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Sore After Deep Tissue Massage

Essential Tips For A Great Massage

Tisscare: The Best Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Sore Muscles

A great way to ease muscle pain after a workout is by getting a massage with essential oils. Massages are popular for many reasons, and it’s not just because they’re relaxing. The pressure from the therapist can help loosen up tight muscles and remove lactic acid build-up so your body can heal itself.

It’s important to find a therapist with experience in sports massage who knows what they’re doing and can provide you with the most relief possible. If you really want to maximize the benefits of massage, try using essential oils while getting a massage. There are different types of essential oils that will work for different parts of your body based on their natural properties, including peppermint which is good for sore muscles.

Afterword: The Flushing Theory Goes Down The Drain

This entire article started out as an attempt to clarify a point about flushing in my article Water Fever and the Fear of Chronic Dehydration. The effort got a little out of hand, and I ended up with a 3700-word article about rhabdomyolysis. However, I still need to address the flushing thing

If PMSM is basically a light poisoning, does this validate the popular practice of advising massage clients to drink extra water? Mostly no its not specifically, medically relevant.31 Its sensible to avoid compounding mild rhabdo with dehydration. But its also sensible to avoid actual dehydration, period.

If acute rhabdo is treated with IV fluids, doesnt that suggest that drinking water would help? In mild rhabdo, were not worried about kidney damage at all.32 And drinking an extra glass or two of water wouldnt do the job anyway. Indeed, theres an ironic catch-22: if you drank enough water to successfully dilute a dangerous concentration of myoglobin in your kidneys, youd actually poison yourself. With water.33

Consider: Can you treat the much more familiar problem of DOMS by drinking extra water? Answer: definitely not. Try drinking three extra, big glasses of water the next time youre super sore after a big workout. Still really sore? You can count on it.

Percussion Massage Guns Are An Excellent Option To Relieve Muscle Pain After A Workout They Provide Deep Tissue Therapy That Breaks Down The Tightened Muscles And Helps To Relieve Any Aches Or Pains

Additionally, these devices don’t require any oils or lubricants so they are perfect for use in public places like gyms because no mess is left behind.

Massage guns are also easy to operate so you can use them without any difficulty. The device has different speeds so you can choose which one works best for your needs and preferences.

If you feel any muscle pain after your workout, make sure to use a massage gun on those areas immediately and see if it helps reduce the pain and discomfort!

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Prepare Your Body Before You Go To A Massage And Follow Up With The Correct Care For Your Body Afterwards

There is a magic potion that is available to everyone at no cost that can both prepare the body for and aid it after deep tissue massage: water. Sorry, I know you were expecting something much more exciting.

Water helps to lubricate tissues like fascia prior to getting a massage and then helps to transport away wastes that are produced when fascia is broken down and muscles sustain minor crushing during deep tissue massage. Sounds horrible, but that is what happens and it can bring a great deal of relief when tissues have become stagnant and are not moving properly, getting good blood flow or lymph circulation. Water is critical to this process functioning correctly so drink up before and after you get your massage!

However. that thing about the hospitalits possible. The pain that many people feel after a deep tissue massage is from rhabdomyolysis, or skeletal muscle breakdown . This is the same thing that causes people who have severe crush injuries to die. Wow! That does sound serious, right? Yep. Too much of a good thing, plus not enough water, or kidney/liver problems can add up to serious problems with deep tissue massage.

Reasons Behind The Neck Pain After Massage

Why Do You Feel Sore After Deep Tissue Massage?

When people think of massage it seems safe, and in many cases it is. But just like exercise it is possible for something to go wrong. Youre not likely to suffer serious side effects though. The most common thing youll feel is discomfort in the neck or whichever area has been massaged.

In many cases the discomfort is slight, but for other people it is more difficult. The following are some of the other possible effects of a poorly done massage.

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Sensory Injury From Painful Massage

One of the first massage clients I ever had started our relationship with this warning:

My last massage therapist ruined me. I do not have a high pain tolerance. I begged her to be gentle, she ignored me, and I winced and sweated through the whole experience. I felt awful, and Ive never been the same since. I feel like it ruined me. That was a year ago. Im here for a gentle massage. If you arent gentle, I will get off the table and walk out the door without paying you.

I was gentle, and she was a regular client for the rest of my ten-year career. She was probably my first clinical example of sensory injury, years before I thought of those words. My reputation for being a gentle therapist started with her, and led to me becoming the go-to therapist for patients who were refugees from intense massage. I have been paying attention to this topic for 21 years now.

A painful, alarming sensory experience can actually dial up pain sensitivity even long term.10 Furthermore, vulnerability to this awful phenomenon is much more common and significant in desperate patients who already have chronic pain so they seek and tolerate intense therapy.

One of my readers suffered this kind of disaster. She was injured by fascial release therapy, a style which is often too intense and may focus on treating connective tissues to the exclusion of considering the patients comfort and nervous system.

Safe Achilles Tendon Massage

Achilles tendon and heel pain are often caused by an overuse injury. This injury can lead to Achilles tendinopathy. One treatment option is massage therapy. Self-treatment through Achilles tendon massage should be practiced after careful evaluation by your doctor or physical therapist. Once you have been cleared, start off slowly working your way up on both pressure and frequency. Over time, you will improve your flexibility and minimize pain.

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Why Do I Have Lower Back Pain After Massage

Deep Tissue Massage – Faster Recovery and More Strength? | Tiger Fitness

Sometimes, inflammation causing lower back pain can occur after a deep tissue massage. This is not a normal, expected result of massage therapy. The reasons for this vary depending on the area of treatment and the reason you used massage treatment. Commonly, it is the result of aggravated injury from a poorly performed massage where too much pressure is applied. Its a good idea to speak with a doctor about your injury before getting a massage.

In some cases, there is a possibility that a deep tissue massage has caused a new injury. Most reported cases of this are in areas of the back and neck. It is likely a muscle injury, but also may indicate nerve damage.

Prolonged lower back pain is not a normal effect of massage. It is a sign that your massage therapist went too deeply and too quickly into your muscles and surrounding tissue.

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Headaches From Neck Massage

Is it possible to get headaches from a neck massage? Yes it can happen especially if the therapist isnt careful and youre already stressed to begin with. Since headaches can occur for any number of reasons, make sure that it did come from the massage therapy session and has not been bothering you for a while now.

How Can I Avoid Pain From Massage

When getting a massage, always make sure your therapist is a highly trained professional. Only make an appointment with a licensed massage therapist. Before you begin, talk about what you hope to gain from massage therapy, the amount of pressure you want to feel, your previous experience with massage, and any pre-existing conditions.

If you have an injury, be sure and let your massage therapist know before you begin. Always give them the exact location and condition of your injury. The more they know about your body, the better equipped they are to give you the best results. You may want to do a little research and find a massage therapist who specializes in the area or type of your injury to give your treatment.

During your treatment, keep communication open with your therapist during your treatment. Tell them if you are in too much pain or uncomfortable and ease off.

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Use Essential Oils To Relax Soreness

Your body may be feeling active, and having a deep tissue massage may enhance your bodys response. To prevent yourself from feeling sorer after deep tissue massage, use essential oils. Apply essential oils on the area of inflammation. Lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus are good home remedy oils you can use that are available from the local grocery.

So Lets See What Should Be Done After The Massage To Avoid Side Effects:

Top 10 Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects
  • Just Remain in Your Position for Some Time: Give your mind and body time to absorb its condition. When you choose to get up, make sure you do so very gently and carefully as your muscles have just opened up. Theyre a bit tender right now, so if you give a jerk, they might just start aching.
  • Drink Lots and Lots of Water: Usually, you will feel a bit thirsty. Even if you dont it is a must. When the massage takes place, knots are broken which releases the toxins trapped within. These toxins are flushed out by drinking water. Moreover, heat generated in the body can cause inflammation, which can be prevented just by a glass of water!
  • Have a Bath: Your body needs water internally and externally to remain hydrated. A bath with added Epsom salts or essential oils can really enhance the relaxation. You can avoid any soreness that might take place after so much work has been done on your muscles.
  • Get a Snack: You might even feel hungry just after massage. Dont get a very heavy meal or anything junk. Intake of vitamins and minerals will surely restore nutrients in the body.
  • Just Take a Chill Pill: Youve just got one of the best massages for stress relief and relaxation. Theres no point in getting one if your worries start all over again! Turn on some light music, lie down and just relax. Forget your worries and just feel the moment.

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Why Do You Feel Sore After Deep Tissue Massage

Athletes, sports enthusiasts, and people who are just tired after long hours of work can relax by looking for a licensed massage therapist for their muscle pain. However, the soreness of the muscles can disable a person to function the whole day after a massage. Muscle memory is a key to reduce feeling sore after deep tissue massage. Hence, many masseuse experts suggest having regular massages to avoid reverting to the experience of pain. On the other hand, an expert of deep tissue massage in Sydney advises that patients only take deep tissues once they only feel any muscle pain. It is not recommended to have daily or weekly massages without supervision from an orthopedic or a physical therapist.

What To Do After A Deep Tissue Massage

Why do you think you need to know what to do after a deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massage works scientifically, not by magic. Since it is strong and rather risky, you should know what to expect after a deep tissue massage.

After deep tissue massage, you might feel sick or pain in some of your muscles. Dont worry, these side effects can be avoided or treated. Youll just have to read below on what you should and what you shouldnt do after your massage.

If you know of the basic concept about massage, youll know regular massage benefits both body and mind.

Now when I say regular, it means at regular intervals, not every day!

Once youre done with it, you need to ensure you reap the maximum benefit out of it. Lets see whatyou should and what you shouldnt do after a massage.

Again, It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of all the body massage tools that are used for body massage.

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Why Does This Happen

Its normal to feel sore after a massage. The technique carries blood and nutrients to your muscles while eliminating toxins. After stimulating muscles that you may not usually use, you might experience delayed onset muscle soreness. This is a physical response to the inflammation as your body heals.

This can happen if your muscles arent accustomed to massage. In the same way that your body gets used to working out, your muscles need time to get used to being manipulated in certain ways.

You may experience inflammation and soreness in areas that need healing. If you have neck pain after a massage, for example, it can be a sign that you carry a lot of tension in that area. You may have limited flexibility and mobility in your neck due to working at a desk or bending forward repeatedly.

If you havent had a massage recently or if its your first one, its more likely that you will feel sore afterward. Your body will create muscle memory if you have frequent massages, so aim to be regular with your sessions when possible.

Usually, any post-massage soreness will subside within a day or so. In the meantime, there are several ways to relieve soreness.

Its A Trap An Example


One crafty critic tried to trap me in an apparent inconsistency:

Earlier this year you complained that there wasnt enough evidence for the claim that massage reduces inflammation. But now youre claiming with weak evidence that massage causes rhabdo. What gives?

Heres what gives: the researchers involved in that study made a big massage-boosting claim that was implausible to begin with in any number of ways, and which was poorly supported only by only a single indirect line of evidence. The claim was big, so the burden of proof was heavy, and yet all they had was some extraordinarily elaborate test tube evidence, full of problems, and far removed from any sound clinical implications. And yet they summed it up very confidently for the media and the journal very definitively as massage reduces inflammation.

Simply not the same thing.

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When Should You See A Doctor

If you experience neck or back pain following a massage or on an ongoing basis. You may have an untreated injury or an underlying condition if you are experiencing severe or persistent pain. To determine the best treatment, you should consult a doctor.

Talk to your doctor about massage options if you:

  • are pregnant

You May Be Dehydrated

Water dehydration is a risk factor that most people forget. Water is crucial for flushing out toxins in the body. Massage therapy also helps by decreasing the chances of cramps due to hot weather. Drinking water also increases electrolytes, which can combat having too much potassium and sodium in the body. Make sure that you drink enough water and hydrate yourself before getting a deep tissue massage appointment.

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Just Follow The Simple Steps To Understand How To Reduce Pain:

  • Once the massage is over, stay still and observe if youre feeling any pain.
  • Ask your masseuse to apply ice or cold pack in the area where youre feeling pain.
  • Once she says its done, gently get up and take some water.
  • If you think a bit of stretching can help, only then do so. Or else dont.
  • Go to the loo, youll mostly have the need to.
  • Fill the bath tub with warm or room temperature water. You may choose to add salts or scented oil to it.
  • Turn on some soft music if possible and get in.

In case youve been using a self-massage machine or tool, the chances of feeling pain might be lesser. But the above steps will still apply. In that case, keep a cold pack ready next to you as youll have to use it by yourself.

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