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90 Minute Full Body Massage

When To Book A 90

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  • If you need your full body massaged such as your back, arms, legs, neck and feet then a 90-minute massage is highly recommended. Massage therapists can only do tackle so many areas of the body during a one-hour massage. If you are trying to resolve pain and tension and you need your full body massaged, please do your therapist a kindness and book a 90-minute massage.
  • You need the king of relaxation massages. 90-minutes is the best chance for you to nod off and truly relax. Give yourself some extra time and treat yourself!
  • When it comes strictly down to value for time, the 90-minute is the best choice. At Movement Performance & Health, we charge only an extra $20 for another 30 minutes. This is a great value, especially when compared to other clinics.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind when you book your next massage, so you can get the best treatment possible. Whether you need to save time, money or give your body the attention it deserves!

How Much Does An On

Over the past 10 years on-demand mobile massage services have become increasingly more popular, especially in busy cities like London.

The Massage Rooms was the first provider to offer online booking for on-demand massages through its Massage Me Now service since 2009.

Traditionally, people would book a massage several days in advance. As the urban environment and major cities in particular have become increasingly hectic, customers have shifted towards booking their treatments at the very last minute.

This approach, whilst more demanding on the service provider, does have the benefit of a much reduced cancellations rate. When customers used to schedule a massage several days in advance, plans often changed and they would find themselves often needing to cancel or rearrange the treatment. On the other hand, if you are booking for a massage to take place as soon as possible, it is much less likely that you will need to cancel.

The Massage Rooms has been offering a wide range of home and hotel visiting massage treatments, delivered to your doorstep in as little as an hour, with some of the most popular listed below:

Deep Tissue Massage This service is best for those looking for a more intensive treatment which can help restore and rejuvenate overworked or exhausted muscles. With professionally trained masseuses available to visit you from just £50, there are not many more economical ways to protect, maintain and restore your health and wellness.

Do I Have To Shave For My Massage

Of course you dont! Hygiene is a personal choice. You dont have to be entirely hairless before you go into your massage your therapist will not be offended or disgusted if you forget to shave your pits. If you want to, go for it. If you dont want to, dont.

All we ask if that you are clean before you get onto the table. Step into the shower before your booking for a good scrub-down. Not only does this make for a more pleasant experience for everyone, but your body is easier to work on when it is clean.

Basically, dont be gross. There are a lot of massage therapists out there with horror stories. You dont want to be that statistic.

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Minute Full Body Thai Oil Massage


The ultimate relaxing full body massage for those who are looking to relax, alleviate stress and enjoy a delightful experience. Simply lie back, switch off, and enjoy our most relaxing massage. Using the best organic carrier oils, the massage concentrates on pressure points throughout the entire body, helping to ease muscle tension and improve blood circulation. So that we can apply the necessary oils, you will be asked to dress down to you under clothes. You will be discreetly covered by sheets and blankets throughout. Whilst most people find this massage extremely relaxing, we still have to stress that this massage involves firm pressure being applied to skin and muscle tissue. If you require less pressure, please do ask.

What If I Only Want Certain Parts To Be Massaged


A Blys massage therapist will tailor your massage to exclude any parts you dont want to be touched. Some people prefer their feet or buttocks not be touched, and thats perfectly fine. Consult with your massage therapist prior to, or during, the massage to let them know what you like, dislike, or dont want at all. Boundaries are important, and so is maintaining them.

Your massage therapist will also adjust their focus to whichever part of your body needs the most attention. For example, if your primary source of discomfort is your lower back, that is where your therapist will spend more time. Note this may come at the cost of less time spent elsewhere on the body. The goal of every massage therapist is to leave their client feeling better than when they walked in.

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How To Give A Full Body Massage: Professional Tips

When giving a massage, here are some pointers to remember to make your massage more relaxing:

  • Before the massage, ask clients for any underlying skin condition and health ailments you need to know.
  • Learn if the client has any allergies to scents or essential oils youre going to use.
  • Make sure to have the person lie on their front first.
  • Avoid applying direct pressure on areas of the body that feel numb and stinging.
  • Wipe off excess massage oil or lotion with towels.
  • Always start massaging on more prominent areas like the bigger muscle parts before heading to smaller ones.
  • Maintain skin contact as you massage body parts.
  • Avoid applying direct pressure on bony areas.
  • Dont massage broken skin.
  • Keep quiet as you perform a massage.
  • Add in the occasional use of oil and lotion to inflict a more relaxing sensation.
  • Pay attention to your posture as you perform the massage.
  • Get pressure from the center of your body instead of overworking your hands and fingers.
  • Good lighting and soft music are helpful.

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Win A 90 Minute Full Body Massage At Richings Health Storrington

Jessie Richings, offers unique massage treatments in a tranquil, purpose-built therapy room in Storrington, overlooking the South Downs National Park.

After qualifying in 2004 with a BSc Hons Degree in Sports Rehabilitation and ITEC Aromatherapy from St Marys College, Twickenham, Jessie dedicated herself to deep sports, remedial, therapeutic, face and pregnancy massage. Her aim is to help her clients achieve richer health.

Massage, once considered a luxury, is now commonly recognised as being a successful way to help maintain good health and improve overall well-being. It can benefit everyone from professional athletes to business executives to mums and dads so no matter who you are, or what you do, a course of tailored massage treatments can help you do it better!

Win a 90 minute full body massage at Richings Health. A comprehensive full body treatment designed to enhance the function of both your mind and body. As with all Jessies treatments, your massage will be tailored to your specific needs, but this longer treatment allows more flexibility to concentrate on any areas where you would like more attention while still being able to complete a relaxing full body treatment.

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Yin Yoga 90 Minutes full body flexibility yoga with sound healing gong music DAY 2 with Rebekah

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Based at Marton Shops in Middlesbrough, we offer a wide range of professional skin treatments with sophisticated technology, high performance peels, spa body therapies, sumptuous massages and deep tissue massages in a relaxing environment. Our aim is to be your go to place to dissolve stress, aches and pains and to address your personal skin concerns. More

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The Therapy Centre is home to highly qualified and skilled Therapists, led by Michelle Myers

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How To Find A Massage Therapist

You can get a personal recommendation for a massage therapist from a doctor, friend, or an online directory. Or you can book a few massages with different therapists to see which one you prefer. Make sure its someone with whom you feel comfortable so that you can fully relax.

Make sure your massage therapist s properly trained and has certificates and state licenses that are up-to-date. You may wish to have a brief conversation with your therapist before beginning your sessions so that you can communicate your expectations and ask any relevant questions.

What You Can Expect

Discover the artful techniques of traditional Chinese massage, which works with palm and finger pressure to help soothe painful muscles and eliminate toxins. Letting experienced, professional massage therapists take you to another world of relaxation and good health whilst you wind down after a day exploring Urumqi. With free Urumqi hotel pickup, this experience is a great way to shake off the dust from a days travelling. Prepare for your next adventure with less stress, improved circulation and all around better well-being.

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How Long Should A Good Massage Last

In Thailand you will often find traditional massage treatments lasting two hours or more, but there is only a little demand for two hour treatments in the London, and most therapists offer 30-90 minute treatments.

The length of your massage depends on your particular situation and goals, and just like thinking about the frequency of your massage , it is worth considering whether 60 minutes is right for you. It doesnt occur to many clients but for example if you have several areas or aches and pains on which you would like your therapist to focus, then in order to give a balanced full-body treatment you might find a 90 minute massage is more suitable for you. Similarly, if you are time-constrained or you are a very regular visitor, maybe 30 or 45 minutes is all you need to get your massage fix.

In general, one hour is an appropriate length for a relaxing full body massage. It allows for a few minutes spent on each area of the body, but in 60 minutes it is unlikely we can address an area where you have specific pain and still perform a thorough full body massage. With clients who have a particular area of pain or discomfort , in a 60 minute treatment we typically focus on that area and do as much of the rest of the body as time allows.

In closing, we will just point out that in our experience no one has ever said they wished their massage was shorter!

About Massage By Megan Lmt

90 Minute Full Body Relaxation Massage

Everyone knows pain, but few understand it like Megan Crookshanks. A severe car accident caused fractures in her wrist and spine and led to three years of physical therapy in order to effectively restore function and motion. Massage and structural treatments were key in her lengthy recovery process. Afterward, she was inspired to forward her healing experience to others in need, whether they’re seeking relief from day-to-day stress or a debilitating injury.In addition to training at the Professional Massage Training Center, Megan is also a licensed therapist and a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. During her sessionswhich take place within Essential YogaMegan massages feet with acupressure techniques, dissembles tension with Swedish massage and myofascial release and leads clients in soothing breathing patterns. When she isn’t kneading sinews or dissolving gummy worms in 2-liter bottles of Fresca, Megan also practices Reiki, a technique that bolsters healing and optimizes the body’s energy pathways.

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Minutes Tradtional Chinese Full Body Massage With Transfer In Urumqi

Your driver will pick you up in the afternoon in your Urumqi hotel’s lobby by holding your name sign. Please advise the preferred pick up time when make booking


Your driver will pick you up in the afternoon in your Urumqi hotel’s lobby by holding your name sign. Please advise the preferred pick up time when make booking


Stress Relief Therapy 50/72

Its estimated that up to 75% of illnesses today are stress related. Stress Relief therapy targets specific stress zones to relieve stress, tension and fatigue. Achieve deep calm with this soothing therapy incorporating a variety of different massage techniques with a combination of gentle pressures we focus on the back, scalp and feet during this calming treatment. 60/90 minutes

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The Cost Of Getting Your Massage In A Hotel Spa

It is fair to say that probably the most indulgent setting for massage therapy is most often found in top-end hotel spas.

But at what cost? And are you really getting good value for money?

Many luxury hotels in London charge between £75 – £110 for a 1 hour massage, with the cost increasing even higher if you want it delivered to your room.

Hotels have to recoup the often huge capital investments they have made in the building, high rents and rates and the cost of employing professional therapists to be available full time waiting at the hotel premises. All of this adds up to a high quality but expensive massage for the customer.

If you plan in advance, you can get the same quality of therapist and massage treatment for a fraction of the price. Simply prepare your room in advance so that it feels like a spa haven and book your experienced therapist as little as an hour beforehand.

A Note On Deep Tissue Massage

Yin Yoga 90 Minutes full body flexibility yoga with sound healing gong music DAY 4 with Rebekah

Dont underestimate the ability of a deep tissue massage to transform how your body moves. Many clients dont realise they actually wanted a deep tissue massage until theyre on the table! Weve found that people are more hesitant to book a deep tissue massage because they believe it will be painful. A deep tissue massage should never hurt you. You may experience some discomfort, but it pays off once you can walk, twist and stretch freely again. Your therapist will always adapt the pressure to suit your tolerance levels without hindering the impact of the massage.

Weve previously done a comprehensive breakdown of the benefits of massage therapy. A full-body massage is the most complete massage therapy out there, and needless to say, were firm believers that everyone should experience at least one in their lifetime. Were also firm believers that self-care and wellness should be at the forefront of health. Massage therapy with Blys is the easiest way to implement more self-love in your life. Blys brings everything to you, to make you feel better again.

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What To Expect From A Full

Home » Blog » What To Expect From A Full-Body Massage

A full-body massage is as luxurious as it gets. Theres no better reward after a stressful day, a long week, or just to celebrate yourself. Such a holistic, all-encompassing experience can leave you feeling deeply restored, energised and motivated.

But for some people, the idea of a full-body massage is a scary one. What does it involve? How much of the full-body are we talking? Whats the etiquette for such a physical therapy?

Before Getting On The Table

Your Blys therapist will set up in your preferred space. They will always bring their own equipment, so there is no need for you to provide anything. Their therapist toolkit* includes the massage table, towels or sheets, massage oil, and typically little extras like music and aromatherapy oils, candles, incense or a diffuser.

*Note: if you have any allergies or special requests, include them in the Notes section during booking to have them accommodated beforehand. If you forget, your therapist will consult with you prior to the massage anyway .

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What Is A Full

The definition of full-body massage is in the name: it is a massage therapy session that works over all areas of the body. A typical full-body massage covers top-to-toes. Traditionally, a full-body massage covers the:

  • Head normally including the temples, crown, occipital muscles and scalp.
  • Neck including the nape and trapezius .
  • Shoulders along the collar bones, shoulder blades and into the upper back.
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Upper and lower back the lower back is where most people harbour stubborn tension and experience tightness, stiffness or pain.
  • Legs including the buttocks, glutes, thighs and calves
  • Feet

The above list covers a typical full-body massage. However, what is important to note is that your massage is exactly that: yours.

Enjoy It Dont Endure It

90 Min. Pamper Session Incl. Full Body Massage, Facial

A massage is physical therapy, meaning that the body is going to be challenged by it. This is especially true for more intense styles such as deep tissue or sports massage.

Feeling awkward on the table is really common, particularly if youre new to massages. Therapists are totally aware that this is a new experience for a lot of people, and its their goal to make you as comfortable as possible.

Take comfort knowing that even though you feel like your body is resisting, it probably isnt. The therapist is putting pressure on you from above and the table is supporting you from below. You become a bit of a sandwich.

For the most part, your therapist will gently guide you into an optimal working position. This might mean asking you to let your arms dangle, or moving one of your arms behind your back. Otherwise, rest in whatever position is most comfortable for you. Spend less time worrying about what your body is doing just enjoy what it is going through.

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