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Pipeless Pedicure Chair With Massage

Which Chair Will Fit In Your Pedicure Salon

Pipeless Pedicure Chair from Belava

It’s a boring and practical topic to consider, but also one of the most important. The last thing you want to do is drop money on a set of chairs only to get them in your space and realize they’re too big for your salon.

Make sure you’re double-checking your measurements when shopping around. Use masking or painter’s tape on the floor of your salon to block out the size of the chairs so you can see how far from the wall they’ll stick out. You want to ensure there is plenty of walking space for your employees and clients to avoid feeling too crowded.

Your space also determines whether you could benefit from module pedicure stations that fit together in one long, sleek-looking bench, or if all you can fit are portable, rolling units to bring out as needed.

What Are Plumbed Pedicure Units

These are the traditional units that need to be installed by a professional plumber. The pro of this type of chair is that the water is as easy to fill and drain as a sink.

The downside is that you do need a professional to install it which can get pricey if you don’t have existing hook-ups where you plan to put your stations. They can also be louder if your chair needs a pump to move water instead of using gravity, like if your pipes run uphill.

Pedicure Chair And Bowl

The chemically resistant fiberglass tublooks clear and appealing and has a tubeless magnetic jet system for completerelaxation.

The tub has great massage actions thatmatch the changing LED color lights.It cleans easy and the pull-out hand sprayer will make your cleaning easier.

It requires no additional plumbing or installation.

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What’s The Difference Between Piped

Piped-in pedicure stations refers to the whirlpool action of the foot spa itself. In piped-in models, the whirlpool is created by jets of forced water just like in a Jacuzzi. These jets require pipes that move water from inside the bowl to outside of the bowl and then back in.

This results in clean foot spa water moving through pipes that have carried the used and possibly bacteria-carrying, water from the clients before and returning the water the bowl not so clean anymore.

This can lead to serious bacterial and fungal outbreaks. According to a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, the biggest offenders are mycobacteria. California’s Department of Consumer Affairs traced an outbreak of boils to one spa with whirlpool pedicure stations. In this California outbreak, the bacteria were likely introduced through tap water and the improperly cleaned tubs allowed the bacteria to multiply to dangerous levels.

These pipes are notoriously difficult to clean and most salons in the industry are upgrading pipeless models.

Pipeless pedicure stations do away with the jetted water and instead contain all the water within the bowl. The massaging water action is accomplished by one or more propellers set inside the basin, but don’t worry, they’re encased so no toes are in danger.

What Are The Best Pedicure Chairs On The Market

Lenox M Pedicure Spa Chair Massage J& A Pipeless Spas

J& A USA pedicure chairs have been named among the top pedicure chairs in the United States. The Lenox LX is the winner of the American Spa Professionals Choice Award two years in a row, for 2017 and 2018. The entire Lenox line of pedicure chairs have been recognized worldwide for their modern design, contemporary style, and luxurious comfort.

These chairs are some of the most popular best sellers, chosen because they represent the best design and manufacturing processes in the industry. The brand of chair you choose for your salon makes a big difference in terms of quality, functionality, longevity, and the reputation of your salon or spa. Dont accept anything less than the best. The success of your business could depend on it.

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Ja Usa Pedicure Chairs

Here at J& A USA Pedicure Chairs Inc. we have always paid special some might say obsessive attention to pedicure chairs, seeing them not merely as furniture but as a symbol or reflection of the salon in which they reside. This is the inspiration for every high quality pedicure chair that bears the J& A USA name. Our chairs have been chosen for use in four and five diamond hotels and resorts and countless cruise lines. The Lenox line in particular stands out as a premiere example of the current trends that keep todays salons relevant and ahead of the curve with features such as pipe-less and liner friendly jets, Hard Roc durable glass bowls, adjustable foot rests, and full Shiatsu massage mechanisms.

We hope the following pages will expand your knowledge of pedicure chairs:

Lotus Ii Shiatsulogic Lx Pedicure Chair

For an elegant and unique look its main attraction is the LED lights flowing across the sides on the base and the semitransparent glass bowl. This chair comes with modern features such as sanitary pipe-less jets from Luraco and a fully adjustable Shiatsu massage.

One special feature that separates Lotus II from other Shiatsulogic Massage Pedicure Spas is that it as the ability to be upgraded with Magnetic Jet Head Wet-end with LED light which can help create a luxury lighting atmosphere in your salon.


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Shop Pedicure Chairs Online In Australia

We also stock a wide range of quality salon stool / chairs, massage chairs, beauty beds / massage table, nail tables, pedicure trolley, and more salon furniture from top leading manufacturers. Providing the best manicure & pedicure treatment for your clients. Enjoy FREE shipping for orders over $150* and fast-delivery across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and more! Afterpay Available. Enquire today!

Its The Best Investment

The Laguna Pedicure Spa Chair

Although quality pedicure chairs can be expensive, they are worth the investment. Salon chairs that are made of quality material minimize maintenance costs.

Low-quality chairs are hard to maintain and require frequent repairs. In addition, they do not have a long warranty.

This means, if a chair is damaged, you will use your money torepair it, or the worst case, replace it.

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Top Quality Spa Pedicure Chairs

In the market for pedicure furniture equipment? Diamond Nail Supplies stocks the best salon essentials at affordable prices for any budget and taste. Pedicure Chairs are an essential equipment and furniture that will surely have your clients feeling cozy and relaxed will getting treatment.

With a luxurious variety of colour, styles and sizes, youll be able to find a pedicure chair to suit all your needs and wants to coordinate with your salon interior, decor, equipment, furniture, or brand. Clients will surely be impressed with the comfortable and well-designed seat fitted with padded headrest, cutting edge tech, and first-class cushioning, built for pleasure that will last. These plumbing pedicure chairs all come with a massage feature. These pedicure massage chairs can either come with the cord or inbuilt for those that want that little bit extra for their customers, maximising comfort. They can easily control the speed and intensity for a personalised experience to suit their preference. Also, the premium Luraco autofill system can also be added in. Any further enquiries, don’t hesitate to ask.

These spa chairs are also made with the professionals in mind, as some are fitted with a drainage or basin as well as an adjustable fold-outs and footrest to elevate the comfort of both parties. We want to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience when they visit your salon.

Florence Shiatsulogic Lx Pedicure Chair

Our FLORENCE Shiatsulogic LX Pedicure Chair is another crowd favorites. Why is that? You might may ask. Well because, it features has the full-function Shiatsulogic capabilities and a high-end beautiful authentic glass bowl. In its latest upgraded design, it includes features like a diamond tufted chair cushion for a luxury look. While also having manicure trays, cup holders, phone holder, USB port, and a purse hook as additional accessories. You can choose from five assorted leather cushion cover sets for your top chair, including Black, Deep Red, Coffee, Storm Grey, and Cappuccino. The FLORENCE includes four tub options, each of which will make a stunning statement for any upscale nail salon or the everyday, local nail salon. Many customers will agree that FLORENCE best fits with a high-end theme because of its shining authentic glass bowl and luxurious massage chair functionalities.


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What Else Can You Do To Prevent Pedicure Infections

Being identified as an infection vector is not only bad for all the usual reasons–it’s bad press. Other than always following the state and manufacturers’ guidelines on cleaning, the best thing you can do is be sure the rest of your salon is also clean to prevent contamination. Proper autoclave sterilizers are needed to keep tools clean and nail dust extractors remove floating nail dust which could contain fungal particles.

Choosing Between Plumbing And No Plumbing Pedicure Chair

Empress LX Pipeless Pedicure Spa Chair Massage J& A Spas

Before you buy any spa equipment, make sure you know exactly what to expect. This applies too when buying plumbing or a portable system.

A no-plumbing pedicure chair is astationary unit. With this, a nail technician does not have to fill and removewater from the tub.

If you want to save space, buy aportable pedicure chair. You can keep it anywhere in your salon and you dont haveto worry about plumbing.

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J& a Empress Se Pedicure Spa Chair

Looking for a good sturdy and durable pedicure chair with one of our top brands? This is the right choice for you! The Empress SE Pedicure Chair J& A was built to impress with its beautiful design resin bowl, powerful pipe-less Infiniti jets, a full shiatsu massage chair, footrest adjustments, and a base wrapped LED lightening for the finish touches.


Does My Pedicure Chair Need A Discharge Pump

The rule of thumb is if you need to push the water out above 3 feet then you need a discharge pump. Also, if youre in the basement you will need a discharge pump.Considering the purpose the pump serves, answering this question is essential before you purchase the right pedicure chair for your salon. Without the proper drainage apparatus in place, you could be facing major challenges from health and safety inspectors.

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Pipeless Pedicure Massage Chair

It has a pipeless whirlpool system and a pullout sprayer that creates a relaxing pedicure experience for you and your clients.

Some nail salons have piped chairs and are not the best for your nail salon. The water does not always flow completely out of the pipes, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Buy a pipeless pedicure massage chair like this one to guarantee your customers maximum hygiene.

They are also quieter than a pipe chair which has pumps and blowers that can make noise. Choose instead to offer your customers a quieter experience.

Independence Portable Pedicure Chair

Calvin Pedicure Chair, No Plumbing Pedicure Spa

This is perfect for convenience and limited space because it is a lot smaller and still gets the job done. Great for beginners or at home salons to start with or for salons who dont have much space and need something more on the smaller end. It is equipped with the world-renowned Footsie Bath which is beneficial for salons who dont feel like dealing with all the plumbing requirements. It comes fully accommodated with adjustable headrest, reclining and adjustable footrest. It also comes with a matching stool.

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What Is A Discharge Pump

This is the pump that you depend on to move dirty water from the footspa to a drain so you can discard it properly and prep the chair for your next client. This drain can be located just about anywhere you wish, be it in the wall behind your chair or somewhere across the salon.

The pump does all the work of moving the water from the chair to the drain. So if you do not have a floor drain, a discharge pump is mandatory. A spa or salon with drains installed will usually have them placed next to each pedicure chair in the establishment, at which point gravity moves the dirty water from the footspa into the drain.

But lets say you cant install those drains in the floor, you will need to have them placed in the wall behind each of your chairs instead. Since water can only flow downward, the water has no place to go when the drain is in the wall. So the discharge pump is there to move the water from the chair into the drain.

If you dont have the floor drain in place and you dont get the discharge pump, its going to be very difficult to move the dirty water from the footspa to the drain. In fact, it may not drain at all or it could drain very slowly.

Should You Invest In Pipeless Pedicure Chairs

To sum up, here are the many benefits you can enjoy by choosing pipeless pedicure chairs for your salon.

  • They are more sanitary. You not only ensure the safety of your clients, you avoid problems that can be costly.
  • They will help you make more money. Since these chairs take less time to sanitize and clean, you can handle more clients in a day and increase your earnings.
  • They cost less money. Although you will spend more money upfront, you spend less setting up the chair and cleaning it afterwards, since time is money.
  • They have more advanced features. You can offer your clients a wider range of services compared with the traditional pedicure chairs.
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    Pedicure Chairs That Will Upgrade Your Salon For 2022

    Choosing the right pedicure chair these days can be a tough decision especially with all the different options, so how do you know which pedicure chair is best for you?

    Easy, let the experts help you choose!

    With more than 40 years of experience helping salon owners and professionals select the best, high-quality products for their businesses, our understanding of what features make products bestsellers and why people like them is incomparable. In this article we will share some of our knowledge, experience, and tips, while also mentioning our favorite top 10 pedicure chairs for sale.

    Think of pedicure chairs as a beautiful piece of art that captures the eyes of people who view them as a masterpiece of art. Apart from the look aspect it is also a good investment. When you get the right durable, and high quality pedicure chair, it can be a great source of revenue for nail salons of all sizes.

    Continuum Simplicity Se Pedicure Chair

    Pipeless Pedicure chair Wholesale of nail salon spa massage chair ...

    For a lasting quality and durability, from another well-known brand in the industry, who gained their name from their unique design of the curved arches and genuine cherry wood, the Continuum Simplicity SE Pedicure Spa is another portable built to last. It is so simple to use that you just need to plug it in and start giving pedicures. It is truly one of our most simple, functional, and eco- friendly portable spas. This pedicure spa also does not need plumbing.

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    Pedicure Massage Chairs For Sale Warranty

    A warranty can tell you a lot about the quality and durability of the hairdressing chairs. If there is a warranty, it indicates the chairs are durable and are made of high-quality materials.

    Buy salon equipment that has at least a 1-year warranty. Along with the warranty, buy from a company that has a dedicated customer service team at your side.

    Diva Deluxe Pedicure Chair

    Our high-end pedicure spa The DIVA Deluxe Pedicure Chair is a true salon showstopper. The Diva massage chair has extended the back-massage functions further to arm massage. Another key feature of this high-quality massage pedicure chair is that the seat is controllable with buttons on the tub. This considerate feature allows the pedicure technician to adjust the seat recline degree easily and move the top chair forward or backward to the best position without standing up a perfect combination of functionality and technician comfort!


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    The Differences Between Piped

    There are two types of salon pedicure chairs used in the nail salon world. As a salon owner, knowing the difference between piped-in and pipeless pedicure chairs is essential, as both have various advantages you could utilize in your salon as well as and disadvantages to note.

    The Weight Limit Must Always Be Observed For A Number Of Reasons:

    Pipeless Pedicure Chair -J& A Episode LX Pedicure Chair Demo At iSpa Convention


    If someone exceeding the weight limit of the pedicure chair sits down inside of it, that could be putting undue stress and strain on the chair, especially along the frame. That could significantly damage the product. This damage could be very expensive to repair and you may be left facing a replacement cost of your pedicure chair.


    If the individual seated in the chair is over the suggested weight limit, the chair could collapse can injure the client. This could occur when the overweight client is seated in the chair or when another clients sits inside of it after the overweight client has left. This is due to the damage caused to the frame, which would no longer be stable.


    Many pedicure chair manufacturers will choose not to honor the warranty provided with the chair should you choose to allow clients who are over the recommended weight limit to sit inside the product. Always be cognizant of the weight limit recommendations that come with your J& A USA pedicure chair to avoid all of these concerns.

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