Riage 3 has relaxed me, kneaded me, and made me feel at peace. My Amish friend, who regularly visits a chiropractor and a masseuse, used my Riage 3 for 30 minutes and said it was the strongest and best massage hes ever had. Hell be back next week to use it again. Tyler, who sold me the chair, is energetic, positive, and made it a fun purchase.

Gregory Fox Review left onAugust 9, 2018


Quad Rollers And 4d Massage Tech

Introduction – Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

Most massage chairs use rollers to stimulate the movement of hands massaging the body, and they’re usually limited to kneading and tapping only. However, Riage X3’s rollers are both 4D tech supported and quad-styled making them highly advanced in methodical massages and pressurized strokes. In addition, the quad rollers make it easy for the rollers to alternatively switch between kneading, rolling, and tapping during massages.

With the addition of 4D tech, the quad rollers don’t only move up and down, like normal massage chair rollers, but also in and out. Due to this amazing incorporation of two beneficial features, the massage depth can be customized to be light or deep. These features perfectly imitate real hands during a massage which significantly opens up more possibilities and customizability to your experience.

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We Received Our Riage

We received our Riage-X3 chair yesterday which was 2 weeks ahead of schedule . It arrived in excellent condition, the movers took wonderful care of it between the unboxing and the installation of it and didnt leave until it was exactly where we wanted it and everything was properly tested first. We definitely got our moneys worth with the White Glove delivery service. My wife has already used it a few times in the last 24 hours and I had the luxury of enjoying a couple back-to-back programs last night before bed. The Bluetooth feature is amazing as the speakers are properly tuned so the music isnt blasting in your ears, so I simply connected my phone to the chair, found a serenity spa channel on YouTube and relaxed in the pitch black. I foresee that being a nightly ritual to ease myself from the stresses of the day. Thanks again! Heavily recommend this product and company overallthey have been extremely pleasant to work with and are available whenever we have called from initial purchase to delivery.

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Pure Pleasure & Pain Relief

I purchased my chair at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery Annual Meeting in San Diego. After I convinced my husband that we NEEDED this chair, we went back to the vendor booth, to find that Orthopedic Surgeons were lined up to purchase these chairs!

I have had chronic neck pain for over 30 years, from a broken neck when a horse threw me into a fence. I have spent untold thousands on regular massages for my entire adult life, because my only other option for relief would have been medication, and I did not want to start down that path. While these chairs are expensive, this will pay for itself in my house in a few months! I was spending $250 $500 a month for massage. I wanted/needed massage every couple of days, but who can afford that?! My chair was delivered and set up on Tuesday of last week. Since delivery, I have spent 19 hours in this chair! I wont allow myself to continue that level of decadence, but I could, if I so chose!

This chair has a crazy number of automatic settings, plus manual setting as well. It increases vascular and lymphatic circulation in the arms and legs, because air bags inflate from intensity of 1 to 6, on the model I purchased, and 6 is VERY firm. There are intensity and area adjustments for everyones comfort level.

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    Top 4 Infinity Massage Chairs Reviews And Buyers Guide

    Massage chairs have revolutionized the entire massage experience. Now there is no need to run to a spa for a relaxing massage session. You can enjoy a very comfortable and serene massage right at your home. However, choosing the right massage chair is somewhat an ordeal as you need to be particular about the features which you want.

    Today in this review we look at the best infinity massage chairs and their unique and cool features. If you are looking to buy a massage chair by infinity then this article is surely for you. Keep reading to find out more!

    Transcript Of Video Titled Introduction Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

    Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair  Mana Massage Chairs

    SCREEN TEXT: Introduction]

    Alan: Hi, Im Dr. Alan Weidner from and today Im going to introduce you to the Infinity Riage X3 massage chair.

    Alan: OK, the remote control has a little pouch on the side. I want you to kind of come around and just take a look at it, its hard with the lighting in here, but this chair has the synthetic leather exterior down to here, and then its got a plastic exterior on the base, and underneath here. There are some chairs that are more like 100% plastic. If youll notice over here, we can show you the Ekon, which is an Osaki product, and it has pretty much all plastic, but a lot of chairs have portion of their chairs being plastic, like the Infinity Overture over here, the bottom half is also plastic on that. So, plastic, the blend of plastic and synthetic leather is pretty commonplace in the massage chair industry today. This chair comes with a five-year limited warranty, thats one year parts and labor, three years parts, and five years structure. It comes in various, I think three colors, but a great chair, a good bang for the buck for a 3D L-track, very nice chair.

    Alan: They used to sell this chair, I believe, at I think it was Brookstone, or one of the, it was an exclusive for one of those now defunct chain stores. But we have it now available in our showroom, and its a good bang for the buck for a 3D L-track. Anyway, that is the Infinity Riage X3 massage chair.

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