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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Continuing Education

Susana Echeverri Lmt Ncbtmb Bw

Lymphatic Drainage Massage CEU Course

Susana Echeverri has been a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist since 2002. She taught massage therapy at a private institution for eight years in Miami, Florida. For the past six years, she has been a continuing education provider. Throughout the years, she has worked at various spas and acquired experience in different types of treatments. She has been trained on manual lymphatic drainage for the upper and lower extremities, including CDT, and many other treatments in the United States and Colombia.

Lymphatic Drainage Course Description

This course is designed for the massage therapist who wants to work with general detoxification, stimulating the immune system and general inflammation.

  • The instructor will provide you with a thorough yet easy-to-understand overview of the lymphatic system.
  • You will observe, learn and practice specific lymphatic drainage procedures for the face and neck, upper and lower body supine, both prone and supine.
  • You will have an opportunity to practice this treatment hands-on and trade with a partner so you will be able to receive this service as well.
  • This class will include a brief introduction to phototherapy to reduce inflammation.

After completion of this course, you may enroll in the Lymphatic Drainage – Advanced Level course where you learn to apply these basic techniques to decongest fascia, work on post-op clients, including post-op Liposuction, Lymphedema and more.

This course typically takes place on a Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

This class is also offered at our Massage Education Vacation events including Las Vegas Success Schooland on various Seminars at Sea and at Pura Vida Retreat in Costa Rica. Days and times will vary based on the event.

Continuing Education: Lymphatic Drainage

Class: Lymphatic drainage is a technique designed to stimulate the flow of lymph . Lymphatic drainage massage typically involves gentle, circular movements. Participants will learn the history, benefits of lymphatic drainage, indication and contraindications as well as learn to educate and market themselves in their new modality. Participants will also have the opportunity to perform and practice a full body Lymphatic Drainage Massage on their colleagues.

: 12 Continuing Education Units for Licensed Massage Therapists and Acupuncture Physicians . Approved by Florida Board of Massage and Florida Board of Acupuncture

Schedule: 2-Day Seminar Day 1: Saturday, April 30, 2022Time: 10am 4pm

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Jumozy Presents New Online Lymphatic Massage Continuing Education Course

Jumozy is excited to announce the release of a new comprehensive online massage continuing education course Lymphatic Massage for the Body . Expert massage therapist and instructor, Meade Steadman, demonstrates step-by-step how to provide lymphatic drainage massage therapy.

Steadman shows the strokes used in lymphatic massage and demonstrates a routine for providing manual lymphatic drainage to promote lymphatic flow. This approved continuing education course also includes benefits and contraindications, an overview of the lymphatic system, getting started, lymphedema, post-treatment recommendations and how to incorporate lymphatic massage in other modalities.

The course is broken down into small, manageable units, with quizzes and a final assessment to test and reinforce knowledge. At the end of the course, upon satisfactory assessment scores , students can immediately download and print a certificate of achievement and attach it to their resume.

The course is soon to be approved by D.C., Idaho, Texas, Massage Therapists Association of Nova Scotia and Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan.

About the instructor

About Jumozy

Jumozy, a division of Salon Channel Inc., provides online continuing education and training for massage therapists. Jumozy is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork as a continuing education approved provider.

Manual Lymph Drainage Requirements And How To Register

A Guide to Lymphatic Drainage Massage for LMTs

The class will conclude with a basic written and practical exam, drawn from material discussed in class. Upon successful completion, students are Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapists.

This class is open to professionals with the following licenses: LMT, PT, PTA, OT, COTA, RN, DC, MD.

Space may be held with a $400 deposit. Total tuition is $995.

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Features Unique To This Lymphedema Training Continuing Education Course

  • Proper evaluation, identifying indications, contraindications, and specific tools to identify lipedema as opposed to lymphedema
  • Measurement techniques
  • Manual therapy techniques for specific case studies to provide an understanding of the techniques to divert drainage to working areas of the body
  • Demonstrated progression of massage techniques and applications
  • A comprehensive review of the impact bandages has on lymphedema
  • Description of specific types of bandages and indications and contraindications
  • Exercise and self-massage instruction and handouts
  • Comprehensive manual with visual diagrams for lymphatic flow, bandaging and self care handouts

Jill Kristin Berkana Lmt Bctmb

Professionals RECOGNIZE and RESPECT Board Certification. It symbolizes commitment, dedication, and expertise. Massage therapists who are Board Certified have gone above and beyond licensurethey have achieved more than minimum requirements. You can expect more from professionals who chose to become Board Certified.

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Time To Renew Your License

We offer CE towards your Florida license renewal.

Book your course.


Deep tissue massage helps release chronic muscle tension. The use of hot packs and different strokes during the session such as gliding strokes, kneading, cross fiber friction, percussion and stretching will help release areas of stress and imbalance.

This course will cover the following:Massage techniques, indications, contraindications, and benefits of the massage.


Foot reflexology is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques, without the use of oil or lotion.

This course will cover the following:Massage techniques, indications, contraindications, and benefits of the massage.


Medical Massage uses techniques that are similar to Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage, but it is specially adapted to deal with specific areas. It is used primarily to release trigger points, increase blood flow, and reduce pain. Areas that will be covered include Cervical Strain, Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Shin Splint, and Plantar-Fasciitis.

This course will cover the following:Definition of each condition, symptoms of each condition, indications, contraindications, benefits of the massage, massage techniques, and stretching exercises



Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Massage Continuing Education Ncbtmb Approved 14 Ceu’s

Lymphatic drainage CEU class, how to massage after a post-surgery procedure pt. 1-4 ly4

This course prepares the massage therapist to do a full body lymphatic drainage massage with emphasis on learning the basic principles and techniques of manual lymphatic drainage, reviewing anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system and knowledge base of benefits, indications and contraindications to MLD. The massage therapist will be able to offer MLD as a marketing tool and promote health in their clients who request MLD. Need sheets, must be a licensed massage therapist or student of massage with knowledge of Swedish techniques. Held at Jonihakis Chiropractic in Palos Heights, Il. , call Denise At 708-923-1910 to register. 14 NCBTMB approved CEU’s given. 2 Days- Sept 17th 2pm to 9pm, September 18th 2022, 11a-7pm

Date & Time

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See What Other Students Have To Say After Taking This Class:

Please enroll early to ensure your place in class. Our class size limits are strictly enforced.

Orlando, FL – January 22-23, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Location: Homewood Suites, 8745 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819, #407-248-2232

Tampa, FL – January 29-30, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Location: Hampton Inn Airport, 5329 Avion Park Drive, Tampa, FL 33607, #813-287-8500

Fort Lauderdale, FL – February 12 & 13, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Location: Doubletree Hotel Deerfield Beach, 100 Fairway Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441, #954-427-7700.

Dallas, TX – February 26 & 27, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Location: To Be Announced

Atlanta, GA – March 26 & 27, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Location: To Be Announced

Pittsburgh, PA – April 9 & 10, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Location: To Be Announced

Baltimore, MD – April 23 & 24, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Location: To Be Announced

Chicago, IL – May 14 & 15, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Location: To Be Announced

Why Should A Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist Or Athletic Trainer Take This Lymphedema Continuing Education Course

Lymphedema and diseases of the lymphatic system affect millions of people in the United States and hundreds of millions worldwide. Affected patients most often suffer from debilitating swelling and pain, usually in the arms and legs however, it also occurs in other body regions. If left untreated, the patient can suffer from chronic infections and the loss of a limb, not to mention debilitating pain, psychological stress, social isolation, and loss of function and quality of life. A clinician must understand how the body transports lymph fluid through a network of tissues and organs.

Learn to treat lymphedema effectively and create individualized treatment programs that include massage, self-massage, and bandaging of the upper and lower extremity.

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Educational Level & Who Should Attend

Best suited for licensed Physical & Occupational Therapists and Assistants who manage patients with edema/lymphedema.

Applicable to any practice that treats patients with chronic or transient edemas. Treatment techniques are useful in orthopedics, neuro rehab, cancer rehab, long term care, home health, vein clinics, wound centers, family medicine, and lymphedema clinics.

PRE-REQUISITESCurrent PT, PTA, OT, OTA, SLP, NP, RN, MD, DO, DPM, or PA License. Excellent choice for CLWT and CLT update, and CLT-LANA re-certification. Ability to palpate anatomical structures and follow anatomical planes with manual skills is required.

Lymphatic Massage For The Body M79e1c

A Guide to Lymphatic Drainage Massage for LMTs

Lymphatic Massage for the Body M79E1C

In this CE course on lymphatic massage, Meade Steadman, LMT, discusses how the lymphatic system works and how manual lymphatic drainage massage can help promote the proper function of this critical system. He demonstrates the strokes used in lymphatic massage and a complete routine for providing manual lymphatic drainage on the body for both men and women. In addition to written text, video excerpts are included for discussion of the topics and for visual, step-by-step demonstrations of lymphatic drainage massage techniques. Also included are: benefits and contraindications and post-treatment recommendations. Resources are included for licensing and further information.

This course is worth 9.5 CE hoursCourse Objective:

  • Explain why each recommendation helps reduce the bodys toxic burden
  • Define 62 terms relevant to lymphatic massage for the body
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of lymphatic drainage massage for the body with 75% proficiency or better

I found the course to be very well presented. I actually enjoyed the entire course, found it easy to navigate, found the instructor to be personable, engaging and knowledgeable and found the course, as a whole, to be informative. I thought the video presentations were very well done and the filming of the instructor as he presented the demonstrations to be non-invasive. I was able to see each maneuver and stroke he performed. I look forward to putting in practice what I have learned. John B.

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Who Is The Intended Audience For This Class

This course is offered specifically as continuing education for massage therapists. It is assumed that you have 500 hours or more of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, contraindications and massage technique.

Health care professionals who are licensed to provide touch, such as RN, CN, CNA, PT, PTA, DC, etc., are able to attend this course. Please check with your licensing board to see if you can self-report CE’s for this class. Please confirm with your state that board that provision falls within your scope of practice.

Rehab Clinical Tools Instructed In This Lymphedema Training Ce Course To Enhance Your Functional Outcomes

  • Prevalence and physiological attributes of lymphedema and how therapy can positively influence the management of the individualized lymphedema patient.
  • Types and causes of lymphedema and integrating evidence-based research into the development of a successful lymphedema treatment program.
  • Step-by-step demonstrations of lymphedema massage for the upper and lower extremities.
  • Self-bandaging of the upper and lower extremities to prepare the clinician to educate the patient on self-care.

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Patient Subjective Evaluation Pertinent Objective Techniques And Demonstration

  • Learn to properly evaluate your patient
  • Determining the reason for the swelling
  • What conditions make the swelling better or worse
  • What is the organ status?
  • Are their kidneys functioning well?
  • Are they having any heart problems?
  • Are they dealing with any fatigue?
  • What is their level of disability from their point of view
  • Perform an objective evaluation including a neuro screen
  • Looking for any lymphatic cysts or fistulas
  • Learn about papillomas
  • Evaluating the condition of the skin
  • Stemmers sign and the application to the lymphedema patient
  • Conduct a proper range of motion test for upper and lower extremity

Why Certification Matters

Lymphatic drainage CEU class, how to massage after a post-surgery procedure pt. 1-4

Many states have no legislative body to regulate who claims to do MLD, and often, untrained or undertrained individuals claim to practice this work. Some advertise a dangerous practice known as incisional drainage where the therapist illegally picks open the incisions of cosmetic surgery clients several days in a row, often starting the first day after surgery. They squeeze the clients body roughly and painfully, pushing bloody fluid out through the incisions. Other therapists illegally pull out plastic drain tubes from inside the persons body and/or perform needle aspirations of seromas. Many show these graphic procedures on YouTube and Instagram and never get caught.

Clients are bombarded with misinformation on social media channels and in patient support groups. What they need are top-trained, certified professionals assisting with their aftercare. There are only a couple of places in the US where you can receive cosmetic surgery-specific training in MLD. Cosmetic surgery-specific training is not required before working with these clients, but as an ethical practitioner, you will want the most training possible from an authorized source. Also, the compensation is quite high for certified MLD therapists working with this population.

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Learn From The Expert

Becky Lotz has been practicing therapist since 1994. She became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist in 2000 and has been working with lymphedema patients ever since. Ms. Lotz is currently the clinical supervisor at a major hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. She has a passion for treating lymphedema patients in addition to presenting educational courses to enhance better outcomes in this population.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage For The Face Course Chicago Il

Esthetician School | Nail School | Makeup School | Massage School

This workshop is designed to teach you to perform manual lymphatic drainage massage for Acne, Rosacea, Sensitive and Aging skin, Post-surgery clients. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is very effective, yet gentle technique that is a must to know for every serious skin care therapist.

You will learn:

  • Principles of the lymphatic system.
  • Learn how poor lymphatic flow can result in congested skin.
  • Indications and contraindications for Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
  • Proper MLD techniques for face, eyes and neck.

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New Jersey Massage Continuing Education

Manual Lymph Drainage: FoundationsandIN PERSON at Medical Facility2 days, 12 credits, $325.00for all dates visit the Listing of Courses by SubjectFive Stars cannot be better than this.Awesome instructor, extremely well informed and a great teacher. The best CEU course I ever took!Great class and relevant information. I look forward to the rest of the classes. This is a great class, looking forward to more classes.

Massage Cupping August 12 2022

Lymphatic Massage Works â Professional Massage Therapy

Massage cupping is a powerful tool to enhance your practice. Adding movement makes it even more effective.

Massage cupping is an innovative technique that involves moving flexible silicone cups over your client’s skin, along with stretching. The combined effect lifts the skin and superficial fascia over the underlying tissues.

Most massage work involves compressing tissues, but massage cupping lifts tissues. Along with soft tissue release, the synergy of these techniques helps to:

Relieve chronic muscle tension Release adhesions Prepare clients for deeper work

The cups are transparent, simple to use, and don’t require heat or combustion. Best of all, they’re easy on your hands!

Workshop topics include:

Unique ways cups can be used with movement

You’ll leave the workshop with a set of four silicone cups and a variety of ways to incorporate them with your next massage client.

Presentd by Dr. James Mally

Dr. James Mally is an orthopedic massage therapist, teacher, and educational content producer with four decades of experience. He teaches workshops around the globe and founded

James R. Mally, N.D. is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork as a Continuing Education Approved Provider. Provider # 451329-10.

Cost $150.00 + $25.00 for Materials

Price includes 4 silicone cups

8 hours towards CE’s

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Playa Smara Costa Rica


Playa Samara is a perfect paradise for manual lymphatic drainage massage certification in Costa Rica. The town is nestled in the beautiful green hills of the famous Nicoya Blue Zone on the Pacific Coast of the peaceful Central American nation.


Enjoy strolling the streets of the small downtown area and visiting the many local and international restaurants, bars and discos, and cute gift shops. The beautiful and tranquil Samara Bay is surrounded by miles of palm tree lined white sand beaches and provides a perfect and safe location for kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, SUP, and swimming as well.

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