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Massage Chair For Tall Man

Key Features Of The Cozzia Ec363 Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair for Tall Person | Review of Kahuna SM-7300

With a longer-than-average 30-inch S-Track, the Cozzia EC363 offers the extra massage coverage tall users need. An auto back scan function coupled with manual roller height adjustment makes the roller massage even more efficient.

Although the chair features hip and shoulder massagers, the EC363 is wider than most massage chairs, offering plenty of space for big and tall users. Additionally, the arm massagers feature a very tall design that offers more space than usual for the arms an important point for tall users with large forearms to consider.

Also, the ergonomic head pillow at the top of the backrest is removable, so if it gets in the way due to your height, it can be easily taken off.

Checking another tall-user massage chair necessity off the list, the Cozzia EC 363 features a leg ottoman that automatically extends to fit long legs. Two-stage Zero Gravity helps you get comfortable with your massage, and extra features like lumbar heat therapy and seat vibration make the experience that much more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for the most affordable massage chair for big and tall users, the Cozzia EC363 is it. To learn more about the chair and all its features, check out our more extensive review article.

Ujolly Portable Massage Solution

Next up, I had a chance to test out the uJolly, OSIMs flagship portable message solution for one-stop relief of neck, shoulders and back. What makes the device so appealing is the fact that it can fit on most chairs, loungers, sofa and beds in your living or workspace.

Testing out the unit I was surprised at how easy it was to move around and adjust, with next to no set up time. The available pre-set suite of massage programs and soothing heat feature means you can get onto the road to relaxation in minutes just about anywhere.

Signature Design By Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner

If you are in the market for a comfortable recliner, then you might want to look at the Ashley Furniture Recliner. It is one of the best recliners that I have laid my eyes on in a long time. People have been raving about the functionality and comfort of this chair, and it is only fair that we check what it has to offer.

This stylish reclining chair has a swivel rotation feature that some people really like. It is not an essential feature, but I bet most people will love to play around with it. The chair has a circular base that allows the recliner to spin 360 degrees. The large circular base gives the chair stability when you are busy performing the swivel rotation.

The cushioning on this chair is by far the best feature. It is an attribute that everyone who purchases this recliner praises. The most fantastic thing about this cushioning is the fact that it conforms to your body shape and natural posture. This simply means that this recliner provides A1 comfort as compared to its competitors.

The Ashley Furniture Signature is a power recliner. This means that it reclines after a simple button press. Having a power recliner is a plus because it makes it very easy to hop in and out of the recliner. This function will make getting up from the recliner a breeze.

  • It does not have any special features
  • The design is very standard

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Best Massage Chairs For Big & Tall

Owning a massage chair was once considered to be a decadent luxury, but now has become a mainstream and affordable option to improve your sleep, health and overall well-being. Now you don’t have to book an expensive appointment and hope to get in with your favorite massage therapist, you can get the same benefits from today’s massage chairs that not only mimic the human touch, but have the capability to scan your body for where massage is most needed and to place you into the therapeutic zero gravity position. Thats not something that your massage therapist can do–and certainly not whenever you want in your own home…

With benefits such as relaxation, stress reduction, and strengthened immune systems, owning your own massage chair nourishes your mind, body, and spirit right from the comfort of your own home, as often as you wish! While the upfront cost may seem pricey to some, when you consider the costs of regularly visiting a massage therapist, having unlimited access to a massage chair could be a saving grace.

Massage chairs today are designed to give you a “just right” massage, varying in placement, pressure, and size. For our big and tall customers, that means we also have chairs designed with you in mind. We’ve rounded up a list of the Best Massage Chairs for Big & Tall customers — those people over 6’5″ tall and up to 300 pounds. While most will accommodate up to 300 pounds , their se

Whats The Best Massage Chair For A Tall Person

Best Massage Chair For Tall People

When purchasing a massage chair, its especially important to make sure the frame will not only fit in your home space, but also fit your body type. Anyone taller than six feet should check that the length of a massage chair in its reclined position will accommodate their height before taking the product home! And with so much of todays massage chair shopping happening online, its not unheard of to receive a product that doesnt meet expectations.

Most products listed on ecommerce sites will include specifications in their descriptions, but not everyone checks those specs before buying. If youre in the market for a massage chair but dont plan on visiting a showroom in person, its important to note product specs, or call the retailer for more information.

Fortunately, most massage chairs sold online today display their specifications clearly on the product page, so you can measure before you buy. The last thing a taller person wants is to find that their feet hang off the massage chairs footrest, or that the headrest isnt tall enough to support their neck. Armed with a checklist of features to look for, you can rest easy knowing your new massage chair will fit comfortably into your life.

Weve rounded up our 10 favorite massage chairs that any tall person will love because nothing should stand in the way of a quality massage!

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The Best Massage Chair For A Tall Person

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Its easy for people of average height and weight to find a good massage chair to buy. The only thing they need to consider is the features they want and their budget. But for three types of folks who dont fit the mold, finding a good massage chair is slightly more challenging. These folks are people who are either too tall, too short, or too big.

The problem is not just about being able to fit in the chair or being comfortable. The primary issue when it comes to massage chair usage is that the right body parts get the massage intended for those areas. For example, if youre too tall, the neck rollers might not align directly against your neck.

Weve already put together a list of the best massage chairs for short folks, so today, lets talk about the best massage chairs for tall people. This list took months of research!


Ottomans With Extendable Leg

When tall people sit in a massage chair, one of the most common complaints is that their legs feel cramped. The majority of full-body massage chairs include leg ottomans with spaces for the feet. If they are not adjustable, the users legs will be in an uncomfortably elevated position.

As a result, our first piece of advice when shopping for the ultimate massage chair for tall people is to look for a model with an extending leg ottoman. This enables you to manually or automatically adjust the leg ottoman to a comfortable position, leaving plenty of room for your legs.

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Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

The real relax massage chair is quite good, it caters for persons of different heights and body types. It is a strong contender for the title of the best massage chair for tall person.

This chair offers much sought after massage techniques to persons of all body types. This chair offers shiatsu massage with heat and foot rollers making it the best massage chair for tall person.

Real relax massage chair recliner offers features that include

  • An arm linkage system embedded arm clip and airbag extrusion massage.
  • Electric zero gravity a zero-gravity surround space capsule that is even across the whole of the chair. This allows the chair to recline at any angle to offer an excellent and professional massage experience. With the remote, you can adjust the reclining angle.
  • Full body shiatsu massage the massage chair has 8 massage rollers inside the backrest and also foot rollers.
  • The chair also has a waist heater, this help to promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.
  • It has rollers which massage the back but not the head. The rollers go round in the same place not up and down.
Maximum Height

The recommended maximum height is 6.1 foot with the foot rest extending for taller persons.

Maximum Weight

The recommended maximum weight is around 400 pounds.


Available in black. The chair is made of PU leather.

Real Relax Pros
Real Relax Cons

The Kahuna Superior SM-7300 features include

The recommended maximum height is 6 ft 5 inches.

Maximum Weight

Best Massage Chair For Big And Tall People

Top 5: Best Massage Chair For Tall Person 2021 | Excellent For Relaxing

Stepping down from the high rollers division is yet another high quality but more affordable option by Kahuna. While cheaper, its still FDA approved which is something you should also look for when buying any form of massaging/electronic device.

In terms of height and size, the Kahuna Chair is another that is built to suit most body sizes. The user height recommendation is 65 tall with a maximum weight capacity of 320 pounds. But what I like about this chair is that it has a generous amount of leg extension. The extra 12 inches makes it a great asset for taller persons.

For the big and tall people with wide shoulders like myself, the Kahuna Chair offers a wider shoulder area. The 24 inch shoulder space is a perfect fit for me and Im a pretty big guy. The wider 21 inch seat also makes it a suitable candidate for people under 320 pounds in weight.

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Human Touch Super Nova

The Human Touch Super Nova is a great chair for larger and taller people. It accommodate people up to 285 pounds, 6 foot 9 inches tall and approximately30 to 34 inches wide.

What makes it a great chair? The Human Touch Super Nova is a great choice for those looking for advance technology in a chair. It has 3D and 4D Massage Programs, Unique S- and L-Track Massage, Virtual Therapist for Alexa-Enabled Control, Altec Lansing Premium Sound System, 38 Auto-Wellness Program including deep tissue massages, and under foot rollers and dual lumbar heat, adjustable intensity for calves and feet with heated extendable leg rests.

Anything that I may not like about it? The chair is not for anyone looking for a basic massage chair. The Virtual Therapist is a nice feature, but there are some complaints about the effort required to setting up the Alexa connection.

How heavy is it to move? 320 pounds

Price Category: $$$$$ = More than $9,001

Brand Reliability: 5 out of 5

Highlights Of The Infinity It 9800

  • Optical body scan system


The Cozzia EC 363 massage chair offers all the massage features you need including an S-Track, full body air massage, two stage zero gravity, and foot and calf massage. The large LCD remote makes it easy to use and its robust manual massage controls allow for exceptional customization. For under $3,000, its one of the better massage chairs on the market.

Cozzia EC363 Massage Chair

Our final recommendation for the best massage chair for tall person is the most affordable on our list. While the Cozzia EC363 won’t win any awards for innovation or advanced technology, it offers all the massage features you need for a therapeutic massage. Most importantly, this chair is roomy enough for big and tall users.

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Experience The Best Spa Treatments From The Comfort Of Your Home

We hope that these recommendations help you in finding the perfect massage chair in accordance with your height. If you are pregnant, check out the guide here to find out if it is safe to use massage chairs in the pregnancy period.

Keep in mind that these are not just chairs to rejuvenate and loosen after a long day at work, but are highly trained personal masseuses! So, find one that offers you an all-around body massage experience.

Some other good models, not mentioned here are Infinity Presidential, Titan Jupiter XL, Johnson J6800, and Cozzia Qi.

The Luraco I7 Features

7 Best Massage Chairs for Tall People [2021] Buyer
  • Made in the USA for American people. That is it is both developed and assembled in the USA.
  • One of the only massage chairs with proven health benefits as shown in this study. The Luraco I7 is proven to reduce stress, stress related pain, lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Quite the machine!
  • Everyone in the family can use and customize the settings with the 5 user memory function.
  • Genuine leather, none of this blended rubbish that falls apart in 6 months.
  • FDA registered.
  • 100 air cells and 12 motors to operate the full body massage.
  • 9 preset options to choose from so you can get in and start relaxing.
  • Fully reclined length of 81 with a massage roller track of 32

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Best Massage Chair For Tall Men

Are you a tall person who is in search of the Best Massage Chair For Tall Men? Then you are aware of how difficult it may be to find an excellent massage chair.

When shopping for a massage chair, its important to ensure that the frame fits not only your home space but also your body type. Anyone taller than six feet should ensure that the reclining length of a massage chair will support their height before purchasing the product!

And with the majority of massage chair sales happening online these days, its not uncommon to acquire a product that falls short of expectations. However, the best massage chair for tall men is usually hard to find due to which I have come up with this article.

In this post, well examine the best massage chair for tall persons available from several manufacturers in order to determine the very best on the market today.

In This Post


Fdw Wingback Recliner Chair

If you are a tall man looking for a good recliner chair, I would suggest that you consider purchasing the FDW Wingback. It is a beautiful recliner sofa that will provide you with a unique setting to unwind. Although it is larger than standard recliners, it should fit perfectly in your bedroom, living room, office, or recreation room.

This push back recliner chair provides the best place to sit back and relax. It features a comfortable reclining back and a dual-function foot extension that will allow you to relax your back and legs as well. You will always want to watch your favorite TV shows on this recliner sofa. The best part is that you can adjust the reclining back to your liking.

Just like the Homall recliner, the Wingback sofa has been upholstered with durable PU leather. This material is quite easy to maintain and clean. Besides, it is waterproof, which means it wont get damaged when water spills on it. The frame and legs of the Wingback recliner are made using solid hardwood. This high-quality construction should provide extra stability and durability.

This recliner chair has the perfect blend of modern and classic design. It has been crafted to fit and make your living room or office better. It is one of those chairs that can fit in any room without looking out of place.

  • It is a basic chair with no massage or heating functions
  • The cushion is a bit firm

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Best For Tall And Wide: Relaxonchair Zero Gravity Shiatsu

  • Height Range: Up to 62
  • Max Weight: Up to 345 lbs
  • Price: $$

Relaxonchairs Zero Gravity massage chair has been a crowd favorite since it came out a few years back. Its not surprising given its affordable price, rich features, and reliable performance.

Add to that how it can fit a tall person with a wide girth. Its not often you can find this kind of chair with consistent good reviews.


  • Comes with an L-track, meaning it can massage up to your buttocks and hamstrings
  • Has premium features like 1) body scan, 2) three zero gravity positions, 3) air massage technology, 4) lumbar heating, 5) deep tissue massage, and 6) automatic programs + 5 targeted massages
  • Has a spinal decompression program
  • Ideal for those suffering from back pain
  • The leg massagers adjust for leg length
  • Space-saver

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Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner 500lbs Capacity Patio Lounge Chair Padded Lawn Chair With Headrest Xxl For Outdoor Camping Patio Lawn

Top 5 Best Massage Chairs for a Tall Person 2022
  • Zero Gravity Chair for Heavy People: Anti gravity chair supports up to 500lbs. Sturdy steel tube frame, premium quality elastic cord, and durable polyester fabric make this heavy-duty zero gravity chair is sturdy enough for heavy people
  • Adjustable Reclining Position: This outdoor recliner designed with easy locking levers adjust and lock the lounge chairs to any position from upright to fully laid-back. Patented & Easiest locking mechanism on the market.
  • Oversized Dimension: 43.5 x26.7 x22 inches. This oversized camping reclining chair provides roomy space for your outdoor camping activities. The fully reclined length of the reclining camping chair is 72 inches.
  • Comfortable Design: The outdoor reclining chair designed with full padded seating, removable pillow for both head and lumbar support. This reclining lawn chair also has a folding sliding side table for resting your phone or drink on
  • No Assembly: This folding lawn chair can be folded and unfold in seconds. The camping lounge chair is easy transportation and storage. Suitable for patio, lawn, garden, yard or balcony. We back our products with a full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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