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Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Renpho Foot Massager With Heat Shiatsu Heated Electric Foot Massager Deep Kneading Feet Calf And Back Massager For Muscle Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis With Washable Mesh Fits All Size Feet

RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Deep Kneading Therapy, Air Compression REVIEW
Blood Flow Control, Pain Relief

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Renpho Foot Massager Machine With Heat And Remote Shiatsu Deep Kneading Delivers Relief For Tired Muscles And Plantar Fasciitis Fits Feet Up To Men Size 12

$ as of March 1, 2022 10:19 am


  • Valentines day gifts for him or her. Massage the feet, relax the whole body. RENPHO foot massager machine, equipped with rotation ball, rolling stick, heating, offers a deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage. Note this item is not for foot bath use. Come with remote control. Not for people who are highly sensitive to squeeze and kneading.
  • Like a professional foot massage. Gifts for women and men. The ergonomic design provides a comprehensive and comfortable massage. 3 kneading and 3 squeeze intensities can be adjusted to personal preference. Please use start from intensity level low and stop using it if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Simple, hygienic, healthy. Come with remote, the touch panel of this foot massager machine is also easy to control using your foot. Removable washable cloth in the foot chambers helps keep a clean and healthy environment.
  • Fits most people. With its enlarged foot rooms, RENPHO foot massager can accommodate most foot sizes, up to men size 12.
  • A great Christmas gift. Everybody needs a daily foot massage. Get it for yourself or your friend using the foot massager 30 minutes daily improves the health of the body.

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Renpho Foot Massager Machine With Heat And Remote Electric Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager

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  • Multi Level Massage Setting: Get Exactly The Kind Of Massage You Enjoy With Its 3 Adjustable Knead Intensity Settings And 3 Squeeze Intensity Settings. Please Use Start From Intensity Level Low And Stop Using It If You Feel Uncomfortable.
  • Professional Foot Massager Machine. With The Ergonomic Design, RenphoFoot Massager Provides A Comprehensive And Comfortable Massage To Every Customer. Equipped With Rotation Balls, Rolling Sticks, Heating, Panel And Remote Control, Heads To Massage More Areas Of Your Foot For An Upgraded And Convient Shiatsu Massage.
  • Inframed Heat Function And Auto Shut Off Featcure. RenphoFoot Massager WithHeat Up To 50, All You Have To Do Is Press The Heat Button. It Can Also Automatically Turn Off After The Set Working Time To Prevent Excessive Stimulation In One Area.
  • Hygienic And Simple To Use. Cutomers Can Control The Foot Massager By Touching The Pannel Or Just Using The Remote Control At Hand. With The Foot Cover Being Removable By A Zipper, The Shiatsu Foot Massager Is Very Easy And Convenient To Keep Clean All The Times.
  • Great Gift Idea. With Its Enlarged Foot Rooms, RenphoFoot Massager Can Accommodate Most Foot Sizes, Up To Men Size 14, Which Fits Most People. Ideal Gift For Your Loved Ones And Yourself.


Alternate Of Renpho Foot Massager Machine With Heat Shiatsu Deep Kneading

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine With Heat, Shiatsu Deep ...

Sotion Electric Foot Massager With Heat Function

The Sotion Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager comes with three different massage intensity levels and three-mode settings, allowing for a total of nine different combinations for the perfect massage for any need. Deep foot chambers for a toe to heel massage even offer ankle coverage for the most soothing, complete massage available. The separate heat function may be turned on or off as needed.This massager offers automatic mode, Shiatsu mode settings, scraping mode, air pressure mode, and heating mode. Actions include heel kneading, ankle air compression, instep air compression, and toe rolling for the most complete massage available in todays market.

While the sides of the feet are sometimes neglected in other foot massagers, the Sotion massager offers air compression pressure for the sides of the feet, and the ankles and toes, creating the most thorough and complete massage available without a massage therapist. Start with the lowest pressure setting and move up as needed.

The Sotion Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager is ideal for those suffering from chronic foot pain, or circulation issues. Its very beneficial for treating neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, tired or aching muscles, or joints.This model improves circulation to promote deep tissue healing and relieve chronic muscle and joint pain. Foot massage also relieves stress and promotes relaxation to aid with insomnia.



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Renpho Foot Massager Review

A foot massager is a great way to give those aching tired feet a pick me up after a long day. The Renpho foot massager helps improve circulation, reduces tension in your muscles and eases pain in your joints.

A regular foot massage combined with reflexology therapy helps promote so many physiological, as well as physical health problems.

It helps correct imbalances in the body by stimulating specific areas of your feet easing tension all over your body, especially your legs and lower back.

The Renpho foot massager ergonomic design provides a simple, safe and hygienic way to give yourself your own personal massage experience.

Pamper Your Feet Well

After a long day of being on your feet, walking home from work or even just squeezing your feet into a pair of uncomfortable shoes, a simple foot massage can make a world of difference. Foot massage will help reduce stress, painful from Plantar Fasciitis, boost circulation, and relieve blood stagnation from wearing ill-fitting shoes, dramatically relaxing your body.

This electric foot messager uses deep kneading action to simulate a true foot massage with soothing heat and full foot coverage. The large platform design is ideal for both larger and smaller feet. The built-in heat feature helps to stimulate blood flow to your heels, arches, soles, and toes. In addition, the 3D mesh cover is breathable to enhance your comfort.

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Is Any Recommended Use Duration

When youre first starting to receive foot massages, its best to take it slow. Introduce massage into your life in fifteen-minute increments. So, start off at the softest setting and massage your feet for 15 minutes. Once your feet adjust to regular massage, you can begin to lengthen the massage time. Most professionals suggest working your way up to a 30 minute to 60 minute foot massage for the best results.

Editors recommendations

Who The Product Is Best For

Renpho Foot Massager With Heath (Review & Unboxing Owner’s Feedback)

This massager is ideal for just about anyone- provided that their feet are a mens size 12 or smaller. Its particularly suited, however, to these types of people:

  • People with diabetes who experience a loss of sensation, pain, or balance issues as a result of PAD,
  • Athletes or people who exercise by running, playing tennis, basketball, etc and have sore feet,
  • People who work on their feet and come home feeling exhausted and with soreness,
  • And people looking for a low-impact, simple way to relax and unwind.

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Shiatsu With Heat And Squeeze Pressure

  • The RENPHO foot massager is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. It offers a deep-kneading Shiatsu massage, heated, squeeze pressure massage. It can relieve chronic foot discomforts from plantar fasciitis, and help with foot numbness.
  • Foot massage feels good not only because youâll feel your muscles relax, but also because the massage increases the release of hormones in your body that create relaxation and a sense of calm, and decreases the release of hormones that keep you tense and stressed.

Renpho Foot Massager Machine With Full Covered Heat And Remote Shiatsu Deep Kneading Multi

$ as of March 1, 2022 10:19 am


as of March 1, 2022 10:19 am


  • Upgrade version of asin b07f2h1nqr. Strong heat 360° on full foot relax the whole body. This RENPHO foot massager is upgraded with strong heating function with 3 modes: full, instep, and bottom. While other foot massager machine only heats foot bottom. Instep heating can be really fast for warm-up which could melt your discomforts away.
  • Like a professional foot massage. The ergonomic design provides a comprehensive and comfortable massage. Equipped with rotation ball, rolling stick, heating for instep and bottom, and squeeze offers a deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage. 3 kneading intensities and 3 squeeze pressure levels can be adjusted to personal preference. Each function can be controlled independently.
  • Bend-free control, hygienic. Equipped with remote control, the touch panel is also quite easy to control using your foot. Removable washable cloth in the foot chambers helps keep a clean and relaxing environment.
  • A great gift. This electric foot massager fits up to men size 12. Get it for yourself, your elders, or your friend who is suffering from foot discomforts. Using the foot massager 30 minutes daily helps to relax the body.
  • 12 Months worry-free. Renpho is well-known for the highest quality products and the best customer service. 100% Satisfying customer service and local U.S.-based customer service team to support your purchase.

as of March 1, 2022 10:19 am




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Heat Improves Blood Flow

People with diabetes will benefit from the way this massagers heat improves blood flow to the feet and toes. PAD reduces blood flow, which then causes a loss of sensation, pain, and even balance issues. Something as simple as a combination of massage and heat can help reduce or reverse those symptoms in people with diabetes! And, thats not just common sense- its been proven by scientific studies conducted in 2015 and 2017.

What Parts Of Your Feet Does This Massager Work On

RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine w/ Heat, Deep ...

It looks like your sticking your feet into the unit and it will massage all parts of your feet.

But not really!

This Rephno model will only massage the parts under your feet .

It will work on your arch, under your heel, under your toes, and forefoot but it will not massage the sides or the top of your feet.

Only when it comes to the air compression function youll feel that the massager squeezes all around the feet.

It will squeeze the sides of your feet, a tiny bit of the heel, and the top side of your feet as well.

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Renpho Foot Massager Machine With Heat Shiatsu Deep Kneading Multi

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  • Is This Foot Massager Good For Plantar Fasciitis

    Yes, it is. Thats one of the reasons I bought it. My wife was suffering from mild plantar fasciitis and it served very well to alleviate the pain and get rid of mild plantar fasciitis my wife was dealing with.

    Im not saying it will cure your plantar fasciitis but it can definitely help because one of the ways you can get rid of plantar fasciitis is by massaging the plantar fascia ligament and thats one of the things this foot massager does.

    Keep in mind weve used the massager for almost a year, so if it helps, its not going to be overnight!

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    How To Select A Good Footmassager

    Selecting a good foot massager is simple once youunderstand the different types of foot massagers available. First, determinewhether you want an electric, manual, or water based unit. Next, select amodel that meets your specific requirements. Finally, ensure that the productyou choose comes with a warranty.

    Most manufacturers offerwarranties ranging from 1 month to 2 years. Make sure that the manufacturercovers repairs or replacement parts during the warranty period. Warrantycoverage varies depending on the type of product purchased

    Can People With Neuropathy Use It

    Renpho Foot Massager With Upgraded Heat 2021 Review – Worth It?

    Many individuals who suffer from diabetes also experience neuropathy . Since this condition can be quite uncomfortable, foot massagers can offer the ultimate relief. Massages have even been shown to drop glucose levels, further assisting in the management of diabetes. Whether you regularly receive massages or invest in a foot massager, one of the most popular ways to relieve foot pain from neuropathy is through the stimulation of your muscles. Maximizing blood flow and circulation provides a release of endorphins to those who suffer with pain, making a foot massager a great weapon against neuropathy.

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    How Does Renpho Foot Massager Machine With Heat Shiatsu Deep Kneading Work

    With this RENPHO foot massager, not only is every single inch of your feet massaged, but the massage different parts of your feet receive is tailored for that part. For instance, your toes and heels receive a kneading/rolling massage while the tops of your feet are squeezed/compressed.

    This massager is designed to treat each part of your foot as a different area rather than applying the same massage technique or therapy to the entire foot. For instance, a foot bath is a great way to relax, but it doesnt specifically target each part of the foot and treats the entire foot as one whole. Being able to get targeted relief to every part of your foot makes this massager much more effective, comfortable, and versatile!

    The Takeaway From This Renpho Foot Massager Review

    In my opinion and personal experience, this foot massager is worth the money. At the end of the day is not that expensive anyway. I recommended it to anybody that wants a relaxing massage after a long day at work or after doing exercise.

    It helped my wife relieve the pain from plantar fasciitis and Im using it to help promote good blood circulation since I have bad veins.

    Talk to your podiatrist if you have any kind of feet condition before you start using it though.

    Personally, Id love to have more squeezing power but maybe thats just my case. Other than that, very good foot massager for the money.

    Get Yours

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    Who Is This Renpho Massager Good For

    • Active working-class
    • People doing sport
    • Senior citizens

    Id say this is good for anybody working on their feet for long hours which is pretty much everybody right? Im a construction professional myself so I use it at least twice per week.

    Its good to relax after a long day at work and it helps improve your blood circulation as well.

    So if you have poor blood circulation or bad veins its good to use this massager to help with your circulation.

    Renpho Foot Massager Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine With Heat And Remote Deep Kneading And Rolling Calf Massage Leg Massager With Handle

    RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat $63.99 Delivered ...

    Similar item to consider

    • Multi-Use Foot Massager Machine: With the brand-new design, this Renpho foot massager not only provide usual massage for your foot,but also provide an upgraded and convient shiatsu massage for your calves, heel s and your arms.
    • Customizable Setting For Each Function: This foot masager allows your to adjust each function with multiple choice-3 Heating area of your foot, 3 Kneading Intensityï¼4 Intensity and 3 Areas. All of these functions above can works independently.
    • Easy to Control and Adjust: The shiatsu foot massagers provides a magnetic remote control, which set you free from bending to touch contol while using the machine. With the adjustable support bar, you can place the foot massager to a proper position and easy to carry.
    • Foot Massager With Heat, Timing: The heating function of this foot massager was designed with 3 level setting, you can chose the heating area of your foot, your foot bottom ,your instep or the whole foot. The shiatsu foot massager will automatically shuts off after 15/20/30 mins of your setting.
    • Great Gift Choice: This electric foot massager fits up to men size 14 and the width up 17CM, is a perfect present for parents, families and friends as Birthday, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Gift.

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    Editor’s Review Of The Renpho Foot Massager Machine

    RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with LCD Display is the most powerful and safest foot massager in the market. It is a powerful massager that can stimulate pressure points in your feet to relieve muscle tension. We recommend this product to anyone who has foot or leg pain and needs a good massage. The item is really sturdy and durable. Setup is a breeze, and it’s easy to use. You can use it anywhere at home or office.

    • Massage the feet relax the whole body RENPHO foot
    • Foot massager for muscle tension relief relax your feet
    • Touch panel design
    • Easy to use and move around
    • Relax your feet every day with this foot massager at home or office

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