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Hair Growth Comb Scalp Massager

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Comb

Scalp Massage For Hair Growth: Mega Guide 2020

Gua Sha Stone Type: Rose quartz stone

Price: $$

Color: Pink

The common gua sha board combs are in green and black. If you are looking for a pink gua sha comb for girls, ladies, and female friends, it is your good choice. Moreover, the teeth of the rose quartz stone gua sha hair comb are pointed. You can stimulate vascular circulation and moisturize hair effectively.


  • The only pink rose quartz scalp gua sha scraping massage comb on Amazon.
  • Make you less stressed with the pointed gua sha comb edges.
  • Help blood flow to your scalp faster and encourage healthy hair regrowth.
  • Dislike:

  • Compared with other rose quartz gua sha tools, it is a little expensive. But the others are rose quartz stone gua sha facial tools. At present, this is the only massage comb in pink in Amazon.
  • The shape of the rose quartz scalp gua sha comb is flat. So it is difficult to gua sha your face and body at home.
  • Haofy Electric Scalp Massager

    An electric massager that goes deeper in to your scalp

    Take a look at the reviews of this product and youll see that its not just humans that love it, but pets too.

    With 84 massage nodes, Haofy promise youll get a full 360° massage, with the option of two different speed settings.

    It can be used both dry and wet, so ideal if youre looking for a scalp massager you can use in the shower.

    The modern design means its easily operated and unlike manual handheld massagers, takes less effort to get the intensity you want.

    Users describe how the massager looks to crawl along on little feet and were amazed by how it could power through even the thickest hair.

    Its portable too, as it can be charged via USB, with many reporting great battery life.

    Haofys Electric Scalp Massager really is a good all-rounder when youre shopping for a scalp massager.

    Begin Your Journey To Smoother Hair Healthy Scalp Today


    • Herwiss Support 90-day Money-back Policy, Please Look for Sold by Herwiss CA! If You Buy Herwiss Products from Unauthorized Retailers or Other Unauthorized Sources, We Regret That We Cannot Offer You Our Money-back or Otherwise Assist You with Any Problems That You May Encounter.
    • Water-resistant and safe for kids and grownups alike to use in the shower for daily use as well as all hair types.
    • Silicone bristles that gently loosen dead skin cells and oil buildup while giving the scalp a soothing mini-massage.
    • Exclusively designed and patented handle is virtually indestructible, allows wide variety of hand positions without slipping or falling.
    • Deep cleaning of the scalp hair follicles, making hair more vibrant and healthy, prevent hair loss, dandruff and other issues.
    • Not only does this brush make cleansing your scalp a breeze, but it also helps promote blood flow to the scalp, which can increase scalp health and hair growth.
    • Help you relieve headache and daily working stress, also good for spreading gels, waxes and pomades during styling.
    • No Battery Needed, without using electricity keep scalp safe and clean, easily used as the meridian massage comb when you’re watching TV or lying down.

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    Breo Idream3 Head Massager

    A handsfree scalp massage? What more could you want!

    If you dont want to have to roll a massager around your own scalp, then invest in the Breo iDream3 and itll do all the work for you.

    This fully adjustable wearable scalp massager focuses on three areas, your scalp, upper neck and your temples for a truly enjoyable massage.

    You adjust the device through a separate remote control, using the air release button to get the fit and then the intensity youre looking for.

    The battery life of the device is impressive, and purchasers of the product liked the array of settings once they got the right fit.

    You also have the option of music, both built in or your own via USB, that is played in to the incorporated earphones to enhance your relaxation experience.

    Scalp Massage With Essential Oils

    Electric Massage Comb Vibration Head Scalp Massager Brush Hair Loss ...

    You can also use essential oils with your scalp massage. Animal studies have shown that both peppermint oils may help promote hair growth.

    Mix 1 to 2 drops of lavender or peppermint oil with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil, like jojoba or melted coconut oil. Apply directly to your scalp and then use your fingertips or a scalp massager to gently work the oils into your scalp.

    Before applying any essential oil to your scalp, be sure to do a patch test on a small area of your skin first to make sure youre not allergic.

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    Soft Silicone Hair Shampoo Brush

    For a more pocket-sized alternative, try this round, silicone brush-tipped scalp massager, such as this one from Nearbyme.

    With a non-slip cover and ergonomic design, this manual brush is used on wet hair while shampooing or conditioning. Simply massage shampoo through hair as normal before working this little brush over the scalp in small circles. To use with conditioner, first, wash out any leftover shampoo before massaging across the scalp while your conditioning product takes the time to work.

    Tezam Electric Head And Neck Massage Octopus Scalp Stress Relax

    Battery powered, 2 * AAA , Size: 3.79 x 8.14 x 1.56

    The scalp massager has rubber beads on each spindle made of plastic. Up to 8,500 vibrations per minute, matched well with a continuous percussion shake, provides deep nerve relief and helps reduce stress.

    Perfect Function:

    Scalp massage has double motion such as tapping and shaking, with about 8500 micro-vibrations per minute. Relieve cramps, tight muscles, trigger points, and pressure points within minutes.

    How to Use:

    10 Minutes Per Day:

    Improving sleep quality and helping you cope with fatigue and be more energized throughout the day. Not just for your scalp. Also works for your neck, legs, arms, back, and body. Gives a lot of relief to tense muscles

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    Brushes And Massage Tools

    As with body massages, there are also special tools you can buy for a scalp massage.

    Although some dermatologists recommend using a scalp massager, others believe that a fingertip massage is just as effective. Ultimately, its up to you to decide which method works best for you.

    Scalp massaging tools come in the form of brushes or light handheld rubber massagers. You can work these all over your scalp in the same way that youd use your fingers.

    Why Use A Scalp Massager

    Scalp Massage Techniques for Extreme Hair Growth

    Not only can scalp massagers release tension in your jaw and reduce headaches, but studies have shown that scalp massage benefits may also include the promotion of hair growth, due to the increase in blood flow to the hair follicles. With circulatory boosts, a scalp massage can encourage hair growth, which can make strands more resistant to damage and breakage. On top of stimulating your scalp, a scalp massage brush can help relieve pesky dandruff too.

    And even if youre using the best shampoo for youwhether thats the best shampoo for oily hair, thinning hair, curly hair, or a shampoo bartry using a scalp massager with your product to get a deep, salon-quality wash in the comfort of your own shower. Wet your hair, lather up with your favorite shampoo, massage, rinse, and finish with one of the best conditioners. Read on for some of the best scalp massagers to try.

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    Latme Electric Scalp Massager

    This scalp massager features oscillating clockwise and counterclockwise kneading nodes that allow for a stimulating scalp massage. Not only does it work powerfully on your scalp, but you can also use it to relax and relieve pain in your back, neck, shoulder, calves, feet, legs, and arms. The scalp massager features a waterproof, wireless, rechargeable one-button operation that allows you to use the massager wet or dry. One full charge keeps the bliss going for two full hours.

    I originally bought this for my wife as a gift, but my kids and I love it, says verified Amazon reviewer Brandon V. At first, it is a little scary because you think it will tangle your hair, but the device does not twistit just oscillates in place. A must for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy a great massage, even works great on the shoulders and back. Scalp massagers arent just for womenits one of the beauty products for men that should be in every guys medicine cabinet.


    How Do You Use A Scalp Massager

    How you use your massager will vary from type to type, since some are electric and others require a little more muscle. For more information on how to use each individual type, take a look at the product recommendations below.

    Whether you use one that is electric, manual, for wet hair or dry hair, the same principles stand, however: Go gently on your scalp , choose one that doesnt catch on or irritate skin or hair, and dont overdo it.

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    Additional Benefits Of Scalp Massage

    A scalp massage is also a head massage that helps relieve a lot of tension that we might be holding in our upper bodies.

    The benefits of a scalp massage include:

    • Relaxing tense jaw muscles that are also connected to your shoulders and upper back
    • Stimulating acupressure points may improve the health and detoxification of other body parts, such as the lungs, liver, and gallbladder
    • Lowering high cortisol levels that are the result of stress
    • A younger-looking face that is the result of a relaxing head massage
    • Relief from tension headaches
    • A boosted immune system may prevent your scalp from fungal and other infections

    What Are Scalp Massagers

    Hair Comb Electric Portable Massager Ionic Scalp Hair Loss Growth Comb ...

    Available in a variety of different colors, styles and shapes, scalp massagers are, essentially, tools designed to be used across the whole scalp to take the effort out of massaging with your fingers.

    And, while you definitely can just use your hands to manually massage your scalp, massagers definitely cut down the time involved, and are often able to cover your whole scalp in a more consistent way.

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    Well If You Think Of It As A Scalp Cleaning Tool Here Are Some Out Of The Box Ways To Use It:

  • You can use a scalp brush to massage your favorite hair oil into it.
  • It can be used to detangle your hair after a hair wash. Dr Srivastava says, Silicone scalp massager is like a soft comb, but an actual comb would work better in detangling your hair than a scalp massager. However, if you have curly hair and you normally dont brush your hair, a scalp massager is a better alternative to combing.
  • You can use this scalp massager to plop your hair for a curly girl method.
  • This scalp massager can also be used to spread your conditioner or after-wash hair mask evenly throughout your hair strands.
  • Best Scalp Massagers For Hair Growth Review 2022 Care

    One of the best approaches a person can take is Scalp Massagers for Hair Growth and increase blood circulation to the scalic region of your scalp, which if done properly cleanses the hair cells. It provides them with nutrients and oxygen needed for optimal health will respond.

    For excellent scalp health and puts your scalp in proper condition to get the full benefit from scalp massagers for hair growth.

    Rubbing the scalp can increase blood circulation in hair diseases, it accelerates relaxation, reduces stress, conditions the scalp, and increases the strength of the hair roots. And lets be honest, who doesnt love a terrific therapeutic massage?

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    Vanity Planet Groove Scalp Massager

    A strong and sturdy electric massager you can use in the shower

    With two speed settings and a gentle vibration, this sturdy massager from Vanity Planet is highly versatile.

    It can be used dry or wet, as its waterproof, meaning you can enjoy the various settings while washing your hair, too.

    With flexible rubber tips its gentle, however you can control the intensity easily as it fits neatly in the palm of your hand.

    It was observed that it was the best scalp massager for long and thick hair due to the design.

    Some did report a little rust after regular shower use, however it appeared to be easily solved simply by drying the battery compartment after each use.

    Portable Natural Horn Gua Sha Comb

    GIVE YOURSELF A SCALP MASSAGER – Scalp Massager Comb Review

    Gua Sha Stone Type: Natural horn

    Price: $

    Color: Brown

    It is a ring-shaped portable horn gua sha scalp massager. The small size makes it easier to keep in your handbag. Moreover, the fine teeth are smooth enough for sensitive and normal scalps. There is no need to worry about the burr. You can use the gua sha massager to smooth frizzy hair and stimulate hair follicles. After 3 to 6 months, the hair growth difference can be visible.


  • The gua sha scalp massage comb is comforting to touch with a balanced weight.
  • Organize hair and massage your head skin with a natural horn hair comb.
  • It is relaxing and refreshing to reduce stress and tension with gua sha for your scalp.
  • Dislike:

    To do half the work with double results, you can massage the scalp with oil to promote hair growth. Instead of expensive scalp gua sha systems, you can buy any gua sha stone and scalp massage oil you like. There are also many scalp massage oil for hair growth products you can choose from.

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    Benefits Of Scalp Massagers

    Scalp massaging offers many benefits, particularly when it comes to hair health, says celebrity hairstylist Steph Stevenson, who has worked on shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice, keeping all the stars hair in top shape.

    Scalp massagers stimulate blood flow to the scalp by helping to dilate blood vessels beneath the skin, which improves and encourages hair growth, Stevenson explains. They can also prevent product build up and remove dandruff, improving overall scalp health. Not to mention they can help you feel relaxed and reduce stress.

    Read more:

    We tested a whole selection of scalp massagers over several weeks with our usual haircare products. While its too early to say whether weve seen more growth long term, our hair definitely feels thicker and bouncier when dry. And dandruff, especially at the hairline, seems to have been kept at bay.

    You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.

    What Is Scalp Massage

    A scalp massage is a localized treatment using fingers or a scalp massage device to stimulate the hair follicles of the scalp so that they will grow more hair.

    This principle is that emotional and muscular tension causes tight head and neck muscles, preventing blood circulation to the scalp. The goal of the treatment is to dilate blood vessels beneath the skin by gently applying pressure and strokes with a circular motion to all areas of the skull.

    Scalp massage for hair is now a common alternative health practice that you can have done at most salons and spas. You can give yourself a scalp and head massage at home or have it performed by a licensed massage therapist.

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    Best Value: Ryoma Scalp Massager Set

    What You’ll Love: The Ryoma scalp massager’s unique design is intended to replicate the sensation of rubbing your fingers through your hair. Rather than use traditional bristles, the tool has steel balls at the end of every prong and they’re cool-to-the-touch, smooth-gliding, and gently exfoliate your skin without getting tangled in your hair. The prongs are flexible and slightly curved so you can successfully reach every section of your scalp. According to the brand, and several reviewers, you can also use the massager on other parts of your body like your legs, arms, neck, back, shoulders, and more.

    Customers Say: “Love these,” . “So relaxing and the smoothness of the metal balls embedded in each ‘finger’ feels great. I think it’s encouraging new hair growth, too.”

    Tezam Electric Head Massager

    Electric Massage Comb Vibration Head Scalp Massager Brush Hair Loss ...

    Now, here is an electric scalp massager that promotes hair growth and uses up to 8,500 vibrations per minute to stimulate blood flow. Check out Tezams affordable head massager.

    With a long comb-like design, this massager has rubber beads on each tooth, helping to relieve muscle tension and loosen any scalp debris. The vibrations are thought to stimulate blood vessels more than traditional massage, plus they help with hair growth. Designed to be used pre-shampoo to help soften oil and dirt, this tool can also be used on towel-dried hair for a second, stress-reducing massage.

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    Faqs Of Gua Sha Scalp Combs

    Gua sha is an ancient healing technique. It is originally a body treatment. Now you can see gua sha facial and scalp therapies as well. The scraping motion can promote lymphatic drainage and release excess fluids effectively. Those collected fluids are cleaned by the lymphatic system and then mix back into your bloodstream automatically.

    You can start gua sha scalp massage whenever you want. If you gua sha head in the morning, you can lift your energy level. Or you can massage the scalp with a gua sha comb at night to relax and calm down before sleeping.

    No. Just stop when you experience redness and tenderness while gua sha. Listen to your body. Gua sha is not painful or harmful. It is just a kind of massage that releases surrounding muscles and draws toxins from deep.

    Well. It depends on your skin type and tolerance. For gua sha newies, you can start scalp gua sha once or twice a week. If you get more comfortable, you can add the frequency to two or three times a week. Or you can add gua sha head massage into a routine as well.

    You can massage the head gently with a gua sha comb for 5 to 10 minutes.

    Does gua sha work? The answer is Yes. It is a massage technique that can boost blood circulation, soothe tension, and encourage lymphatic drainage. There are many gua sha reviews in articles and videos. You can see gua sha before and after from Instagram, YouTube, and many other personal blogs.

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