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Osaki Os 7075r Massage Chair

Osaki Os 7075r Massage Chair Basics

Stretch Program – Osaki OS-7000 & OS-7075R Massage Chair

The first thing to understand is that there are actually four variants of the Osaki OS 7075R massage chair, as outlined in the handy chart below. Note that whenever Osaki breaks down a particular line of massage chairs into different models, they usually make subtle distinctions.

However, this is not the case with the OS 7075R. Literally, the only difference between each and every model is the color. Each color gets its designated model letter, but the chairs are identical in every other respect.

Why Should Choose This Massage Chair

With the use of Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair, you will step in to the world of relaxation and complete comfort. The Zero Gravity design of this chair enables the chair to place your body in the least stress position by keeping your legs elevated above your heart with spine placed horizontally. This reduced stress position gives you creative comfort. Apart from that the new addition of foot rollers give your feet muscles a complete relief from pain and tiredness. Not only are these but you can enjoy many other health advantages with use of the massage chair.

Drawbacks Of The Osaki Os 7075r

While there are an incredible number of things that this massage chair gets absolutely right, there are a few nits and negatives that bear mentioning to make our Osaki OS 7075R review complete.

First, the OS 7075R super deluxe zero gravity massage chair is fairly heavy. Getting it into your home is likely to be a two-person operation. More so, unless youre pretty strong, moving it will not be an easy task on your own.

Price can also be considered as another downside. Priced at just a bit over $4000, it is clearly more expensive than some budgets will allow for. But, this is one of those instances where you get what you pay for. And if youre looking for a professional-grade, high intensity massage, then the OS 7075R is worth every penny.

Thirdly, the relatively low heat offered by the full body heating pads plus the sheer intensity of the massage delivered by the chaireven on its lowest settingshave been seen as a problem by some users.

Lastly, note that this is not a chiropractic massage chair, because it does not recline a full 180 degrees and lay flat. It comes close, reclining to 170 degrees, but you will never be able to lay completely flat and stretch out on this chair.

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*please Note That This Massage Chair Has Been Discontinued Visit More Osaki Massage Chairs

The Osaki OS-7075R zero gravity massage chair provides a unique design and feature set for the Osaki massage chair line-up. With a heat therapy system that far surpasses any other massage chair that Osaki offers you are guaranteed to find incredible relaxation with a massage from this massage chair. With a recommended user height of 52 to 65, and a suggested max user weight of 300 lbs this chair is a great option for almost everyone.

Detailed Functions & Features

Osaki OS

With the simple touch of button, enter the world of relaxation and comfort. The Zero Gravity feature provides a minimized spinal stress position by elevating the legs above the heart and positioning the spine on a horizontal plain. Zero Gravity has been recognized by the U.S. space program as a reduced stress position mimicking a floating feeling. We invite you to experience the innovative comfort of the innovative new OS-7075R.

DISCLAIMER: The Osaki OS-7075R applies a very intense massage and is only recommended to those who desire deep tissue massage therapy.

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Many Amazingly Relaxing And Satisfying Features

Infrared Body Scan Technology: Infrared scanners measure the curves of your body and direct the chair to massage in an individualized way.

Zero Gravity: The chair’s legs are raised above the heart and the back is positioned to reduce stress for a deeper massage.

New Thai Body Stretching Massage: Mimics a Thai massage that manipulates and stretches the spine and legs.

Heat Massage: An expansive, heated massage throughout the chair targets all your vital muscle areas. It applies wide-spectrum infrared heating, which is milder that average heating pads.

Pelvis and Hip Massage: Air bags along the outer hip and waist apply a deep compression massage and a gentle, lovely-feeling twist on the hips to stretch tight muscles. This mode was designed to softly flex and stretch the muscles around the lower back, hips and pelvis.

Powerful Massage Motors: 13 powerful independent motors throughout the chair distribute a smooth and consistent massage. Each motor is designed to handle a sole function that allows for less wear and stress, resulting in improved reliability.

A extra long, 31-inch massage track extends from the head all the way down to the lower tailbone area.

Head and Neck Air Massage: An airbag band around the forehead applies a gentle to mid strength squeeze, imitating the palms of a hand pressing down. A special neck massage directly targets stress-relieving “tsubo points” around your neck.

Which Massage Chair To Buy

This is often the difficult question. These two massage chairs do share plenty of similarities, which make can it a difficult decision. In case you are having trouble deciding between the two, then you should consider which one would work best in your environment. Contemplate who will be using the massage chair and if you want one that is focused on deep tissue massage or one that has a more flexibility. With that being said, The Osaki OS-7075R is definitely ideal for the athletic type who is looking to use the deep massage for faster recovery time. But, for many the Osaki OS-7200H is the better choice.

If you would like to learn more about Osaki Massage Chairs please visit our preferred retailer at They also have some great massage chair reviews to read too!

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Osaki Os 7075r Review Conclusion

If youve been searching for a feature-rich massage chair loaded with high-end features, but lacking the price of a truly high-end chair, the Osaki OS 7075R Massage Chair is an ideal pick. Its not really designed for casual use, so fans of light or occasional massage would be better off gravitating to some other model.

If, on the other hand, you suffer from chronic back pain and need a more intense massage on a regular basis, this chair offers a tremendous set of features at a quite reasonable price.

The few negatives the chair possesses, while worth mentioning for the sake of making our Osaki OS 7075R review as all-inclusive as possible, do little to detract from its overall quality.

Find The Same Model For A Lower Price

Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair Video – Introduction

As a leader in the massage chair industry, strives to provide a high level of customer service and give our customers the best deals possible on our massage chairs. If you find our products for a lower price at an authorized seller online or in-store, please get in touch with us and we’ll beat the price.

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Quad Roller Massage Technology

On the OS 7075R, the quad massage rollers are specifically designed to replicate the feel of human fingers and hands, and deliver a lifelike, natural massage. Powered by the extensive motor system, the quad rollers provide massage from the head to the tailbone as they move along the spine-contouring S-Track system.

What Customers Think About The Osaki Os

Unsurprisingly, most reviews of the Osaki OS-7075R are positive. The intensive nature of the massage is highlighted fairly often, with one user commenting that even on the lowest setting I found myself exhaling through some of the programs. Another customer states that the deep tissue massage is great and that they really recommend this product.

However, another user does warn that the chair may not be suitable for all, particularly those who have had back surgeries, which indicates strongly that the its more tailored for those who appreciate intensive massage and have a preference for a more powerful touch.

The weight of the chair is a problem for some, and one user warns that the base in particular is very heavy, making it difficult to move through the house. However, overall, the negative comments are few and far between. Another customer claims that they cant say enough good things about it, and that it is just superb.

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Osaki Os 7000 Vs Osaki Os 7075r

If youve done much research on the Osaki OS 7075R, chances are youve also seen the Osaki OS 7000.

So whats the difference?

First, its important to know that the Osaki OS 7000 is the model from the which the OS 7075R was developed. In essence, the OS 7075R is an upgraded version of the OS 7000.

All of the features offered on the Osaki OS 7000 massage chair are also offered on the Osaki OS 7075R with the exception of one feature: foot rollers.

As mentioned above, Osaki has been upgrading some of their popular massage chair models to add foot rollers and the OS 7075R is no exception.

  • Remote .
  • Massage intensity .
  • Since the chair is tall, it might not be the best model for users shorter than 5’3″.

Osaki Os 4000b Model Os

Osaki OS

The features of this massage chair are super, and it brings along all that you need. The computerized system of body scanning is something everyone loves about this massage chair.

It offers excellent body massage and will make your body less stressful in a matter of minutes only with each vibration, it will eliminate large amounts of stress from your body.

It is covered with polyurethane, and this makes this massage chair much more durable. This item is entirely cushioned, so everything feels softer and softer.

This item comes with six programs that are pre-set.

It is super easy to operate. It accompanies a remote with an LCD. The zero gravity positioning of this massage chair is a big hit about this item, like all the other products by Osaki.

It offers an incredible pressure massage for your calf, feet, hips, arms, and shoulders. This Osaki massage chair is unbelievable in providing the best shoulder and hip squeeze.

There is an option for the auto-timer settings in this item.

The leg extension technology that this item accompanies is again fantastic as it increases the level of comfort for all the users.

Other than all this, this massage chair, Osaki Brand designs, will provide you with the perfect foot and calf massage. It is the best therapy that you can have after a long tiring day at work.

It comes with the operating manual that will help you out in the operation of this item.

The total weight of this massage chair is around two hundred and ten pounds.


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Get Your Own Private Exquisitely Relaxing Massage With One Of The Most Advanced Massage Chairs From Osakithe Head Massage Alone Is Priceless

Enter a world of utter comfort and relaxation with the simple press of button. The Zero Gravity feature minimizes stress on the spine by elevating the legs over the heart and positioning the spine horizontally. The U.S. space program recognizes that the Zero Gravity position, which mimics a floating sensation, can greatly reduce stress. We invite you to experience the innovative comfort with the new, state-of-the-art OS-7075R.

Note well: The OS-7075R applies an intense massage and is recommended only to those who desire a deep tissue massage.

What You Wont Find On The Os 7075r

The Osaki OS 7075R has a robust set of features. That said, there are a few features that are found on some of Osakis similarly priced models that arent found on the OS 7075R. And since choosing a massage chair is a big investment, its important to know what you are and what youre not getting.

MP3-compatible with built-in speakers

A few of Osakis mid-level massage chairs are MP3-compatible and have built-in speakers. This feature allows you to connect an MP3-compatible device, select your favorite music and listen to it all from the massage chair. These chairs also offer a special preset program that will sync your massage to the rhythm of your music.

Space-saving technology

Space-saving technology is available on a few other Osaki models. This technology allows the chair to recline while also moving forward, reducing the amount of space needed behind the chair for it to fully recline to about 4 inches. If space is a premium in your home or office, total space needed is important to consider before purchasing a massage chair.

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Health And Wellness Benefits Of The Osaki Os

Even without the many massage features of this unique chair, the two-tier zero gravity positioning already gets you relaxed and helps align your spine and reduce joint stress. Lean back and relax or raise your feet above your heart for help with circulation problems and to remove vertebrae compression. Activate the Thai body stretch feature for added benefits.

The conveniently located in-arm controller pops up so you can easily hit the buttons to adjust your massage during a program. After scanning your body, the chair can work through one of 6 healthcare-based programs or you can create something unique. The 4-roller system on a 31-inch S-track provides the ultimate in customized spinal treatments from your neck down to your tailbone. This improves posture while reducing stress and strain. Forty-six airbags massage shoulders, arms and hands, legs and feet, hips and more.

The most unique feature of this chair is the head massager. Slip a comfortable headband across your forehead and allow the gentle pressure soothe headaches away.

Easy To Use Healthcare Auto Programs

Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair Assembly Instructions

The Osaki OS-7075R features 6 unique preset massages for your convenience. This chair also has a manual mode so you can control exactly where the rollers are moving.

Auto Programs List:

  • Weightless: Press this button and the massage chair will be adjusted to the weightless recline position automatically. This stress-relieving position has been found to relieve pressure on the spine, relax the neck and back, increase circulation and blood oxygen levels, expand lung capacity, and help correct spinal alignment
  • Stretching: A Full body massage combined with back, waist and leg stretching. The first press is a more vigorous stretching function. During the first press, the light will remain on. Press a second time for a lighter stretch. During the second press, the light will shine. Press a third time to stop this function completely
  • Pelvis Swing: The airbags in the hip and waist region inflate and deflate to provide a rejuvenating compression massage. With this function, your hips will sway back and forth with the focus of stretching tight muscles in one of the most often neglected areas of your body
  • Whole: Press this button once to start an auto whole body massage to relax the entire body
  • Night Time: Press once to enter the night time massage program. This program is light and is recommended for users who are exhausted and/or needs a rest. A great choice for when just waking up or when youre ready for bed
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    When You First Sit Down

    As with all Osaki Massage Chairs, when you sit down and first turn on the massage chair it reclines a bit to help keep you in the chair when the body-scan starts. I choose the Soothing program, reclined back into the zero gravity position and started my massage.

    A special note on the remote the remote for the Osaki OS-7075R is much simpler to navigate and quickly find what you are looking for than some of the OS-3D Pro massage chairs. You have your massage programs, followed by a few manual adjustments, and then finally positioning buttons to manipulate the head and foot rest to an ideal position for you, simple, easy effective.

    Osaki Os4000tb Model Os

    This is definitely one of the best Osaki massage chairs.

    This massage chair is produced with the quality leather and feels smooth to the touch. The computerized body scan feature of this item makes it unique from others.

    The design of this massage chair is zero gravity that is approved by NASA. It offers outstanding air massage technology.

    Additionally, it comes with a leg extension feature. There are various options of massages available in this product it provides you with the best foot massage, calf massage, a fabulous shoulder squeeze, lumbar and hip squeeze, and amazing heat therapy for your back, especially the lower back.

    It comes with a remote that is easy to use and will make operating this massage chair simple and quick.

    This massage chair brings along massage in five different styles along with five-speed levels and five levels of intensity. You can lift the calf rest area of this massage chair and stretch it as long as you want. It also comes with an auto leg scan option.

    There are five to thirty options with the auto timer.

    The best massage that this chair provides is the vibration seat massage it will relax your whole body from the head area to the toe.

    The total weight of this massage chair is two hundred and fifty-five pounds. You can keep this wherever you want in the house, and yes, it is difficult to move, so choose the area wisely.

    The rated frequency of this massage chair is fifty to sixty Hz.


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    Unique Feature: The Massage Halo

    The massage halo included with this massage chair is also worth mentioning. Built into the pillow area is a head massage halo that provides an air pressure massage and heat therapy to the crown of your head that mimics the feel of a scalp massage. It was a weird feeling to me, but I could see how some might enjoy it.

    How It Works In 3 Steps

    Osaki OS
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    • Contact Us Let us know you found a lower advertised price by giving us a call at 844-862-4391, emailing us at support, talking with a representative via live chat, or by filling out our price match guarantee form
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    The new, innovative Osaki OS-7075R Executive Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair is ideal for those seeking a sleek looking deep tissue massage chair. This chair features an advanced Intelligent Massage Robot that conforms to your body curve to remove any tension and pain that your body may have. The OS-7075R comes equipped with a thai-style body stretching massage function, 46 airbags, a 31 inch roller system, and six unique auto programs.

    The OS-7075R is also equipped with an expansive infrared heating massage system that targets vital muscle areas, mechanical foot rollers, the NASA-inspired Zero Gravity system which raises your legs above your heart and positions your back in a stress-reducing position and more!

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