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Us Career Institute Massage Therapy

Can I Learn To Be A Massage Therapist Through An Online Distance Learning Program

US Career Institute Massage Therapy

Due to the nature of the career, you can complete a portion of your coursework through online distance learning classes however, hands-on clinical work is a requirement. Technical instruction can be obtained through an online program therefore, offering you convenience and flexibility. Please verify that your massage therapy program is accredited adequately per your states regulations.

and, lastly

What To Do After Completing One Of Our Programs

So, what happens next? Our programs will prepare you for professional practice, so you can jump into your new field right away. After finishing one of our programs, you will be eligible to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination . Passing this examination is essential if you want to work as a massage therapist. Once you have passed the exam and finished one of our programs, you will be qualified to obtain your massage therapy license from your state board. Keep in mind that you may need to pass other requirements in order to obtain your license. These may include undergoing safety training or obtaining liability insurance. Our counselors are here to answer any questions you may have.

Best Live Program: Whatcom Community College

Whatcom Community College

  • Requires commitment of 20 hours per week

  • Not as comprehensive as other programs

  • May require previous college experience

The massage therapist program at Whatcom Community College in Washington enables students with previous college experience to enroll in a 20-hour a week live-session educational program. Students wishing to obtain an associate degree will need to meet with a counselor to ensure they meet prerequisite educational requirements.

This hybrid program requires students to meet at specific times each week to engage in live training. The massage program starts each fall and runs for three quarters, allowing students to complete their education in under a year.

Through the Whatcom Community College program, students learn massage modalities and therapies along with anatomy, kinesiology, and pathology. They also learn safety, ethical, and legal applications to massage therapy as well as client communication skills. The program meets all guidelines set by the Washington State Board of Massage. At a cost of $9,540, its ideal for those who wish to switch career paths into massage therapy with some completed college credits.

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I’m Only On Session 7 In The Medical

I’m only on session 7 in the Medical Coding program and so far it has been super easy to maneuver and I’m 57! I am already learning so much. I had to call and speak with someone in Admissions and they were very kind and helpful.Looking forward to continuing on and learning even more!

Reply from U.S. Career Institute

Thank you for the wonderful review and congrats on your progress, Wendy Sue!

The content was relevant and well presented. And once I got myself in gear to get started , when I did need clarification there was always someone available when I called with a question

Reply from U.S. Career Institute

Thank you for the great review, Kenneth!

Salary Information For Massage Therapists

Massage Therapy Program

Massage therapists earned a median annual salary of $39,860 in 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the low end, massage therapists earned a 25th percentile salary of $27,220, meaning 75 percent earned more than this amount. The 75th percentile salary is $57,110, meaning 25 percent earn more. In 2016, 160,300 people were employed in the U.S. as massage therapists.


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How Long Does It Take To Get An Online Massage Therapy Certification

The length of the massage therapy course of study ranges widely based on the program. Some programs wrap up in as little as 15 weeks. Most, however, take at least a year to complete, while others take much longer. Those seeking an associate degree program can spend 18 to 36 months studying to earn their degree.

Massage Therapist Specializations & Degree Types

Massage therapy programs offer degreesand certificates which can be earned at two-year colleges or privatetrade schools and institutions. Most educational and trainingprograms in massage therapy require anywhere from 500 to 1,000 hours of study and hands-on experience. Some programs offerinstruction in general massage techniques while others teachspecialty massage skills which enable professionals to use specifictypes of techniques to heal or treat certain ailments.

Specializations in massage therapyinclude:

  • Acupressure

A list of featured and accredited massagetherapy educational programs is included below.

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Best For Specializations: The Professional Massage Academy

The Professional Massage Academy

  • Based in Minnesota, with online components

  • Some may need more training for state exams

The Professional Massage Academy offers an online massage therapy program with flexible online classes and some in-person learning. Those in Minnesota can sit for their state licensing exam after course completion. Some taking the program out-of-state may need more hands-on training locally to meet their state requirements.

It’s possible to take specialized massage therapy programs for one or two areas of focus in other courses and programs. Students have access to some specialization options included the program such as sports massage, advanced massage techniques, and specialized massage areas such as reflexology, medical massage, and deep tissue massage. This is taught through demonstration and practical application. Students also learn core topics such as kinesiology, medical terminology, and anatomy.

The Professional Massage Academy also offers personalization and flexibility by providing three learning plans with 15, 29, or 40 hours per week of study, allowing students to complete their education in as little as 15 weeks. At a cost of $7,500 and requiring 600 hours of completion, this program is a moderate choice across the board. There is also a $150 fee for online access to the program.

Massage Therapy Is A Growing Career

U.S. Career Institute Outstanding Graduate Lacey Klem’s Nomination Speech 2019

As massage therapy has become increasingly important in the health and wellness professions, the number of massage therapists has risen. In 2019, the estimated number of massage therapists in the US was 360,823, statistically flat from 2018.

There are currently 245+ accredited massage therapy institutions in the United States. Many institutions have multiple campuses. Find an AMTA School Member near you. Training programs in massage therapy generally require a high school diploma, though post-secondary education is useful. Learn what to consider when looking for your perfect massage therapy program. Previous studies in broad subjects such as science , business and humanities are helpful.


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First Institute Shows You How To Become A Massage Therapist

In theory, a person could go online and study to become a massage therapist without ever treating a person, but what would be the good of that? First Institute knows how important it is to balance the art and the science of massage therapy. They emphasize the importance of hands-on, practical learning that will give you the confidence you need to start your career.

If you are excited about the career prospects and people focus of massage therapy, then you owe it to yourself to contact First Institute. Our friendly Admissions Representatives will help you determine if its the right career for you. Theyll also take you on a tour of the campus and our Healing Arts Center, where you can talk to instructors, students, even clients. And because we are an accredited school, financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Dont put off training for an exciting new career call First Institute today at or take our Career Readiness Quiz.

How Will You Benefit

  • Fast track your career in massage
  • Learn the inside secrets of how to become a massage professional in months not years!
  • Study a massage course that was designed in conjunction with senior members of the profession
  • Free up valuable time, dont waste time and money travelling to classes
  • Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are
  • Have access to a tutor
  • Easy interest free payment plans from as low as $39 per week

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The Us Career Institute

TheU.S. Career Institute massage therapy curriculum, encompasses a collection of courses that is one of the few online massage therapy certification programs. You can get certified without even needing direct training.

This program offers the following courses:

  • Anatomical terms
  • Ethics in a therapeutic setting
  • History of bodywork

Some of the other studies include the following:

  • Chinese medicine theory
  • Movement and support
  • Swedish massage

When you complete the courses and receive your certificate, you will be ready to take your licensing examination for massage and bodywork. The exam is dispensed by the FSMTB, which is the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards.

Course material includes DVD instructional guides and flashcards. On average, the self-paced program takes about 625 hours to complete.

Starting Your Massage Career

Massage Therapy Archives

Discover what you need to know about starting a career in massage therapy.

One of the most frequent comments massage therapists make about their occupation is, “I feel fortunate to have found work I love.” They feel this way because a career in massage therapy allows them to help people in a meaningful way with a high degree of personal contact.

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Great Program Would Recommend

I love my program so far. I currently work as a medical assistant and have for several years, but now that many places are asking for certification, this program has made it easier for me to accomplish. I’m still learning things and getting refreshing information through the course that I am applying at my job already. My advisor is accessible and kind when I have questions. My only criticism is that there are no options for externship or hands-on training through the program. It feels as though this is designed for people like myself who already work/have experience as MAs, fresh beginners may struggle, especially post-certification when they get a job. However, I would still recommend this program and suggest you do extra research and studying when it comes to tasks like blood draws, lab work and injections, and find a job that is willing to train new graduates. Overall the cost and payment plans are accessible to varying income levels and you don’t need to take out loans to pay for it. You can set your own pace, and they will help pay for your certification exam fees.

Reply from U.S. Career Institute

Thank you for the great and comprehensive review, Vee!

Best On A Budget: Allied Health Career Institute

Allied Health Career Institute

  • Lack of interactive online format

The Massage Therapy Certificate Program from Allied Health Career Institute is a 700-credit hour program offering self-paced learning. It prepares students for health and wellness careers, providing a good blend of online and in-classroom education in Arizona.

At a cost of $6,999, the Allied Health Career Institute program is affordable, especially since it prepares students to sit for the MBLEx certification program. It’s also beneficial to those on a budget because of flexible payment plans and financial aid potential, plus students can complete their education over time.

Allied Health Career Institutes comprehensive course includes topics such as kinesiology, anatomy, pathology, and musculoskeletal applications. Students receive practical skill training in trigger point therapy, Western massage, reflexology, and myofascial massage. There is also some business-focused content provided to help students develop good relationships with clients and build their practice.

Although the program is not comprehensive in covering all types of massage. it does offer a hands-on learning style that can help perfect the skills and techniques that are covered.

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Our Massage Therapy School Online Programs

Massage therapy is one of the most in-demand occupations in health and wellness. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings for massage therapists will skyrocket over the coming decade. If you are looking for a promising profession at the start of your career, then massage therapy is an excellent choice. If youre interested in switching careers, then professional massage therapy is an achievable goal.

At Allied Health Career Institute, were here to prepare you to meet the challenges of a career in massage therapy. We offer a blend of massage therapy school online and classroom-instructed curriculum so you can achieve your career goals with greater flexibility. Our programs are up-to-date and thorough, so they will arm you with the skills you need for your career. We understand the needs of todays aspiring massage therapists, and were here to meet them. Thats why our programs have such value for our students. When you enroll in one of our massage therapy programs, you can enter your new profession with confidence.

These are the program options that we currently offer:

Do I Need Certification Or Licensure To Be A Massage Therapist

The Soma Career Fair

Yes, generally, most states do require a minimum of 500 to 1000 hours of training before taking a certification test, such as the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination or the National Certification Board in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork , depending on your states regulations. The MBLEx exam includes 100 questions based on client assessment, kinesiology, the physiological effects of a massage, along with, professional ethics. Also, your state may require you to pass a local and state licensure examination. If you plan to be self-employed, you may need a business license and liability insurance, as well. To keep your certification, you must participate in continuing educational opportunities, which also varies by state.

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Massage Therapist Program Accreditation

When choosing an educational pathway, itis important to consider whether programs and institutions areaccredited. Schools and programs holding accreditation have proventhat they meet the highest standards of academic and professionalintegrity. Students, staff and faculty, and future employers allbenefit from investing their time, tuition, and talents in anaccredited educational program.

The Commissionon Massage Therapy Accreditation is a national accrediting agency for the massage therapyprofession. Other massage therapy programs may be accredited bynationally-recognized agencies that accredit allied health or similartrade school programs.

The U.S. Department of Education has a list of all nationally-approved accrediting agencies that havebeen approved by national standards.

American College Of Healthcare Sciences

Lisa Powell, Famous Alumni

Portland, Oregon

Through distance education, she earned the credentials to follow her passion in holistic health

Tony Conn enrolled in the Massage Therapy course through U.S. Career Institute so he could use Massage Therapy to enhance the lives of others. The course allowed him to study at his own pace while working full-time and to fulfill his dream of opening his own spa.

Tony Conn has always been interested in total wellness and loves bringing physical and mental tranquility to the lives of people around him. He dreamed of owning his own spa, but was worried that he would never be able to complete a massage therapy program while working full-time as an educator. Tony was excited to find the Massage Therapy course offered by U.S. Career Institute because it allowed him the flexibility to complete his course and obtain his Massage Therapy license while juggling his other responsibilities. He graduated from the course in June of 2016, with highest honors and a GPA of 97%.

“I am proud of successfully completing my Massage Therapy course through U.S. Career Institute and becoming a licensed Massage Therapist. I am humbled to know I can help others have a happy, healthy life and that I am getting paid to do a job that I love.”

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Already In The Profession Or Industry

This course and qualification is a great way of consolidating existing knowledge via Recognition of Prior Learning , updating your industry skills and contributing towards your professional development. It is also one of the most practical steps you can take towards working towards gaining a promotion or better-paid position.

Careers In Massage Therapy

Northern Virginia School of Massage Therapy

You know you want to become a massage therapist, but do you know what you will do with your massage therapy degree? There are several industry options for massage therapist and you can tailor your career toward the option that best suits you. We have broken the career paths into four main industries. If you are going into massage therapy then it is good to understand the options you have after graduation.

Business industry

This includes careers that are mainly business oriented. People in this industry often work in a massage office, home office, or for a franchise. Working in a massage office or for a massage franchise gives you the benefit of working with a team of massage therapists. It also gives you the opportunity to work for a business that is already successful. A home office is one way to have your own massage therapy business. The benefit of this is that you can be your own boss and set your schedule, however, you do not have the benefit of having an established successful business. You will have to earn your own reputation which can be difficult when first starting out.

Health care industry

Another option is to work in a physicians office, clinic, hospital, nursing home, or chiropractic office. One reason people choose to go into the health care industry is because they are passionate about helping people. Working in the health care industry also gives employees the opportunity to work for very reputable companies that provide great benefits.

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In Medical Billing And Coding Bliss Already

I expressed interest in the medical billing and coding course and someone responded to me within 6hrs! I got all my questions answered. I’m so happy they had affordable payment options so I was able to get started right away. I’m thankful that the website was user friendly and everything went so smoothly!

Reply from U.S. Career Institute

Love your review title, Aeesha – we appreciate you sharing and are happy to hear this!

I am so glad that I joined US Career before going with some one else. It’s manageable and understandable for me. Thank you

Reply from U.S. Career Institute

Thank you for the great review, Sharon – we’re happy to have you as a student!

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