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How Much Is A Massage Chair

Can You Spend Too Much Time In A Massage Chair

Unboxing The $5000 Massage Chair…

Most massage chairs are made to work on specific areas of the body like the back and neck, while others offer full body massage therapy. While you may want to enjoy the soothing sensation of the massage, use beyond 15 minutes can aggravate existing injuries and pain, and even create new overuse injuries.

How long can I use the massage chair per day?

Scientific evidence shows that massage chairs have many benefits for the human body. You can have a 15-20 minute massage therapy session every day. However, overuse can lead to minor health problems. If you have a serious medical history, you should consult your doctor before using a massage chair.

Can you overdo massage?

Thats right its possible to overdo it with do-it-yourself massage and recovery techniques and aggravate your injuries with the very tools designed to help them heal. At the very least, use them incorrectly and you may not help yourself much, wasting your time in the process.

What To Look Forward To

Based on feedback from readers with a strong fondness for massage chairs, we plan to test some spendier options in our next round of testing. Our price cap for this round was based on the cost of a weekly one-hour massage, but we realize that it might make sense for some people to spend more if doing so might add extra features or durability or perhaps offset the cost of more frequent massages.

Do Massage Chairs Emit Radiation

Massage chairs dont offer the human touch. Therefore, the nervous system is not activated in the same way as physical touch. 2. They use electromagnetic radiation that can be linked to cancer.

Can massage chairs be harmful? Excessive use is known to lead to muscle damage, inflammation and bruised tissues, in addition to damaging the massage chairs internal motor. So take it slow and easy with your massage chair, especially if you are using it for the first time.

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Massage Chairs Between $4000

In this price range youll find that most of the massage chairs come with an inbuilt bluetooth speaker, iPod, and an mp3 decoder to listen to your music directly by connecting to your phone or laptop.

Some offer heat therapy massage using infrared heating.

They also will usually come with a full-body scanner to give you a more tailored massage experience.

Other common features at this price range include:

  • Automatic tilting system for your back
  • Footrest with rollers for massaging your feet
  • Calf massage option
  • Footrest extension option for taller people

Massage chairs in this price range include:

  • When Youre New To Massage Chairs You Need To Learn The Basics

    Learn The Insights On How Much Does A Massage Chair Cost

    If you just bought your first high-end massage chair, we welcome you to a new life of relaxation. You have numerous days of comfort, tranquility, and an overall increase in your daily happiness ahead of you. As a first-time massage chair owner, however, youll want to take it slow. Getting used to your massage chair is like anything new. It takes time and patience to create the best possible outcome.

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    Are Massage Guns Worth The Hype

    Also known as percussive massagers, there are mixed reports regarding the efficacy of handheld models. Ideal for targeting specific muscles or pressure points, some athletes swear by them! The comprehensive HoMedics Sports Recovery Gun includes three heads and varying intensity levels for you to try for yourself.

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    What Are You Paying For Massage

    If you are accustomed to a weekly massage, and you maybe visit the chiropractor and/or physical therapist every monthwhich is to say, if you are accustomed to paying for the care and maintenance of your one-and-only bodythen you are used to spending $100 to $150 a week for these services.

    At 52 weeks, that puts your expenses at $5,000 to $8,000 per year. Now maybe you dont go that often. Still, the outlay probably surprises you, even if you are in the habit of paying for it. A top-quality massage chair with the best options and features available will run you $6,000 to $10,000. So, in a little over a year, even the top-of-the-line chair will have paid for itself.

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    How Often Should You Get A Chair Massage

    How often can you use a massage chair depends on your condition and the type of massage chair you own. If its a recliner with massage function, 15-20 sessions as often as twice a day should be fine. For a full body massage, a gentle, relaxing program can be enjoyed daily. A more robust sports or deep tissue massage program is fine for several times a week for athletes but should be limited to fewer sessions for seniors.

    Features Of Massage Chairs Under $3000

    Best Massage Chair Under $1000: What’s the Best Affordable Massage Chair?

    Prices for massage chairs can range between $500 and $30,000 -the price will vary based on the brand and model as well as the features. While the most expensive models provide the most recent, most advanced capabilities for massage in top-quality styles, cheaper massage chairs should not be ignored.

    Massage chairs priced under $3000 will contain the basic elements of massage therapy, including deep pressure rollers that are available in the form of an S-track or L-track and the capability to tailor the massage to your body. These chairs may not offer the same features as high-end massage chairs that are priced in the five-digit range however they will be capable of relieving your pains and aches and allow you to enjoy some time for relaxation. There are other characteristics you can expect to see on a chair for massage priced under $3000:

    A few of these features might be basic in massage chairs priced under $3,000. Other features like voice control as well as the ability to store settings or air ionizers can be found in higher-end massage chairs. However, some models in our list could come with different versions of these functions.

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    Massage Chairs Between $9000

    These premium massage chairs tend to come with the following:

    • 3D rollers that can move in six different directions, providing an unparalleled chair massage experience.
    • Custom heated rollers that mimic a human hand during the massage .
    • Custom rollers that are designed to provide massages using the soothing junetsu kneading technique.
    • 20+ large airbags that usually have at least three different intensities.
    • Foot and calf massager that can perform arch kneading and sole shiatsu.
    • Stretching programs for different parts of the body such as the neck, chest, lower back, pelvis, and the legs.
    • Child lock feature.
    • Voice guidance feature which explains operation procedures and specific functions on the remote control.
    • Optocoupler detection device which scans the shoulder for any tense areas to be massaged.

    Some of these massage chairs include:

  • Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro
  • These super expensive massage chairs are made with premiums material and usually include the following:

    • Multiple zero gravity settings
    • 360 degree surround bluetooth speakers
    • S-track and l-track design
    • Can adapt to different shoulder width sizes

    Massage chairs over $10k include:

  • HXLSXROMIDA Capsule Sl
  • Great Massage Chair Financing Options

    For far less than the out-of-pocket costs of visits to massage therapists or other bodywork professionals, you can have a massage chair in your living roomor denor your bedroom.

    Even the top massage chairs will cost you less than $200 per month if you qualify for one of our massage chair financing programs. Best of all, most financing programs are offered at ZERO COST to you. For more information, visit our financing options page.

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    Massage Chairs Between $8000

    Many of these massage chairs have:

    • Smart touch screens and easy to use remote controls that you can easily use even at night
    • 3+ levels of multi-sectional intensity
    • Noise reduction technology. This makes them one of the quietest massage chairs around
    • Premium sound system
  • Human Touch Novo XT2 3D
  • Bodyfriend Rex-L
  • Human Touch Massage Chairs

    Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Massage Chair

    Human Touch is another extremely popular massage chair brand. The brand has versatile designs and extremely beneficial massage programs.

    Human Touch chairs have a weight ranging from 100 to 150 lbs and they can carry a maximum of 285lbs user weight.

    Some of the top models weight


    • Item weight 114 lbs

    Users Weight capacity

    Human Touch has a 285 pound weight limit for their chairs. They have also specifically mentioned in their warranty terms that the company will not be responsible if you weigh more than 285 pounds and cause any damage to the chair after sitting in it.

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    Massage Types And Intensity

    Lighter pressure is recommended over medium or firm since older adults have less active muscle tissue, says Ferri.

    As far as massage types go, Marko suggests shiatsu massage for seniorsits similar to acupressure and better than vibration alone. Overall, the person using the massage chair has to know exactly what type of massage theyre looking for and the level of intensity they want.

    Scanning And Compression Tech

    Massage chairs like the D.Core Cirrus utilize unique body scanning technology and 3D motions, like deep tissue kneading, to deliver a dynamic massage with customized intensity. The scanning tech will measure and create a map of your body so the chair can target the hard-to-reach places with just enough pressure. Modern massage chairs, like the M8, come with compression airbags and 4D mechanics that will provide a life-like massage, boosting circulation to increase joint flexibility, and relax tense muscles. This is also known as myofascial release.

    Massage chairs are known best for their ability to ease physical pain. The benefits of massage will also render a mental refresh through endorphin release, leaving you feeling calm and happy. Many massage chairs are fully customizable and combine acupressure and compression therapy with an expert curation of healing massage routines that will mimic the touch of the human hand. Massages are certainly satisfying, and where better than to experience a peaceful massage with the amenities of your home. Chances are you wont be craving a spa massage anytime soon.

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    Massage Chair Buying Guide

    Massage Chair Benefits

    How Much Is a Massage Chair?

    How to Reset a Massage Chair

    Back Massage Chairs for Back Pain

    Are There Massage Chairs for Tall People?

    How Do Massage Chairs Work?

    The best massage chairs work by using a combination of multiple types of devices that offer a variety of motions. Massage recliners should offer different techniques like kneading, rolling, squeezing, tapping and shiatsuthe function of pressing against one pressure point at a time.

    Are Massage Chairs Safe?

    How to Repair a Massage Chair?

    What Is the Best Price for a Massage Chair?

    Massage Chair vs. Massage Cushion

    What Is a 3D Massage Chair?

    What Is a Shiatsu Massage Chair?

    Classification Of Massage Chairs Based On Price

    Chair Massage: How Much Weight is Safe on a Massage Chair?

    Massage Chair Experts divide the massage chairs into three different categories.

  • Under 1000$ OR Inexpensive Chairs.
  • From 1000$ to 5000$ OR Mid-Range Chairs.
  • Above 5000$ OR High-End Chairs.
  • Make sure to keep yourself aware of these categories, as we later use them to classify various them as per features.

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    Can You Sit In A Massage Chair Too Long

    Excessive usage of a massage chair has been shown to cause muscular injury, inflammation, and damaged tissues, in addition to causing damage to the internal motor of the chair. In other words, go slowly and deliberately when utilizing your massage chair, especially if its your first time using it. A perceived advantage does not exceed the costs associated with excessive usage.

    How Much Is A Massage Chair Cost

    Massage chair prices can range anywhere from $500 to $30,000, depending on the brand, model, and amenities that are selected. However, while the more costly versions provide the latest and most modern massaging capabilities in high-quality designs, the more economical massage chairs are not to be disregarded in the process.

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    Take Notes Of The Trouble Signs

    Unless youre a massage chair expert, or formally trained in the particular field, trying to repair the mechanical parts of your massage chair is no less than a mistake.

    Pay close attention to each and every sound your massage chair makes. In case of any irregular sign, be sure to consult a massage chair professional .

    Other than that, make sure to look out for the following trouble signs:

    Unknown noises.

    Difficulty in switching the massage chair ON and OFF.

    Failure to perform any specific function like reclining.

    Problems in switching massage modes.

    Besides all these signs and symptoms, you MUST refrain from using it unless its fixed.

    Top Of The Range Luxury Massage Chairs

    How Much Does A Massage Chair Weigh

    These advanced machines provide something similar to human massage. The SL-Track rollers blend forces with numerous airbags along with heat therapy and a large selection of adjustment options to provide an unwinding or refreshing experience.

    Voice control or App and noise reduction. Luxury materials and more complete warranties are standard.

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    Is It Worth Getting A Massage Chair

    This depends on how much are you spending on a massage chair, how many persons are using it and how often would you go to a massage therapy session without it. Buying a massage chair is a good investment if you, or multiple members of the family enjoy massages on a regular basis.

    Owning a massage chair also tends to lead to more regular sessions, maximizing the health benefits of massage therapy.

    Whats The Difference Between An Expensive Massage Chair And An Inexpensive Chair

    In the previous sections weve pretty much outlined the differences in the massage chairs at different price points, but we will summarize below.

    1. Under $500

    • These have very few vibration motors and only offer a singles massage intensity.
    • Most of these have simple user-friendly and handheld remote controls.
    • These chairs do not offer heat therapy.
    • They can only massage the back and not the rest of the body.

    2. Around The $2,500 Price Point

    • Thesemassage chairs are able to recline into zero gravity position.

    • Some models offer heat massage.
    • Come with preset massage functions.
    • They offer full body massage.
    • Come with a combination of multiple motors, rollers, airbags, and a control panel which gives you a broad range of massage movements.
    • These chairs may offer a Swedish and Shiatsu massage.

    3. Over $5,000

    • These chairs come with fully automated and computer controlled massage programs that give you control over what massage experience you would like to have.
    • They come with a combination of multiple motors, rollers, airbags and a control panel which gives you a broad range of massage movements.
    • Multiple zero gravity recline options.
    • Built-in mp3 player and speakers.
    • Heat massages.
    • Full-body massages from head to toe.
    • Stretching programs.

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    Are Massage Chairs Really Helpful

    Benefits of Massage Therapy and Massage Chairs A good hand massage can play a crucial role in relieving back pain. Similarly, a good massage chair is designed to provide some level of pain relief and relaxation, but without the need for face-to-face interaction.

    Are massage chairs really good for your back?

    Your Skeletal System Can Improve Many massage chairs have the ability to stretch and knead the problem areas where your muscles are too tight, and relaxing them will help relax your skeletal structure. Taking that stress away helps realign your spinal cord, which is a common cause of back pain.

    Massage Chairs Below $700

    Best Massage Chair under $1000 vs. $10000 2021 reviews

    In this category you mainly find recliners with massage function included. These are not full body massage chairs but if you are looking for a budget-friendly option for an elderly parent, these models can still be a nice upgrade to a regular comfy chair.

    Some will also have heat option and a power lift function as well, which can be a great aid for someone who has difficulty standing up.

    The massage function will usually have limited options, often targeting specific body areas only such as the lower back or thighs. There are also models with multiple vibration points spread from the shoulder area to the legs.

    Convenient extras like cup holders, remote control and side pockets can be expected.

    This price category also has models with multiple color and upholstery options, giving you a lot more choice when it comes to finding a style that matches your living room furniture.

    Some models include:

    • MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner
    • Flamaker Power Lift Recliner Chair with Heat and Massage
    • Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Chair

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    How Much Is A Massage Chair And What Types Are There

    After a long, stressful day working or a good workout theres nothing better than getting a good massage. Making regular appointments with a massage therapist can be difficult for your busy schedule and tough on the wallet, which is why many professionals prefer enjoying the benefits of massage therapy at home.

    If youre considering buying a massage chair for your home, theres no doubt that two questions come to mind right away: how much is a massage chair and what types are there? Today, were exploring answers to both of those questions to help you determine which massage chair is right for you and meets your needs.

    Massage Chairs Between $5000 $10000

    This is where things get tricky. While most of the dangers of cheaper chairs fall away in this price range, there are still some things to take into consideration.

    Here youre looking for award-winning chairs. Youre not looking for an average chair with a big mark-up because of some fancy gimmick that serves no real purpose. Look out for marketing strategies like 4D Rollers, theyre the same as 3D Rollers with intensity control.

    Also, pay close attention to customer feedback. As I said, if youre paying this much for a chair, you want a chair thats amazing in every aspect. So make sure people dont just like the chair, they LOVE it

    That being said, massage chairs arent perfect, so while good customer service, warranties, and quality features should be a priority, the nitty-gritty details like its too bulky or I wish it had this feature on top of the 20 other features I really like shouldnt always be a dealbreaker.

    Sure, you may want a chair that has EVERYTHING and more, but realistically speaking, this is just not going to happen. So pick the functions that are important to you and then look for a chair that has that functions.

    Key Takeaway: While massage chairs are hardly ever perfect in all respects, make sure to choose one that ticks all your boxes, especially since youre spending so much on a chair make sure it is a worthy investment.

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