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Hale Aircomfort Zero Gravity Recliner With Air Massage

Zero Gravity Chair Health Benefits

Hale AirComfort Operation

When compared to many of the different types of outdoor and indoor furniture out there. An ergonomic zero gravity chair is a great choice.

Zero gravity chairs are not only comfortable and pleasurable to sit in. The chairs are also renowned for their ability to potentially help improve certain health aspects.

Take a look below at some of the health benefits that may be improved using zero gravity relaxation.

Please note: Although the use of a zero gravity chair may be highly beneficial to anyone that suffers from back pain. If you have had any surgery upon your back you should consult your physician before using an anti-gravity chair.

As with all ergonomically designed furniture. A zero gravity chair must be accurately altered in order to be efficient and advantageous.

Also if you suffer from any other medical conditions. It is advised that you speak to your doctor first to see if a zero gravity chair is a good choice for you.

At My Zero Gravity Chairs we are not medical professionals. The content on this website is informational and should not be used in place of professional medical advice.

It is also worth noting that since health problems vary a great deal from person to person. Using an anti gravity chair may help ease or relieve one individuals health issues, however it may not be a benefit to everyone.

Reduction of Pressure upon the spine

The first and most well-known health benefit of the chair, is the alleviation of pressure put upon the spine.

Massage Technology: Which Chair Wins

The Svago Benessere and Hale AirComfort both deliver a compression massage by means of airbags in the cushions. Five air chambers across the back and seat of the Benessere displace your bodys pressure to reduce muscle pain and increase comfort. The air cell lumbar system is adjustable via the remote control to remove pressure from your spine. This work on your lower spine can help your back muscles to stretch, helping you to eliminate slouching and stand taller for better health and even give you greater confidence.

The air chamber massage and removable lumbar support in the Hale AirComfort, along with its custom stretching program, also work to relieve back pain, help athletes recover after a workout, and increase the range of motion in core muscles.

Both chairs also feature heated lumbar massage to improve digestion, reduce pain, and increase circulation, as well as a vibration massage feature with multiple settings. Customize your own massage on either chair and use the memory buttons on the remote to recall your favorite settings.

With consumer reviews very favorable for the Svago Benessere and the Hale AirComfort, we will call the massage technology in both chairs a tie.

Svago Benessere Zero Gravity Recliner: Handcrafted Ergonomic Design Delivers More For Your Money

The Svago Benessere retails for $4,299, but you can find it for about 25 to 30 percent off, making it a bargain that sells for less than the Hale AirComfort at $3,799 retail.

The Svago Benessere is handcrafted with a solid wood base and soft, supple leather upholstery in your choice of three popular colors: black, brown, or white. You can also choose from three wood finishes to complement the leather and match your décor. This chair looks as luxurious as it feels.

And, like the Hale AirComfort, it supports users up to 400 lbs. comfortably.

With intuitive push-button controls, plus zero-g controls that are easily accessible via capacitive buttons on the inside of the chair, operating the chair is easy and doesnt distract from your overall massage experience. Plus, its one of the only chairs at this price point to work with a smartphone for a seamless, high-tech experience.

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Cozzia Dual Power Zg Recliner Black

42″D x 31.5″W x 46″H
Room Type
  • Independently operating power headrest and footrest
  • “One Touch” Zero Gravity Button Wood Color: Black
  • Soothing Vibration Massage and Heat Therapy Color: Black
  • Solid Beechwood Base and High Grade Bonded Leather
  • Shipping Includes Curbside Delivery

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Massage Therapy Chair Benefits

Hale AirComfort Zero Gravity Recliner with Air Massage

What can a massage from a chair really do for you? There are actually a number of benefits to massage treatment from a chair. Massage chairs can help to align your spine properly for good posture while relieving tension in the back muscles. They may also reduce stress by encouraging better blood circulation and releasing endorphins.

The best massage chair for you is one that you can sit in comfortably. You should be able to adjust it to your height, so that the rollers are massaging you in the right places. Look through our selection of chairs for full body and back massage options at exclusive prices for members.

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Service And Support: Which Chair Wins

Either chair is easy to set up and likely to perform well right out of the box. These are higher quality massage chairs constructed from the finest materials and electronic components.

But when it comes to Svago vs. Hale, which company stands by its products?

The Svago Benessere comes standard with a one-year in-home service agreement, with parts covered for two years. Many problems, such as remote control replacement, can be done by the owner in their house. Consumers can also pay $199 to extend the warranty for an additional two years for service and one year for parts. That means parts and labor will both be covered for a full three years.

After that, Svagos customer support team will make every effort to help customers troubleshoot and repair their chair themselves, but will charge an incident fee along with parts and shipping, if needed.

Hale makes no claims of any manufacturers warranty on its website, and some user reviews stated that parts failed after just a year of use. If a chair has to be returned, the customer is responsible for return shipping.

When it comes to service and support, we trust Svagos warranty, along with the reliability and durability inherent in their handcrafted zero gravity massage chairs.

Svago Benessere Vs Hale Aircomfort: Which Chair Wins

In many ways, the Svago Benessere and Hale AirComfort are comparable zero gravity recliners. They both feature comfy memory foam, air chamber massage, and the coveted zero g setting to let you feel as if you are floating on air.

But the Benessere stands out in several ways. If you want more design options to choose your own leather and wood combination, youll want a handcrafted Svago Benessere massage chair. And if want a massage chair with the most advanced technology available at this price point, the Svago Benessere delivers.

With the high-quality construction, one-year service warranty, and smart chair technology, you might expect to pay hundreds more for the Svago Benessere. But weve spotted this chair on sale for less than $3,000. We havent found the Hale AirComfort on sale for less than its retail price of $3,799.

Although the Svago Benessere is a more expensive zero gravity massage chair savvy shoppers can snag a great deal, enjoy a comfortable massage, state of the art technology, and the peace-of-mind that comes with a three-year extended warranty, if they choose.

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Hale Aircomfort Vs Svago Benessere Zero Gravity Recliner Comparison

In this zero gravity recliner comparison, which massage chair provides out-of-this-world relaxation?

Enjoy enhanced circulation. Greater relaxation. Lower blood pressure. Sitting with your feet and legs elevated above your heart can even reduce swelling if you spend a lot of time on your feet. The zero-gravity position is even great for sleeping, as it reduces pressure on your heart while you rest.

Both zero gravity recliners feature memory foam padding, vibration massage therapy, air massage, heat therapy, independently adjustable headrests and footrests, and solid wood frames.

But not all zero gravity massage chairs are created equal. You also have to consider the other features, as well as the price, the controls, and the customer support.

We evaluated two bestselling, mid-priced zero gravity recliners to help you determine which massage chair is the best value for your money.

Which chair wins in our Hale AirComfort vs Svago Benessere zero gravity recliner comparison?

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Gravis Zero Gravity Recliner with Air Massage by Human Touch®


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Why You Love It

The Dual Power ZG Recliner is our most popular and top rated chair. Cozzia’s Innovation and Technology carefully designed the AG6000 to allow your body to reach a high level of relaxation with maximum control. Not to mention, it brings a terrific sense of fashion to any room. The detached pillow is also a favorite part of the experience, and provides the perfect amount lumbar support. Very sturdy and well crafted with high quality materials, the chair smoothly reclines back into Zero Gravity and the backrest or footrest can be adjusted independently. Cozzia loves to leave you addicted to a full experience. Go Zero Gravity!

Independently Operating Backrest and Footrest

Human Touch Gravis Zero Gravity Chair Review

Some massage chairs offer one or two zero gravity modes, but they focus more on other features that you don’t necessarily need. The Human Touch Gravis Zero Gravity Chair is made for people who want more control over their experience.

With the touch of a button, you can activate zero gravity mode and lie back in the seat with your legs elevated. You can also adjust the headrest, footrest, and backrest to your exact specifications.

The Human Touch Gravis Zero Gravity Chair is essentially a sleek, stylish recliner that comes with a multitude of features. Read this Human Touch Gravis Zero Gravity Chair review to get to know the chair.

For some people, zero gravity mode is all they need to relax. However, you can enhance your experience with air massage and multiple heating options.

This chair is so sleek and minimalist that it’s hard to believe that it comes with so many features. That’s why it’s great for people who want to place a recliner or massage chair in their living room but don’t want a bulky piece of furniture that looks out of place.

You can even choose from multiple color options, so your chair matches the rest of your home decor. If you’re thinking about investing in a new chair, you can weigh your options with this Human Touch Gravis review.

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Full Body Massage Chairs

For the ultimate salon or home massage session, a full body massage chair is the answer to sore muscles and stress. Sit down in one of these chairs, align your body with the massagers and enjoy. You can relax in front of the TV, have a home spa session before bed or give yourself a break after a long day at work.

The Zero Gravity Position

Hale AirComfort Zero Gravity Recliner with Air Massage

While in a vertical seated position or when standing up. Gravity places force upon the spinal column causing the discs in your backbone to compress. This is known as Spinal Compression.

This makes the spinal muscles contract in order to assist you in preserving balance and stability. For anyone who suffers from back pain or discomfort, this is often particularly unpleasant and in some cases debilitating.

Whenever gravity is neutralized the muscles are able to relax. Allowing the spinal discs to return to their regular shape, size and configuration. This can Alleviate irritation as well as any pain or discomfort.

Sitting in the Zero Gravity Position is an ideal way to neutralize the effects of gravity.

Gravity is neutralized through aligning the bodys core with the thighs. While lifting the legs so that the knees are higher than or to a similar level of the position of your heart. This creates a 120 130 degree angular position between the mid-section and the thighs, helping to achieve correct spinal alignment.

With the absence of gravity, the spine no longer needs to compensate or fight the effects of gravity. Allowing the spinal column to decompress and the discs to return to their regular alignment and shape.

When gravity is reduced. The amount of stress and pressure being put upon the back and torso is also reduced. Allowing for more restful relaxation. As well as a number of other health benefits that aid your bodys well being.

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The Zero Gravity Position And The Benefits

Due to the relaxing, stress free nature of the position. The Zero Gravity Position has now been integrated into everyday living. In the form of a number of affordable patio furniture products. As well as a number of indoor zero gravity lounge chairs.

Allowing anyone access to healthy and rested relaxation whenever it is needed.

The combination of raising your knees above the heart. And the even distribution of weight throughout the chair. Makes a zero gravity recliner a very ergonomic choice of chair to use in the home or garden.

It is also believed that being seated in this position may help improve or relieve certain health issues.

The zero gravity position is regularly promoted by medical experts. It is often recommended for those with heart problems since it promotes circulation. It can also reduce the strain put onto the heart and spine.

We would however suggest, if you do suffer from heart problems and are considering using a zero gravity chair. That you consult your doctor before purchase. To find out their opinion, if the zero gravity position may be beneficial to you.

We would also suggest you speak with your doctor if you suffer from a bad back or any other health issues, before trying a zero gravity chair. Just to be on the safe side.

Some of the key health benefits that may be improved using zero gravity reclining chairs are:

Read more about some of the health benefits of the zero gravity position in the section below.

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What Is An Anti Gravity Chair/zero Gravity Chair

The zero gravity positioning found on zero gravity chairs originated from NASA

Utilizing the same anti-gravity technology initially developed by NASA for astronauts. The 0 gravity chair mimics the position that an astronaut reclines into during take-off.

Distributing the weight evenly across the whole of the chair. The position allowed the astronauts to better withstand the forceful increase in gravity when leaving the Earths gravitational pull. While putting less stress onto their bodies.

An antigravity chair mimics this position of an astronaut in the lift off position.

The chair lifts the users legs into an elevated position. With the knees higher than or equal to the heart. This takes pressure off the spine and can allow for increased circulation throughout the body. It can also give the user virtually weightless feeling when reclined.

Zero gravity reclining chairs have now been manufactured to feature anywhere in the home. And there are variations available for use both indoors or out in the garden or on the patio.

The majority of gravity chairs can be either manually or automatically adjusted to conform to the users preference. This makes them highly customizable pieces of furniture that are great for relaxation.

A zero gravity recliner is designed with only the users comfort In mind. They allow anyone who may be using them to sit in a number of positions while providing great support and comfort.

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