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Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses

How To Become A Board

Ariana Institute’s Introduction to Chair Massage CE Course

Besides completing any state requirements for licensure, to become a board-certified massage therapist you must meet a few additional requirements. Unlike the state requirements, however, these steps are uniform throughout the US.

Steps to becoming board-certified:

  • Graduate from an NCBTMB-Assigned School
  • Pass the Board Certification Exam
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Obtain massage therapy state license
  • Apply for Board Certification
  • Agree to uphold NCBTMBs Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

Because of these extra steps, such as a criminal background check and the code of ethics, a board-certified massage therapist is better vetted than one that is simply licensed. Board certification is a great option for massage therapists who live in a state without massage therapy regulation, or for LMTs who want to set themselves apart and advance their practice.

Besides the extra credentials, being a BCTMB means joining a community of other massage therapy professionals across the nation. Youll have access to great resources and discounts, such as a free account and swipe reader from Square, a free website on which to advertise your practice, and free access to CEbroker to track and report your CEs.

How To Renew Your Board

The NCBTMB requires that board-certified massage therapists renew their certification periodically by taking continuing education courses. Unlike the process for license renewal, however, these steps are uniform regardless of your state:

  • Complete 24 CEs within a two-year period
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Apply for renewal
  • Agree to NCBTMBs Standards and Code of Ethics

How To Establish A Ce Broker Account

Please follow these simple step-by-step instructions to establish your account:

Go to and click “Account Options.”

Select “Georgia” for this state and register for the account of your choosing. You can register for the No Cost, Basic Limited Access Account with just your license number. The Basic Account will allow you to report continuing education activities, see your current Compliance Status, and search for courses. You may opt to use CE Broker’s paid Concierge and Professional Account services, but those services are voluntary and not required by this Board.

Once you have created your account and logged into the system, click “Report CE” and locate the option that is most applicable to what you are recording. You will need to answer a few questions and then attach the documentation that the Board requires. If you are using the mobile application on your phone to submit your documentation into the system, you may take a picture of your documentation and upload it via your phone.


To avoid any delays or potential disciplinary action based on noncompliance with the requirements, do not wait until the last minute to register for your account and/or become familiar with the new continuing education requirements outlined in Board Rule 345-4-.02.

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Esther Nail: Lmt Mti Founder

Esther attended massage therapy school in 1989, and by 1990 had gone on to work for a group of doctors, providing advanced massage techniques for pain management at St. Rose Hospital. In 1991, she opened her first massage therapy clinic, Myotherapy Concept in Alamo Heights. Two years later she opened Advanced Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Clinic, where she worked mostly with doctors referrals from places like Texas Spinal Clinic, working with patients pre/post-surgery for pain management. One year later Esther started a wellness program . In 1994 she earned her massage therapy instructors license and opened Academy For Massage Therapy Training. AMTT is not only the single largest massage school in the state but also is known as having the most innovative massage instructional program. Our instruction includes programs such as: SPA Certification , WorkSmart, ISTT , C-ME , Essential Touch , as well as Doula Certification Classes.

Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Robertson Reader

HACC offers a variety of classes for professionals so they may learn new skills, earn continuing education units and maintain their licenses.

ACT 31 Mandated Training

This two-hour course, which meets Act 31 requirements for license renewals, provides a basic overview of the history of child protection in America, including the key points of the Child Protective Services System.

Birthing Doula

Birthing doulas are professionals trained in childbirth who provide emotional, physical and educational support to a person who is expecting, is experiencing labor or has recently given birth. Their purpose is to help individuals have a safe, memorable and empowering birthing experience.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

The Senator John J. Shumaker Public Safety Center is an authorized American Heart Association training center. We provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training. Please visit this webpage to learn about CPR training at HACC.

For more information:

End-of-Life Specialist

This 30-hour course prepares participants to act as end-of-life caregivers for individuals who are terminally ill or dying, as well supporting their caregivers, all while staying within the system of operation of their profession. Participants will learn the role of the palliative caregiver and the hospice philosophy of care and support.

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Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 12 Ce Hrs

Presented in-person -$350 *Save your spot with $175 non-refundable deposit

Structural Bodywork for the Ribcage, shoulder girdle and breath will provide you with simple and practical techniques to better assess and treat issues of the upper extremity and thorax. More importantly though, this workshop will provide you with a basis for understanding how we move at a fundamental level and how good bodywork and movement therapies can help restore our clients adaptability, awareness and options for good movement.

Largest Selection Of Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses

Choose from the largest massage therapy continuing education course library on the web with 145+ home study massage CEU courses. The Institute is approved by the NCBTMB as a CE Approved Provider. Many of our CE courses are also accepted by ABMP, AMTA, and most state boards. All courses come with our 90-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Youre guaranteed to find massage therapy courses that will expand your skills, meet your needs, and pique your interests.

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Ways To Access Courses:

In this course you will learn:

  • The three contemporary massage and bodywork systems that are popular within the industry.
  • The basic history and physiological basis of myofascial massage.
  • The primary guidelines, contraindications, and also basic myofascial techniques used.

Enroll Now

Here you will learn:

  • The basic history and physiological basis of trigger point therapy
  • How to locate trigger points, and also how they can radiate pain in predictable patterns
  • The primary deactivation techniques used to treat trigger points

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You will learn:

  • To define ethics and professionalism within the context of the bodywork and massage therapy professions
  • To identify some things that are often misconstrued to be the same as professional ethics
  • How to explain the relationship between ethics and professionalism

You will learn:

  • To identify common things that present challenges to ethical behavior
  • The types of justifications and rationalizations people use to defend unethical behavior
  • The components of the ethical problem solving model and the importance of using a standard approach

You will learn:

You will learn:

  • The basic history and energetic basis of reflexology
  • Zone therapy and the guidelines in giving reflexology sessions. This also includes positioning the receiver and body mechanic considerations for the therapist
  • The primary foot reflexology techniques

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In this course you will learn:

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You will learn:

You will learn:

You will learn:

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Online Continuing Education For Massage Therapists That Caters To Your Interests Budget & Time

Jumozy Massage Continuing Education Courses Are Approved by the NCBTMB, AMTA, and COA…

MASSAGE Magazine is now able to provide free online continuing education through our unique partnership with one of the best providers of massage CE todayPanda Massage CEU. These online massage therapy continuing education courses cover dozens of the most relevant topics for the modern massage therapist.

Find interesting, interactive, and accessible online coursework to earn your state boards required CEUs faster and easier than ever. Youll find a host of online courses that engage you throughout the process so you retain more information and can use more of what you learn in your own practice.

Alternatively, individual continuing education courses may be purchased through Panda Massage CEU for $7 to $8.50 per credit hour.

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Continuing Education Requirements For Massage Therapists

Whether youre licensed or board-certified, theres a good chance you need to complete some CEs every now and then.

Continuing education courses serve to help massage therapists brush up on skills, learn something new, and review policies pertaining to ethics, privacy, and good business practice.

You can find massage therapy continuing education courses on all kinds of topics: massage techniques, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, therapy history, population studies, ethics, self-care, and even taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Are your continuing education courses for massage therapists taught in person?

Nope, these courses are in an online format that contain rich narration, videos, and other material to help get you through advanced material with ease. The curriculum has been developed by leading massage educators to be fun and engaging so that youre not just left clicking through a bunch of slides. These courses help you to learn and grow as a massage professional. Whether thats expanding your knowledge in sports massage or hydrotherapy, youll find extremely relevant coursework that fits right in with your present practice.

How much are MASSAGE Magazines continuing education courses by themselves?

When you purchase massage insurance through Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, youll get free and unlimited access to Panda Massage CEU classes included as a member benefit. That means for just $169 per year, youll have complete coverage and exclusive access to online continuing education. You can also elect to get a benefits-only plan which excludes insurance but includes member benefits like the continuing education courses. A benefits only plan is just $49 each year.

What continuing education classes come with the catalog?

Are your massage CEUs approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork?

What does NCBTMB approved online continuing education mean?

How much does an online massage CEU cost?

What is the format for NCBTMB approved online continuing education?

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Ce Course Requirements For State License Renewal

Part of your board certification renewal includes renewing your state license, and some states are pickier than the NCBTMB on what types of courses will count. Other states make no specifications at all.

For example, to renew a license in Tennessee, you must complete 24 hours of CEs every two years. Of those 24 hours, two must be for courses in Tennessee law and regulation, and two more must be on massage business practice such as ethics and substance abuse.

About Our Online Massage Ce Courses

Masseuse (Massage Therapy) Continuing Education
  • Unlimited Massage CE Package Includes Comprehensive Professional & General Massage Liability Insurance
  • CEs are From an NCBTMB-Approved Provider
  • Unique Online Education in Both Video and Text Courses
  • Over 15 Massage CEU Courses to Choose From
  • Instant Proof of CE Completion After Passing Exam

MASSAGE Magazines online offering allows you to achieve the NCBTMB-approved courses that let you meet your state boards continuing education requirements. Far from boring clinical coursework, the entire curriculum is based on helping you get the most out of what youre learning.

Youll discover new and interesting courses on topics like massage therapy for PTSD, safety and sanitation in massage, business ethics, kinesiology, medical errors, and so much more. Each course is set up to be entirely self-paced so that you can start and stop a module and pick it right back up again whenever you need to. These online courses make it easy to progress through the variety of learning modules, practice questions, videos, and other materials. The professional narration makes it much easier to follow along as you retain more of what youre learning.

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus makes it easy to enjoy great coverage and unlimited access to these CE classes at the same time. Youll have a full year of one of the most comprehensive insurance plans for massage professionals today along with a host of benefits like free Panda Massage CEUs.

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Massage Therapy Continuing Education Hours: 6 Ce Hrs

Presented In-Person -$150

ZERO BALANCING has been called the most revolutionary development in bodywork today.

Introduction to Zero Balancing will give participants a basic working knowledge of Zero Balancing theory, some key techniques they can immediately integrate into their work with clients, and direct experiences of giving and receiving Zero Balancing in class supervised by the instructor. There is no other form of bodywork quite like Zero Balancing. Zero Balancing works with the deepest layers of connective tissue in the body. Whereas Swedish and deep tissue focus primarily on muscles, ZB uniquely focuses on the skeletal system and the fascia associated with it.

1 Class over 2 Weekends!

Option : Purchase The Ethics Package

When you purchase the Ethics Package, you get three high-quality online home study courses worth 12 hours of NCBTMB-approved ethics CE, ongoing access to Boundaries: The Foundation of Ethical Massage Practice, and ongoing access to all three courses. Because the courses in the Ethics Package never expire, you can complete them in the CE reporting years that you choose. The Ethics Package is worth $150.00 but available now for the special introductory price of $89.99. The Ethics Package includes:

This package, regularly priced at $150 is available now for this special introductory price of $89.99. Please note this offer is expiring soon.

Once you purchase this package, the three courses are added to the My Products area. They will be waiting for you when you go to and log in with your email and password.

Use the CE courses in the Ethics Package to fulfill your general CE requirements or your ethics-specific CE requirements. When you purchase the package, youll know that your ethics CE requirement is handled for up to 6 years . Complete each course in the year you need the CE so that your certificate of completion is accurate for reporting purposes. Note that most states that require ethics-specific CE ask for 4 hours annually or biannually making the courses in the CE package a perfect fit.

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Ceu Certification Organizations For Massage Therapists

While weve acknowledged that Continuing Education Units are important for massage therapists, were still missing an important part of the overall picture. If a professional were to take just some course offered online or in-person, would it actually count towards their annual requirements? And what exactly are those requirements? The answer is simple. In the United States, in order to ensure that the massage CEU course you take will actually count towards your annual requirement of CEUs, youll want to make sure that your course is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork . The NCBTMB offers a great F.A.Q. about their continuing education providers. While its incredibly comprehensive, its also a bit lengthy: so, well summarize all of the important bits for you here . Meanwhile, if youd like to learn more about the NCBTMB, its history, and why its important for practitioners in the United States, Panda Massage CEU has compiled a comprehensive blog post on the subject here .

Once youve taken a look at the AMTAs state database and determined how many CEU hours you need annually , you might still be wondering: how do I ensure that whatever course I attend will actually qualify to fulfill those requirements?

Thats where online courses come in. Read on to learn more.

Whats The Difference Between A Massage Therapy License And Board

Ariana Institute’s Introduction to Addiction and Massage CE Course

Most states require a license, but board-certification is voluntary. A Licensed Massage Therapist is considered an entry-level professional in many states, whereas a Board-Certified Therapist in Massage and Bodywork holds the highest credentials.

Here are the basic differences:

annually, biennially, triennially, or never
Board-Certified every two years

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How To Complete Massage Ceus: Formats

There are three general formats for massage continuing education courses: live class, live webinar, or online course.

Given recent events, these latter two formats have lately become much more in-demand however, some states limit how many online CEs can count towards license renewal.

For example, to renew a license in Delaware, you must complete 24 hours of CEs every two years. Only 9 of these hours may be online specifically ethics and elective courses. The remaining 15 hours must be from live classes.

To complicate it further, Floridas state board has different requirements for CEs depending on whether this is your first license renewal. For your initial license renewal, youd need to complete 2 hours on medical error prevention as well as 24 hours of CEs. For your following renewals, the requirements are more specific: professional ethics, human trafficking, Florida law, and medical error prevention constitute 7 of your required 25 CEs, 12 of which must be in-person.

The bottom line? Check with your state board. If you need to renew a license and a board-certification, seek out courses that will fulfill both sets of requirements.

Online Continuing Education Courses

These courses are an excellent opportunity for therapists to revisit the science or lecture-based curriculum of their massage therapy education.

CCMH-Halifax is currently offering two types of lecture series:

  • Mini-Seminar Series courses in Anatomy and Physiology , Regional Anatomy and three new Pathology courses!
  • Full-Seminar Series courses in AP, Neurology, RA, Pathology, and Professional Development.

Mini-Seminar Series courses can be taken at any time. Full-Seminar Series courses are offered at specific dates.

For course descriptions, contact Jennifer Stuart at. Once a completed form and payment is submitted to CCMH, the therapist will be sent an enrollment email message with details on how to enter and complete the course. There are no prerequisites for any continuing education courses open to massage therapists offered by CCMH-Halifax.

All CCMH-Halifax online continuing education courses incorporate evaluation methods that participants must successfully complete prior to obtaining a course certificate. Evaluations are typically in the form of quizzes or tests and a final exam. Successful completion is defined by achieving a minimum grade of 70 per cent overall. The grading scheme is outlined at the beginning of each course.

For more information on these and other courses at CCMH contact Jennifer Stuart, Executive Director, CCMH Halifax at

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