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Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller

Got Back Pain Tennis Elbow Or Plantar Fasciitis Give Recoup Fitness’s Cryosphere A Shot

Recoup: The Recoup Cryosphere 6-Hour Cold Ice Massage Roller Use For Injuries and Pain Management

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My favorite review of Recoup Fitnesss Cryosphere belongs to a man named Gary. For years, his wife suffered from episodes of intense leg cramps in in the middle of the night. Shed wake him up, screaming Get the ice pack! Gary would then head to the kitchen to dig around the freezer and try to find the coldest one, then hustle it back to the bedroom where the wife is hoping on one foot cussing and wanting to know what took so long. Its a bad sitcom bit, which led to a lot of bad sleep. But according to Gary, the Cryosphere has changed everything.

The Cryosphere has brought relief almost instantly. My wife has gotten the idea to take a few minutes before getting into bed to massage several areas on her leg with it as a prevention to the middle of the night attacks. We can now almost count on a full nights sleep every night. I also use it after Ive weed-whacked for a couple of hours. After about five minutes, the tension in my neck, shoulders and back usually melts away.

Portable Pain Relief Comes In Cold Packages

Do you or someone you love endure aches and pains that just wont go away? I often have to deal with cramps, sore feet, and neck pain. I tried the Recoup Cryosphere Cold Massager and discovered a whole new world of relief. Heres how it works.

I work out a lot and play sports as aspects of my physical fitness, so I often get muscle cramps and soreness that reduces my performance. The pain also makes it harder for me to enjoy myself. Time and rest can heal most of these problems, but I usually cant wait. A professional massage would take less time and feel wonderfulbut again, time are limited.

In the past, I would turn to ice packs or a massage gun as a remedy for the pain. Cryotherapy has a lot of benefits and is an amazing way to relieve pain and inflammation. The combination of massage and ice is a standard method used by professionals to promote healing. The ice pack and tennis ball, while no replacement for professional work, would help me recover enough to function. But the relief they offered me was limited. Ice packs are also hard to keep cold, unless you have a cooler or freezer nearby, all the time. I am on the go a lot, so I needed something better.

Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller


Brand: Recoup Fitness 6 Hours Cold Relief Ice Cup Myofascial Release- Great for Recovery Free Rolling Removable Ball Deep Tissue Massage Pain Relief Ice

Brand: Recoup Fitness

6 Hours Cold Relief Ice Cup Myofascial Release- Great for Recovery Free Rolling Removable Ball Deep Tissue Massage Pain Relief Ice Pack

According to the Manufacturer

  • Easy to carry: The mobility tool is portable and easy to grip for on-the-go musk
  • Useful for pre-and post-workout recovery: Use the massage rollerball
  • Gives relief from pain: The rollerball easily gets to your neck and parts
  • Improves circulation and mobility: Recoup Fitness cold roller ball release
  • Reduces inflammation: Our massage roller ball combines targeted massage


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Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Ball Review Cold Massage Roller

Taking care of your muscles is of top importance. But its often time-consuming to do it right, and we end up skimping on the TLC that muscles need. So when a product comes along that can do two types of muscle therapy into one, it is worth checking out!

That is why were highlighting one of our favorites the Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller. This small tool can take care of both your ice and foam rolling recovery. The convenience and design of this mobility tool are incredible and were here to answer all your questions about this product!

Find out why we love this ice massage roller in the following review.

The Cold Roller Ball Release

Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller

Ice packs, an ice cup, or traditional cold relief products do not last or they can be messy. They may melt all over you and your gym bag, and youre left needing a towel.

The massage roller ball is filled with a cooling gel. So no more filling with water! Just stick it in the freezer for 2 hours for 6 hours of dry cold relief.

With no need for water and a handle designed for easy free rolling, this is a no-mess, easy to use product. The handle is also designed with a rubber layer. That means there is a good grip for the cold massage roller. Recoup designed their cold massage roller for the coldest and most effective free rolling experience.

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Gofit Massage Polar Roller

The GoFit Massage Polar Roller Has a unique detachable handle that can be used to roll the cryotherapy ball on your muscles and joints to give you 360-degree massage in the right areas.

The handle is ergonomically designed for easy holding and can be kept aside while freezing the ball so that you can apply the cryotherapy on your pain points without getting your hand cold.

The inside of the ball is filled with an alcohol-based liquid that does not freeze over. This lets the ball remain cold for an extended period of time without it becoming too cold to hold.


  • Unique detachable handle for 360degree massage
  • The handle can be removed while freezing, thereby keeping your hands warm even when the massage ball is nearly frozen
  • The inside of the ball contains an alcohol-based liquid which does not freeze over


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Arctic Flex Cold Massage Ball Roller

The Arctic Flex Cold Massage Ball Roller Consists of a two ball set which is easy to to use because you can freeze one while keeping the other one in use and vice versa, thereby always having a ball ready for your massage.

Another great feature is the silicone base of the massage roller, which is made in a non-slip and contoured fashion so that you can easily roll the massage ball on any part of your body without fear of it slipping away.

The balls can be used for both cryotherapy and heat therapy and are filled with the water-based solution, which quickly heats and cools to give you the perfect massage.


  • Convenient to bol set so that you always have one ball ready for your massage
  • Contoured and non-slip silicone base
  • Two and a half-inch sized balls that fit easily in the palm of your hand
  • Can be used for both hot and cold therapy


  • The liquid inside the balls tends to freeze if kept in the refrigerator for more than the recommended 2 to 3 hours
  • Several users complained of shipping-related issues.

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What Are Shin Splints

Shin Splints is the common name for generalized lower leg muscle pain that occurs below the knee, usually along the bottom 1/3 of the tibia. They can be either on the inside or outside of the leg. Though theyre most often associated with running, the pain and annoyance of Shin Splints can affect basketball players, tennis players, dancers, even soldiers. In fact, anyone who changes their routine too quickly, adds too much, or doesnt warm up properly can develop them.

Shin splints are inflammation of muscles, tendons and bone tissue around the shin bone, or tibia. Another term for shin splints is medial tibial stress syndrome. A 2012 meta-analysis published in the journal Sports Medicine determined that this is the most common injury for runners.

Recoup Cold Massage Roller

Recoup: How To Use The Recoup Cryosphere Ice Massage Roller For Planter Fasciitis Foot Pain Relief

The Recoup Cold Massage Roller is our absolute favorite on this list, for the simple reason that you can freeze this ball for a mere 2 hours and get 6 hours of pain relief continuously without having to freeze it again.

The roller-ball is 3.14 inches in diameter, which is slightly bigger than a baseball. It has been explicitly designed in such a way so that it can be applied to larger muscle groups.

Its large size makes it easy to use it on your foot arch as well. Of course, one of the advantages of having a bigger size is that the ball is much easier to grip in your hand and can be applied comfortably to any pain area.

Ideally, the Roller Ball should be used in short 15 min increments with a layer of clothing in between when the ball is too cold.

The video below shows how to use Recoup Cold Massage Roller for lower back pain.


  • The large-sized ball can be applied to larger muscle groups and foot/arch area
  • Easier to grip

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Kori Cold Massage Roller Ball

Last, but certainly not the least on this lineup is the Kori Cold Massage Roller Ball. This product is jam-packed with many features. It has a detachable ball, which helps in cleaning the base.

The base has a built-in sink for draining away water and also has a sloped dent, which makes it very easy to carry and use when applying the device for a massage.

The massage ball also comes with its own carrying bag, which makes it comfortable to take it with you everywhere that you go, including the gym and your office.

This product can be used for both hot and cold therapy due to the jelly-like substance, which is included inside the ball. The device is capable of six hours of cold therapy when frozen for 2 to 3 hours.

It is shaped in the size of a baseball, Which makes it really easy to grip and use this cold massage roller.


  • Can be used for both hot and cold therapy
  • It has a detachable base which makes it easy to clean
  • The base is ergonomically designed with the sloped dent for holding it comfortably while massaging
  • It is almost the size of a baseball which makes it really easy to control and hold
  • Comes with its own carry bag
  • The cooling effect can last for up to 6 hours due to the jelly-like substance which is incorporated in the massage ball


  • One user complained that the ball does not hold still easily when using it at a single point
  • The cooling effect on this massager is not as strong as other massage balls in this lineup

Treatment For Shin Splints

The best way to manage pain and inflammation from shin splints is combining ice and massage. Icing contracts the blood vessels slowing down circulation, metabolic activity thus decreasing inflammation and pain. As the fascia rewarms, blood vessels open wider than before increasing the circulation and metabolic activity to quickly heal the injured area.

Shin Splint Massage Massage not only provides significant relief, it helps the shin heal faster. A massage relaxes the muscles that are overworked, decreases the pain from inflammation and helps increase circulation through the injured tissues. When left alone, shin splints can cause a stress fracture. Massage therapy can shorten the healing time significantly.

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Rocktape Recoup Cryosphere 2in1 Massage Roller Ball Pain Relief


Rocktape Recoup Cryosphere 2in1 Massage Roller Ball Pain Relief

The Recoup Cryosphere is a 2 in 1 massage roller ball. Two hours in the freezer equals 6 hours of cold therapy and can be used anywhere on the body.

The Cryospheere can be used to help treat shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tight IT bands, quads, hamstrings, neck pain, carpal tunnel and back pain.

Enjoy hands-free rolling with the rolling ball which is 8cm in diameter.


Now you can recover on the road. The Cold Roller is filled with 3.4 oz of cooling gel for safe travel.

The ice and massage capabilities replaces need for ice cups.

Place your Cold Roller in the freezer for 2 hours and enjoy up to 6 hours of cold massage recovery.

Recover your muscles faster after workouts for less injuries and better performance.

Freeze your Cold Massage Ball repeatedly for years of cold relief.

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Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller

Recoup Cryosphere

A well-rounded way to relieve your post-workout soreness. This massage roller ball combines foam rolling and icing therapy into a single sphere, so you can soothe your sore muscles at home. Leave it in the freezerthe gel interior stays cold up to six hoursso you can relax any ache, inflammation, or spasm one roll at a time.

  • Made in San Francisco, California
  • Before use, remove ball from base and place in the freezer for two hours or more
  • Stays cold up to six hours
  • Uniquely fitted handle keeps hands away from direct contact with cold roller
  • Cold roller can be used inside grip or for free-rolling
  • Great for getting into hard to reach muscle groups

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About Myofascial Release & Massage Therapy

Myofascial Release, or MFR, is a form of therapy that is perfect for those seeking to regain flexibility or recover from an injury. It also just feels amazing.

Many turn to multiple foam rollers or roller balls for the relief they need. However, this one free-rolling Recoup Fitness roller ball allows for just the targeted massage you need all in one. Easily roll the massage ball on your muscles for a trigger point myofascial release massage to relieve muscle soreness.

Massage is often overlooked when recovering from exercise or injury, but it can go a long way in caring for your body and promoting physical longevity. Dont skip this crucial step in your post-workout routine and send us your thanks later!

Cryotherapy, plus trigger points myofascial release therapy, equals the Recoup Cryosphere. This product has eliminated the need for ice cups and foam rollers. Its design combines these two recovery methods into one handy ice massage roller!

Now you know a bit about the different benefits of this product, lets get into the review.

Recoup Cryosphere Massager Review

If youve ever been injured or suffering from soreness, youve probably been told to put some ice on it. Sure, applying ice can be helpful, but you know how much of a hassle it can be. Holding the unwieldy ice pack or worse, Ziploc bag of ice. Trying to not freeze your hands. Keeping a towel on stand-by because you know the condensation is dripping everywhere.

All you really want, is to soothe your aches and pains without a lot of fuss. Am I right? If thats the case, the Recoup Cryosphere is the answer.

Lets get down to it. What is this massager and why do we recommend it?

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Improved Wellness With The Recoup Fitness Cryosphere

Recoup: How To Use The Recoup Cryosphere Ice Massage Roller For Tendonitis Rehab

When you plan to use this cold massage roller, just leave it in the freezer overnight. it stays cold for six hours, so its a reliable source of relief that you can take with you wherever you go.

Before you start your next workout, try the Cryosphere for a few minutes. You may also find that it helps you to avoid the pain that gets in the way of your results. After all, the best way to relieve pain is to not experience it in the first place.

You may also keep your cryosphere on hand for first-aid during workouts and sports. If you run into a trigger point or other muscle-related pain, then apply the cold massage to see if it helps. The roller soothes away pain and cramps while lowering inflammation. Therefore, you can keep yourself at peak performance.

Can the Recoup Cryosphere help you? The likely answer is yes. Give it a try and see if you get the same great results that I did.

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Healer Ice Muscle Fitness Roller

The Healer Ice Muscle Fitness Roller Is another great choice in this lineup. It is made up of durable and strong material and is filled with the gel-like substance, which provides long term cooling and does not freeze over easily.

The product has an ergonomic design and is comfortable to hold and applied to any part of your body. It is of the perfect size to be held in your fist. The ball was only 170 grams and is quite easy on the arm while using.

The silica base is contoured and therefore has a good grip, making sure that this massager does not slip away while applying it to your pain points.

The manufacture of this device is offering a full replacement guarantee in case you are unsatisfied with the product.


  • Contoured base made of ABS for a stronger grip


  • One user complained that the device pulls out hair while rolling the ball on your arms and legs
  • The cooling effect is not as good as cold massage roller balls

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