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Massage Therapy School Rhode Island

How To Pick A Massage Therapist Course Near Block Island Ri

Massage Therapy – Providence, Rhode Island (RI) best massage therapy rhode island

Choosing the right massage therapy school near Block Island RI is an important first step to beginning a rewarding first or second career as a massage therapist. After all, who wouldnt want to work in an occupation where the sole purpose is to help people feel and function better? Massage therapists can work in a wide variety of locations, including hospitals, day spas, health clubs and even aboard cruise ships! But before starting a career in this specialty of holistic healthcare, receiving the proper training and licensing is a must. And keep in mind that not all massage therapy programs are alike. When making your evaluations, its important that you look at all aspects of the schools you are considering and not just the cost or convenience of the locations. We will provide some basic tips that you should incorporate into your due diligence process when selecting a massage therapist school.

What To Ask Massage Therapist Courses

Before you choose a massage therapy school, there are some important questions that you need to ask about the programs you are considering. As previously mentioned, the location of the school is important, particularly if you will be commuting to classes from Block Island RI. And of course the total cost, including tuition, books and all training materials will also be an important factor. But beyond those basic qualifications, following are some questions you should ask so that you have all of the facts before choosing a massage therapist training program.

Other Considerations When Choosing A Program

There are practical considerations. Program length is variable. A student may complete a certificate or diploma program in about nine months. Courses may be offered in the day or evening. There may be flexible scheduling options. Programs may be modular or cohort-based.

Massage therapy programs may or may not qualify the student for traditional financial aid. Accreditation is a determining factor. Thus, students may want to consider programs with accreditations recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Licensing examination pass rate is also worth taking into consideration.

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Why Choose Lincoln Tech For Massage Therapy Training In Rhode Island

  • Gain clinical experience to develop the kinds of professional skills sought by hiring managers in spas, salons, resorts, medical practices, sports medicine facilities and other settings.
  • Treat injuries and promote overall health through improved blood flow.
  • Practice working with clients in simulated spa settings on campus.
  • Train to detect potential health issues through contraindications.
  • Learn about the human muscular system and muscle movement.
  • Prepare to sit for key industry certification exams.

Massage therapy as a means of relieving stress and treating injuries continues to grow in popularity each year, along with the need for trained massage therapists. Every year millions of people take advantage of massage therapy for medical reasons or simply to indulge themselves. The benefits of massage therapy have been well-documented.

When you train at Lincoln Tech to start a career in this field, you’re building hands-on healing skills that last a lifetime! And as part of the nationwide Lincoln Tech network, our Rhode Island campus offers programs backed by a 70-year history of career training excellence.

How To Open A Massage School In Rhode Island Curriculum Requirements

Rhode Island Archives

Your school must offer at least 500 hours of massage therapy education.

That education must include

  • 100 hours of Anatomy and Physiology theory
  • 300 hours of Massage Therapy Theory and Practice, including applied Anatomy and Physiology
  • At least 150 of these hours must be in the practice of massage
  • The remaining 100 hours of Massage Therapy related topics, including CPR, first aid, business, law, ethics and professionalism.
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    Community College Of Rhode Island


    This public school, where 100 percent of massage therapy graduates pass the licensing exam, offers two MT programs on its Newport County campus.

    Earning a certificate takes 12 months of day classes or 18 months of evening classes. The 655-hour, 34-credit curriculum exceeds state standards. It focuses on ethics, clinical assessment, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship.

    The associate in applied science program entails 1,135 clock hours and a clinical internship. Students attend classes in the evenings and on weekends. In addition to the standard MT coursework, there are general education classes such as English Composition, Oral Communication, Algebra, and Psychology.

    • 400 East Ave, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886-1807

    Mist How To Open A Massage School In Rhode Island

    With your completed application, you will ask to submit the following material .

    • Completed and notarized anti-discrimination compliance agreement
    • Names and titles of office holders and copies of organizational documents for the school and also, any entity with ownership in the school
    • Copies of written policies pertaining to conflicts of interest
    • At least three written letters of reference for the officers and also, chief administrator attesting to good character and other qualifications
    • Personnel information for the instructors and chief administrator
    • Proposed catalogues, circulars, application forms and enrollment agreements
    • Schedule of proposed tuition and fees
    • Proposed calendar for a year, showing school term, holidays, vacations, and enrollment dates
    • Curriculum for your program, showing content of courses and knowledge and skills to learned
    • Proposed certificate or diploma
    • Any other documents RIOHE requests.

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    What Are The States Where Massage Therapists Make More Money

  • Louisiana average massage therapist salary: $28,790
  • Mississippi average massage therapist salary: $31,770
  • South Dakota average massage therapist salary: $32,620
  • Georgia average massage therapist salary: $35,240
  • Alabama average massage therapist salary: $35,650
  • Kansas average massage therapist salary: $35,750
  • Nevada average massage therapist salary: $36,540
  • Rhode Island average massage therapist salary: $37,260
  • South Carolina average massage therapist salary: $37,860
  • Iowa average massage therapist salary: $38,660
  • Tell us what you think about these massage therapy schools in New York.

    Minimum Education Requirements For Massage Therapy Programs In Rhode Island

    Massage School Requirements in Rhode Island

    To become a massage therapist in Rhode Island, it is necessary to either be a high school graduate or earn a general education diploma. By completing college-level science, health, and business classes, a student has a better chance of winning acceptance to a postsecondary school.

    The state board approves massage therapy programs that consist of at least 500 clock hours. A curriculum must include 300 hours of MT theory and practice, 100 hours of anatomy and physiology, training in CPR and first aid, and an ethics class. Electives may make up 150 hours of the coursework. Programs vary in the types of massage techniques and other therapies they teach.

    After graduating, the next step is to file an application with the board to practice in Rhode Island. The process involves posting an acceptable score on the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination, or MBLEx. The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards charges an approximately $200 fee to take the test.

    Pearson VUE administers the exam throughout the year at its assessment centers, one of which is in Warwick. Rhode Island students also may take the test at a center in Massachusetts or Connecticut. The FSMTB gives results of the exam to the state board.

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    Niagara County Community College

    This is one of the massage therapy schools in New York that through their Massage Therapy degree program helps students to develop a keen understanding of the benefits of massage therapy.

    Here are some of the reasons to choose this institution as where you will get your massage therapy degree:

    They have a 100% pass rate for the NYS Board Exam for 2018 and 2019.

    They have a job placement program to help you start your career right after graduation.

    Their massage program consists of in-depth training in Western and Eastern massage modalities, as well as business and science courses to complete your skillset for a fulfilling career.

    They also have a Student clinic that provides real-world training.

    Key Information

    Part-Time Tuition fees:

    Non-NYS residents and International Students: $412 per credit hour/per semester

    NYS residents who are not residents of the sponsorship area and do not present a Certificate of Residence: $412 per credit hour/per semester.

    NYS residents who are residents of the sponsorship area or non-residents of the sponsorship area who present a Certificate of Residence: $206 per credit hour/per semester

    Prepare for application for licensure in New York State. In addition to tuition and fees, students should expect to spend approximately $1,000 on books, supplies and uniforms.

    There are several scholarships available to NCCC students. Scholarship deadline dates vary each semester. Find out full details from their website.

    Graduation Rate: 31%

    Visit Website

    What Is A Massage Therapist

    As mentioned in the introduction, massage therapy is a holistic form of healthcare that helps people feel and function better. The massage therapist manipulates skin, muscles and tissue to reduce stress and relieve tension and pain in their patients. Swedish, or Classic Massage, is the type of massage that most people think of when discussing massage therapy, and most massage therapy schools near Block Island RI teach it as their primary form of massage. However, there are many other types of massage that programs may or may not include within their course of instruction. Following are just a few examples.

    • Neuromuscular Therapy Massage
    • Hot Stone Massage
    • Pregnancy Massage

    Professionals that work in massage therapy should be referred to as massage therapists. From time to time one may hear them called a masseuse or a masseur, which refers to a female or a male massage practitioner. However, these terms generally carry a negative connotation among the general public and professionals alike and should be avoided.

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    New York Institute Of Massage Inc

    At the New York Institute of Massage , youll learn the skills necessary to become a licensed Massage Therapist. Since 1994, their accredited school has offered personalized training for residents in and around Buffalo, New York.

    If you are looking to get the career you want without putting your life on hold, and are looking for a simple, straightforward road to a rewarding career as a Massage Therapist, then this institution is for you.

    They offer flexible class schedules so you still have time for whats important, whether that be work or family.

    They also offer small class sizes, flexible learning schedules, short time commitments, good industry relations, transferable credits and in-depth training.

    Get first-hand experience in a professional setting at their Student Clinic.

    After you complete the qualifying exam, youll get the opportunity to practice various massage techniques that you learned over the course of all 4 terms, including Introduction to Massage, Massage Techniques, Oriental Massage, and Medical Massage.

    Once you finish the required 80 massage therapy sessions , youll have confidence in your abilities when you enter the profession

    Key information

    Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Massage tuition fees: $18,600

    Books & Supplies: $813

    Where Can I Study

    The Newport Massage School is Opening

    Below are two approved schools in Rhode Island to help you get started on what you may be looking for in a massage therapy education.

    • Community College of Rhode Island: With a 100 percent pass rate for first time test takers on the National Certification Examination since 2004, this school has a respected on-site clinic and experienced instructors to help students create their path to their massage therapy careers.
    • Newport Massage School : The traditional school allows graduates to become LMTs as well as a Registered Ayurvedic Health Counselor. One of the only private massage schools in RI recognized by the RI Board of Governors for Higher Education, this school provides students with a comprehensive and diverse education that will help them fulfill their dream careers.

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    Career Outlook And Average Salary

    Rhode Island massage therapists make a median $17.44 an hour, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics . Salaries are highly variable. Just half the states massage therapists have hourly wages between $11.47 and $24.11.

    Data has also been released for the Providence area this metropolitan region includes a small portion of bordering Massachusetts. The median hourly wage is similar: $17.17. The 10th percentile wage is the same as it is for the state as a whole: $9.69.

    Statewide, 10.4% occupational growth has been projected for the 2014 to 2024 decade .

    Massage Therapist Salary In Rhode Island

    In 2015 there where 110 persons employed as Massage Therapists in the Rhode Island.

    And the average salary for those working as Massage Therapists in Rhode Island is $36,660. This represents an hourly wage of $17.63 and is slightly more the national average. Massage Therapists in Alaska earn the most of all States in the USA with an average salary of $84,150, almost double the national average!

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    Ccri Massage Therapy/therapeutic Massage Associates Program

    The majority of those who receive an associate’s degree in massage therapy/therapeutic massage at CCRI are white. Around 86% fell into this category, which is below average for this degree.

    The following table and chart show the race/ethnicity for students who recently graduated from Community College of Rhode Island with a associate’s in massage therapy/therapeutic massage.


    Massage Therapy In Rhode Island The Message Therapy Field Is Experiencing Double

    Massage Therapy and Pregnancy – Physical Medicine Rhode Island (RI) massage therapy ri

    Feeling stressed? Youre not alone. Thats why the massage therapy industry is thriving in Rhode Island and why the career field is projected to grow by more than 10% by 2026*. Training at Lincoln Techs Massage Therapy school in Lincoln, RI makes great sense if you want to start a hands-on, health-focused career thats in demand across the state.

    The training program offered at our Massage Therapy school puts the healing power of massage in your hands. Traditional massage techniques are emphasized, along with therapeutic and bodywork skills that help you develop a healing touch with your clients. Youll build the skills needed to work in day spas, salons and sports therapy settings throughout Rhode Island.

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    Rhode Island Educational Standards

    In Rhode Island, educational standards are set at what is commonly regarded as the minimum national level. The states schools, though, tend to offer a good deal more than what is mandated.

    State administrative code stipulates that applicants complete programs that are either accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Education or judged equivalent. In order to be judged equivalent by the Rhode Island Department of Health, a program must have the explicit purpose of preparing massage therapists. It must have the approval of the state where it is located. The total length can be no fewer than 500 hours. The program must include 300 hours of massage theory and practice. It must include 100 hours of anatomy and physiology.

    State code allows for 150 hours of coursework that may be termed electives. There are a number of acceptable related subjects, including business practice. Ethics is an expected part of the curriculum.

    A student who enrolls in a current COMTA-accredited program will get a good deal more training than what is on the books in Rhode Island. COMTAs current standards require 600 hours of education. Programs are evaluated according to a detailed set of standards.

    Does Massage Therapy School Cost

    While choosing any of the massage therapy schools in New York, it is very important that you weigh very well before committing to this stream.

    Most programs in the massage therapy schools in New York require up o 1000 hours before you will be awarded your certificate.

    The tuition cost per hour of training is in the range of $6 $17. This, therefore, translates into a program cost in the range of $3,000 $11,000.

    Apart from the tuition, the application fee is another thing to talk about. Other costs might include the cost of the massage table and the table linen and not to forget the cost of lotion. The cost of textbooks and other study materials as well as licensing costs are other costs to be put into consideration.

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    Massage Therapy Schools In Providence Ri

    Find a local licensed massage therapy training program at an accredited massage school or medical trade school near Providence, RI. Accredited schools have financial aid assistance for students who qualify. Get your training for the Rhode Island massage therapist license and start a path to a variety of massage therapist careers. Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing medical trades in the U.S. Use the search application to find a massage therapy program near you.

    Massage Therapy Schools In Rhode Island

    Massage Therapy Schools in Rhode Island + Board of Massage ...

    There are two massage therapy schools in Rhode Island, a private institution and a public college, with campuses in Lincoln and Newport County.

    Students may earn occupational certificates, which takes a year or less or two-year associate degrees. They attend classes, work in labs, and get hands-on clinical experience.

    Employment opportunities for massage therapists are rapidly expanding. Salaries and wages for Rhode Island practitioners rank slightly below the national median, but officials anticipate about 50 job openings every year during the 10 years that will end in 2026.

    View our best massage therapy schools in other states.

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    How Much Will I Earn

    The average annual wage of a massage therapist in Rhode Island was $56,096 in 2021. This is on the lower side of state earnings, with the average national salary at $53,222. Massage therapists who work in Providence-Fall River have the opportunity to earn a higher salary as well, with the average for this city at $55,882 annually.

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    How Do I Qualify For A Massage Therapy License In The State Of New York

    To qualify for a Massage Therapy license in the State of New York an applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Complete and file an application with the New York State Education Department
    • Candidate must be a high school graduate or have the legal equivalent education or have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours at an accredited college or university
    • Candidate must be a graduate of a New York State registered Massage Therapy program or have equivalent education
    • Pass a written examination satisfactory to the Board and in accordance with the Commissioners regulations
    • Candidate must be either a U.S. citizen or alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S. Documentation beyond the candidates affirmation is not required.
    • Candidate must be of good moral character
    • Candidate must be at least 18 years of age
    • Candidate must hold current Red Cross or American Heart Association Certification in CPR and First Aid
    • Initially a fee of one-hundred and eight dollars is paid to the New York State Education Department and a fee of two-hundred and fifty dollars to their testing agency. Thereafter, a triennial registration fee of fifty dollars is required.

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