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Office Space For Massage Therapist

Beautiful Large Unfurnished Counseling Space In Brentwood Available Immediately

Self Employed Massage Therapist/ An Average “Work Day in the Life”/ Vlog

Full-time office space in a suite of other therapists and nurse practitioners available in the heart of Brentwood. This is in a fantastic location with easy access to I65 and just a short walk to the Hill Center and other shops and eateries (Chick Fil A, Chipolte, Chopt, BurgerFi, Just Love Coffee, Sushi shops, and

Nice quiet location, well kept, lots of other therapists in the building. Conference room, mailroom. kitchen and snack room available. Outdoor area with picnic table. Rent depends on number of days you are interested in. Days available: Monday, Wednesday and/ or Friday. Possibly some flexibility on days but no Saturdays available. Please send any questions.

Cozy Private Furnished Office 2 Or 3 Days Per Week Flex Terms

Ultra convenient Franklin location right off I-65, ample parking, waiting room, desk with locking file drawer, WiFi. Second floor office, no elevator, two bathrooms and free coffee/tea. Details Type: Furnished Counseling Office SpaceOffice Size: 10×10Terms: 2 Days $275, 3 Days $375, Short Term LeaseOffice Availability: Part TimeDate Available: ImmediatelyArea / Neighborhood: Cool Springs / FranklinAddress:

Searching For Your Space

To start with think about what type of office space you would like to be working in. Are you more clinically minded or more of a spa type of massage therapist? What do you envision your space to look like and what will the people be like that you work with? This is really important in finding a good match. Sometimes you dont know though right off the bat and you may need to try different situations so that you can find out what you dont want.

Think about the area of town that you want to be in. Do you want to work in a downtown area with a high population density or in the suburbs where the population density is less? The biggest thing to look at would be accessibility and client safety. Would people feel safe coming and going at night in the dark? Consider your travel time and efforts needed to get to the office since you will be going frequently. How far away from home do you want to be?

Once you narrow down an area of town start looking at different offices of massage therapists already there. Next look at other alternative professionals Naturopaths, Acupuncturists and Chiropractors. Chiropractors are one of the most obvious places as they usually are very open to massage. Many often hire massage therapists to work there as an employee or subcontractor. They might be open to just letting you rent space from them if you can show them how it would help their business.

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Massage Room On The Cheap

When youre first starting out, think minimal expenditures.

Find a deal where you can pay for a massage room on a per massage basis, but make sure you and the person youre dealing with share core business values.

As you get more clients, move into the monthly sublet.

When you out grow that room you can rent your own space where you are a stand-alone business.

Before Renting A Massage Room

Nice Office Space for Rent in Downtown Massage Clinic ...

Lets talk about the benefits that lead massage therapists down the path of self-employment. Many massage therapists crave the freedom of creating their own work schedule, as well as the unique freedom of having their own space. But what actually goes into starting a practice? Well, its a lotwe wont lie to you. The idea may be daunting at first, but the freedom is well worth the work.

Having the flexibility and freedom to start your own practice is amazing. Thats why weve compiled this list of tips you should know and the steps to take in order to make this happen!

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The Relationship Part Of The Deal

To me that means that the person Im making the deal with shares the same core business values that I do.

One of my core values is to provide above-and-beyond care for my clientswhich brings me to my pay-per-massage, success story.

Years ago, some of my clients lived far away from my massage office. Getting to me during rush hour was becoming a strain and I needed to find a space closer to them.

So, I talked to a chiropractor, Heather, who had an office in the area that was closer to these particular clients.

Heather and I hit it off right away, and we shared core business values, like the client/patient relationship comes first. So, we struck a deal and I used one of her spare rooms to do massage on a pay-per-massage basis.

Within a year or two my practice at this location grew, and I switched to subletting the room from her for a monthly rate .

Now the room was 100% under my control. I was paying way less than if I went out and rented a space on my own. And Heather and I had a great relationship and often referred patients/clients to each other.

Eventually, my wife and I opened up a massage office in the same building where I had sublet a massage room from Heather.

Costs To Consider Before Opening Your Massage Business

Starting a business can be expensive, especially for someone just getting out of massage school. Making a responsible and realistic business plan can save you time, money, and heaps of stress!

The bulk of your new business investment will go towards your license, permits and insurance, and some of these will have to be purchased anywhere from every 1-3 years. Less frequent investments include the equipment used during the massage, which includes but is not limited to the massage table, linens, music, oils, aromatherapy and cleaning supplies. Its completely up to you, the massage therapist, how much you are comfortable purchasing initially. Sites like Massage Warehouse can help you get an idea of how much equipment costs.

Heres another cost for you to consider: your space. If youre just getting out of school or leaving a massage chain, and you want to find your own space, youve probably started doing some research into where you can actually practice. We hope you havent become discouraged since trying to find commercial space for a small, new business can be incredibly difficult. Try checking out SpaceTogether theyll help you find a massage room for rent that fits your needs, is within your budget, and does not hold you to the conventional commercial lease terms. Bonus: you can rent spaces from minutes to months.

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Youre Licensed You Have Regular Massage Clients And Youre Ready To Open Your Own Practice

Once you start hunting for office space, you will find a wide variety of sizes and layouts. If you lease too large a space, youll probably spend too much lease too small a space, and you and your employees will quickly become unhappyand what if your massage practice expands and you need more room?

The amount of square feet you lease directly impacts the amount of commercial rent you pay. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for you to thoroughly analyze your current or desired commercial space and question whether you will truly need or use all of the area for your massage office layout.

While the commercial space may be attractive or you have plans to do something with the extra room, if you do not use the entire space you will end up needlessly paying extra money to your landlord.

In our business, we see this dilemma often. These seven tips will help ensure that you choose a space that works for youand that you dont overpay in the process.

Know Whos On Your Side

Tips for Renting a Counseling Therapy Office

One of the main reasons tenants lease unnecessary commercial space is because they have been talked into doing so by the landlords leasing representative. Although this agent appears to be working for you by showing you available space and seems to have your best interests at heart, he, in fact, is working for the landlord.

As the landlords employee, a landlords agent can be further motivated by the promise of a commission check from the landlord. When the tenant is convinced to lease more commercial space than she actually requires, that payment amount increases.

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Interview The Person You Are Thinking Of Renting From

It is also important to really interview someone you are considering renting space from. You might want to go in first as a client and receive their work and see if you like what they are doing. Take a look at things like:

  • What are their hours of operation and how it might affect you and your available time?
  • What is the size of the room available make sure it is big enough to put the massage table in and have enough room around you to work.
  • What are the other practitioners policies and procedures are on things like late fees, no shows and such to see if they are compatible with yours since you might be sharing clients.
  • What is their philosophy on healing and providing care?
  • How do they treat clients?
  • What office furniture and equipment can you share? Fax machines, phone, answering service, receptionist, copiers, computer, billing software.
  • Will they promote your business? Will you be able to promote their business?
  • Can you share in marketing projects, health fairs, chamber of commerce memberships, phone book and online advertising?
  • Can you share a website or do you need to get your own?

While you cant always know all of the details and how it will be the main thing to figure out is can you work with this person around?

Some places to consider looking at:

  • Other Massage Offices
  • Massage Franchises/Spas- they might actually rent you a room if they are slow
  • Acupuncturists

Furnished Franklin Office In The Heart Of Cool Springs

-Fully furnished-Tea provided for you and your clients-Community of counselors in the office suite-Office overlooks a quiet courtyard-Quick access to I-65 and many restaurants-Shared waiting room Details Type: Part-Time Furnished Office SpaceOffice Size: 14×7Terms: $150, Month to MonthOffice Availability: Part Time, Flexible UseDate Available: March 23, 2020Area / Neighborhood: Cool Springs / FranklinAddress: 504 Autumn

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Jobs Equipment And Office Space

Practicing your new skills in a professional environment will be an important step in developing confidence as well as understanding industry expectations. Determining what kind of setting will best fit your temperament and abilities is important for getting and keeping a job and for building a great resume. Jobs are listed from a wide variety of atmospheres like any potential job, the more you present yourself as competent in that particular arena the more likely your chances of landing the job. Current jobs will be listed in this category and updated in an on-going basis. If you accept a job from this listing, please let us know so that we can update our information.

To post a job opportunity, equipment sale, or space rental, please complete the following form:

To Complement Passive Income: 3 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success In The December 2015 Issue Of Massage Magazine Summary: By Renting Out Your Office Space When Youre Not Using It Yourself You Can Set Up A Stream Of Passive Income To Help Boost Your Cash Flow

Massage/Therapy/Health Care Room for Rent in Busy Markham ...

If you own your office space, or rent it and are allowed to sublet it, youre sitting on potential passive incomeand this applies even if youre completely booked with clients. Thats because even the busiest massage therapist who is doing, for example, 30 weekly treatments uses the space no more than 40 hours.

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Find A Medical Room To Rent Today

It is not easy to find a massage room to rent, let alone start your practice.

Most of the therapists have a big vision when starting their massage business. It is not a bad thing to have a big dream, but it is good to be realistic. Do not look for a big space when starting. A big space will eat into most of your margins, making it problematic for your business to grow.

Look for a small treatment to rent near a healthcare facility. This space will attract a lot of clients and also help your business save more money for expansion.

Good things come to those who wait. Take your time when searching for a therapy office for rent. Capitalize on the internet to search for better deals.

Please visit our website for more information and to search for therapy rooms, therapy offices, and well-being spaces to rent!

Office Sublet For Massage Therapist Energy Worker Reiki

I’m looking for 1-2 people to sublet my office space in Narberth. The office is located in a small, quiet office building a block away from the Septa train and downtown area. The space is separated into 2 rooms, a beautiful private treatment space with a massage table, and an office with desk space for administrative work and a space to talk with clients before/after their session. My office is the perfect space to see both in person and virtual clients. Sheets and blankets for the massage table, use of yoga mats, cleaning supplies, water and tea are included in the rental fee.

I’m ideally looking for 1-2 people to rent half and/or full days, but will consider hourly renters as well. If you’re looking for a treatment space, contact me and let’s see if we’re a good fit!

Month long commitment:

1/2 Day: $195

Full Day: $250

2 Full Days: $450

3 Full Days: $600

Individual Rental:

Single Session $20 an hour

1/2 day $60

Contact this poster directly

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What People Are Saying

Therapy Space was a great place to begin my private practice after graduation. The entire setup was amenable to just showing up and doing therapy.

Therapy Space has an excellent understanding of the importance of creating space that is attractive, inviting, comfortable, and quiet.

Pike Williams,LMFT

As a therapist, I can focus on the well-being of my clients, knowing that all aspects of my office are managed and cared for

Kim Anderson,LPC-MHSP, CPLC

Building A Space For Relaxation

Renting or leasing office space to run my massage, skincare, yoga, or any small business from Pt 1-5

Gilder has re-imagined a unique space to encourage deep relaxation. When you first step into her office, you are immediately transported out of an office setting into what she likes to describe as a bohemian cave.

Her clients feel a sense of coziness in the space. When she first came in for the tour, it was easy to picture exactly how she wanted the space to look and feel, despite the office looking so different from all of the spaces she had been in before. If you look around the office, you may notice a white noise machine to block out any surrounding noise, a curtain that blocks the light from the window and door to create a sense of privacy, and candles to create a relaxing environment.

It was important for Gilder to design a space that was visually appealing, a space for her clients to rest or to be transported in their mind. A light projects on to the side wall to add color and interest to the space.

â, it feels like Iâm not running my business out of somewhere, Iâm part of their business somehow with my business within it⦠and that didnât feel rightâ

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Buy Share Lease Office Space

AVAILABLE. ONE LARGE DECORATED ROOM 3 DAYS per week. Beautiful Buckhead Office – SEEKING: Acupuncturist Psychologist/Psychiatrist Hypnotherapist Massage Therapist Chiropractor or Nutritional Therapist. Please call or text 606-1724

SEEKING CHIROPRACTOR TO RENT SHARED OFFICE SPACE in heart of SandySprings Directly across city center and Performing Arts center. XRay machine, waiting room, reception shared. Includes power, water, internet. Three rooms available. Text 770-826-3883 Dr Rich, 220 Sandy Springs Circle, Sandy Springs Ga 30328

WELL-ESTABLISHED HOLISTIC WELLNESS PRACTICE HAS SPACE FOR RENT/SHARE in our Buckhead or Chamblee location. Looking for a chiropractor, complimentary healthcare practitioner, or LMT to share space with. Please send inquiries to or call 404-281-7458.

3,000 SQUARE FOOT CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE IN AUGUSTA GA. $1500 per month. Equipped and ready to see patients. Contact Steve Stephenson 706-267-3474.


Well Established Chiropractic office in Augusta, GA for lease—-$1,500.00 per month. All chiropractic equipment included and ready to start seeing patients. Contact Scott Sherman @ 706-339-4605 or e-mail at:

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